LIFE AFTER VAN BREAK-IN (safety in Barcelona)

Last week someone broke into our van & stole everything! It was our van life nightmare & this week we've been determined to get back on track by focusing on the positives and exploring Barcelona. Then we get a call from the Police! β–Ί CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE
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Safety is always a topic that surfaces when discussing vanlife and up until this point Eamon & I have always felt 100% safe living in a van. Unfortunately, bad things happen everywhere in the world and we just feel LUCKY to have one another and our health. At the end of the day, things are just things and are replaceable.
Today we share what life has been like following our van break in last week. There are some residual feelings of insecurity and we struggle to enjoy a day out in Barcelona without looking over our shoulders at every turn. Regardless we make the most of it and explore La Ramblas, La Sangrada Familia and more :)
Our day is flipped upside down when the police officer from our case shares about a Pawn Shop right beside where Eamon's phone was turned on and tracked using "Find my iPhone". So, we meet Virginia and Ricard and head to the Pawn Shop to try and retrieve our things!
Van Life Vlog | The highs and lows of living in a van and traveling around the world 😞😊 | Eamon & Bec in Europe
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This week's vlog is not our usual, uplifting content but we believe it's important to share the truth and reality of van life too. We hope to be back to our regular episodes next week ❀️. A huge thank you to each and everyone of you who has taken the time to send us a message of love this past week. We love you all! x
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  1. provinylmusic

    provinylmusic13 days ago

    no Master lock padlock, like the ones on service man vans?

  2. hano hailang

    hano hailang16 days ago

    I wish to see you both... Along with ur baby... Like Jinti Fell...

  3. Mark Whitley

    Mark Whitley19 days ago

    I’d have contacted Apple & had them send a kill signal to the iPhones & had them turned into a dead brick. That should be standard fare anytime an Apple iPhone is stolen.

  4. No Name

    No Name27 days ago

    Just curious...... but Eamon, are you not worried about all the phytoestrogens in the soy you consume? And. β€œSoybean, also called soya bean, is the NUMBER ONE genetically modified crop in the world, representing half of all worldwide biotech crop acreage with an 82% adoption rate among soy farmers. Due to its high oil and protein content, soy is cultivated for a variety of food purposes.”

  5. Daniel Garity

    Daniel GarityMonth ago

    Eamon I absolutely love your sunglasses in this video! What brand are they and where did you get them?

  6. John Westberry

    John WestberryMonth ago

    Good to see y'all are paranoid,,it's not a bad thing ,,,makes you watch ur back and your surroundings,never let your guard down ,,this could save your life one day

  7. Ace Plagata

    Ace PlagataMonth ago

    make a challenge

  8. Godfrey Slater

    Godfrey SlaterMonth ago

    I was robbed in north Miami in June. They took my πŸ“ž s, πŸ’³ cards,wallet & what ever else was in the knapsack

  9. Daydream About Nice Things

    Daydream About Nice ThingsMonth ago

    You guys are awesome ! That building looked amazing !

  10. Beth Hiebert

    Beth HiebertMonth ago

    They have no Vivo in Canada! What’s up.

  11. Valerie Low

    Valerie LowMonth ago

    My car also got broken into in Barcelona! My friend from there said to me now I have officially been in Barcelona πŸ˜‚

  12. FlipSide Joel

    FlipSide JoelMonth ago

    Ooooh, never shake with the left hand Eeamon, lol. Left-hand shake means trouble. Love the video though! I am going to end up having a team with vans like this, and we are going to travel together for @VoicefortheGenZ.

  13. Carol Ann Rompca

    Carol Ann RompcaMonth ago

    Hi Guys have you seen those concertina type hoses,there are three lengths and they are very strong with two hoses inside each other and they concertina down to a few feet from about 25 feet,there are two more lengths and they all shrink down when you want to put them away,you just roll them round and round...

  14. R Azlan Shah

    R Azlan Shah2 months ago

    Been there done that πŸ˜” I know how it feels and you guys are doing pretty good.

