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Sharing my burn out with you all was something I didn't want to do. We always want to leave you feeling inspired, joyful, and ready to take on your week ahead. But these past two weeks I just couldn't push through. I had no energy, I wasn't sleeping, my stress levels were at an all-time high and I stopped doing everything I know to be good for me (exercising, eating clean, etc). I had run myself to my breaking point and I am lucky enough to have a support system around me to give me the space to recover and dust me off ✨. A huge thank you to Lee (@Life with Lee ) for being the kind of friend that doesn't wait to be asked for help but instead jumps in headfirst the second she sees a friend in need.
Important note: we are the first ones to admit how LUCKY WE ARE to live this life together, to have our health, and to be in a position of such privilege. Please know that we haven't lost sight of that and never will. Thank you for being a part of our community x
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  1. Justice

    Justice18 hours ago

    Over a month late but still true -- I love Lee Read and her energy, she's a great replacement (and equal) to Bec, I watch this channel not only for the positivity but the 'BEING REAL' and telling it like it is when things are going rough. Do more of showing your daily life and routine, not just specific projects ~ I love being part of you guys' life no matter how boring. Also do more kitchen segments, Eamon is a fantastic cook!

  2. Chioun Moore

    Chioun MooreDay ago



    KULBIR SINGH7 days ago

    That girl has so much negative vibes

  4. NativeNYerChicHK

    NativeNYerChicHK9 days ago

    You’re allowed to have a rough go of it and feel those feelings - no matter your lot in life. Can’t compare you’re life’s journey and your life’s experiences to anyone else’s, that’s not fair. Someone will always have it worse, doesn’t mean your pain or discomfort should be any more tolerable. Find that balance of being grateful for what you do have but always giving yourself permission to be allowed to express, own and work through your own pain or discomfort, or burn out or what have you. You can’t gloss over those emotions, you HAVE TO work your way through them. That means sitting in the uncomfortable feelings for a moment, just not staying here too long. Think of it like a mountain you have to climb to get to the other side. You want inner peace, but you can’t have it without the balance of confronting the lows, to really appreciate the highs. They say you can’t know true happiness unless you’ve been through true sadness. Feel your feelings to work those psychological muscles where pain and discomfort live. You’ll only strengthen your mental and emotional well-being by climbing back up out of the lows of life. Like building a foundation of mental and emotionally wellbeing, that way you can solidly enjoy what you build up to reach your highs. Don’t know if you’re getting what I’m saying. Tamping down emotions because you’re feeling guilty about them is really unhealthy and leaves you on shaky mental and emotional ground. Life’s stressful, doesn’t mean you’re not grateful. It just means you’re human ❤️

  5. jhickssmd

    jhickssmd10 days ago

    Covid is a lie.. Plandemic

  6. Bucket List Travellers

    Bucket List Travellers10 days ago

    Good to have supportive friends to help you out in tough times ❤️

  7. Judy Godfrey

    Judy Godfrey11 days ago

    Do you believe in God

  8. 5 Minute Psychology

    5 Minute Psychology11 days ago

    None of us is immuned. It’s so easy to lose the grip and let work take over your life.

  9. Clélia

    Clélia13 days ago

    It's so okay to feel down and stressed at times! I'm an anxious person and sometimes I feel so much stress for no big reason. I used to feel guilty about it because I have a roof over my head and food on the table every day. But I'm working on the fact that we all have the right to feel what we feel no matter the reason. It's all fine and I wish you that this situation will bring something positive at the end. You're doing an amazing job on this channel and all the other stuff and if you need some time off, just take it, nobody - hopefully - would blame you for that! Much love ❤️(sorry for my English, I'm a Belgian french speaking ^^)

  10. zaftra

    zaftra13 days ago

    Well, first world problems of the privileged. People should stop throwing the words anxiety and depression around, you know when those evil things hit you.

  11. Stephen Martin

    Stephen Martin14 days ago

    Just started watching your videos great viewing guys

  12. Jack Pitts

    Jack Pitts18 days ago

    I really did miss something.....how did you get your Van back from Morocco????

  13. Jack Pitts

    Jack Pitts18 days ago

    You are human......breathe. .....find balance and the stress will melt away. :)

  14. I pooped today.

    I pooped today.19 days ago

    Aw this is so sweet!

  15. Leah North

    Leah North19 days ago

    I just ♥️ (

  16. Scott Davis

    Scott Davis19 days ago

    What a great friend.

  17. TheAlexKern

    TheAlexKern21 day ago

    this made me wanna go back to golfing 😳


    ROBERTO SERRATO22 days ago


  19. 777anjelique777

    777anjelique77722 days ago

    Thank you so much for sharing! You truly gave me inspiration to start my day.

