LAND OF FIRE & ICE | Van Life in Iceland | Eamon & Bec

We begin our van life road trip in Iceland in the Golden Circle where we discover why this beautiful country is nicknamed Land of Fire 🔥 & Ice ❄️
While our Van Ships to Europe, We Head to Iceland to Explore 🌎
Tour the renovations we've done to our self converted sprinter van:
VAN TOUR after 2 years living in our TINY HOUSE on wheels
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♡ Cozy Campers for hooking us up with one heck of a COZY CAMPER for our stay here in Iceland. If you are considering a trip here please check them out & let Mr. B know that we sent ya ;)
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We’re Eamon & Bec & we love van life so much that we’ve decided to ship our tiny house to another continent! To do this we’re working with a company called Sea Bridge. And if you can believe it, it will only take 6 days to sail from Canada to Europe. Last week we drove our van from Toronto to the coastal city of Halifax. Today we’ll bring you along as we prep the van for it’s sail and drop it off at the port. We then fly to Iceland where we will be living out of an even smaller, cozier van for the next 8 days! Buckle up, this is gonna be good!
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Today's van life vlog takes place in Baja California Sur where we wake in our self converted Sprinter Van in Los Barriles and take you along for a day in the life! Having been here for the last 6 days, we've established a little bit of a van life routine: where we fill up our water, where we go grocery shopping and how we find free beachfront camping!!
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We are SO excited to bring all of you along for the adventure of shipping our self converted sprinter van from Halifax, Canada to Liverpool, UK. So much adventure awaits us for VAN LIFE IN EUROPE!


  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Happy Sunday friends!!! Do you prefer fire or ice??!! Or better yet... ketchup with grilled cheese or not!?

  2. Maudelicious

    MaudeliciousMonth ago

    Defo WITH ketchup!

  3. Andrea Safford

    Andrea SaffordMonth ago

    Eamon rocks...Ketchup

  4. Andrea Safford

    Andrea SaffordMonth ago

    Eamon Rocks....Ketchup

  5. Taryn L

    Taryn L3 months ago

    With ketchup.

  6. Maggie Yesalavage

    Maggie Yesalavage3 months ago

    I love ketchup but never put it on grilled cheese. I love it on Mac and cheese so I’m sure I would. One vote for ketchup! Btw LOVE the drone shots. Definitely worth it to go back for a new one!

  7. User 1

    User 122 days ago

    How did you get those awesome aerial geyser shots with the broken drone?

  8. User 1

    User 122 days ago

    I laughed out loud at the 2 of you sitting side by side with your little juice boxes! You reminded me of the gothic painting of the farmer and his wife (Grant Wood, 1930).

  9. No Name

    No Name27 days ago

    Most restaurants when I was a kid, served grilled cheese WITH ketchup on top of them😊 YUM!

  10. No Name

    No Name27 days ago

    I think it’s great to eat veggies and fruits..... but NOT ones that are grown with pesticides...... do you buy organic?

  11. Meg Burelle

    Meg Burelle28 days ago

    I love tomato soup with grilled cheese, so why not ketchup? I’d try it

  12. Ruth Iler

    Ruth IlerMonth ago

    Ketchup for sure...

  13. Rachel Losier

    Rachel LosierMonth ago

    Maple syrup with grilled cheese!! Mmmm you have to try it some time :)

  14. Martha Medler

    Martha Medler2 months ago

    Ketchup... NOOOOOOOOO! 👎 Drone shots... SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! 👍

  15. Natalia Nikitas

    Natalia Nikitas2 months ago

    definitelyyyy no ketchup with grilled cheese 🤢

  16. Janine Tagudar

    Janine Tagudar2 months ago

    hey guys Im your new subscriber here 😊 Im so addicted to your vlogs that sometimes Im sleeping at 530 am 😅🥰 Im so in love with both of you enjoying and having fun and having ups and downs with all your journeys♥️♥️♥️

  17. Jane Wolfe

    Jane Wolfe2 months ago

    Grilled cheese , with yellow mustard, please🥰

  18. Mark Lengal

    Mark Lengal2 months ago

    Is it day light all the time or only a few months a year? I’d love to visit one day

  19. Shannon Orona

    Shannon Orona3 months ago

    My day has not been the best but i can always count on these two to make me smile.... i love their joy! I'm jealous Iceland is on my list! Thanks Guys!