  15. Jose A. Segura

    Jose A. Segura2 months ago

    Hi!! New subscriber here that lives in Barcelona, and I'm Spanish. Actually that Tim Hortons by the time you were here last year probably was only a year old. It is quite new that we're having your famous cafe here hehe. Hopefully, your rob experience is not what you take from Spain. It is a great country but unfortunately, sometimes this type of shit happens, mostly on touristy places where people might be flowing and not paying attention or with their guards down and enjoying. Spain has much more to offer and I hope you


    VASHU TRIPATHI2 months ago

    love watching both of you journey through places n before that restaurant u both looked like dehydrated please take care as i love u both n ur van life it gives me n my girl inspiration

  17. Aly P

    Aly P2 months ago

    Hey guys, I feel your pain, I got my MSI gaming laptop stolen with my new go pro, and a bunch of medical stuff that i had to pay out of pocket cause insurance only pays monthly here in the US. The feeling of insecurity lasts a long time!! Acceptance comes next, you did the right thing, your life and safety is worth more than phones and cameras!

  18. Marlene Ribeiro De Almeida

    Marlene Ribeiro De Almeida2 months ago

    Sempre comprar a gasolina

  19. Keavin 123

    Keavin 1232 months ago

    Maybe u should consider buying an alarm my parent have 1 that sounds and then it calls them

  20. rufus 48

    rufus 482 months ago

    Will not likely ever make it to Europe so am enjoying seeing it with you two happy younguns

  21. rufus 48

    rufus 482 months ago

    Oh how I relate re coffee! Love/dislike relationship. Love the taste, smell, warmth - total pleasure! Reaction of my digestive track - total dislike! But I’m allergic to black tea 😟

  22. Beverley J. Wallace

    Beverley J. Wallace2 months ago

    What was the smoothies, Vivalife?

  23. Girl Tribe

    Girl Tribe2 months ago

    Can anyone tell me where becs grey hat is from? (I doubt bec will see this)

  24. Keri Streit

    Keri Streit2 months ago

    I am a new subscriber and can I jus say how incredibly happy watching your adventures makes me!The positivity you both exude is infectious!I find myself in such a great mood after watching you guys!Bec,your smile and personality radiates thru your videos and you make me wanna have a great day EVERY DAY(LOL)!Thank you both for sharing your life with us and making me feel like part of your fun!!!!

  25. cartergirl3of3

    cartergirl3of32 months ago

    The inside of Sagrada Familia is lackluster compared to the outside so I promise you're not missing out on anything. The pricing is a mess though. I ended up paying 65 euro to get in b/c tour companies buy most of the tickets adn when there are none left you can only buy from them. Love traveling; hate tourism

  26. Jo M

    Jo M3 months ago

    It always cool to see a video and you’ve been to the place I’ve walked the same steps as you. I was shocked to see Tim Hortons as well.

  27. Juan Mora

    Juan Mora3 months ago

    6:25 Probably the best handshake I've ever seen

  28. Χ‘Χœ Χ•Χ’ΧžΧ™Χͺ BellAmit

    Χ‘Χœ Χ•Χ’ΧžΧ™Χͺ BellAmit3 months ago

    The things you own end up owning you.

  29. Kaitlin Baumgarten

    Kaitlin Baumgarten3 months ago

    Watching this after quarantine is such a wild ride... When Bec was like "I just washed my hands" at 9:50 I felt that in my soul

  30. laura Cristina

    laura Cristina3 months ago

    You guys should add little rooftop hidden cameras so you can watch through your phone screen incase you hear any noise

  31. Mary

    Mary3 months ago

    anyone else watching this after covid and just missing crowds of people?

  32. Rosealeen Coyle

    Rosealeen Coyle3 months ago

    You can get coffee without

  33. aaliyah gomez

    aaliyah gomez3 months ago

    I want to have a van like that-wake up by the beach before going to work in sf

  34. Craig Livingstone

    Craig Livingstone3 months ago

    Sagrada familiar is amazing inside. Modern gothic with loads of stained glass.

  35. Praveen P c

    Praveen P c3 months ago

    Can u share ur smoothie recipe

  36. Imke 09

    Imke 093 months ago

    Wow I am watching this really late, but I just found out I was there at a school trip at the exact same time, so that's a funny coincidence!

  37. Orbed

    Orbed3 months ago

    i feel like you may have gotten targeted because of your license plates

  38. Rinny Dale

    Rinny Dale4 months ago


  39. Gacha wierdo

    Gacha wierdo4 months ago

    Someone tries to break into my room then I watch this how great is that πŸ˜…

  40. FrankN Stein

    FrankN Stein4 months ago

    Love the song choice when you guys storm the pawn shop haha. Yall were like cool secret agents. All that was missing was cool black suits and black sunglasses 🀣🀣

  41. Francis Siu Chock

    Francis Siu Chock4 months ago

    You are both adorable sounding so "Canadian" with the pronunciations of the Spanish names. Gaudi = goddy (cute)! Good to see you are both back on the road.....roll with the punches!

