FIRST DAYS OF VAN LIFE BUILD | Sprinter Van Conversion Begins

SPRINTER VAN CONVERSION SERIES 🚐 | This week we break ground on the off-grid van build project by putting 2 holes in the roof (for fans), running our electrical wiring and strapping the walls, ceiling and floor. ► SUBSCRIBE so you never miss a video
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🔨 A huge thank you to our friends at Milwaukee Canada for helping to replace our tools left behind in our van in Morocco. As Eamon always says, "you've got to have the right tool for the right job."
💦 Our water tanks + roof vents are from RV Part Shop Canada Everything arrived in 3 days and there was free shipping over $99!
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Products Used in our Van Build Thus Far:
250 ft Wire Cable
Gorilla Tape
Butyl Putty Tape
Electrical Cable Wrap
Puck Lighting
Fuse Block
Wire Crimper Tool
Zip Ties
Milwaukee 18-Piece Tool Set
How Did we Get Here?
After an incredible 3 years of living, working and traveling in our self converted Sprinter Van we made the very tough decision to abandon our tiny home in Africa to take a rescue flight back to Canada. As it has for all of us this global pandemic has flipped our world upside down. When our Prime Minister announced that he was sending repatriation flights over to Africa to pick up Canadians who were stuck (due to border closures) we consulted with friends and family closest to us and realized that in this time of crisis we should be back in our home country. Haulting our dream of driving around the world was a hard pill to swallow which is why we knew we needed a big project to keep our mind + body busy while social distancing back here in Toronto. Enter building an off-grid tiny house on wheels!! This is going to be our 3rd time converting an empty cargo van into a tiny home on wheels and we are both excited and nervous to take on this project. We want this build to be the ULTIMATE OFF-GRID CAMPERVAN 🚐
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VAN TOUR after 2 years living in our TINY HOUSE on wheels
OVERLANDING AFRICA IN OUR SPRINTER VAN has been the adventure we’ve always hoped it would be but it’s hard to predict what happens next. We are hopeful that we can return to Trinity in a few months time and pick up on our world adventure.
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Who are we?
We're Eamon and Bec, a Toronto-based couple who live full-time in our self converted Sprinter Van!! SUBSCRIBE for wanderlust travel, behind the scenes of what it's really like to live in a van, and videos all about the yummy vegan food we make + eat! VAN LIFE COUPLE.
Our goal here is to inspire you to chase after your own dreams however big (or small... tiny homes anyone?) they may be! We hope to create a community of like-minded, positive individuals who will grow to love and support one another on their own journeys.
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec5 months ago

    HAPPY SUNDAY FRIENDS! We know that isolation is starting to wear on everyone and all we can say is THANK GOODNESS for this project. We'd encourage you to try tackling a fun DIY project this week to keep busy and active. Is there a room you've always wanted to paint or shelf you've always wanted to create? Let's hold each other accountable and share your project ideas below 👇🏽

  2. Chloë Rain Ratajczyk

    Chloë Rain Ratajczyk5 months ago

    Eamon & Bec what if you guys put LED strip lights in your van... it would probably look really cool. Also I like the names Sadie and Maple

  3. Angela Bay-Jespersen

    Angela Bay-Jespersen5 months ago

    Eamon & Bec I’m so happy to be watching you build another van out!!! One quick question: why have you put strapping over the window?? It’s the window near where the kitchen is going to be I think, is that right?? I don’t understand...

  4. sandysutube63

    sandysutube635 months ago

    We have been working on our garden and patio sanctuary.

  5. Beverly Campbell

    Beverly Campbell5 months ago

    If I ever want a van built I would want you two to do it. As for me my project is a dress for my granddaughter and taxes.

  6. Svyat Kap

    Svyat Kap5 months ago

    Be happy during quarantines

  7. pangrac1

    pangrac114 days ago

    I cant stand that higway traffic noise. I would move immediately away from there. Noise kills. Noise makes you tired.

  8. Vanessa My Life My Journey

    Vanessa My Life My JourneyMonth ago

    *this was so much fun and I learned alot I also put strips in my van like that but we didn't cut them*

  9. The RekindledRider

    The RekindledRiderMonth ago

    2:53 The man loves his bags! He is wearing them to set up a tent!

  10. Bianca Lambarena

    Bianca LambarenaMonth ago

    It’s funny cause I’m watching v this on Friday

  11. Jenny Michelle

    Jenny Michelle2 months ago

    I like that Bec got her chance to get involved..I love diy too. I built my Daughter a sand bench following a USlikes video..No fancy electric saw though ..all hand sawn ...still can't believe I did that on my own..I used the wood from our old double bed so was glad to upcycle it all xx

  12. cartergirl3of3

    cartergirl3of32 months ago

    lol bout time Bec helped out (with the cutting). Poor Eamon been doing almost everything for the past 3 years! XD

  13. Erin Doty

    Erin Doty2 months ago

    Y'all are just the cutest!