  20. Glen Wong

    Glen Wong3 months ago

    Yes! Ketchup with grill cheese. Iceland was fantastic when we visited but you packed so much more in your visit there. From a fellow Canadian in Ottawa.

  21. looking4musics

    looking4musics3 months ago

    Bec: We haven't showered since... Me: You literally just came out of a hot river!!

  22. Talia Rose

    Talia Rose3 months ago

    I don’t like ketchup at all😂

  23. Marion Faassen

    Marion Faassen3 months ago

    ketchup with grilled cheese

  24. ziane veldman

    ziane veldman3 months ago

    Ketchup with grill cheese 😋

  25. MAL Photography

    MAL Photography3 months ago

    Ketchup, definitely ketchup with grilled cheese

  26. Nia Graham

    Nia Graham3 months ago

    14:32 thought that was carole baskin 😱😂

  27. Anna WHO

    Anna WHO3 months ago

    the floading toilets, or how europeans call it: toilets xD its pretty standard here, the ones on the floors are outdated.... you guys have wonderful shots, i also just watched you building the new van, super cool :)

  28. Christine M

    Christine M3 months ago

    Seem so happy without marry and no kids

  29. Anita B.

    Anita B.3 months ago

    I loved Iceland too. The people were so warm and friendly. The food was delicious!!

  30. Jordan Hendrickson

    Jordan Hendrickson3 months ago

    It's not ketchup with grilled cheese in the first place because you're not eating any cheese. So, live your life.

  31. Dannielle Obenchain

    Dannielle Obenchain4 months ago

    She says glacier like glac -e-air lol too cute

  32. C Close

    C Close4 months ago

    I am grateful for all yours and Eamons efforts and energy levels sharing your travels. Keeping me sane in lockdown! Thank you

  33. Melinda Pedersen

    Melinda Pedersen5 months ago

    Yum to ketchup with a grilled cheese 😋

  34. Maintaining Megan

    Maintaining Megan5 months ago


  35. Bruno Esteves

    Bruno Esteves5 months ago

    I like your videos but this video i like so much. I can to see your extreme hapiness. Sorry for my english but i'm portuguese.

  36. Justin Rodriguez

    Justin Rodriguez5 months ago

    You 2 are so happy there .. ! Wow , makes me even smile.😊

  37. Neil Aspinall

    Neil Aspinall6 months ago

    What is so pleasant about Bec is she is naturally feminine and seemingly doesn't have a Feminist bone in her body.

  38. Regina Weeks

    Regina Weeks6 months ago

    Update: You inspired me! At 3:15 AM, I had to go and satisfy my curiosity about whether or not I would like a grilled cheese dipped in ketchup! And, the answer is... Yes! After I finished, I thought about it and realized why I probably like the taste-because we like to have tomato soup to accompany grilled cheese on occasion. So, it fits! Ha! Now that I know that I like it dipped in ketchup, if I'm not hungry enough for both soup and grilled cheese, I'll keep some ketchup for dipping on hand! Thanks!

  39. Regina Weeks

    Regina Weeks6 months ago

    I've never had ketchup with grilled cheese, so I can't say yes or no yet but I'll certainly try it!

  40. Kim Gable

    Kim Gable6 months ago

    No Ketchup

  41. Lily Wanser

    Lily Wanser6 months ago

    Grilled cheese and ketchup

  42. Kimerson

    Kimerson7 months ago

    I absolutely love grilled cheese and ketchup. I'm a new subscriber and have been watching all your video's except I've been watching them in backwards order and they are amazing! but can't wait to see your next video hope you guys are holding out ok with the virus. My feeling is that your almost safer where your at now.

