Waiting for Van Life Europe to Begin | LONDON VLOG 🇬🇧

LONDON TRAVEL VLOG | Shipping our Tiny House to Europe to Travel & Live in a Van For a Year on a New Continent (but, it's DELAYED)
Thank you to The Pilgrm for a wonderful stay whilst in London thepilgrm.com
While we wait patiently for our delayed van shipment, we make the most of our time in London, England by exploring the major sites by foot & boat! A huge thank you to everyone who submitted a video to wish me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY -- twenty nine,more like twenty FINE ❤️
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We are SO excited to bring all of you along for the adventure of shipping our self converted sprinter van from Halifax, Canada to Liverpool, UK. So much adventure awaits us for VAN LIFE IN EUROPE!
In this week's episode we
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SHIPPING OUR VAN TO EUROPE | how much does it cost?
We’re Eamon & Bec & we love van life so much that we’ve decided to ship our tiny house to another continent! To do this we’re working with a company called Sea Bridge. And if you can believe it, it will only take 6 days to sail from Canada to Europe. Last week we drove our van from Toronto to the coastal city of Halifax. Today we’ll bring you along as we prep the van for it’s sail and drop it off at the port. We then fly to Iceland where we will be living out of an even smaller, cozier van for the next 8 days! Buckle up, this is gonna be good!
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Welcome to a vlog without our van... aka an episode where we are total fishes out of water 😂!! Y'rite?!?!

  2. Thomas Andersen

    Thomas AndersenMonth ago

    You guys rule. So many great shots in both Iceland and in London. But Fish and Chips ? What vegan option did you get?

  3. Kaylie Pingel

    Kaylie PingelYear ago

    Eamon & Bec happy birthday Bec!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Ariana Faye

    Ariana FayeYear ago

    I'm only 13 but your videos just make me wanna have my own aesthetically pleasing van to live in

  5. Scale War Machines

    Scale War MachinesYear ago

    Hi guys. Happy Birthday. If you get a chance, come down to Hampshire and the beautiful historic town of Winchester. Happy to show fellow You Tubers around!

  6. M. W. Johnson

    M. W. JohnsonYear ago

    Literally watching You Two exploring Wales with "The Indie Projects"! Both of you can be Athletic Models for Nature scenes.

  7. Bridges Adventures

    Bridges Adventures2 months ago

    I just love love all your videos. I’ve only been watching you guys for about 3 months now and I will admit I’ve binge watched every one 🥰🥰🥰

  8. Mac Coolmac

    Mac Coolmac3 months ago

    Beca have a mecca of a Birthday, in London. Beca, started at your 30th Birthday, which was alsome. Now just catching up.

  9. Jess Black

    Jess Black3 months ago

    i love ur vids but did bec rlly call london a state

  10. MAL Photography

    MAL Photography3 months ago

    Welcome to England.... Loving your adventures....

  11. Alicia Oakley

    Alicia Oakley3 months ago

    I walked around Big Ben for like 20 minutes in March trying to find it, only to realize it was right beside me and was completely under construction. 😂

  12. Andrew Cliff

    Andrew Cliff3 months ago

    happy birthday bec!!!


    VITO GIACCONE4 months ago

    Yous took me back ome there for a while ! Great video Thx

  14. Fee

    Fee4 months ago

    Next time your in the UK try Manchester and Liverpool!

  15. Adam Bott

    Adam Bott5 months ago

    Loved this one, seeing you heading around the sights we love makes it so much more!! Lol. Glad you enjoyed London! Greenwich Market is one of my favourites!

