The END of VAN LIFE in Mexico

VAN LIFE VLOG // why it's the end of van life in mexico // Baja Bound Ep. 24
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Today's van life vlog begins in Guadalajara (Mexico's second largest city!). We enjoy a puppy walk to a nearby cafe to start the day and use van life toilets 🚽 ! We then make the difficult decision to call it quits on this journey of van life in Mexico. Between the rising temperatures and the great distance between us an our dream destination of Chiapas, we've decided to read the signs as a cue to leave while on a high. We have LOVED our time in Baja California Sur and despite our sickness last week can see why so many people love mainland Mexico as well.
While it may be the end of van life in Mexico for Eamon & Bec you can always count on us to make the most of the time we have left here! We are super excited to reunite with our friend Sergio (who you met last year in our Hello Mexico series) in his hometown of Queretaro. We then go on a little day trip adventure with Serg & Tana to San Miguel De Allande :)
Thanks for sharing a REAL day of van life in Mexico with us!
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Today's van life vlog takes place in Baja California Sur where we wake in our self converted Sprinter Van in Los Barriles and take you along for a day in the life! Having been here for the last 6 days, we've established a little bit of a van life routine: where we fill up our water, where we go grocery shopping and how we find free beachfront camping!! It's also our 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY so we have fun sharing a bit of our love story with all of you :)
We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!!
The Traveling Van Life in Mexico; hot, sticky, but oh so much fun!
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  1. Isadora Workman

    Isadora WorkmanYear ago

    I've fostered 2 dogs before, its hard to give them over...but know that you've influenced his little life in such a positive way so far. You will always hold a special place in his puppy heart. There will be tears when you let him go, but you can do it. You've done a wonderful thing getting him accustomed to pet life, this will only make you even more ready for a dog when you feel your lifestyle can accommodate him/her. Kudos to you for knowing your limits at this time in your life.

  2. Donna D in Miss

    Donna D in MissYear ago

    Eamon & Bec it’s going to be hard . But, your time with him is worth it . Probably going to cry with y’all , when you hand him over . He’s a doll. ❤️🙏

  3. Sharon Cullen Art

    Sharon Cullen ArtYear ago

    I know I am not cut out for it, because I would want to keep them all!!! God bless you guys for doing it!

  4. Isadora Workman

    Isadora WorkmanYear ago

    You're doing a wonderful thing. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. My husband and I ugly cried for a full day, but it was so fulfilling.

  5. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Annette! I am already nervous for the goodbye but do know deep down that it’s what’s right for all of us! We feel very blessed to have been able to help Rojo get a jump start on life and cannot wait to watch him thrive in Canada 🇨🇦 ❤️

  6. No Name

    No Name24 days ago

    😂 no “G” sound in Guadalajara 😂.

  7. westredg

    westredg2 months ago

    yooo! I'm photographer and I shot for Tourit a few times!

  8. westredg

    westredg2 months ago

    oh dang! Yeah I was gonna say they’re not great, I was never paid very much, I just spoke to a Kathryn through their Instagram, @touritoutdoor, so sorry that happened guys

  9. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec2 months ago

    If you have a contact there we’d love to talk to them... these guys bailed on their contract with us and we never got paid. Terrible company

  10. Debi Susan

    Debi Susan2 months ago

    Clean up your dog poop!

  11. viharraja

    viharraja3 months ago

    Wow, You guys picked up that Chai blends from India and created a Shopify website and selling it with markup under the name of health benefits, lol. Hope you are working on a patent for your EXCLUSIVE recipe😂

  12. rossco129

    rossco1293 months ago

    Wow. You went to South Africa, no doubt to sample some amazing Rooibos tea. I have just arrived home (S.A.) from traveling and am in quarantine, and a box of Rooibos teas was the first thing I ordered, haha. I can't wait to get in touch with some local organic tea farmers. Oh and I have decided while I am stuck in my country I might as well buy a van and explore my own backyard. Massive fan of your channel and have been bingeing for days- thanks for getting me through quarantine and safe travels in Cananda with Casa B.

