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VAN LIFE VLOG whale watching in guerrero negro // baja bound ep.12
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Today's vlog begins with a wonderful cup of Chaiwala Chai as we wake up slowly and prepare for a big day of whale watching in Guerrero Negro at the nearby Ojo de Liebre. As two animal and wildlife lovers, today is an absolute dream come true!! We head out to the lagoon with a guide and spend the morning surrounded by the beautiful grey whales and their calves. These whales have recently migrated down from Alaska and come to Baja each year to birth their babies and nest while the young whales grow enough to travel in the open water. All we can say is WOW!! After an eventful morning with the whales, we head to a remote free campsite and spend the night eating vegan tacos and relaxing in our hammock.
We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!!

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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Buenas Dias amigos ❤️!!! Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday afternoon and that our video today made you smile. Would anyone else get emotional over seeing wildlife like I (Bec) did?!?

  2. vanessa Cruz

    vanessa CruzYear ago

    With such majestic creatures its hard not to Bec ❤ Keep wearing your heart in your sleeves, it's one if you're most beautiful traits 🥰

  3. Susan Mathis

    Susan MathisYear ago

    Oh yes! I was crying w her!

  4. Emily LeCea

    Emily LeCeaYear ago

    Uhh YES!! I bet that was just the absolute best and would love to experience that myself. Love your sweet spirit Bec!

  5. Amanda Pachomski

    Amanda PachomskiYear ago


  6. Kristina Green

    Kristina GreenYear ago


  7. H3arme3r0ar

    H3arme3r0ar2 months ago

    Go to Hawaii during whale season :)

  8. BT 2BAJA

    BT 2BAJA2 months ago

    Hahahaha I actually watched the DrSquatch commercial all the way thru and it cracked me up. Nice job on whale watching, we plan on going down next year. We have a home in San Felipe it's been really nice watching you van life that side of Baja can't wait to hit all the spots with my family. Keep up the great vlogs.

  9. bbravo16

    bbravo162 months ago

    Hello! Don't know if you'll see this, totally random, but you're missing this one from your Baja Mexico Playlist hehe ill admit I was binge watching 😅 Hope you are both staying! B.😊

  10. Jezh Vrod

    Jezh Vrod3 months ago

    I'm pretty introverted myself but I can be more or less confident around a certain amount of people. 😊

  11. Jenny Michelle

    Jenny Michelle3 months ago

    For me, that doesn't sound like an introvert.. that just sounds like she wants to relax introvert avoids being an extrovert lol Bec doesn't..she just wants her space sometimes but I wouldn't say that's an introvert..that's just normal for most people x I'm only saying this because I grew up extremely shy and I've grown to be more outgoing ..not overly, but better than I was before.. so from my perspective I just don't see how wanting a moment alone from time to time makes you an introvert when you're overly confident and don't mind company or being the centre of attention (not in a bad way) xx

  12. jesmin kalam

    jesmin kalam3 months ago

    funnily enough , i get Bec because im just like her ! may be because we share the same birthday ..:D

  13. Crystal Combs

    Crystal Combs3 months ago

    Omg ! I’m more like bec and my ex is like Eamon. He didn’t know how to sit down and relax. I love me time.

  14. Alice Bug

    Alice Bug3 months ago

    Beside the fact, that i dont look like an angel goddess, i‘m pretty much like Bec. I love to smile and make people happy and comfortable but i often need a break from them. Even my family and boyfriend. From them not as long, but i love having the opportunity the be alone every now and then...and for a lot of people this is so weird and hard to understand...that makes me a bit sad...

  15. Steve A

    Steve A8 months ago

    Its AD/HD Eamon I have it too The need for constant excitement and getting bored easily and needing another exciting project/adventure But the best relationships are someone like Bec to balance us out Hunters and gatherers Google it 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  16. Veronica Mendoza

    Veronica Mendoza8 months ago

    Those tacos looked GOOD!!!

  17. odoc

    odoc8 months ago

    Hey guys this video is missing from your Baja playlist!! I had to dig through the channel to find it. Just a heads up!!!!! Loving the adventure :)

  18. pauline purifoy

    pauline purifoy8 months ago

    Here in Queensland Australia we get visited by whales every year.. the special one is “Migalloo “ a white one of a kind whale 🐋

  19. jayne fuller

    jayne fuller11 months ago

    I call it recharge my batteries me space time !