  16. 999mrkhaled

    999mrkhaled6 months ago

    Yo u stayed in Paddington pilgrim thats next door to my work

  17. 999mrkhaled

    999mrkhaled6 months ago

    Hi guys welcome to London That’s tower bridge not London Bridge

  18. No HeSi

    No HeSi7 months ago

    Birthday sex? 😱

  19. Jens Graikowski

    Jens Graikowski7 months ago

    I subscribe to quite a few van/bus life channels. There are a couple where I instantly🖒every video before I even watch it, because I 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸 I'm going to see great content. There's only 𝘰𝘯𝘦 channel where I actually hit the bell button to get a notification for every new video and that is yours. I'm binch watching your vids right now and there hasn't been one that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed. My favourite van life couple!! 👍🏼😉

  20. H H

    H H8 months ago

    Happy Birthday. and many more Bec

  21. Matthew Walker

    Matthew Walker10 months ago

    Them: we're going to the London bridge Me: Already know they mean tower bridge and they haven't even got there

  22. ballistic dan

    ballistic dan10 months ago

    U alright? Sweet mate. U?

  23. Cathy Warriner

    Cathy Warriner10 months ago

    Happy birthday Bec 😍

  24. jayne fuller

    jayne fuller10 months ago

    Loving your in my country x happy birthday 🥳

  25. Debi Susan

    Debi Susan11 months ago

    Love London! Sorry food doesn't look good.

  26. Sister Sherry Travels

    Sister Sherry Travels11 months ago

    Happy Birthday - fellow Cancer !

  27. claudp

    claudp11 months ago

    I just discovered your channel and LOVE you both. Eamon, you are so entertaining! No wonder Bec is smiling all the time with his sense of humour. I am starting from Iceland since I am going there in 3 weeks. I want to start from the beginning but I’m hooked on GB & Ireland now. I’ll binge and catch up soon. Love from Ontario Canada!

  28. Ella Larkin

    Ella LarkinYear ago

    Oh, London is HORRIFIC!! It's a filthy kip, the air is pure pollution, the food is disgusting, and it's full of paedophiles trying to abduct everyone's kids. Also, that's not London Bridge, it's Tower Bridge. Your accent was Australian.

  29. Sofia Bryan

    Sofia BryanYear ago

    Sounds exciting

  30. Julia

    JuliaYear ago

    i just want someone to love me the way eamon loves bec and vise versa

  31. v6dlc

    v6dlcYear ago

    Its Tower Brigde not London Brigde common mistake

  32. Kathy Walduck

    Kathy WalduckYear ago

    Big Ben was closed to us too last year.

  33. cinderellalinn

    cinderellalinnYear ago

    I know this is super late, but I just wanted to wish the beautiful Bec a belated happy birthday!!!!

  34. Dora Wee

    Dora WeeYear ago

    How old are you two! Really inspired by you two!

  35. Heather Taylor-Nicholson

    Heather Taylor-NicholsonYear ago

    Fab vlog, and as pointed out in the video, please remember that the guards at Buckingham Palace and other places are serving soldiers. They may look only 'ceremonial' but are actively on duty and will not hesitate to challenge anyone who is a threat. Some tourists forget this and I can tell you, when you have to remain both still and alert at the same time, while some idiot think they're being funny by making stupid comments to try and provoke a reaction, is not only disrespectful but is making that soldier's job harder. Ask yourselves, would you do that to your own armed forces on ceremonial duties? Sorry for the little rant but the video makes a good point about respect.

  36. Tom Kerswell

    Tom KerswellYear ago

    You guys are so funny when mocking our accent:) Living your best life!!!

  37. Rixt

    RixtYear ago

    You two are so LOVELY! Found out your vlogs today, binge watched a lottt. LOVE IT! Enjoy your travels. Hug from the Netherlands

  38. Ethan Wilson

    Ethan WilsonYear ago

    London Bridge is far more disappointing😂

  39. Ethan Wilson

    Ethan WilsonYear ago

    You went to tower bridge

  40. Chan Santos

    Chan SantosYear ago

    I love your channel and Happy Belated Birthday Bec🥳🥳🥳🥳

  41. Cherie Robbins

    Cherie RobbinsYear ago

    Please do not try to speak in a British accent :-)

  42. claire higgins

    claire higginsYear ago

    Next time your in London I recommend tracking by boat from Big Ben to tower bridge. It’s a bit pricey but you get a full on tour guide and get to see places you might not fined, legend has it that a really really old pub was built out of the wood from the may flower ship and I never would have known without the boat ride

  43. gabr0901

    gabr0901Year ago

    You are such an amazing couple. Such a great relationship and lifestyle. I just subscribed, and I'm watching the videos backwards. Haha thank you for the great content and love/life goals ❤

  44. Ally Marsden

    Ally MarsdenYear ago

    I honestly cant wait to start van life🙏.. I hope you enjoyed your travels around the UK🇬🇧❤

  45. Lizzie Thompson

    Lizzie ThompsonYear ago

    You should come to bristol in the uk!