  13. James Charles

    James Charles4 months ago

    Why didn’t u keep him he loves you guys smh

  14. La Roja

    La Roja4 months ago

    I hope you. Can come to Guadalajara. Again it's an amazing town with so much history, and fun. So... If you need a local here I am. Hope to meet you some day! Pd: Roja! a photographer and musician from Gdl Mx

  15. Richard Cook

    Richard Cook4 months ago

    New fiancee? what happened to the old one?

  16. Ana S.

    Ana S.4 months ago

    I can't believe I didn't watch this video before, I'm from Guadalajara and my parents are farmers, we are currently doing some agave.

  17. Brittney Belle

    Brittney Belle6 months ago

    newer subscriber here! i’ve been watching a ton of your older vlogs and i love them so much! the shots you guys include are 😍😍! also, ik this is about 11 months late and idk if you guys ended up using agave in your teas but if you did i would really like to encourage you guys to looking into how damaging it can be to wildlife! in short- there’s a species of bats that only eat agave and their livelihood is being negatively affected due to the increase in harvesting agave syrup! i feel like you guys care about this stuff so just figured i’d share with you what i know about it! much love💛

  18. Safina Allen

    Safina Allen7 months ago

    Love you dog

  19. Sean Snowdon

    Sean SnowdonYear ago

    I am so obsessed with your videos. I can't thank you enough for all your info you are putting out there for us. My wife and I are looking at purchasing a ford transit, extended and full height. It's the 148 wheel base and 6'-8" high. I want to build something that is bigger with the comforts for my wife, since we are planning on traveling 6 months a year. I noticed you park lots on beaches and off roads. Just curious on your thoughts for going off road a little bit with something a little higher and longer. I'm great at construction but horrible with vehicles. lol

  20. Akoini Apollo

    Akoini ApolloYear ago

    Cute puppy

  21. Steve Siegel

    Steve SiegelYear ago

    What type of dog do you guys have your dog is so darn cute

  22. Emma Resendiz

    Emma ResendizYear ago

    My parents met in Guadalajara, and I have family that still lives there! Small world.

  23. Emma Resendiz

    Emma ResendizYear ago

    Gah, even crazier. I think that's the same processing location that I toured!

  24. Belltown Daisy

    Belltown DaisyYear ago

    I just found you through your collaboration with The Happy Pear (! You are living the life I dream of and will hopefully live one day. I love that you're traveling with a dog! All the best to you!

  25. KM Saxton

    KM SaxtonYear ago

    Did you travel to Queretaro, Mexico in this vlog? I thought that is what I heard when you said it, but I was not sure. I studied abroad there in college! So beautiful! I really love watching you two.

  26. Valentina Escudero

    Valentina EscuderoYear ago

    I just love Rojo so much

  27. MsAsascho

    MsAsaschoYear ago

    Bec, I love your necklace! Where did you get it? Thanks so much!

  28. Okuraseru_遅らせる

    Okuraseru_遅らせるYear ago

    I was sooo scared you were going to stop van life!! But....I didn’t see the full title 🤭😂😂 Edit: wait are you not gonna keep rojo!?😭

  29. Amy Poucher

    Amy PoucherYear ago

    How do they pay thier rent with a full week off. X- mass brake almost put us on the streets.

  30. Arturo Guerra-Mondragon

    Arturo Guerra-MondragonYear ago

    Well made piece of filming. Well edited, imaginative, up beat, creative!

  31. Manuel Sanz Garcia

    Manuel Sanz GarciaYear ago

    Subtítulos en Español,por favor,de lo contrario no podemos seguiros ni ayudaros, gracias saludos

  32. CottonCandyGods

    CottonCandyGodsYear ago

    What breed is the dog? Cause my dog looks exactly like yours except his coat is like a german shepherds

  33. grancito2

    grancito2Year ago

    Wear sun glasses when filming, so people can't see your vegan eyes, they look like cancer patient eyes.

