WE MOVE INTO A HOUSE (break from van life)

Van Life to House Life | Why we took a break from van life in Portugal
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This week we are lucky enough to have two more guests joining us for some adventures in Europe only this time we all move into a house to avoid getting a little too close for comfort! As you know, Eamon and I LOVE living in a van and getting to share that lifestyle with our friends and family is so exciting so we make sure that we give my sister and her boyfriend a little taste of van life too :).
Join us as we explore Lisbon, Portugal and the south region of the Algarve Lagos! We get up to a heck of a lot of fun with all our "free time" and enjoy stand up paddle boarding through the Bengali caves, go-karting on a speedy track and soaking up every bit of time we have with our family ❤️.
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Today we show you around Portugal (mainly Lisbon and Lagos)!
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Good morning/afternoon/evening (depending where in the world you are watching from today!). Would love to know where you're tuning in from around the world! Let us know ❤️

  2. TheJacquif

    TheJacquif2 months ago

    Las Vegas! You guys should get the portable air conditioner! It’s 89 bucks and charges with a usb port. You can fill it with ice as cold as you want it would make your tiny home super cold on those warm days o. The road and save battery life. Cheers! Love your channel! Huge fan! Totally doing this when I retire in 8 years! Hugs!

  3. Carla Layne

    Carla Layne2 months ago

    Watching you from St. Vincent and the Grenadines 8n the Caribbean

  4. Eduardo Tomé

    Eduardo Tomé4 months ago

    Have you guys thought about coming to Portugal again? Just asking because I'm a big fan and I'm from Portugal and I would love the chance to have a chat to get some tips from you and see your new van!

  5. julamaradelumba

    julamaradelumba4 months ago

    Austria- Vienna

  6. sandysutube63

    sandysutube636 months ago

    Love you guys - from New Jersey, USA ♥️

  7. No Name

    No NameMonth ago

    Geez! You young kids must be made of money..... the prices from Cedar are “off the charts” expensive! $200.00 for a simple, box romper? 🤔😳😬

  8. No Name

    No NameMonth ago

    I am old.... for sure.... because I DO NOT understand the whole “ass hanging out of the swimsuit” that girls do now. (And yet they scream they don’t want to be seen as just “sex symbols”!) 😡 My generation fought too long and hard for woman’s rights and equality.....

  9. Sara Viola

    Sara ViolaMonth ago


  10. Lucy Beaulieu

    Lucy BeaulieuMonth ago

    At 9:28 I saw Jesus. He spoke Spanish haha

  11. GetA Job

    GetA JobMonth ago

    Biden, hind sight is 20/20 I could do that if that was all it took to be president too.

  12. Joana

    Joana2 months ago

    Ah lads, Bec tearing up about her family made me tear up about being far from mine in this pandemic ♥

  13. Joana

    Joana2 months ago

    Guys I love your channel but some of the information here is really not accurate. Not everything in Feira da Ladra is stolen. At all. And the portuguese don't sleep siesta (if they did it would be called sesta, not siesta, since we don't speak Spanish), but places do close for lunch between 1 and 3pm.

  14. Natalia Nikitas

    Natalia Nikitas2 months ago

    Bec, where’d you get your overalls/jumpsuit you’re wearing while you’re at the thieves (flea) market?

  15. Ms Ana Jocelyn

    Ms Ana Jocelyn2 months ago

    So funny but creepy when he said that guy wanted to watch the van lol

  16. forrest smith

    forrest smith2 months ago

    How did you get the van to Europe?

  17. ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ

    ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ3 months ago

    'our stickers are free, we didn't want to charge you for stickers' *but you need to purchase our tea from our website to get them ..🤨🤔

  18. Tomás Sousa

    Tomás Sousa3 months ago

    3:39 - As a Portuguese, here's what she said: "one euro, it's very good, no I don't have that, but this is better, look!"

  19. Simishine Holt

    Simishine Holt4 months ago

    Love these videos, especially when you visited my second home in Lagos, first home is the UK. Recognised so many places in your video.

  20. Esra

    Esra4 months ago

    I rewatched a couple of videos back.. I laughed and enjoyed a lot again.now it is time to sleep for me and I am sure I will dream having met you and gone to adventures together.Thank you for making my day end with hearty laughs:)

  21. Watchclosely

    Watchclosely4 months ago

    He meant Portugal is the biggest producer/exporter of cork. You're welcome ;-)

  22. Dannielle Obenchain

    Dannielle Obenchain4 months ago

    You always cave and let him buy stuff like when you said no scooters parking was too expensive later on you guys were on the scooters

  23. H2Dwoat

    H2Dwoat5 months ago

    Hi, I’ve seen a couple of your videos where you mentioned expensive maintenance to the van. Have you considered an alternative to Mercedes? I’d love to see a comparison of costs with T & A’s promaster.