  20. Sarah J Thornton

    Sarah J ThorntonYear ago

    I'm introverted but when in the mood I love some socialising. My partner is very introvert and doesn't care for being around peeps. That stops my flow of extrovert sometimes but we respect it. Bec, I love your sensitive soul 😊 Crying at the Whales... I'd be exactly the same.

  21. Chinther Thritothri

    Chinther ThritothriYear ago

    Team Bec! But good balance between you.

  22. Nur Nani

    Nur NaniYear ago


  23. Ryan Tillotson

    Ryan TillotsonYear ago

    Eamon man me and my wife go there the same thing about extroverts and introverts I'm definitely you and my wife is like bec

  24. Korach

    KorachYear ago

    Beck. I can feel you. It's nice to be with someone and meeting new people and socializing, but we all need some time for ourselves, for sure! ! !

  25. Fibi Rocha

    Fibi RochaYear ago

    I’m totally like Bec and my partner like Eamon ,so I get you girl ,totally get ya !

  26. Catherine Levison

    Catherine LevisonYear ago

    Question about whales. I’m curious to hear more about “loving” whales. I’m certainly not anti-whale but I get super excited over bears. They make me get out of the car and scream in happiness. I live in coastal areas like British Columbia and western Washington state. I think Orcas are cute but grey whales? Are they cute to Bec? Is there time to educate me on why she likes them as much as she does? Not judging at all, just extremely curious to learn. I bought your cookbook today. Thank you!!!

  27. Catherine Levison

    Catherine LevisonYear ago

    I was born an introvert and I actually set out to change myself into an extrovert. I’m the one people always talk to in a line. I like people and can listen to anyone but...I have to be alone a percentage of the day. In fact, I can spend several days alone no problem. My buddy is introverted so I’m the more social one by light years. Thank you!

  28. lanel 2904

    lanel 2904Year ago

    Love catching up on your vlogs. I'm like Bec and my husband is like Eamon.

  29. Anamolly338

    Anamolly338Year ago

    I'm definitely more like Bec! I enjoy meeting new people but I have to have my alone time :)

  30. paulina G

    paulina GYear ago

    I’m both I can meet new people but I get sick if people easy, and at the same time I need my own time we’re I will not speak or interact 😂 my bf is supper introverted and likes to stay with who he knows so interacting with new people with him is interested

  31. Dajah A. San Nicolas

    Dajah A. San NicolasYear ago

    I just found you guys so I'm binge watching all your videos lol!!! But I'm an extrovert through and through. Of course there are times when I'm alone, but I love being around people and I'll definitely go out of my way to be with people. My husband is an introvert...through and through lol. It takes time, but with balance and respect it definitely can work. We also have time away from eachother where I can go be with people and be social and he can stay home or at the gym where he is happy and comfortable. A great way to respect eachother's boundaries and allow for individuality.

  32. Isadora dos Anjos

    Isadora dos AnjosYear ago

    I am definitely more like Bec, emotional and introvert hahaha I'm loving your channel! You guys have an amazing energy!!

  33. Gemini Adventures

    Gemini AdventuresYear ago

    My wife and I are similar at times and different at times. We think it has a lot to do with us both being Gemini which is the sign of the twins. So, basically there is 4 of us in this relationship. LOL We are very compatible but the differences keeps things interesting. Love watching you guys!

  34. Damaris Barajas

    Damaris BarajasYear ago

    I’m so Bec lol And my bf is eamon lol

  35. Susan Mathis

    Susan MathisYear ago

    I'm like Bec. Just need my chill time to rejuvenate and then I'm good

  36. Christin Herrmann

    Christin HerrmannYear ago

    100% with you Bec ;)

  37. somethinggood

    somethinggoodYear ago

    Never seen anybody cut their hair while it was in a bun before- that's an interesting technique. Whale watching looked extremely cool you guys. And the introvert extrovert struggle is real. I'm about 50 50 of each so I love being around people and being by myself and I need a balance to keep me sane.

  38. michael Harris

    michael HarrisYear ago

    def need alone/quiet time. people take alot of energy.

  39. Jacy Brazil

    Jacy BrazilYear ago

    I am completely like Bec on this one. I love people and being around them, but I need time by myself to recharge. My boyfriend is the exact opposite and it drives me crazy, but he knows when I need “my time” and either goes and does what he wants or waits on me to recharge. Y’all are great! Love y’all! 💜

  40. TheOwensThree

    TheOwensThreeYear ago

    I would consider myself an extrovert I love being around people to a certain extent I couldn't be at disney world 24/7 but after becoming a mom I seriously love my alone time/quiet time!! 😂😂 I love you guys so much!