  34. grancito2

    grancito2Year ago

    @Eamon & Bec Butt hurt? Take a look in a mirror, and just wear the sun glasses.

  35. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Hello friend. It sounds like you are carrying around a little extra sadness or grief today. Hope you can find something to be grateful for today ❤️

  36. Tanzzi

    TanzziYear ago

    Eamon, loving the long hair...and you 2 have upped your video-game!!!

  37. ScreamReJeX

    ScreamReJeXYear ago

    Dude. you guys are a legitimate show now. Love it!

  38. BBW

    BBWYear ago

    I do hope you picked up that poop from your dog.

  39. Bus Life Possible

    Bus Life PossibleYear ago

    That vegan restaurant looked amazing. Love those small Mexican towns with narrow, colorful streets!

  40. Kelsey Atkison

    Kelsey AtkisonYear ago

    Dont exercise rojo too much. He's a pup and his growth plates haven't finished growing.

  41. StarFlower99654

    StarFlower99654Year ago

    Ah Rojo is so cute. Great video.

  42. Bertil Bech Hviid

    Bertil Bech HviidYear ago

    i think that eamon might be allergic to rojo...

  43. E bo

    E boYear ago

    México and Canada are in is gringoland, we all are americans

  44. Holly Westell

    Holly WestellYear ago

    Hey guys, I was outside of Chaiwala in Toronto on the weekend, and found a van parked outside your place. I thought that you guys might be asleep (not realizing that you were still in Mexico), and decided to 'wake you up'. I think it was Bob that came waved at us, but when are you returning to Canada?

  45. Nomadik Empyr

    Nomadik EmpyrYear ago

    Great video y'all

  46. Kathi Foy

    Kathi FoyYear ago

    Such a great video of your time in Mexico. It was nice seeing Sergio and meeting Montana.

  47. Van Vida Travels

    Van Vida TravelsYear ago

    Great video as usual!

  48. Insanity

    InsanityYear ago

    I foster puppy's and these last two days 3 of them already got adopted he won't forget you because you took care of him Good Luck

  49. B Lin

    B LinYear ago

    You two are so much fun and so lucky to be able to live the life you choose. I just wish Eamon would consider cutting his hair. He's so handsome .. but looks too scruffy with that big mane of hair.

  50. butterification

    butterificationYear ago

    Soooooooooo LUCKY to be there during the beginning of HOLY WEEK!!!!!! Any time of HOLY WEEK!

  51. Kodey Whitewolf

    Kodey WhitewolfYear ago

    You are such a fun couple /people to be around Keep the puppy He fits Grin So adorable how can you give him up Loved your videos from Mexico You guys had such a great time as we did following you around Love your videos Keep having fun out there Onto the next adventure

  52. The Offgrid Travelers

    The Offgrid TravelersYear ago

    Do not give up that pup!

  53. My stuff

    My stuffYear ago

    So now fanny packs are cool? Make fun of them as a kid. Old folks and their fannies. Now that you’re older they’re cool.

  54. My stuff

    My stuffYear ago

    I think Rojo thought you were leaving him on the skateboard.

  55. My stuff

    My stuffYear ago

    Collar damage to their throat can show up later in their life too. Please use a harness. It’s important. So, Eamon, wear your harness.



    I only watch you guys, Trent and ally and nomadic movement, but you two are my FAVORITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!👍😇😁

  57. Walter Sullivan

    Walter SullivanYear ago

    Are you guys gonna go to cape cod and or Boston?

  58. Ian Pugh

    Ian PughYear ago

    Hey both, only started looking into VanLife in the last week, so I’ve been having a marathon catchup; watching the new videos and going back to the older ones to catch up. Hope Bob is well in 416/TO. I am from Wales UK but a wannabe Albertan, visited TO in 1999 as a kid on a Ski trip to QC via Niagara etc.

