VAN LIFE VLOG | Living in a Van Rent Free // baja bound ep. 4
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We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!!
Today's episode begins in Quartsite, Arizona where we attend the RTR festival: a massive van life meetup that draws THOUSANDS of vandwellers each year!! We had the opportunity to connect with so many like-minded travelers and loved our time in the desert. A big thank you to all our new skoolie, van life and RV friends for welcoming us with open arms :)
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Good morning everyone and Happy Sunday! We hope you are enjoying our Baja Bound series so far. Let us know what you'd like to see more of below👇👇👇

  2. She Sails

    She SailsYear ago

    Curious about your drone make and model. Thanks! Love those high flyin perspectivos!!!

  3. George Fenrich

    George FenrichYear ago

    I have is my iPhone 7+ Phone... I was told that is fine.. so what Photo/video editing SW do I use? I have a PC I have money to get a MAC, but do I need to go there?

  4. k_n.y.2utah

    k_n.y.2utahYear ago

    What do you do for work? Health insurance?

  5. PobParker

    PobParkerYear ago

    Eamon & Bec, love your energy! #relationshipgoals have you guys heard from Trent and Allie or Kaylee and Jordan? Haven’t seen a vid from them in a few days or Instagram story or anything! I worry too much, but I’m worried 😖

  6. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALYear ago

    I’d love to see a video on your work flow while you’re on the road traveling. Do you have a strict schedule for recording days/upload days/“screen time” days/podcast days? How do you adventure & work basically haha my husband and I live in a converted bus and whenever we’re on the road getting shit down can be soooooo challenging lol Anyway, loved this vlog!!

  7. Khaotic Intent

    Khaotic Intent2 months ago

    Y'all need check out the card game lunch money, its a hoot( yep said that)

  8. Frank Farnham

    Frank Farnham3 months ago

    That was a fantastic video! I even remember when the mahattneys did a video where they had alot of vanlifers that had gathered together! That was awhile ago. But eamon and Bec were there! It was great!

  9. Short and resourceful

    Short and resourceful4 months ago

    How much planning does it take to secure rent free safe parking? My biggest concern because I want to buy a simple but exceptionally reliable rig.

  10. Short and resourceful

    Short and resourceful4 months ago

    Got PortoSans ( portable toilets)?

  11. Marlon Mollett

    Marlon Mollett11 months ago

    Why the heck u wearing makeup

  12. Alexandria Rivera

    Alexandria Rivera11 months ago

    meet up somewhere in Jersey or near Jersey??? PLease!!

  13. Laura MacNeil

    Laura MacNeil11 months ago

    Canada has Crown land, lots up in Northern Ontario!!

  14. CB Nomad

    CB NomadYear ago

    Stop rubbing your fiancé in our fuckin’ face. No one cares. Halo effect people! Don’t buy into it.

  15. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Just a reminder that there are millions of videos uploaded every minute to this platform. If you don’t like us I’m sure you will find people you do!

  16. Marie Michaels

    Marie MichaelsYear ago

    How do I keep missing these meet ups?

  17. Mike Mike

    Mike MikeYear ago

    Minimum wage jobs plus vanlife = great.

  18. Sean Snowdon

    Sean SnowdonYear ago

    Loving your videos, can't wait to get going ourselves next year. Who knows, maybe we will see you out there somewhere, small world. My wife is up for this big change, mostly because I want to, she is the perfect woman. Hear is a video I did of her surprise wedding many years ago, if you want to see her character of a women Bec. I have already watched 3 of your videos, unfortunately have to go to work......blah! Thanks again for the both of you sharing your adventures. Your both amazing.

  19. Eric Drennen

    Eric DrennenYear ago

    Pass the word and help if you can:

  20. elnicedude

    elnicedudeYear ago

    Been binge watching you guys for days now, this one is my favorite so far, the vibe, country roads, the matneys, the meet up with other van lifers. Much love all the way from Morocco.

  21. Crystal Doucette

    Crystal DoucetteYear ago

    I have been binge watching you guys for days! Love you guys!!

  22. Cody Mcintosh

    Cody McintoshYear ago

    It Canada we have crown land.

  23. Boyinabottle

    BoyinabottleYear ago

    Dang i rlly wanna live in a van

  24. Priscilla Magallanes

    Priscilla MagallanesYear ago

    I really love these type of videos. multiple day feels like I'm actually there with y'all. Appreciate your hard work and dedication you give to the videos 💞 y'all. 👊 the likes through and through 😄

  25. BlinkPopShift

    BlinkPopShiftYear ago

    So most can life people are white?

  26. DadDoes ____

    DadDoes ____Year ago

    "we have zero blm land" ... fyi, 87% of Ontario is crown land which you own and can stay on for free as well.

  27. Bricks of Happiness

    Bricks of HappinessYear ago

    Hey guys. It's not exactly the next episode but our tube is back up and running. We should do something together soon. Not sure what but might have a couple ideas... Hope you guys are great! Miss ya!

  28. Peter Tham

    Peter ThamYear ago

    Country road! Take me home!!!! ❤️

  29. Rich Oldschool

    Rich OldschoolYear ago

    I enjoy, every one of your video's. Love from Texas

  30. Rich Oldschool

    Rich OldschoolYear ago

    Yes, on new go-pro. Always enjoy, ya'll's videos'

  31. Linda Scott

    Linda ScottYear ago

    This was my favorite of all of yours so far. I really enjoyed the warm camraderie you guys have with your friends, the food, the tours of others buses, it was really amazing the quality content you packed into this. I have been feeling lonely kinda stuck in a small town right now and alone alot and I felt like part of your family. I feel the warmth and love, thanks so much.