  41. TrustNotMyHeart

    TrustNotMyHeartYear ago


  42. Bfoster0519

    Bfoster0519Year ago

    I’m catching up on your vids so excuse the lateness. But I am an ambivert, so I go for periods of time where I’m SUPER extroverted and then I go to the other end of the spectrum and I’m SUPER introverted. My husband, however, is a true introvert always. So sometimes my extroverted self can overwhelm him, but it works when we have to spend time with people during those times. He just gets to sit and be quiet and I can be the more outspoken one.

  43. Hatch Man Do

    Hatch Man DoYear ago

    Wow what a way to see whales!!!!!!!!!

  44. Reapings

    ReapingsYear ago

    I relate to wanting to always meet new people given any opportunity to, but I also know I only have a handful of hours worth of energy to socialize or be mentally engaged. I consider myself an introvert, a very friendly introvert - only because I know I get my energy from alone time. Cheers guys, stay safe and have fun!

  45. morganritcey

    morganritceyYear ago

    omg amazing I know how you feel whales make me overwhelm with emotion every time I cry!!!

  46. Caitlin Steuter

    Caitlin SteuterYear ago

    Same as Bec- People think I am outgoing and extroverted, but then I need my ME time soon after being out. Totally get it.

  47. Great.Scottie

    Great.ScottieYear ago

    I'm like Bec and Eamon that last comment was

  48. Kristi Kervin

    Kristi KervinYear ago

    I’m totally like Bec!

  49. Lethia Page

    Lethia PageYear ago

    I think global warming might be throwing off the whales migration patterns.

  50. Melody Dowdy

    Melody DowdyYear ago

    I'm introverted as well! My partner is more extroverted than i am but still introverted.

  51. Wayward Escapes

    Wayward EscapesYear ago

    OMG! I was crying watching Bec crying. 🤣 I’ve always wanted to see the whales. Thanks for the inspiration! 😍

  52. Dana Harlan

    Dana HarlanYear ago

    I’m more like Bec.

  53. Julie Allen

    Julie AllenYear ago

    Awww I'd totally be crying too, what an amazing experience!

  54. Calla Bodnar

    Calla BodnarYear ago

    live edge epoxy that table boi(& let girl pick out the colors)!

  55. Ralph Haskell

    Ralph HaskellYear ago

    We're the same I love meeting new people her not so much. She has gotten better from being around me but still a work in progress. Getting ready to start a journey of our own.

  56. Mahina Pousini

    Mahina PousiniYear ago

    I’m more Eamon

  57. Scott H

    Scott HYear ago

    Whale watching was probably my favorite part of living on the Coast in Alaska, so I'll have to add it to my list when I make it to Mexico!

  58. acandy7

    acandy7Year ago

    Damn... popcorn again? Three videos in a row. *sigh* I can’t have anymore. 😊. I loved this video. I fully understand Bec’s explanation of why she wants to chill and not be social. I’m with you, my friend! ❤️

  59. thalia barrett

    thalia barrettYear ago

    I am very mush so an introvert where as my partner much like yourself a is the complete opposite and loves being around all the people ..... gets annoying ......but it balances us out🙂

  60. Cesia1008

    Cesia1008Year ago

    Man, to bad you guys didn't stop at La Paz, that's my home town and they have carnaval the first week of March!

  61. Heather Rae

    Heather RaeYear ago

    I'm very introverted all the way! I love my quiet alone time (a little too much) luckily my hubby is introvert too

  62. Matthew DenBoer

    Matthew DenBoerYear ago

    FOR THE POLL: I am extroverted like and my wife in introverted... We deal with it like you guys, I ask my wife constantly do do tings and wear her out and she keeps me locked away from society long enough to make me go stir crazy. The problem is we love doing things together but at times she will just ask me to go without her! Most extroverts love introverts over other extroverts... Side note, I am glad Eamon said he easily gets sick of people he meets and pawns them off... I laughed... terrible but funny.

  63. D S&S

    D S&SYear ago

    I love meeting and seeing people already in my life .. sometimes .. but I live in my little van alone except for my two dogs.. so probably more like bec most days.. 😊

  64. Robert Echten

    Robert EchtenYear ago

    Looks to me like the whales touched you guys... Whale sharks next!