  43. Aaron Kile

    Aaron Kile7 months ago

    This American wouldn't have left them either. Thanks for being kind.

  44. Aaron Kile

    Aaron Kile7 months ago

    The ketchup addition is disgusting. My Canadian husband does the same. Now he's teaching our children to do so as well. I really wish he would've revealed that on the first date. Ha

  45. rockintherae

    rockintherae7 months ago

    Bec nags way too much. It becomes annoying as you watch more and more videos.

  46. Kendra Fortin

    Kendra Fortin7 months ago


  47. Emmanuelle Tumulak

    Emmanuelle Tumulak7 months ago

    I feel bad for the bird tho😭

  48. Lauren O'Connor

    Lauren O'Connor7 months ago

    Ketchup on grilled cheese for sure

  49. iamme

    iamme7 months ago

    BECCC You are soo cute!!

  50. laura keel

    laura keel7 months ago

    Tomato on occasion, but never ketchup

  51. Glitz-Lee King

    Glitz-Lee King8 months ago

    You either eat grilled cheese with lots of ketchup, or grilled cheese and tomato soup. Mmmmm also my mom use to make me tomato soup with hash browns in it and warm toast w butter when I wasn't feeling well or on cold days.

  52. Tay

    Tay8 months ago

    bec is so grateful 🥺🥺❤️❤️

  53. Iben Stene

    Iben Stene8 months ago

    Come to Norway 🌎❤️

  54. Sharon Gerry

    Sharon Gerry8 months ago

    Wow I never new the beauty of Iceland. Thank you. Such an amazing adventure. I'm so proud to be a Canadian follower.

  55. Diz Heller

    Diz Heller10 months ago

    Hi Eamon and Bec! I was kind of 'on the fence' about going to Iceland (to explore it with my bike) but your video convinced me! This is definitely going on my list of places to visit! Ha! I wondered about the drone shots of the glacier and geyser - so THAT's how they happened. Well done! :))

  56. Adrian Vergara

    Adrian Vergara10 months ago


  57. Lady Fae

    Lady Fae10 months ago

    That was amazing

  58. Lady Fae

    Lady Fae10 months ago

    Bec I absolutely love your hats!

  59. Rhonda Whittall/ Burmeister

    Rhonda Whittall/ Burmeister11 months ago

    I Love how it's still light outside at 11:30pm! Thanks for sharing ✌💜

  60. Sister Sherry Travels

    Sister Sherry Travels11 months ago

    Okay - first time seeing this. Is it wrong to laugh when dude fell down? LOL!!

  61. IT TECH

    IT TECH11 months ago

    was the bird okay?

  62. Cheryl Meyer

    Cheryl Meyer11 months ago

    ef NO on the ketchup!!

  63. T.Frakes Tanks

    T.Frakes Tanks11 months ago

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  64. Julia Beth Larson

    Julia Beth Larson11 months ago

    Some of your best shots! Love the Iceland vlogs!!

  65. Laura Reality’s Perceptions

    Laura Reality’s Perceptions11 months ago

    No ketchup for myself, bf says ketchup



    No to the ketchup on grilled cheese 👎🏻

  67. Kolbrún Katla Halldórsdóttir

    Kolbrún Katla HalldórsdóttirYear ago

    Live thare

  68. joey Howard

    joey HowardYear ago

    6:55 lads

  69. StarFlower99654

    StarFlower99654Year ago

    Even though I live in Alaska, I would enjoy visiting Iceland. It sure looks like parts of Alaska. And I love our long summer days. This past year was our warmest summer on was actually too hot for most Alaskans. Now that our warm weather has disappeared with the sun, and I have the last of my garden bounty harvested and put up, I am catching up on your videos.