  20. Rave F

    Rave F22 days ago

    Take a little break guys it’s all going to be ok

  21. jclements65

    jclements6522 days ago

    Lee should be a supermodel, beautiful

  22. LuckyMina

    LuckyMina22 days ago

    I love you guys so inspiring ! Makes me so happy seeing your journey 💕 I need that right now it’s been a rough year!!!

  23. Maria Reyes

    Maria Reyes25 days ago

    Her name is Lee what a sweet friend

  24. Maria Reyes

    Maria Reyes25 days ago


  25. Maria Reyes

    Maria Reyes25 days ago


  26. ravi maharaj

    ravi maharaj26 days ago

    hi from the Caribbean, really happy for you guys on you new adventure and glad to be onboard

  27. Chris Eliot

    Chris Eliot26 days ago

    It's your job, but not your responsibility to make or keep us happy! I'm just happy to watch your channel, no matter what you need or want to talk about! You don't always have to be the sunshine of my life, even though it's hard to accept that. We love you and know we're in this global pandemic together! We all experience highs and lows! Please cut yourself some slack, and take care to regenerate your positive essence! Which you always have, even when you're venting! 😘

  28. Lillian Seibert

    Lillian Seibert26 days ago

    I'm here for all the love and positivity you have for each other!

  29. Joyce Myrick

    Joyce Myrick27 days ago

    U 2 r very transparent. Dont be sorry. Noones life is great all day everyday. U guys got this. Push threw we will still be available to watch. Luv u both god bless and also Lee what a beautiful soul.

  30. Gail Crites

    Gail Crites28 days ago

    Please don't apologize for being burnt out, frustrated, it happens to everyone regardless of life/money/status, you're human! You are living my dream retirement life, I'm jealous! If you haven't been, when you get back on the road check out North Bay/Sudbury area - I used to go there for a few weeks to visit my grandparents when I was a kid - so beautiful, birch trees & lakes....it would be my choice for a summer cabin in Ontario (currently in southern US - hate the cold).

  31. michael lazzarini

    michael lazzarini28 days ago

    Strip clubs that's where i do bizz but Unfortunately they are closed for along time /

  32. michael lazzarini

    michael lazzarini28 days ago

    Who plays Golf anymore WOW

  33. michael lazzarini

    michael lazzarini28 days ago

    Shiiit come on good stuff man😍😍I ask myself why do I like Canadians so much ?It started with Jordan Peterson Virus day march 20/2020.without the virus frankly I wouldn't have had the time Really now I'm addicted to Travel vlogs My daughters love it NO PORNO for me ,I don;t even think about it,So strange huh GOOd

  34. Anni Steiger

    Anni Steiger28 days ago

    Lee is such a sweetheart, definitely inspires me to enjoy life more often and to shine for others 🌞!!

  35. nanettemclean5

    nanettemclean529 days ago

    Yes was nice....and I wish you both well...I do not mean bad when I say...where I come from I see poverty foodbanks ect...that is all.

  36. Kelly studders

    Kelly studders29 days ago

    Love Lee!! Ya’ll are awesome.

  37. Suzette Lewis

    Suzette Lewis29 days ago

    Sorry I am late to the comments party but had to chime in still. I look forward to your videos. Sunday’s. I get so much joy watching you over the past few years. Everyone has good and bad days/weeks, etc. and I am so proud of you for sharing when things aren’t going so great. That’s what I (we) connect with...human emotions...not robots.... So take your time and take care of yourselves so that you can continue to share your adventures with us. Even if Eamon just runs around for 20 mins doing silly stuff, I will still be watching. Love you guys.

  38. Kathryn Blodgett

    Kathryn Blodgett29 days ago

    I'm brand new here. Just watched the new reno cabin video. And I think you two are kinda cute. But LEE is the one with the voice for vlogging.

  39. Karla Zero

    Karla Zero29 days ago

    Aw Bec, I'm so sorry you've been feeling like this, that must be very hard for you. Thank you for sharing your struggles, as I have been feeling the same after this year got turned upside down, and it can often feel like you're alone in this. I'm so glad to see how supportive everyone is around you and the community you have built. You're the most wonderful human being and you deserve all the happiness in the world! I hope you feel amazing very soon! Much love 💛💛💛 xxx

  40. Coach Home UK

    Coach Home UKMonth ago

    Love you both ( and Lee x) you guys are the most real bloggers I watch and cannot wait for each video to come out. One of our main inspirations in joining the van life community. Great to see you walk into your new home at the end x. keep it real and stay safe.