  65. Sissy Steyer

    Sissy SteyerYear ago


  66. Lotte

    LotteYear ago

    more like Bec 🥰

  67. Barb R

    Barb RYear ago

    I’m with Bec, at the end of a busy day I want some ME time. I like meeting new people but also want my own space and time too. I’m with you girlie! ❤️

  68. Amy Gillette

    Amy GilletteYear ago

    I'm more like Beck but my husband is EVEN MORE like Beck. Haha. We both thrive on alone time but I'm a little more social.

  69. Kelly Carmichael

    Kelly CarmichaelYear ago

    Ah, those whales! My husband and I saw whales on a small boat in Alaska, and it was just...uh, there's no words. Amazing! The introvert-extrovert dilemma. It's so interesting, because I was super introverted before I got married, but my husband is an extreme introvert. Over the years, I've found myself being more and more introverted and loving the quiet, alone time. I still really enjoy spending time with people but it needs to be in small amounts. My husband is still really introverted and really likes to be left alone the majority of the time.

  70. Cat Kay

    Cat KayYear ago

    I’m like Bec, we don’t always have to have plans with people all the time, I definitely get very exhausted very fast and need to go away to be alone in order to recharge so I can be good for and to the people around me...if people like us don’t have that time it definitely starts to show and I personally get cranky and snappy

  71. M. MacG. H.

    M. MacG. H.Year ago

    Sorry I'm soo late here, ..been on holidays myself, though. Thank you guys soo much for sharing your "meet&greet" with the whales. It has been a wonderful experience, even from a distance- Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ! You see, Bec, others can get quite emotional about this, the way, you wanted to know about Intro- or Extrovert. Definately Intro, but just like you, at times I LOVE being around ("the right") people (that is, as long as I can have some "recharge-time" all by myself). See you, guys, lots of love from Germany, Marina

  72. Sabine Wolf

    Sabine WolfYear ago

    Bec I'm with you 😙 ! Relax baby relax 😘

  73. Wander boom

    Wander boomYear ago

    Great stuff guys!

  74. Morgan T

    Morgan TYear ago

    How have I never discovered your channel!??Binge watching all day now ❤️you both have such a beautiful aura and energy to you!!!!

  75. TaylorPage

    TaylorPageYear ago

    My boyfriend and I are the same way! He’s a definite extrovert and I’m very much introverted. We’ve been together 4 years now and have worked together to make it balance. Honestly I love that he’s an extrovert because he can speak up and or introduce us to new experiences that I might not have done with an introverted partner or by myself, not to mention the people I wouldn’t have met if he didn’t spark so many conversations. We make compromises by spending time with people and going out but then also enjoying peaceful alone time together or a part. It’s important to speak to your partner when you’re feeling exhausted from all the socializing and feel like you need to recharge, and then listen when they express their need to get out and socialize. Loved the video and the whales ! 💕

  76. Cassie DeFillipo

    Cassie DeFillipoYear ago

    Wow! So amazing! Thank you for sharing! I hope to go there someday very soon!

  77. Jayme Jamieson

    Jayme JamiesonYear ago

    AWESOME VEDIO!!!🐳 Heck yes I Gotta have my down time..😴

  78. Tess Reuter

    Tess ReuterYear ago

    Definitely more extroverted like Eamon but can get like Bec (especially after traveling). Totally understand where she's coming from

  79. Journey by Van

    Journey by VanYear ago

    so cool that you were able to experience grey whales that close! Last year we went on a dolphin watching tour in New Jersey and saw up to 50 dolphins and 2 humpback whales. It was an unforgettable experience!

  80. Powerful Pauline

    Powerful PaulineYear ago

    Currently spending my introvert recuperation time catching up on Eamon & Bec mexico vlogs!

  81. Hannah Williamson

    Hannah WilliamsonYear ago

    I was honestly avoiding watching this video because I knew Bec would cry and then I would cry. Those whales were amazing. If you guys make it over to central Mexico, my partner and I have been living in Tequisquiapan, Querétaro for the last year. Hit us up if you want a tour!

