VAN TOUR after 2 years living in our TINY HOUSE on wheels | Eamon & Bec

VAN LIFE TOUR of BEAUTIFUL DIY Sprinter Van Conversion with Toilet and Outdoor Shower // tiny house renovations after 2 years!! 🥑Visit to checkout our 52 recipe e-book 🥑 ►► CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE
VAN LIFE MAKEOVER After two years of living in our self converted Sprinter Van, it was time for us to do some major (and life changing renovations) to our camper van. Get EXCITED! We've added a toilet 🚽 , a larger fridge 🥑& a water tank that holds triple the fresh 💦 !!! Plus, Eamon has finally relaxed a little and let me add some colourful elements to our tiny home -- think turkish floor rug :):)
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Items used to convert our sprinter van into our dream tiny home:
Our NEW Van Life Toilet:
Van Life Kitchen:
Water Filter
Water Pump
Quick Disconnects
Spice Jars
Propane Adaptor
Propane Tank
Van Life Electrical:
Fuse Block
Fuse Panel Box
14 Gauge Wire
Light Switch
USB Charger
Van Life Cabinets:
Cabinet Latches
Cabinet Supports
Nets for Clothing
Bug Screen
Van Life Solar:
Complete Kit
Van Life Vents & Fans:
Fan Install Kit
Gimbal Fan
Our Van Life Essential Add Ons
Van Life Add Ons
Bug Screen
Tooth Brush Holder
Keep Cup
Fruit Hammock
Essential Oils
Chaiwala Chai Kit
Watch How to Convert a Sprinter Van in 30 Days:
See our full step-by-step sprinter van conversion guide here:
Two years ago, Eamon and I decided to forgo yet another apartment lease to buy a used 2008 Mercedes Sprinter Van that we would convert to our tiny home on wheels. Our DIY project allowed us to customize our build to meet our specific needs and we could not be happier. This is how you live #VanLife in simplified style!
Since then we have driven across most of North America and made this van our full time HOME. As we prepare for Van Life in Europe we want to update our van to include some basic comforts we've been missing out on!
We did our best to create a quick video that includes all pieces of our van conversion to a camper. It is a video we wish we could've watched before jumping into building our home on wheels.
Got questions about how to convert a van into an off-grid camper?
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Good morning everyone!! We are SO excited to share our van renovations with all of you this morning!! What are your favourite new elements to the build?!

  2. Louise Karisny

    Louise Karisny11 days ago

    Eamon & Bec , you two are sooooo cute! I love your videos! 😍❤️❤️❤️

  3. Stephanie Gibson

    Stephanie Gibson2 months ago

    Hi guys! I’d love to connect with you guys. Wife and I are starting to research and plan - and we’re also in Toronto so I’d love to get acquainted and pick your brains on how we can kick start this new journey!

  4. Jose Collazos

    Jose Collazos2 months ago

    How much is it going to be to get the van ship to Europe ?

  5. Amos A Botello

    Amos A Botello3 months ago

    The “not made in China coffe cup

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    Matilde Facheris3 months ago

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    Chyna Coleman5 days ago

    It’d suck to get into an accident and be homeless and out of a car

  8. BaconHeroDraws aLifeYt

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  9. Chris Telting

    Chris Telting6 days ago

    The cupboards do look better.

  10. Muaaz Baba

    Muaaz Baba7 days ago

    disgusting yall don't shower and have periods infront of ur husband ewww filty

  11. özlem güldal

    özlem güldal8 days ago

    I'm from Turkey your carpet is famous my country best choice!!🤗👍

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  13. m m

    m m11 days ago

    6:40 Gorgeous bare feet! YUMMY !!!

  14. Niki Kia

    Niki Kia13 days ago

    Where’s the shower??? I’m so desperate to know plz

  15. Narelle

    Narelle13 days ago

    Outside shower is fine in summer. What happens in Winter?

  16. Dongshuo Wu

    Dongshuo Wu14 days ago

    You need to idle the engine at all times to keep heater running during cold winter. So what about wear and tear on the engine and gas cost for that?

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    Tim Tv Please14 days ago

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  18. Donald Godide

    Donald Godide15 days ago

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  19. Tiffany Hollywood

    Tiffany Hollywood19 days ago

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    Johanne Floveus21 day ago

    I love this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you guys 💖

  21. Ryan G

    Ryan G23 days ago

    This is the best looking sprinter conversion I’ve seen. Good job.

  22. João Nobre

    João Nobre25 days ago

    hi guys! great work! e kitchen, are those real tiles? if so, don’t they increase the final weight a lot?

  23. Rosie Varkie

    Rosie Varkie28 days ago

    Not any red? Remember that huge blanket over the couch?😹

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    Omg look so vintage❤ ilove the vanhouse 😊😊

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    beverly ann barredoMonth ago

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  35. Stephanie Agreda

    Stephanie AgredaMonth ago

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  36. Lin Zizhen

    Lin ZizhenMonth ago

    how do you keep the grey tank from freezing in the winter

  37. Victoriené Durand

    Victoriené DurandMonth ago

    Where do you took your showers? I am just curious. 🤭

  38. Alluvium inc

    Alluvium incMonth ago

    Nice job on this van. I just finished one myself. Let me know what you think

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    Caught you all from VanWives this morning! Excellent van tour thanks! I like using some VanLife projects for my toy hauler RV! Safe Travels!!! :)

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    MrGrey19972 months ago

    I'm super interested in living like this but am like super poor. How much on average would something like this cost to do?

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    Planning on moving back into our van and this video was so helpful!! Thanks for sharing!!

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    Hey Bec, i love your outfit. Where did you get this super cute set? I know this is an older video but maybe there is a chance to get it anyway :) sending hugs to the two of you.

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    Hello guys...I saw one q&a vid and one question was about “religion.” Thought I would share a Christian who comes out of Atlanta. His church is North Point Community Church in Atlanta. Andy Stanley is the minister and has an online segment that is very informative about the Christian faith and honesty it applies to anyone that is not a Christian as he is simply interested in helping educate basically anyone. The online is called “yourmove” or “your move” Andy Stanley. A special “your move” to check out is about “science and religion” and basically about how the Christian faiths approach has been wrong (for the most part.) Example, yes Science is an important aspect of God and religion!!! For myself, I grew up in church but stepped away for most of my teens and young adulthood. It took me reaching middle and (plus) to gain another outlook ie perception about my Christian faith. (Not trying to preach here, I just wanted to share “your move” online to please watch if you so choose. Thanks so much and you two are making your own path of happiness in van life which takes a ton of courage! Enjoy the journey while you are young! (Mindy from Tampa, Florida) Peace and love...

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    omar Hussain2 months ago

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  102. Çârä

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    Wow, some amazing upgrades. Im about a year late on this video. Haha. So, how is it now for 3 years? I just stumbled upon this video looking for some ideas and inspiration for our medium size bus. The switch for the grey water tank is astonishing. The pee funnel is hilarious and functional. Good thing drinking alcoholic beverages isn't your thing. =] The electrical is top notch and the quick grab section is mind blowing. Front bumper light and back bumper storage is strategicly placed for safety and convenience. The ladder is awesome. Flippin fantastic job on creating this build. I'll have to check out your other videos.

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