  41. MelanieVision

    MelanieVisionMonth ago

    I felt this so deeply. I have a new channel and I sympathize with all these emotions. My heart goes out to you.

  42. just a dave

    just a daveMonth ago

    Nice bed making skills impressive 👍

  43. Liisa K

    Liisa KMonth ago

    Please understand that getting burnt out has taken some time and so will the healing. Do not rush into being busy... let it take its time. And you should probably be a bit proactive even then for not to fall back again. My experience and advice. Love and stay well!

  44. 1sweetmess

    1sweetmessMonth ago

    Nothing but love for you all! We all have stressful shit and I can definitely appreciate y'all for sharing not only the ups, but downs ( not really downs, maybe hiccups) Lee is a total gem ♡♡

  45. Ang Webb

    Ang WebbMonth ago

    What a great friend to have to help when it needed 🤠

  46. Patti Brown

    Patti BrownMonth ago

    Hang in there y'all! You're beautiful people, inside and out. Everything will be ok!✌❤

  47. Tracy Compean

    Tracy CompeanMonth ago

    Love you BOTH and LEE too

  48. Nicky Brewer

    Nicky BrewerMonth ago

    Hey becs maybe you could do with vitamin complex b and an iron tonic . And maybe do some grounding no shoes on stand on the grass and maybe do some connecting to mother earth Gaia Qigong .love your vidoes l watch them all the time . Remember you are always surported by the universe at all time . dimensions existences.so fly free . Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Try herbail tea and honey and maybe clean your chakras. Connect with the light above .or have a hot bath and get a foot rub . And head massage . Alls well . And loving the vibe of new place .and love your van . Remember follow your highest joy stay in the flow 🙏 blessings much love xxxxxx

  49. Rambo McSwegan

    Rambo McSweganMonth ago

    Kudos on the drives guys!

  50. Nazarettos

    NazarettosMonth ago

    Don't worry Bec I've been there stressed out. Working as Paramedic and directly dealing with Covid was scary. Now its all normal thing,its like no big deal anymore. Don't worry things getting better.

  51. nemmo latty

    nemmo lattyMonth ago

    New here... Who's Bob lol? Love him 😂

  52. TiffL67

    TiffL67Month ago

    Oh my goodness. Bec's hat while golfing! It looks like an English riding helmet that she pulled a giant sock over. I love it!

  53. The Crafting Vanner

    The Crafting VannerMonth ago

    I'm really glad to see that you don't fake it through the hard times. It just confirms why I continue to follow you. I'm sorry that you're going through this though, Bec. You're a smart girl and know what to do. It is great to have friends like Lee also, very cool! Sending you love and light and a big, squishy hug!

  54. Robin b

    Robin bMonth ago

    Totally get it, Take a deep breath, hug and move forward.. You can do this.

  55. Meg Peiffer

    Meg PeifferMonth ago

    Oh my gosh, this is like a law school property class final question nightmare 😳

  56. Jon Seals

    Jon SealsMonth ago

    We’ve been catching up on past episodes for months, so we’re almost caught up! Just wanted to let you both know how much you mean to us. Everyone has dealt with trying times the past six months but most of us have not had to deal with it publicly. You both have every right to feel stressed out. Thank you for being so vulnerable in public but you don’t owe your viewers anything special. I know you *feel* you do sometimes, but we should all just be grateful for any content you provide. Be yourselves. Have fun. Enjoy your lives. Love you guys. 🤗🤗

  57. AnnaM253

    AnnaM253Month ago

    Traitors to the van life movement! No biggie, time to grow up and start a family. Btw veganism will lead to illness, run away from that insidious cult.

  58. Yessenia Cisnero

    Yessenia CisneroMonth ago

    Congrats you guys inspire me and motivate me ,you guys are awesome ❤God bless ya

  59. harmonious travelers we bee moonbeam & slickrick

    harmonious travelers we bee moonbeam & slickrickMonth ago

    Hi new subscriber, your videos are kool! What kind of work jobs do you do to make all this traveling possible? Def find it a challenge to balance work and enjoying mother nature. Happy trails love what you all did with the off grid cabin so rad!!!!! Safe travel friends check some of our adventures out at harmonious travelers we bee moonbeam an slickrick! & The wolfpack 🍄🐾🌌🏞️🏵️🤙💗👣🕉️🇳🇫🇺🇲🇨🇦

  60. Brittnee Taylor

    Brittnee TaylorMonth ago

    What kind of chai is that?