  46. Forrest Whittaker’s Eye

    Forrest Whittaker’s EyeYear ago

    Awesome for respecting the guards. 💞

  47. Forrest Whittaker’s Eye

    Forrest Whittaker’s EyeYear ago

    This is the best van life channel

  48. freya marriott

    freya marriottYear ago

    I love you but I’ve never heard anyone in England say ‘y’alright?’ (I’m British)

  49. Anastasia Taylor

    Anastasia TaylorYear ago

    haha no that is not how you say it you alright

  50. Gunnar Håkansson

    Gunnar HåkanssonYear ago

    You're a nice couple, I can see that and your videos is better than the most. So, I'm rather pleased, but..., you need a dog or, better, a cat to get my further attention. I can see at your sunglasses that you can affort it - love you guys

  51. James Knechtel

    James KnechtelYear ago

    and happy birthday bec!!

  52. James Knechtel

    James KnechtelYear ago

    fun vlog!! loved that hyperlapse :))

  53. Didi Bagallon

    Didi BagallonYear ago

    Belated Happy Birthday Bec!!

  54. DA MOOMINz

    DA MOOMINzYear ago

    Hahah I think most of us English folk don't even know the answer to the y'rite question, do we respond with yes thank you or just shoot y'rite right back!?

  55. That Mancunian

    That MancunianYear ago

    a little late but i have only just found you guys but happy birthday hahaha and thanks for sharing the good energy! subbed

  56. Sarah McAdam

    Sarah McAdamYear ago

    Go to Ireland !! I am from there it’s beautiful 🇬🇧

  57. cbear19

    cbear19Year ago

    Love your intros, so good!loving the snippets and updates :) glad you loved London, its beautiful

  58. Suzie Wratten

    Suzie WrattenYear ago

    Happy belated birthday Bec, was strange seeing you walk around my capital city. Shame you didn't get to Borough market, you would love it there, maybe next time you come 😁.

  59. Patrick Jones

    Patrick JonesYear ago

    I swear to fucking god it’s tower bridge not London Bridge 😂😂

  60. TheGrowGeek

    TheGrowGeekYear ago

    You guys are sooooooo brave going in the Thames :O

  61. Janet Eileen

    Janet EileenYear ago

    That is not London Bridge, that was tower bridge.

  62. Kolby O.

    Kolby O.Year ago

    Happy birthday BEC love y'all's channel y'all are the best

  63. Mariam D

    Mariam DYear ago


  64. Kelsey B

    Kelsey BYear ago

    Yo I know you just got to Europe but you guys should totally do Africa. When I was living in Ethiopia I met so many people who were driving from Europe down the South Africa! And if you pass through Ethiopia I can totally give you some tips one things to do!

  65. Sara Nóbrega

    Sara NóbregaYear ago

    Now I want to go back to London! 😊 Your vlogs are always the best!

  66. Laura Poljús

    Laura PoljúsYear ago

    Abajo is not behind, abajo is under. Behind is detrás.

  67. Holly Smith

    Holly SmithYear ago

    Omg I was at south bank all day and only realised you guys were there till I got home 🤦🏻‍♂️ such a missed opportunity I’m mad

  68. Color Me Pink MK

    Color Me Pink MKYear ago

    I feel so inspired as I love watching your channel!!! And always enjoy the interesting facts about Europe!

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    Andrew James OkeyYear ago

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    AmourYear ago


  71. Jessica Ridgway

    Jessica RidgwayYear ago

    How is it that I learn facts about my own country from you guys rather than the 100s of times I've been to London 😂🙈

  72. Natalie Beers

    Natalie BeersYear ago

    BEC where is the green dress from??