  82. Angie Aguilera

    Angie AguileraYear ago

    I love watching you guys explore the world, can’t wait until it’s my turn 😭

  83. John Schattinger

    John SchattingerYear ago

    Introvert with extrovert tendencies. Was that a lizard that ran behind you in the haircutting scene? Whales and lizards. You’re going to love The town of San Ignacio and Mulege.

  84. Andre Tan

    Andre TanYear ago

    I think this was the first time I heard Bec cuss. Ever. HAHAHA

  85. Melanie Davenport

    Melanie DavenportYear ago

    I'm more with Bec!

  86. elizabeth hobson

    elizabeth hobsonYear ago

    Total introvert , I’m like a Duracell Bunny , people drain me and I have to recharge after being around them 😬

  87. Kat Z

    Kat ZYear ago

    And almost the same with humpback whales, but instead of Baja, they go to Hawaii, they are fancy like that))))) saw em just a few weeks ago on Maui, your video is just amazing, I m crying with Bec..😭 ps. Drone is such a great way to see where you really at, on land you think, meh, just the road, but look at that footage from the air😍

  88. Julia Joy

    Julia JoyYear ago

    More like Bec!!

  89. Yolanda Lavignette

    Yolanda LavignetteYear ago

    I personally find myself to be more like Beck.. currently Im single but I've found I'm attracted to people who are way more extrovert than myself. Sometimes that can cause problems.. which is why I'm single lol. Love u guys, maybe one day I'll find someone who is just that right amount of introvert for me,like u guys have😊

  90. Nomadik Empyr

    Nomadik EmpyrYear ago

    Canadians with a Super Troopers reference, lol.

  91. Nomadik Empyr

    Nomadik EmpyrYear ago

    I'm so like Bec

  92. A Taylor

    A TaylorYear ago

    Whales! Lov em

  93. Muriel

    MurielYear ago

    Hi Eamon and Bec, I'm from The Netherlands and I watch your vlogs once in a while. I love to watch how you guys live in a van and travel around North and South America ! Funny that part about being extravert or introvert 😂. I'm the extravert, and my wife is introvert. We understand exactly what you both need and mean. I like to meet and get to know new people and my wife loves to have much time for herself. Grab a book and read all afternoon for instance. I think you make a good team, just like us !

  94. jazmine galvan

    jazmine galvanYear ago

    My boyfriend is a major extrovert and often fills in when I’m just not feeling it. But when I am feeling it we can pretty fun together I’m pretty inverted but I need some socialization every once in awhile. I think we work great together since he respects all my moods, if you will

  95. Ruwen Gierls

    Ruwen GierlsYear ago

    omg, baja looks gorgeous, I wanna go there as well! When will you start shipping your chai overseas?

  96. jillys art on youtube art

    jillys art on youtube artYear ago

    Im more like bec,,,,, rest is good,,,,

  97. jillys art on youtube art

    jillys art on youtube artYear ago

    Love ur dream catcher

  98. Amie Lagos

    Amie LagosYear ago

    You should come to cambell river

  99. Niame Gicela

    Niame GicelaYear ago

    Hello guys! When are you coming to The Enchanting Island of Puerto Rico. I love all your craziness and adventures!!!

  100. OutWestBound

    OutWestBoundYear ago

    Great video.

  101. gene douglas

    gene douglasYear ago

    You had me in tears with the Grey Whales! Keep the videos coming.

  102. Sarah C

    Sarah CYear ago

    Go introverts ! I’m the same and I understand you Bec. I need my time. My girlfriend is more of an extrovert but we do separate things. If she wants to see people, she does and I don’t and that’s fine. If I don’t get my alone time ( which I need a lot a lot) I freak out get anxious and burst into tears. It’s good to respect everyone needs. PS : I love how sensitive you are about the whales, you almost made me cry. ;)

  103. Matt Galbraith

    Matt GalbraithYear ago

    Susan Cain "The power of the introverts." Whoop whoop Bec wins this one lolll! Must watch Ted talks of all time! Regardless love ya both!!!! Warmest Matty

  104. xoxerin85

    xoxerin85Year ago

    I started with your van build vlog and Ive watched every video! I'm finally caught up. Im listening to the podcast, I just requested to join the fb group and today is day two of cutting out meat. Next will be some of your tea and the cookbook!! lol Im loving your videos, lifestyle, adventures, and just putting your lives out here for all of us to watch. Keep up the great work guys!!!

  105. Deborah Anne

    Deborah AnneYear ago

    Definitely like bec. Great video but let bec recharge 🤪