  61. Tessa Porter

    Tessa PorterMonth ago

    Being burnt out and stressed does not mean you are ungrateful. It means your human with real feelings and real worries. Fuck people who think YouTubing is easy... it’s not. There’s a lot of pressure and a lot of opinions coming at you from all angles and you’re doing amazing. Remember that you’re not supposed to be like anyone else and if you weren’t stressed then that would probably be worrying cause there’s a lot you’re dealing with. Good luck with everything 💞

  62. Tessa Porter

    Tessa PorterMonth ago

    Lee is so great man what an amazing friend!! So thoughtful xx

  63. D'Ann J

    D'Ann JMonth ago

    Thank you for admitting you are burnt out like so many of us. And, thank you for showing us the van in disarray. Thank you for keeping it real. 2020 has been a monster, and although I’m beyond grateful for my life...this year has been pretty damn hard. Get some rest! Love and peace profound. ❤️

  64. Kathleen Gran

    Kathleen GranMonth ago

    Love to see Lee! Amazing you guys are!!!! Keep it strong! Thanks for sharing all !!!!!

  65. ShivRmore

    ShivRmoreMonth ago

    Loved it

  66. cu Koopmeeker love

    cu Koopmeeker loveMonth ago

    hang in there beck its this really strong retrograde in mars atm, I never felt so sensitive in such a long time.

  67. Sarah McKinney

    Sarah McKinneyMonth ago

    I don’t think you guys sounded negative at all. You were just being real and saying, you’re at your limit. I find it to be strengthen for the mind and soul. Plus, you have a lot of shiz going on! You have a van in Morocco, you just built a van, and buying a house. That’s a lot. Don’t be sorry for how you feel! ☮️ and 💓

  68. Niklas S

    Niklas SMonth ago

    Just like Lee love & adore us, we could say the same back at you, the energy is just amazing every time ur in the vid.

  69. Carol Sloan

    Carol SloanMonth ago

    Like your hair waves as you must have taken out your braids. Congratulations on getting your cabin!!

  70. Peace Poppy

    Peace PoppyMonth ago

    Your right because when your not true to yourself, it makes you feel uneasy. Get grounded and be honest and you’ll feel fine 💓

  71. Bridget mcclure-jones

    Bridget mcclure-jonesMonth ago

    Huge respect for sharing the rough time you are having. It's really important to share the bad as well as the good. All the best for your new cabin project

  72. Apple Jax

    Apple JaxMonth ago

    This is the most relatable video I've ever watched of yours. Getting into project after project until you realize you've burnt the candle at both ends. Thank you for sharing.

  73. Cecilia Jansen

    Cecilia JansenMonth ago

    Congrads on the new home. looking forward to all that you are going to do with it.

  74. AshleyRey

    AshleyReyMonth ago

    You shouldn’t have to explain your self how hard it is and worrying you sound like you complain to much. I love your videos. Keep it up and do what you love always! Much love!

  75. Angel

    AngelMonth ago

    Love Lee awesome idea! Would watch again lol

  76. Rachel Hoff

    Rachel HoffMonth ago

    fallacy of relative privation or the "Starving Children in Africa" Fallacy....

  77. leonie critides

    leonie critidesMonth ago

    Be kind to thy self,,,,we are still at home and can wait,,,

  78. Suzannah Chirgwin-wade

    Suzannah Chirgwin-wadeMonth ago

    What a very good friend you are , brilliant enjoying your new home changing can not wait too see all done and dusted

  79. Maureen Blute kraus

    Maureen Blute krausMonth ago

    Aw we love you

  80. HeadCrownArrows

    HeadCrownArrowsMonth ago

    I feel like with everything going on people think they need to always say they understand they’re privileged. You are stressed it’s ok life is stressful. People need to stop already. Being stressed doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate or see your blessing. It’s just a normal reaction your body feels to let yourself know to slow down. It’s ok guys to feel and say you’re stressed. People who have a problem with someone saying they’re stressed just because they have such great things going for them need to grow the heck up. Great video as always and Lee is such amazing friend to you guys. 🥰

  81. Annelies Joss

    Annelies JossMonth ago

    Run, I feel for you, Be , identity theft is so worrisome, stressful, and you feel somewhat violated, I think. Same thing happened to me last year. It’s becoming a lot more common now 😞

  82. Earth Titan

    Earth TitanMonth ago

    Bec I feel your pain with the identity theft, recently happened to me too, they hacked all my accounts and emptied out my bank account.

  83. Karen macphee

    Karen macphee20 days ago

    😳 nightmare! Did the bank cover that?

  84. M999999999

    M999999999Month ago

    You know van life has turned T.O when...