  32. B Westerhof

    B WesterhofYear ago

    Hello Eamon & Bec, how nice that you enjoy the free life in a Camperbus. You have watched all of your video and also how you helped BoB with the construction of the Camperbus. It is incredibly handsome, we also float with a camper van year 1992 Turbo Diesel and have a lot of fun with it we already have it again Okay we wish you a Loving camper pleasure you are a nice couple an admirer of your experiences in the Camper greetings to BOB we are of the same age a Warm Greeting from the small Nehterlands NO netherlands keep following you with Resprckt Bonne Roelie Meppel PD3BW HOLLAND

  33. Rocky Alvarez

    Rocky AlvarezYear ago

    Why arn't you all using drones for your videos?

  34. CLNA

    CLNAYear ago

    This makes me incredibly emotional. I can see myself here next year

  35. Yaliema Kickass

    Yaliema KickassYear ago

    Me one day

  36. Nathalie Lynn Tarot

    Nathalie Lynn TarotYear ago

    GUYS!!!! Canada has Crown land, it's the same thing as BLM land!!! C'mon man!!! There are 39 MILLION HECTARES of Crown land in Ontario alone. You can stay on any one site for up to 21 days in a row FOR FREE.

  37. Alaina Delanoy

    Alaina DelanoyYear ago

    it's not rent free. you pay for tabs, insurance, gas, maintained, cost to live wherever you are. but it's nice if you can get a break in cost.

  38. Jalynn123

    Jalynn123Year ago

    Plz dont be mad. Why did you edit your leg in the thumbnail? Ur sooo thin

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    sapp2830 sapp2830Year ago

    Is Bec Sam (Rein) from super girl? If not she looks a lot like her.

  40. Alli Baker

    Alli BakerYear ago

    Take me home, county road

  41. Rachel Ann

    Rachel AnnYear ago

    I love the recap at the start of each episode btw. Makes it feel like a TV show.

  42. Ivan Joel Alaniz

    Ivan Joel AlanizYear ago

    Is this also the gopro mic?

  43. ichew gum

    ichew gumYear ago

    Do you not pay road tax, road insurances nor fuel taxes ? These are yre rent contributions to society

  44. Cadie oop

    Cadie oopYear ago

    5:46 I’ve seen that one!

  45. Cadie oop

    Cadie oopYear ago

    *thats how mafia works*

  46. The Freedom Travelers

    The Freedom TravelersYear ago

    I love you guys lol such a cute happy couple

  47. Connor Michaluk

    Connor MichalukYear ago

    Fellow Canadian here, just wanted to let you know Canada has a vast amount of government owned land (what would be equivalent to BLM land in the US) it's called Crown Land and you can camp there free of charge for up to 21 consecutive days. I'm sure there's some government site you could Google to find locations. Hope this helps when you get back to Canada :) safe travels!

  48. Penny Bear

    Penny BearYear ago

    Is that the mattnes new dog? It's so cute!!!

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    joyce pollittYear ago

    Just get a bucket n poop tent. Could actually take a bucket n cup shower in it too!

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    Lora HarrisYear ago

    I love that bridge and it was great to see you you and the Matneys together

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    Jeanine VAN-der-OffYear ago

    I’m SOOO BUMMED!!!! Not sure how I missed that you were coming through AZ!!! Please let me know next time you come through! Love you guys! Xoxo

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    gothic paganYear ago

    A bunch of millenials bumin around. Hell its their world, make of it what they will. My generation didn't do to well. Apart from give them some songs to sing along to 👌

  54. well with plexus

    well with plexusYear ago

    Let me know next time you're in the northern AZ area! You guys can park at our place free and not worry about where to stay :)

  55. Angela Starcher

    Angela StarcherYear ago

    Go BLM

  56. Angela Starcher

    Angela StarcherYear ago

  57. Ciro Silva

    Ciro SilvaYear ago

    How did you start the process with your van? And how do you and your wife support your life style now?

  58. Cecilia Johnson

    Cecilia JohnsonYear ago

    I'm definitely gonna be there next Jan... starting my build in may

  59. Dreadyman Adventurer

    Dreadyman AdventurerYear ago

    Great video. You can camp on BLM land for 2 weeks at a time for free.

  60. brettnbeck_valleyvan

    brettnbeck_valleyvanYear ago

    Great video guys loved the massive meet up, we just subbed up love from Brett and Bec 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  61. Suzie Wratten

    Suzie WrattenYear ago

    I had mac n cheese with broccoli n green beans last night for dinner lol. Great video loved seeing all those vans and buses. Wow to Arizona, living in England nothing like that here so was lovely for me to see places like that 😁

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    Mary KacurYear ago

    Love watching your videos! Love you Grandma!!

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    The Social IntrovertYear ago

    Spotted the Chicago diner Logan square T-shirt 👀 that’s my stomping grounds ✨ hope you enjoyed!

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    James TaylorYear ago

    Your words at 11:30 echoed back to you in an alternate desert canyon~I wish the US had a more affordable nationalized one payer healthcare system, We have zero!

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    BLM: Bureau Of Land Management Federally owned Land managed by Department of the Interior - BLM IM PROBABLY VERY CONFUSING TO U...Shaking my head😉. I once worked for Department of the Interior-Water Resources Department and we shared office building with BLM😍

  89. Yannick Block

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  96. Roadiemort

    RoadiemortYear ago

    The Bureau of Land Management is an agency within the United States Department of the Interior that ADMINISTERS more than 247.3 million acres of PUBLIC LANDS in the United States which constitutes one-eighth of the landmass of the country. Wikipedia.

  97. Caroline Alicea

    Caroline AliceaYear ago

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