  14. Ideffix_Cat22

    Ideffix_Cat223 months ago

    Wow this is amasing 🤩☯️🚐😆🎆💖thanks

  15. Nicole B

    Nicole B3 months ago

    what are you nailing into for the batons on the floor with the now good nail gun?

  16. Headtech

    Headtech3 months ago

    How did you make sure not to damage the outer shell of the van when screwing the wood onto the ceiling? 🧐

  17. Pasha D

    Pasha D3 months ago

    Guys how you can survive with no AC condition?

  18. Willy Delius

    Willy Delius3 months ago

    god damn do i love bob

  19. Faraj Mohamed Yassine

    Faraj Mohamed Yassine3 months ago

    To all ppl disliking ... It s not the right place to download !!

  20. MrTree421

    MrTree4213 months ago

    So if anyone wondering what Greg Eamon was talking about at 15:36 I believe it's Greg Virgoe over at: If you wanna get very technical about building in a van his videos are one of the best quality videos out there. Although they are quite technical so can be a bit long winded and maybe less exciting than Eamon and Bec.

  21. Jaju Nayyar

    Jaju Nayyar3 months ago

    I love your videos wish everyone can subscribe you are so creative

  22. Urbane Deplorable

    Urbane Deplorable3 months ago

    You guys I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS ! So I am 61 and have two amazing sons and two years ago we sold our house in the mountains above Boulder CO and now we are about to leave our little tiny apartment in Boulder CO and buy our first van (yes starting in one). Haven't quite got the logistics down with three cats and a dog, don't forget the fish and the frog...two sons and me in one little van ! The bros are like mom your f@#$%^&*ing crazy. I'm like I never said I wasn't !!

  23. Rinny Dale

    Rinny Dale3 months ago

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    Aspen Anya4 months ago

    I’ve been binging your channel for almost two weeks, I love it!! Almost caught up and I’m sad lol

  26. Corinna Lorenzini

    Corinna Lorenzini4 months ago

    Hey guys! Just wanted to ask you how did you attach the matchboards on the roof? Did you use screws or nails? If screws, did you pre-drill each board to avoid it to breake? Thanks a looot!

  27. Felicia Robinson

    Felicia Robinson4 months ago

    You two look bad ass in the thumbnail!

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    Pamela Magie4 months ago

    You guys are so amazing.

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    brunalop20004 months ago

    I’m watching this and wondering if they gonna use insulation .... I gonna watch the next episode to check it out ...

  30. Micah Golba

    Micah Golba4 months ago

    So I have been a long time follower of you guys. I am currently in the middle of Flipping a Home in Buffalo New York and back when the pandemic started I ordered new tools from Milwaukee and pretty much had the same reaction as Eamon when they arrived, I tracked the package for days and my wife was laughing whenever I would check! Congrats.

  31. karen edwards

    karen edwards4 months ago

    Which he would more explaining about the build.

  32. Drew Davison

    Drew Davison4 months ago

    enjoying following your build. suggest extra heavy barrel bolts on all doors and hasp padlock for slider this time. good luck!

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    I was literally in the other video. OMG this is Christmas! Congratulations

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    Sheet goods are for sheet projects... That won't be any stronger than a 1x4...

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    Fresh is the best! Dragon Fries are so good but for me its all about their Cauliflower tacos!!

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    I like how the longer you’re in Canada the more Canadian you talk, eh?

  40. Shelly Diane Nova Scotia

    Shelly Diane Nova Scotia5 months ago

    At 61 I have no intention of ever doing this, but I find your videos so interesting. Thank you so much for sharing fellow Canadians. I enjoy your videos so much. ~ Shelly from Nova Scotia.

  41. joe george

    joe george5 months ago

    i could never understand why people don't use steel studs in some of these builds. even in homes when i was remodeler i'd show up with a pair of aviation snips and an impact gun and frame out basements, wall extensions, any areas faster, straighter and stronger for just a few dollars more in materials. and the sheating went on easier too. no saws, no noise, no dust.

  42. Eman Granada

    Eman Granada5 months ago

    I wasn't able to catch up, what happened to their other van?

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    Shannon Sibs5 months ago

    before self isolation i was driving to my hockey game and saw your store as i drove past on the highway and started shaking out of excitement ily guys so much lol

  44. ebbysway

    ebbysway5 months ago

    What size self tapping screws did you use?

