WEEK of VAN LIFE | Driving from Mexico to Canada | Eamon & Bec

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VAN LIFE VLOG | Mexico to Canada by VAN in 1 week (++ A BIG SURPRISE!)
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Today's van life vlog marks the end of our series "Baja Bound." While we are super sad to be leaving Mexico, we are also very excited to start making our way back home. The plan? Driving our self converted Sprinter van from Monterrey, Mexico to Toronto, Canada in just 1 week to SURPRISE Bec's family at an Easter gathering.
While it may be the end of van life in Mexico for Eamon & Bec you can always count on us to make the most of the time we have let on the open road. We meet up with our best amigees Tio Aventura Bus to convoy up to Nashville together so you KNOW there will be lots of laughs along the way!
Thanks for sharing a REAL WEEK of VAN LIFE with us!
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Today's van life vlog takes place in Baja California Sur where we wake in our self converted Sprinter Van in Los Barriles and take you along for a day in the life! Having been here for the last 6 days, we've established a little bit of a van life routine: where we fill up our water, where we go grocery shopping and how we find free beachfront camping!! It's also our 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY so we have fun sharing a bit of our love story with all of you :)
We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!!
The Traveling Van Life in Mexico; hot, sticky, but oh so much fun!
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Our goal here is to inspire you to chase after your own dreams however big (or small... tiny homes anyone?) they may be! We hope to create a community of like-minded, positive individuals who will grow to love and support one another on their own journeys.
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    You know what they say “there’s no place like home.” Hope you all have a lovely Sunday and send some love and hugs to the ones who make your “home” so special ❤️✨

  2. Lilly Rose

    Lilly RoseYear ago

    Wats friends with the bus what's there channel and I love you guys and Ur 🐕 dog

  3. April Gomez

    April GomezYear ago

    Eamon & Bec you went to Mexico then Laredo then San Antonio cause I live in Laredo 💕

  4. Grace West

    Grace WestYear ago

    Eamon & Bec awww ty

  5. Kirsty Sinclair

    Kirsty SinclairYear ago

    Wear your belt properly you idiot .

  6. Kitty 42

    Kitty 42Year ago

    Welcome back to Canada 💓 Peanut butter is my go to if I haven't had time to eat before a client. I have a jar of it in my filing cabinet at my shop just in case. Oh, and those hanging chairs are awesome. I have one at my campsite. I've fallen asleep in it many times.

  7. miroslavsafin

    miroslavsafin4 days ago

    Mexican license plates?

  8. Seascape S

    Seascape S8 days ago

    Wow now that’s multitasking Bec!

  9. Seascape S

    Seascape S8 days ago

    Great to see you all together💕

  10. Steve

    Steve2 months ago

    7:31 she looks so pissed hahhaha

  11. Explorerbysoul

    Explorerbysoul2 months ago

    Hey, you guys are so amazing, I have been following you for the last couple of weeks now (I know I am late) and I am falling in love with you guys. You are so real and so humble and so wonderful. I wish to hug you one day somewhere on the road. I wish you many more adventures on your way. Keep Smiling, Keep Exploring, Keep Traveling, Staytogether, Stayblessed & Takecare. Sending Love...

  12. Glen Wong

    Glen Wong3 months ago

    Love how USlikes content creators hug...with a camera in one hand extended. From a fellow Canadian in Ottawa.

  13. Tobias Krug

    Tobias Krug3 months ago

    @8:49 ......Why is the door in the back always flipping up^^?

  14. Patricia Hall

    Patricia Hall3 months ago

    Beautiful welcome home ........Love your video's so much .....Thank You both

  15. Bert N Ernie

    Bert N Ernie4 months ago

    10:04 that's the year I was born

  16. Denise Maria

    Denise Maria4 months ago

    I love you guys... out of all Vandweller Sites, you two encourage me the most, and I always smile listening to you in your adventures and life... Stay Safe and God Bless.... I am converting my van to live in too...Alone and Scared, but Determined....

  17. Aspen Anya

    Aspen Anya4 months ago

    Lol “testy”

  18. C Fg

    C Fg4 months ago

    pls dont drive with headphones

  19. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith4 months ago

    What kind of dog is he

  20. Traveler Peet

    Traveler Peet4 months ago

    You guys honestly make me want to get my own van and join the van life and travel. Granted, it'd mostly be during summers since I'm in the education field.