  42. Sue Clark

    Sue Clark4 months ago

    what a shame the free camping place, a short train ride from Barcelona.

  43. 19mila87

    19mila874 months ago

    Better be safe than sorry.. my father was robbed in Barcelona, he was sitting on a bench consulting his map and a bike run by and took his backpack, just like that, in plain day .. we're Italians so we are kinda use to it.. but nothing beats Spain.

  44. any antiques

    any antiques4 months ago


  45. PowerL1N3

    PowerL1N34 months ago

    When in other countries. Always carry a small pocket knife, Always have a hidden go pro, Always have your phone with the wallet (iphone app) OR Samsung pay (Galaxy app) OR Google pay (Android phone) and have an american express credit/charge card on it to make purchases because if something shady goes down it's as easy as your phone set to delete itself to keep your important stuff safe and if you get over charged you can call AMEX, report it and get reimbursed. Worse case scenario for the money stuff if you need cash just get currency from that country. Always do research on transportation cards for buses or train to carry cards instead of paying with cash. Lastly, get a VPN service for your phone to keep safe from phone hackers on the go.

  46. Irie Murphy

    Irie Murphy4 months ago

    i just discovered van life and your channel about 3 weeks ago. I've probably binged watched 30+ of your video's and i gotta say that i love your channel! i just realized that even though ive never known about you guys till 3 weeks ago, i was on vacation in london when the veg fest was going on! Im bummed that i didnt get to meet you guys!

  47. Sylvia Russell

    Sylvia Russell4 months ago


  48. Adrian Ellis

    Adrian Ellis4 months ago

    I went to Barcelona, i flew from london within 24 hours i was robbed of Β£700 and my passport, i had just changed money in an exchange, i still dont know how they got out my bag....

  49. RΓΈnii Owens

    RΓΈnii Owens4 months ago

    The Sagrada Familia is beautiful isn't it? I went to Barcelona a few years ago and visited the SF, its amazing inside with different coloured glass! If you get to go back, next time check it out inside :))

  50. Jaida Wilkins

    Jaida Wilkins5 months ago


  51. E mj

    E mj5 months ago

    I only just started watching you guys. That sucks what happened -- I've done long term travel and been robbed and it's rotten! Anyway, for your hose that keeps kinking, look up how sound/audio roadies do up their leads. You go one one way then one the other underneath, works for anything, and it doesn't tangle at all when you un-reel it too!

  52. Lily Kim

    Lily Kim6 months ago

    i really hope u can get ur things back and be safe now and ever. I'll pray for you both too.

  53. A Andrews

    A Andrews6 months ago

    Aaaand its lowkey clickbait...

  54. Miriam Ortiz

    Miriam Ortiz6 months ago

    The 20 Ewas so worth going inside!!!!

  55. gabyenbsas

    gabyenbsas6 months ago

    u guys were so close to my house :(

  56. Thxvvxtchx

    Thxvvxtchx6 months ago

    Barcelona is the skateboarding capital of Europe 😍😍😍

  57. Vedad Frkatovic

    Vedad Frkatovic6 months ago


  58. Claire Phaneuf

    Claire Phaneuf6 months ago


  59. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    El q esta viendo a tu novia el q diario tiene sexo y dice q el si save como aserle el sexo q tiene megor pene y grande tu no tienes nada no sabes aser el sexo dise q se queda con ganaas

  60. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    Ya deja esa mujer esa Guerita es bonita para ti esa te conviene no con la q tienes q se ve con otro tiene sexo diario y donde sea

  61. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    O le tienes miedo el de la gorra roga es tu rodilla

  62. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    Porq no lo enfrentas y le pones unas patadas para q veas q ella le dise q lo siga

  63. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    Ya se puso de acuerdo como asercarse a

  64. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    Al q saludas

  65. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    Es el

  66. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    Se burla de ti ya estaba con el

  67. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    Ya lo vio

  68. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    Esta en la puerta para ver al otro

  69. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    Es una mentirosa

  70. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    Ya tuvo relaciones

  71. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    Y va ver a otro

  72. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    Al la persona q le recremastes

  73. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

    La verdad si lo conoce ya estubo con el tubo sexo para q se ase

  74. Bushnell Entertainment

    Bushnell Entertainment6 months ago

    Why not drink decaff coffee?