  24. sarah anna

    sarah anna5 months ago

    bec you seem to have so much inner beauty and confidence, please teach me lol:) also are you guys vegan?

  25. guillem mañé

    guillem mañé5 months ago

    I'm sorry but i have to bring it up... its okay to eat vegan, organic, healthy... get your energy from solar that's really nice... But you should look that when you requiere a sevice like uber to have in mind that are companies than don't pay taxes at the country they are giving you the service. the "eployees" are fake self-eployed so the big company don't cover the worker if they have any ingured, if the get sick... I don't know in canada, but here in europe those are really important rigths that many people fougth to aquire. So my point here is when you travell you should look at the options that are less harmfull for the local people and medium. Next time order a taxi, yes it will be 2€ more expensive but you would be paying an eployee with decend working rights. I'm sorry to point that out but I'm from Barcelona and seeing how the youth can't move away becaus your incom is less than the rent of a flat because of RB&Bs, that's hurtfull for the locals. I know it's improbable but I hope you read this and I also want to say that i absolutely love your videos.

  26. john dyer

    john dyer6 months ago

    Taupō Newzealand enjoying lockdown

  27. Inge de Vries

    Inge de Vries6 months ago

    What is the drone you guys use in the vlogs?

  28. Italo Zavarella

    Italo Zavarella6 months ago

    Thank you for making us part of your adventure

  29. jillian werhowatz

    jillian werhowatz6 months ago

    so grateful for your channel. this time is rough for a lot of us, but watching your channel is a way for my mind to escape the heaviness of what is currently happening and allow me to continue dreaming. Thank You both you beautiful souls :D much much love!

  30. Kendra Fortin

    Kendra Fortin7 months ago


  31. Becky Larsson

    Becky Larsson7 months ago

    I feel like it's such a shame that you were in the Algarve, and particularly Lagos during the busy season. I've lived there for a year and the off season is so much nicer. Its real mellow and relaxed in winter, more like sleepy surftowns if you go west from lagos. Still great weather most of the time, and great winds too for Eamons kiteboarding, just bring a good wetsuit 😉 Alot of the tourist-style boutiques are closed, but there are still coffeeshops, restaurants and bars, and supermarkets and stuff that will be open. I think you would enjoy winter alot more anyways, imagine all those pretty places by the cliffs and beaches practically abandoned 🥰

  32. quang tram

    quang tram7 months ago

    You guys are so inspiring, positive, and simply amazing! Thanks for the great content!♥️♥️

  33. Elysia M

    Elysia M7 months ago

    Catching up on the vlogs because I’m a newer subscriber, but I ordered a starter set from your Chai company and have been enjoying chai each morning. So awesome!! Got to the point in the video bout the stickers for ordering chai and I was like dang!! I was wondering how to get a sticker? You guys should sell them on your website because I really wanted to buy one for my collection!!!

  34. Trish Se

    Trish Se8 months ago

    You and your sister sound like the same person. You could play phone pranks lol

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    rockintherae8 months ago

    Eaman NEEDS dreads

  36. Natalie Woodruff

    Natalie Woodruff8 months ago

    I hope they have kisses one more

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    Her laugh tho.

  38. Jason Janes

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    Yes, amazing to actually be living - hahahaha - What a concept -

  39. Tiffanie Qaisar

    Tiffanie Qaisar8 months ago

    Trent and Allie are too scripted and fakeish sounding, LEAW leave everything and wander, Sara and Luca, are basically "Ferrari style" hippies with Italian accents. Watching them is also annoying because they come across as a B rated documentary film crew. You guys are far more entertaining and exciting, your interesting diet as well as unique differences make your channel exciting and fresh and you are super spontaneous! I love the spontaneity of your videos. I love that you are grounded and humble as well as genuine in your responses. Love from Colorado USA ❤❤❤❤❤ much much love! Yr welcome 100% if ever you pass thru Cheyenne Mt - Pike's Peak Region. Love ya safe journey 😗😘😚😙😙Tiffanie Q😉💚💚💚💚💚💚🤗🤗🤗🤗cheers!2020

  40. Sharon Gerry

    Sharon Gerry8 months ago

    Great family time. Perfect vacation

  41. a c

    a c9 months ago

    Eamon reminds me of Paul Rudd


    JESUS GUTIÉRREZ10 months ago

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    Maximiliano Miranda10 months ago

    just bad

  44. Aaron Lynch

    Aaron Lynch10 months ago

    an explanation of how you can afford to do this would interesting, do you have student loans to pay off as well? do you have a home you pay a mortgage on while you travel? i am sure many would like to live the life however a dream as you present can only be achieved with immense planning.