  21. Dylan Gallagher

    Dylan Gallagher5 months ago

    Why dont we see the dog in newer vlogs

  22. Legacy Luminals

    Legacy Luminals3 months ago

    it got adopted, they were only fostering it

  23. Jaida Wilkins

    Jaida Wilkins5 months ago


  24. Tara Gill

    Tara Gill5 months ago

    Exactly a day before a year since this was posted

  25. Callum Mc

    Callum Mc5 months ago

    1:47, the other dog did the doggy equivalent of breaking his ankles / a dirty sidestep. gets rojo to literally run underneath him and gets away lol

  26. Tom Gregory

    Tom Gregory5 months ago

    What is your dogs breed?

  27. Cami

    Cami6 months ago

    I got that same chair in Mexico 😁

  28. KRoberts

    KRoberts7 months ago

    If you guys looking for a fire vegan bacon... Morningstar is the best!! P

  29. Brian Fd

    Brian Fd8 months ago

    I’ll be amazed if this beautiful couple aren’t approached by Mainstream TV, so natural. Hope to meet you on the road sometime. Thank you for brightening my days. Take care, be safe.

  30. Kaeleen Brave

    Kaeleen Brave8 months ago

    I've been watching all of your videos lately! Soooooo fun!

  31. Angie

    Angie8 months ago

    I am so in love with these vlog. Are you guys literally live the life, I hope you know how lucky you are. The music to this vlog is a 🔥

  32. JJ Bowman

    JJ Bowman8 months ago

    Okay but the thumb nail, Eamon looks like he brought home a puppy and Bec looks like it’s the tenth puppy 😂❤️

  33. Eddie Smedley

    Eddie Smedley9 months ago

    20:10 bec said yall were at the Mexico-us border, when your actually at the Canadian border

  34. tommclaren04

    tommclaren043 months ago

    She ment to say Mexico-us border

  35. Nazarettos

    Nazarettos9 months ago

    You need to eat some good steak.

  36. Nazarettos

    Nazarettos9 months ago

    No, Mercedes dealership is gonna charge you more that's all.

  37. christine c

    christine c10 months ago

    I love you 3!

  38. Myranda C

    Myranda C10 months ago

    i’ve been binge watching legit ALL your vids, i love y’all 💖💖💖💖

  39. Breanna Hendley

    Breanna Hendley10 months ago

    you should go to Cookville Tennessee its really nice there there is a lot of good restrants there and Bee rock its so amazing

  40. ava carnevale

    ava carnevale10 months ago

    where is the dog in these other videos

  41. The Historian

    The Historian10 months ago


  42. claudp

    claudp10 months ago

    I don’t like that you called out the vet saying he post-dates the rabies vaccine. He did you a favour. Didn’t need to post this.

  43. Katrina Korszoloski

    Katrina Korszoloski10 months ago

    I live in Tennessee

  44. Katrina Korszoloski

    Katrina Korszoloski10 months ago

    I live in tennis

  45. Eve Grylz

    Eve Grylz11 months ago

    I love how much bec rubs people's back when she hugs them. 😂

  46. Michale T

    Michale T11 months ago

    I came across you guys by accident and I'm addicted! The energy is real and you both are so amazing. Love the addition of Rojo! Cute Lil guy! Have fun, be safe & well! (Now I have to binge watch to catch up to current events!) 😉

  47. at loose ends

    at loose ends11 months ago

    sick edit! love it!

  48. Rilynn Phelps

    Rilynn Phelps11 months ago

    Mann don’t I miss me some Bucees man a Texas favorite but because of my dads promotion we had to move up to the morman state (utah)

  49. Jaeden Sistrunk

    Jaeden Sistrunk11 months ago

    Why do they sometimes take food at boarder patrol?


    ELIZABETH MORALES11 months ago

    Rojo is a lucky Mexican🍀 dog!! Thank guys for giving him so much ❤️

  51. Amber Gatley

    Amber Gatley11 months ago

    OMG! Puppy! What a great fun addition! Currently converting my van and the biggest challenge is making it suitable for my fur kids.

  52. apq1990

    apq199011 months ago

    I seriously admire you guy’s relationship. Both of u seem to really make the effort of understanding and respecting each other, which i think not many couples actually do.

  53. Doreen M

    Doreen MYear ago

    Bec you sound so cute when you speak spanish.... youre doing a good job 😄 havent yet seen all your videos cuz im a busy woman but wondering if you guys made it through to florida. Ill have to check more vlogs. In tampa and Would love to meet the ‘cutest couple in the world’ . renovating my camper currently getting it ready for full time living 😋 you guys are my inspiration and encourage me to ‘ live life!! ‘Enjoy the hell out of it while i have time left! Love you guys!

  54. Justyna Van Poucke

    Justyna Van PouckeYear ago

    Seeing clips of you guys driving through Windsor made me so happy!!! I grew up in Windsor, I'm living in Lake Louise for the winter and I've been wanting to do van life/tiny living for so long!! You guys are a huge inspiration to me and are #couplegoals. The fact that you guys are self sustaining yourselves as well and have built multiple businesses is so inspirational!!!! LOVE from me!! Positive vibes!! Keep on truckin!