  73. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    It’s from a company called Opia Byron Bay.

  74. Sean Creswell

    Sean CreswellYear ago

    Happy Birthday Bec



    If you're in England come up to the Lake District for an adventure!

  76. chanel snow

    chanel snowYear ago

    nah in england the main way to say you alright would be aite hahaa

  77. Firstomo Star

    Firstomo StarYear ago

    Love both of you, from Jakarta, Indonesia ♥️

  78. Cassandra Panda

    Cassandra PandaYear ago

    hi Eamon and Bec I am interested in the van life lifestyle and now that you are "across the pond" (where I live) just wondering how long you are going to be in Europe and what countries are you both going to go to?

  79. Maya Hughes

    Maya HughesYear ago

    The answer to y’alright is I’m great thank you! Or unless you’re not great then idk?!😂

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    Emelyy yYear ago

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    Che Gonteb12345Year ago

    Come to Africa!🇳🇦

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    Michael PetersYear ago

    Yay you went to my home town and where I live

  83. Zoe Woodford

    Zoe WoodfordYear ago

    You guys should totally come to stroud while you are in the UK! You would lobe the Saturday markets we have here, it's like proper English countryside authentic! Happy to show you around should you visit!!

  84. JAM

    JAMYear ago

    The first video I watch of you two was the van tour and I immediately knew I was gonna love watching your videos ( and I do!)

  85. xoBeach Loverxo

    xoBeach LoverxoYear ago

    OMG i only just started watching them today and I already love them I have always wanted to live the van life just travelling around the world and their videos inspire me more than ever And can you do an updated morning routine night routine or a day in the life because I really want to see what it is like

  86. Erica Ferrelli

    Erica FerrelliYear ago

    i love your channel so much

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    мαχιηє. кYear ago

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  88. Satan

    SatanYear ago

    Yous should go to black pool on August 2nd because I might see you

  89. Veronica Rose

    Veronica RoseYear ago

    What happened to your DOG y’all probably forget it in the last city you were in SAD PEOPLE

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    Anandhu RamesanYear ago

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    Amit JainYear ago

    Happy birthday Bec ...super looking sexy Bec🎂😍

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    GabbyYear ago

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  93. Travels of Heather and Curtis

    Travels of Heather and CurtisYear ago

    Oh man, i loved watching this, but miss the old girl! (Not you Bec, lol). I studied there and we've been back a number of times since (one of the cheapest cities to fly to from YYZ to get to EU/UK) can't wait to go back!!! You're right about the bell! Biggy Ben!

  94. Sweden Gryffindor

    Sweden GryffindorYear ago

    You should totally go to north of Sweden! Loads of amazing nature and historical things to watch/do

  95. Kaylin Play

    Kaylin PlayYear ago

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    ExpeditionMeYear ago

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  97. emo11247

    emo11247Year ago

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY it's probably a few days ago now but wanted to wish you both the best if you're still up by liverpool would be great to have a chat :)

  98. Santosh Bhutkar

    Santosh BhutkarYear ago

    What will be your route in Europe? Which all things you gonna cover. I might be in Europe that time and wanted to meet you :)

  99. Ashley Jones

    Ashley JonesYear ago

    You guys deserve so many more views! The quality of your content is amazing! Best wishes to you both!

  100. Clara Coo

    Clara CooYear ago

    No I'm from London nooooo you sound Australian literally 😂 also no none says y'arite, we just say how are you 😂😂

  101. Blanche Kioa

    Blanche KioaYear ago

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  102. Blanche Kioa

    Blanche KioaYear ago

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  103. Bunny4 xoxo

    Bunny4 xoxoYear ago

    Okay us British people don’t talk like that we don’t talk posh We talk like Americans but we have a different accent

  104. Bunny4 xoxo

    Bunny4 xoxoYear ago

    Hey thx so much for visiting London I live right outside London 😇 Edit:thx so much for the heart

  105. liz Oleson

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