  85. Emily Fuller

    Emily FullerMonth ago

    My prayers go to you. You are incredible, brave, and strong and have ridden every wave beautifully. The wave will full but it will also rise - YOU HAVE GOT THIS! love you both

  86. Lynn Sands

    Lynn SandsMonth ago

    I am sorry someone stole your camera. I will pray for you guys. Happy travels!! P.S. I love what you did with the Mercedes Sprinter.

  87. Elsie Ulma

    Elsie UlmaMonth ago

    On a more cheerful note: Hamilton, eh? I knew you were cool!

  88. Elsie Ulma

    Elsie Ulma22 days ago

    @Lupita Ramirez hamilton geeks riiiise up

  89. Lupita Ramirez

    Lupita Ramirez22 days ago

    I was searching for this comment! Haha :)

  90. Elsie Ulma

    Elsie UlmaMonth ago

    You do not owe us content! Your community is one of the sweetest and most caring ones out there (which I believe reflects on you two) we care about your wellbeing, not just the entertainment you provide. How about only vlogging part of the week? I don't know what your current schedule is, but maybe vloggin monday to friday, editing saturday and having sunday off might be a more sunstainable way for you in the long run. And if anything important happened on the weekend that you want to share you could fill us in verbaly. Like a little "previously on Eamono&Bec" ;)

  91. Soleth Martinez

    Soleth MartinezMonth ago

    Your content gives me life, I've been feeling so depressed lately but you guys make me feel so motivated :) 💗✨

  92. Kea Whitmore

    Kea WhitmoreMonth ago

    Disjointed as always. Lee says she has it and Eamon has to take over. Bec the only self help books you need are how to deal with Eamon. Still the same...

  93. Keren Moynihan

    Keren MoynihanMonth ago

    You go guys!! You got this!! If you need a week off we'll all be here for you.

  94. Taylor Coffman

    Taylor CoffmanMonth ago

    I loved Lee's beautiful touch on this video! She did an excellent job and it was awesome to see you two through a new lens. I also love seeing the friendship you 3 have! This channel is the only show I'm consistently watched over the past 2 years and that's due to the genuineness, positivity and hilarity you two (and three) provide. I'll continue to be a fan regardless of where life takes you!

  95. Matt Veness

    Matt VenessMonth ago

    It’s so hard when the dark creeps up on you but, when a friend can take you by the hand and Guide you out the other side you know your gonna be ok.

  96. Mikhail Levin

    Mikhail LevinMonth ago

    Love you guys! Hello from Russia!

  97. Music Ting

    Music TingMonth ago

    You are a badass is amazing. Really helped me get out of a dark spot.

  98. Doreen Miller

    Doreen MillerMonth ago

    *Even the happiest people have stressful times in their life. It's not complaining or feeling ungrateful, it's quite normal. If you look at the top stressors buying a home is up there, let alone, during a pandemic. You don't have to be a superhero everyday. You're just a human, being.* Lee is awesome. Be well! ❤️💜❤️

  99. Karolyn Love

    Karolyn LoveMonth ago

    I'm a new follower of your USlikes channel and I am so happy I am!!! You both are amazing young people with so much energy doing everything you do and make me wish my younger years were spent somewhat in the fashion you are living yours!! Those years are looonnngg gone now (I'm 72) but, I still have a lot of energy, too, however probably NOT as much as I would need to accomplish what you're doing now. Lol!! Having said that, I will live vicariously through you watching your channel and loving every minute of it...take the time to rest when you need to and don't worry about us out here cause we're not going to abandon you and your channel...you're both just too much fun, honest and human in your videos!! Loving it!!!

  100. Sammi Kelly

    Sammi KellyMonth ago

    congratulations on your first home together, my lovelies. it is something to be celebrated. take care of yourselves and each other xx (a big hug to Lee for putting smiles on your faces) xx

  101. Design Studio

    Design StudioMonth ago

    Aren't you making a lot of money doing this? If you can't handle it get a real career.

  102. Christal Simpson

    Christal SimpsonMonth ago

    This sounds weird but it is kinda refreshing to see that everyone no matter what goes through bad days. It validates that it is totally normal process we all go through. Life can be stressful. Just take the time y’all need and don’t stress the timelines for youtube. We all need breaks. That being said I’m hoping things smooth out for y’all.

  103. Dori White

    Dori WhiteMonth ago

    Do u guys pray? We need a house .... Had a beauty scientist hubby lost job at bell labs ... Since this is your arena please pray for us to get a house for needs 2 son's in wheel chairs space. Love ur hiuse!house!😊🙏

  104. RV Lover - happy camping

    RV Lover - happy campingMonth ago

    Finally business got you