  55. Laura Allison

    Laura AllisonYear ago

    I watch one of your videos every morning as part of my morning routine coz you guys are so positive and Make me smile for the day ahead! Thank you x

  56. sassy crew four

    sassy crew fourYear ago

    What ever happened to roho? He's not in there other videos

  57. Jay89

    Jay89Year ago


  58. E Damian

    E DamianYear ago

    You know after watching so many videos, I kept thinking “she looks like somebody I seen on tv”, she looks like freakannnn Millie Brown from stranger things lol, well the adult version of Millie Brown

  59. Frank & Blunt

    Frank & BluntYear ago

    Looking at the mercedes courtesy car I think the sprinter dash board looks depressing. I would get an interior tuning

  60. Journeys Breeze

    Journeys BreezeYear ago

    why'd they take the apples? honestly just curious.

  61. Akoini Apollo

    Akoini ApolloYear ago

    Give him a clothes the puppy too

  62. M G

    M GYear ago

    Kale= Col Rizada jajaj

  63. Fluffykittens 1121

    Fluffykittens 1121Year ago

    Our dogs are twins

  64. A Canada

    A CanadaYear ago

    My last name is Canada 🇨🇦😁

  65. A Canada

    A CanadaYear ago

    Can you give me a shout out?????

  66. Arturo Narváez

    Arturo NarváezYear ago

    Espero les haya gustado mucho mi ciudad Monterrey Nuevo León y vengan mas seguido 🇲🇽❤️

  67. Lilly Rose

    Lilly RoseYear ago

    And I love your dogs yal are awesome

  68. Lilly Rose

    Lilly RoseYear ago

    Am I missing it wats ur friends channel with the buss?

  69. Ryan Lopez

    Ryan LopezYear ago

    My dad lives in Texas and me and my dad granny and others stop at that bucis on the way to Disney on summer 2019

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    Madison GeorgiaYear ago

    Love what you guys do!❤️

  71. Camila Bastidas

    Camila BastidasYear ago

    Don't give up you can make it

  72. Selma Lykke

    Selma LykkeYear ago

    Wait you live in a van but you Get car sick

  73. Daryush Nadjafi

    Daryush NadjafiYear ago

    I watch the bunch of you guys as videos I never saw a dog before really didn't know you had one maybe he's a new edition

  74. Beta

    BetaYear ago

    This was so fun to watch! 30 mins of my life well spent 💕😊

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    KellyYear ago

    I went to Buc-ees when I came to the state's and the drinks are HUGE so insane haha

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    Sarah ShaeYear ago

    I’m catching up on your older videos and THAT PUPPY SLEEPING ON YOUR LAPS MAKES ME SO HAPPY 😂😫 keep catching myself just watching him ❤️🤗

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    Alice RennieYear ago

    What breed is ur dog

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    kristal gonzalezYear ago

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    maelle *Year ago

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    Dehra SaundersYear ago

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    carolyn perdokYear ago

    I'm from Missisauga, ON and love your videos, where in the GTA do you guys live?

  82. Johanna Araiza

    Johanna AraizaYear ago

    Totally a new subscriber I’m obsessed with you guys!!! I totally want to travel Mexico again, is there a way you can make like a budget vid in much you’ve spent in Mexico, places+ cities to definitely hit up/avoid and how you managed to find vegan food!

  83. Yelile Torres

    Yelile TorresYear ago

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  84. Totally Tubular

    Totally TubularYear ago

    How cool, you get to travel in your home!

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    Eugenia LópezYear ago

    Omg i live in Monterrey!

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    Elva VargasYear ago

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    Olga SotoYear ago

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    jackiephatYear ago

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  93. Daily Surge

    Daily SurgeYear ago

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    Glossy JordynnYear ago

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    Paola ZamudioYear ago

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    Ok so I found these guys thanks to USlikes’s algorithm lol and I love you guys!! You guys not only inspire me to have a summer traveling van (cuz I’m not sure I could do this 24/7 365) but to live an even more minimal lifestyle!! Keep making great videos!!!

  103. Veronica reyes

    Veronica reyesYear ago

    Y’all should get Rojo a “bob-a-lot” from Starmark pet products. It’s a treat dispenser that encourages mental stimulation. I’m a professional dog trainer, and we use these for young and old dogs. It’s a nice way to keep them entertained. I put my dogs food in it at meal time to buy me some time in the mornings to get my coffee in.

  104. Tilde Karlsson

    Tilde KarlssonYear ago

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