Van Life Vlog | Our First Week of our Road Trip Through Northern Africa + Our First Impressions of Morocco. We explore Chefchaouen "The Blue City", indulge in some local Moroccan cuisine, stock up at the weekly market ๐Ÿฅฌ, have our first encounter with ๐Ÿ’ & our first run-in with the police ๐Ÿš”. โ–บ CLICK to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss a video
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Planning a Trip and/or Want to Follow our Route? Here's where we went in this week's van life vlog in Morocco:
Chefchaouen aka The Blue City: Medina & Weekly Souk
Restaurant: Bab Ssour in Chefchaouen City Centre
Volubilis Roman Ruins
Meknes (for repair work on our van)
Azrou National Park Area (for the monkey spotting and off-grid campsite)
FYI We took the ferry from Algeciras to Tangier Med and it cost each campervan 180 euros and took about 1.5 hours. Tangier Med is a relatively new port and is very well maintained which led to a seamless border crossing. To all those making the journey, GOOD LUCK and remember not to bring your drone!
Our New Van Squad ๐Ÿš ๐Ÿš ๐Ÿš ๐Ÿš
Alan globetreka_travels
Alan's Blog!!
Alex @KiteVanMan kitevanman
Charlie & Ellie ellieojones_
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VAN LIFE CONFESSIONS | We were super nervous to take this leap and ferry over to Africa in our self converted Sprinter Van but after spending 1 full week in Morocco we've gathered some wonderful first impressions. The local people are super warm & welcoming and although they won't miss an opportunity to ask for money or the clothes off your back they mean well and are excited to see tourists here. We also have fallen in love with the slow-cooked tagines and the delicious sauces of Moroccan cuisine. Is there anything better than home-cooking?! And while there is still SO MUCH TO EXPLORE we are more excited than ever to dig our teeth into Vanlife Morocco ๐Ÿ˜Š. Subscribe to see where we end up โ–บ CLICK to SUBSCRIBE
Catch up on our last adventures:
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