  59. sh note 2

    sh note 2Year ago

    It makes my day just to hear Bec laugh😀

  60. Fly ingDutch

    Fly ingDutchYear ago

    Used to be here for you humans but now I’m all about the Roho! Seriously Uber cute I’ll’ guy x

  61. jillys art on youtube art

    jillys art on youtube artYear ago

    Doggie love, woof

  62. Josh & Cass

    Josh & CassYear ago

    Hi Eamon & Bec - That was a great video and so enjoyable to watch. It's nice to see you living your best lives with each other, so genuinely happy and content. Inspiration overload. Also, Rojo is ridiculously cute. We were wondering, what type of dog is he? x

  63. Joyce Forney

    Joyce ForneyYear ago

    Hi....what a FUN video!!! spending great times w/ new-old friends, as the saying goes "priceless"...all the food, especially @ the restaurant (drooling) rojo is such a trooper for being so young & you are awesome fosters!!! for the time being, it's adios to Mexico but there's more roads to travel,eh? be along for the ride..blessings for safe & fun travels...happy trails heading north

  64. Alex Cantu

    Alex CantuYear ago

    Where did Eamon get his hat? It's nice!

  65. happens2bvegan

    happens2bveganYear ago

    Is it silly that I am excited about the prospect of a vegan chiawalachai! Go agave! Lovin' all you do.

  66. Pamela Flexer

    Pamela FlexerYear ago

    What a great vlog! Hit it out of the park! 👏👏👏🏞️

  67. ruinsane100

    ruinsane100Year ago

    Not sure what the tax laws are in Canada but in the U.S. you could probably write off much of your travel expenses as business expenses since you are researching product ingredients and promoting your brand. ;)

  68. Mike Hisir

    Mike HisirYear ago

  69. Grace Mancilla

    Grace MancillaYear ago

    Can u guys go to Guatemala. Plzz

  70. Stephen Hughes

    Stephen HughesYear ago

    Don't know where the lake is..... use GoogleMaps....

  71. Andrew Rozema

    Andrew RozemaYear ago

    Awesome video as always guys! Sad to see your time in Mexico ending, but looking forward to your next adventures. Where can we get one of those plant stickers in your van?!

  72. TheKnottyVegan

    TheKnottyVeganYear ago

    Agave!!!! If so, I’m so excited to purchase some of your tea💓🌿☮️ I personally don’t eat honey in my vegan diet, and agave is super yum! Love and support your way! I think it’s radical the way you consciously run your business!

  73. sbtesta

    sbtestaYear ago

    Next time Chiapas is a must! I went there in high school and did a coffee and sustainability tour! I also went to the ruins and I highly suggest it!

  74. The Vegan Wallflower

    The Vegan WallflowerYear ago

    I had a cat when I was younger that would hop on the four wheeler and go on trips with us, I love having animals I can take on adventures!

  75. Lenny Burdick

    Lenny BurdickYear ago

    Dogs really don’t like people on wheels. They can learn with patience, but dog gut reaction is wrong wrongwrong.

  76. Tom Austin

    Tom AustinYear ago

    Very cool guys 👍😎🚌 thanks for sharing and safe travels 🌎❤️🎥🎶🤪

  77. Karen Curley

    Karen CurleyYear ago

    Love San Miguel!❤️

  78. Shanae Smith

    Shanae SmithYear ago


  79. T

    TYear ago

    Yay for agave! I’d love to try your chai. 🙌❤️

  80. erinn kemp

    erinn kempYear ago

    Where did you get your overall?

  81. Jeanne Eisenhaure

    Jeanne EisenhaureYear ago

    Love the hats, where can I find?

  82. Gail Crites

    Gail CritesYear ago

    Just discovered you guys a few weeks ago...pre-Rojo. And just when I thought you couldn’t be cuter you add a puppy! Love you guys! Any suggestions for where an old Canadian woman could\should retire cheaply in Mexico if I don’t get my own van? Awesome life you are living....enjoy and please keep letting us live vicariously.

  83. Gail Crites

    Gail CritesYear ago

    @Eamon & Bec Thank you! I will add that to my list of possibilities. Stay Safe!