  75. Poppy Rose

    Poppy Rose6 months ago

    omg imagine waking up there !

  76. Klaus Kapalle

    Klaus Kapalle6 months ago

    Hey, guys, everyone knows Barcelona is the city of THIEFS

  77. Regina Weeks

    Regina Weeks6 months ago

    Glad you got some good help and made some new friends in the process! Love their doggie! Take care and God bless!

  78. Benny Kim Molin Fenger

    Benny Kim Molin Fenger7 months ago

    see this video that shows how to secure your car

  79. micjakes1

    micjakes17 months ago

    Hate watching this. Glad you guys are safe.

  80. Hanna MO

    Hanna MO7 months ago

    Where do you guys shower on the road? Just use a lot of wet wipes?

  81. prashanth nair Prasad

    prashanth nair Prasad7 months ago

  82. Liverbird 55

    Liverbird 557 months ago

    I know the police are being helpful but i dont think they should of advised you to look in the pawn shops thats their job and they could of gone with you to suport you and make sure nothing bad happens but you have to be careful and not put yourself at risk

  83. Papa5murf1

    Papa5murf17 months ago

    Is it just me or does Bec's accent sound exactly like Randy Santel?

  84. ChefBala.

    ChefBala.7 months ago

    Love from india

  85. Myles Stanford

    Myles Stanford7 months ago

    Skateboarders coming correct as olways'

  86. Ralph Martin

    Ralph Martin7 months ago

    Hey E&B! As an Architect I must tell you that Gaudi is pronounced β€œGow-Dee”. Also he lived his life like a monk on site for his love of his religion & architecture. Tragically, he stepped back to get a better view of construction & was killed by a streetcar in the street. He died for his Art, his God & his Barcelona. Peace be with you...

  87. Carol Ann Rompca

    Carol Ann Rompca7 months ago

    Get one of the stretchy hoses it can stretch out to 25 ft 50ft 75 ft,depending which one you buy,then when you want to put it away it shrinks,it can fit into a very small space never kinks or tangles,its on the on line shopping channels,try Amazon it is called expandable garden hose,there are many but the blue one is the best and it is Β£17 for 200ft..

  88. Carol Ann Rompca

    Carol Ann Rompca7 months ago

    Buy a small van safe for your electronics and passports...,they have to take half your van to get into one of them...

  89. damian mc ginn

    damian mc ginn7 months ago


  90. Kendra Fortin

    Kendra Fortin7 months ago

    ✌🏼❀️😊10:40 love it...Canadian AF πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  91. I'mnosuperman

    I'mnosuperman7 months ago

    I don't own a van and I just spent a solid thirty minutes looking to van security upgrades. So when i get my van deadlocks and armaplates on all doors. Hidden harden steel u bolts welded to the frames with high strength padlock on doors. Very loud blue light alarm system with an extra sensor to prevent door folding. Cat lock on the catalytic converter. Plates behind all the internal door handles. This is 100% overkill but it is kind of interesting learning how to turn a van into fort Knox.

  92. nicky de vos

    nicky de vos7 months ago

    Eamon where you get the sweater you pulled out the pillow πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

  93. Luba Alanna

    Luba Alanna7 months ago

    Have you guys ever used Dock and Bay towels / or just any travel towel ? I just got a dock and bay one last month and it’s so compact, dries quick and doesn’t smell like a wet cotton towel does after a few days. Oh and the xl is 6ft long. It feels very different than a traditional towel but I seriously love it. Anyways just thought I’d comment on that because you guys swim often and they’re good for bath towels as well.

  94. Laila Linux

    Laila Linux7 months ago

    i just don't understand why tourists always go to la rambla , it is my last place to go in Barcelona. it is dirty and low class place. prostitutes, drugs , theaves and hustlers.

  95. Ningxia

    Ningxia7 months ago

    To be honest I'm from Barcelona myself and even local people here need to stay alert at all times. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

  96. Pharaoh Wolfie

    Pharaoh Wolfie8 months ago

    Where do you get your workout plan from?

  97. Pinky Bhardwaj

    Pinky Bhardwaj8 months ago

    U guys are amazing I just love watching your videos . Yes could help but had to subscribe πŸ’•

  98. Luiss 111

    Luiss 1118 months ago

    en barcelona es lo que hay...

  99. LooseBoltsYT

    LooseBoltsYT8 months ago

    Hope they install a security camera inside the van

  100. Zavier Youtsey

    Zavier Youtsey8 months ago

    Y’all are afraid of everything