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    Louis Cox5 months ago

    How did you know the van was level ? When you used a level ?

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    Alex Knudsen5 months ago

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  47. dross24MA

    dross24MA5 months ago

    Oh yeah, I think "we" need an extended compilation vid of the the fellow dancing alongside the van plus a sister vid of y'all learning it and doing it, you know, for teaching the rest of us how to do it. It is such a happy time!!! Another uplifting and fun compilation would be one of the different dances you've done -- besides being entertaining, they could be a good cardio workout base.

  48. dross24MA

    dross24MA5 months ago

    RE STRAPPING IDEA? Please let us know how your idea works out - so often I have thought about the cumulative loss of height/width by putting strapping over the ridges rather than next to or between them.

  49. Liam

    Liam5 months ago

    you MUST put your hair in a bun or under a hat when using any saw, especially a table saw, it will rip your scalp off. this is from experience. Better be safe than sorry.

  50. Matthew Fuemmeler

    Matthew Fuemmeler5 months ago

    We love bob! More Bob! we love you guys too! So fun and upbeat.

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  52. XymR6

    XymR65 months ago

    You should put something around that unsung tank to prevent it getting punctured

  53. chadwyck26

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    So glad you got that table saw off the wobbly table. I saw nothing but bad things happening.

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    Rahim Nami5 months ago

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    XtremeRideR1175 months ago

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    Егор Сушков5 months ago

    Oh it's so helpful to have videos like yours. Thanks! Now I can just take your ides and be sure it is right because you have a lot of expirience.

  57. Always Adrift

    Always Adrift5 months ago

    In Milwaukee heaven here! Very envious of that table saw xx Careful wearing gloves though

  58. Sammi C

    Sammi C5 months ago

    Eamon, your dad is a scream! I love him ❤❤❤ so good to see you making progress with the build. Have just watched Max's latest video - are you going to be putting soundproofing in?

  59. Christy Smith

    Christy Smith5 months ago

    Now where is that measuring tap!? Bec- 2020

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    Norm Thompson5 months ago

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  69. Norm Thompson

    Norm Thompson5 months ago

    Hi folks it’s Norm I used to write in more but not well with ALS probably to late to tell you I am a retired Heavy duty mechanic with wiring in a metal area use heater hose over the wire where could rub way better that the plastic clip on just cut pcs to fit over the wire and put a slice along the hose to make it a clip over Norm

  70. NA Garden care

    NA Garden care5 months ago

    Amazing!! Every dudes dream to get a pallet like that dropped off

  71. Tom Fixdale

    Tom Fixdale5 months ago

    I can’t wait to see part two I’m interested in doing the van myself. I would like to get more details on how you put the side walls up? Did you put in the insulation behind the stud? Did you use wool insulation?

  72. andrew buchanan

    andrew buchanan5 months ago

    Looking Speedy Fast workin great ! ~peace~

  73. Karma Starr

    Karma Starr5 months ago

    That’s pretty exciting I hope you guys doing great 👍🏻 building tiny house 🏠 on wheels amazing 😉 good luck but don’t forget to make locker box in your house for yours important gears ⚙️

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    Bailey Sanders5 months ago

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  75. Double D

    Double D5 months ago

    I had to stop watching when I saw the stock pile of Chinese tools. as an American craftsman it breaks my heart every time I see Milwaukee, Ridgid and Ryobi tools. since they are ALL owned by TTI. a massive tech company from China. I hope these kids are Canadian.

  76. Daniel Melgar

    Daniel Melgar5 months ago

    Cuadra is a word. So it means block/Square. Cuadra is not sexist. It just means square or block. Cuatro is just 4. Cuatro/4 is just a number it is not sexist.

  77. gm c

    gm c5 months ago

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  78. Tristen Kentner

    Tristen Kentner5 months ago

    I just wanted to say I love you guys, your channel, and your chai. I've been following your journey for a log time and I am planning on starting a van build soon, I want to thank you for detailing below exactly what you use during the build process so I know what to look for and how much everything is before I start my build. This is super helpful especially since I've never done anything like this so thank you, you guys are awsome I look forward to the rest of the build.

  79. Rich Thomas

    Rich Thomas5 months ago

    Are Milwaukee sponsoring this?. These tools cost a small fortune in the UK

  80. Jennifer Seele

    Jennifer Seele5 months ago

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    JE Anderson5 months ago

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  86. HarryLovesRuth

    HarryLovesRuth5 months ago

    Please, please, please do not use spare extension cords as permanent wiring. The insulation is not meant to be covered over like that.

  87. Omar EL ASSRI

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    Ariana Baker5 months ago

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