  84. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    San Miguel De Allende is very popular with Canadian/American retirees!!!

  85. AbundantlyClear

    AbundantlyClearYear ago

    Is he the same Sergio that helped Trent and Allie?

  86. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    AbundantlyClear I don’t think so

  87. MrsKiserblade

    MrsKiserbladeYear ago

    I ❤❤❤ Querétaro!! Its an amazing city!

  88. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    MrsKiserblade couldn’t agree more! Between the perfect weather, the charm of the city and those vegan tacos 😍 we’re pretty in love with Querétaro too!

  89. SADİ DİKER -grandfather matter

    SADİ DİKER -grandfather matterYear ago


  90. Kathy Kay

    Kathy KayYear ago

    Awww....I don't wanna see Rojo leave. He's so sweet. But you're doing a really good job training him.

  91. Kathy Kay

    Kathy KayYear ago

    @Eamon & Bec I have. And I'm so thrilled you replied! You're my Favorite USlikesrs!!! ❤❤

  92. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Kathleen Kondziela it will be hard for us too! So happy you’ve enjoyed getting to know him ❤️✨

  93. Gumbo ThunderEagle

    Gumbo ThunderEagleYear ago

    I’m from Texas and have worked on the border I do love Mexico I do not love all the cartel crime

  94. Kassandra Sager

    Kassandra SagerYear ago

    Love ur guys intro

  95. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Kassandra Sager thank you Kassandra!

  96. Mike Hisir

    Mike HisirYear ago

    Date Sugar or Date Paste would be much healthier, less processed, more natural than agave, and meet all the other whatever’s (Kosher, Vegan). It’s also available closer to Canada in Arizona and California. Along with those delicious caramel and butterscotch notes you get with this sugar. Anyway, save the bees, keep California great, and come visit us. Did I mention you get fiber?

  97. Naomi Cryder

    Naomi CryderYear ago

    Congratulations Sergio and Montana!!!

  98. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Naomi Cryder ✨❤️

  99. Alisha G

    Alisha GYear ago

    I’m going to miss seeing rojo in the vlogs. He’s the sweetest pup

  100. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Alisha G totally agree! He may just be the worlds greatest pup ❤️

  101. S Hess

    S HessYear ago

    Always fun to watch your videos. I bought one of your chai walls kits some months ago and I have a QC issue. Who do I email?

  102. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    S Hess please email ❤️. Thank you so much for your support!

  103. tesla H

    tesla HYear ago

    is Montana from Montana? I lived in Montana for 16 is just THE BEST!!!!

  104. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Sheila Haydel nope! Both Serg and Montana are from Rome, Georgia!

  105. Vivica Fedrick

    Vivica FedrickYear ago

    😂🤣 rojo said fu*k that camera

  106. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Vivica Fedrick haha I think he’s tired of having to vlog his every move 😂

  107. Vibing Vegan

    Vibing VeganYear ago

    Bec, I always love your outfits. You have the best style!

  108. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Vibing Vegan oh wow!! I’m so flattered lol! I always figure I look like a shmuck because I own like 5 articles of clothing haha so thank you!

  109. Flowers

    FlowersYear ago

    México siempre los recibirá con gusto cuando regresen 💯👍

  110. E. W.

    E. W.Year ago

    Yay Sergio 👏 so good to see his face again 😊 I love that you guys are researching a vegan option for your tea but I also hope you keep the honey because it’s perfect as it is ✨

  111. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    E. W. I kind of have to agree! We love our chai the way it is too but need to evolve and grow ❤️✨

  112. Lacy Mcsweeney

    Lacy McsweeneyYear ago

    What does roho mean in spanish

  113. Lacy Mcsweeney

    Lacy McsweeneyYear ago

    Thanks love your guys channel

  114. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Lacy Mcsweeney Rojo is Spanish for “red”

  115. Perz

    PerzYear ago

    Guadalajara and Queretaro are very beautiful and I'm glad you both enjoyed it!