  45. Joana Nunes

    Joana Nunes10 months ago

    if no one told you, welcome to this little slice of earth by the sea.

  46. 33 Bear

    33 Bear11 months ago

    For owning a tea company u all sure drink a lot of coffee.

  47. Catarina, a Rosa

    Catarina, a Rosa11 months ago

    Can't believe I just discovered you guys now and you were just here in Portugal a couple of months ago!!! :)

  48. Tristan G

    Tristan G11 months ago

    Podium interviews, pure gold. 🤣

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    GaryEvansb11 months ago

    Hi do you guys drink beer or wine?

  50. Angela Sayer

    Angela Sayer11 months ago

    Kia ora, I've just started binge watching you from Aotearoa 😍 Big love, hope you get some revenue from me!!! Hehe xx

  51. Polona Jevšnik

    Polona Jevšnik11 months ago

    Slovenia. If you will be near, recommend stopping in this small country between Italy, Croatia, Austria, and Hungary. Have a nice and safe trip.

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    king Taurus11 months ago

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  53. Alexander Brown

    Alexander Brown11 months ago

    Back again. I just love the go karts,,,I am Sooooo jealous . I have to thank you two again for making me smile and let me see all spectacular places that I would have never enjoyed. Your filming and editing feels like I'm right there with you. I Love you both..Alex from the Cape(USA)

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    Aesthetic World11 months ago

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    What a beautiful place, I've never been to Portugal and I definitely want to go now. New subscriber here, really like your videos. From the UK here.

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    Pamela OlgerYear ago

    ❤💚💙💜💛from USA MICHIGAN 😆

  60. Mariz

    MarizYear ago

    Oh you came to Portugal!! How did you like it? I see you missed the coolest city in Portugal, Porto. Well, maybe next time :) By the way, siestas are in Spain....Portuguese people dont do siestas lol and yes, Portugal is the bigest producer of cork in world.

  61. oppa obama

    oppa obamaYear ago

    if you ever come back to lisbon try using the public transport, when i first came here to visit (i now live here) i remember thinking how easy it was to use all public transport and how you can go anywhere with it

  62. Hob Nob

    Hob NobYear ago

    I'm assuming you didn't learn anything about your vans mechanics and therefore you're being taken advantage of. I'm pretty sure they did not "hook it up". Haven't been to Portugal but traveling through Italy was full of people waiting to take advantage of us. Including gypsy types who straight tried to rob us. Luckily it didn't work. Stay alert. Lots of adventure and amazing memories and experience to be gained but just remember... You're out of your element. You are definitely not "cultured"

  63. Apollyon 1975

    Apollyon 1975Year ago

    Van life is soooooo perfect, why would you take a break from it?

  64. Kimberly Pura Vida

    Kimberly Pura VidaYear ago

    I am dying, there is nothing cuter than the two guys skipping together!!! It made the whole video, adorbs!

  65. spooks7617

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    Tuning in from West Sussex, UK. Love you guys!!!

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  67. SunnyRock Victor

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    Ringgold, Georgia

  69. Katherine W

    Katherine WYear ago

    I love watching your guys' videos and love your openminded attitudes to all the difficult cultures you've visited. I wish you wouldn't encourage people to "take the beaten path" at these touristy scenic viewing locations. A lot of the flora fauna ecosystem is very fragile and if everyone who visited just trampled through wherever they wanted, there wouldn't be much left for people to see other than dirt. Let's help nature stay natural so it can be enjoyed sustainably for generations and generations :) And tuning in from Calgary, AB!

  70. Simon Davey

    Simon DaveyYear ago

    It’s been a while. I love the Algarve. What adventures you are having.



    My favorite peeps! Great video!

  72. Sequoia McClurken

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  76. Wayne Henson

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  80. Ameute

    AmeuteYear ago

    watching the drone follow the van while on the highway I remembered.... this is an expensive toy and who know when you can stop to get it. Now I'm scared of the thought of loosing one of those.

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    Below are the 15 countries that sold the highest dollar value worth of exported cork during 2018. Portugal: US$1.3 billion (62.5% of total cork exports) Spain: $373.4 million (18.4%) France: $104.6 million (5.2%) Italy: $56.7 million (2.8%) Germany: $34.9 million (1.7%) China: $25.5 million (1.3%)

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