  116. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    MR PEREZ yes, we enjoyed them both very much!!

  117. Ron Nowlin

    Ron NowlinYear ago

    Puppies are the barometer of all things good. Puppies bring out the true love and nature of an individual . Once you share that love with another you become a bond. Puppies capture all attention. I would love to see you guys commit to Rojo. He has already committed to you. Growing together, puppy love.... Family journey, journey on. Don't worry about the dog days. lol There's no way in hell you gonna let him go.

  118. Nonea350

    Nonea350Year ago

    So, what happened to van life in Mexico with The Matney's? I was looking forward to it and I haven't seen a single trace of them. I'd be really sad to hear that y'all aren't friends anymore.

  119. Nonea350

    Nonea350Year ago

    I'm glad to hear that your friendship is still going strong! I hope that we'll get to see y'all together again in the future! Thank you for taking the time to type a response! I'm sad to see y'all ending van life in Mexico! Definitely can't wait for y'all to go back! I hope y'all have a stop in Oklahoma before heading back to Canada! :)

  120. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Nonea350 I’m so sad to see that so many have jumped to the conclusion that we aren’t friends anymore just because our trips took different paths! The Matney’s had initially planned to ship their van to Argentina and drive north from there and because we don’t have the luxury of being away from home for years at a time we decided to take our own trip. We recently tried to meet up in Chiapas but as we detailed at the beginning of the video... it would’ve been a 60 hour round trip just to spend a few days together. So, until next time ❤️

  121. Deb Lempke

    Deb LempkeYear ago

    I hope you look into Stevia as a sugar alternative. alternative

  122. Annelies Joss

    Annelies JossYear ago

    Van life sure is getting very popular 😊! I’m seeing several white vans, that look like converted vans, to live in, parked along the street in the first few minutes of the video. My hubby and I hope to join you all, not to live in a van permanently, but to travel, and our bucket list is to visit many National Parks, and also Canada, perhaps South America too 😁.

  123. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Annelies Joss haha it’s funny that once you know about it you seem to pick up on so many people living this way! I was oblivious before we moved into a van and now all I can see are vanlifers everywhere!

  124. kenneth Oros

    kenneth OrosYear ago

    Skateboarding in Brikenstocks?To cool!

  125. maria k

    maria kYear ago

    Loved this episode!! Bec, you were so energized!! This video was all go go go and I'm exhausted from watching it, but of course I got to watch it again because I might have missed something! love you guys!

  126. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    maria k haha I loved the fast paced nature of the vlog! Really kept me on my toes and to be honest I’ve rewatched it a few times too!! Enjoy the second (or third) time around Maria ❤️😂

  127. Kaitlyn H

    Kaitlyn HYear ago

    Guyssss your editing is off the hook. Each video is better and better!! All the love and support! ❤️

  128. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Ahh thank you so much for recognizing all the hardwork we've been putting into editing and filming lately! Appreciate you Kaitlyn!

  129. Debbie Relph

    Debbie RelphYear ago

    Awesome!! hahaha, great video. So much fun ;O:O:O:O)

  130. krystel Mcpeake

    krystel McpeakeYear ago

    Why don’t you guys use maple syrup in your tea? It’s canadien and vegan 😋

  131. krystel Mcpeake

    krystel McpeakeYear ago

    Eamon & Bec ahhh, thats true! Didnt think of that! Thanks !

  132. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Hi Krystel! Real maple syrup actually moulds if not kept in the fridge. We need a product that is shelf stable :)

  133. thexxit

    thexxitYear ago

    So awesome to see Serge! He's a great guy, so good to see him happy. I'm going to miss your Mexico adventure, but looking forward to the next. I'd love to see you eventually get the sweetener from that factory for the chai! I also love what fantastic fosters you are for Rojo. Imagine being that lucky to have so much love even before getting to your forever home!

  134. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    You made my heart melt! Thank you for the kind words about our fostering of Rojo ❤️