  70. Eliza Mozal

    Eliza MozalYear ago

    I kid you not guys 🚀💪🚀 this is one of the best vlogs I've ever seen 💛👌💛 you guys are absolutely amazing ❤ much love and big thank you for this fabulous piece of art 📽🎬📺 xxx

  71. Natasha Pehrson

    Natasha PehrsonYear ago

    Yes ketchup!

  72. Taylor Coffman

    Taylor CoffmanYear ago

    Great video, you two! It's awesome. Bec, can we see your hair wrap tutorials? You're killing it with those, they look amazing!

  73. bodybalancer

    bodybalancerYear ago

    I hope the poor bird is ok :(

  74. Na Talie

    Na TalieYear ago

    Guys can you tell me he shop you bouht your drone ? I broke my camera and cannot find a good shop to buy a new one. I'm desperate :(

  75. Cecily Grace Jones

    Cecily Grace JonesYear ago

    Can you pass the stove?

  76. nonchalantd

    nonchalantdYear ago

    2:05 adorable

  77. carolyn witmitz

    carolyn witmitzYear ago

    Homemade Tom sauce , I would agree; Though its the fake Tom , lol ; so no

  78. Millah Boniface

    Millah BonifaceYear ago

    What app do you use to edit your videos. They're are amazing.

  79. Brittney Gfroerer

    Brittney GfroererYear ago

    Just found your Channel and I am binge watching!! Such beautiful adventures!!

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    Roise RavensdaleYear ago

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  81. Annelise

    AnneliseYear ago

    I get tomato SOUP and grilled cheese...but ketchup? xD

  82. Fuck You

    Fuck YouYear ago

    I live in Iceland and the weather is garbage 🗑 it’s like -10 degrees and often the weather is so bad that the kids in school have to get picked up it’s basically illegal to release the kids out if the weather is super bad

  83. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrYear ago

    FIRE & ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. elnicedude

    elnicedudeYear ago

    Didn't anyone mention Prometheus cascade at 19:07?

  85. Gail Craig

    Gail CraigYear ago

    Definitely ketchup (or better yet, tomato soup) with my grilled cheese! 😋

  86. J B

    J BYear ago

    You know you’ve made it when.....”oh my god there’s a shoe horn”!

  87. Ailissa Lew

    Ailissa LewYear ago

    Mustard with grilled cheese hands down 🌟

  88. Isabelle-Anne Gionet

    Isabelle-Anne GionetYear ago

    NO Ketchup! Plain!

  89. Devin Benjamin

    Devin BenjaminYear ago

    Love facts with bec!

  90. Mia

    MiaYear ago

    Someone else might have already said but Special K isn't vegan?!? Unless it's changed I don't think any of the Kellogs cereals are as they use animal based vitamin D...

  91. Nkcubeko Noyila

    Nkcubeko NoyilaYear ago

    Love from South Africa

  92. Danielle Koen

    Danielle KoenYear ago

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  93. Raveendra Muniratne

    Raveendra MuniratneYear ago

    it seems very interesting to tour in a van around many place in earth planet . Love from " pearl of indian ocean " it's call Sri Lanka

  94. Kimberly Mason

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  95. Kimberly Mason

    Kimberly MasonYear ago

    No ketchup!!!!!!!!!

  96. Chiabhan Gilbert

    Chiabhan GilbertYear ago

    No ketchup, it's either stewed tomatoes topped with go veggie parmesan, or tomato soup topped with sweet and salty popcorn.

  97. Grxcful Dxll

    Grxcful DxllYear ago

    *Man life feels so long..* *Can I just skip like 9 years and build my van*

  98. Richard Abrechtjr

    Richard AbrechtjrYear ago

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  99. Esther Reeves

    Esther ReevesYear ago

    When tomato soup is not an option... Ketchup will work. 😋😀😋

  100. JMK

    JMKYear ago

    Geezer Bec, not Guyser, like Geese!

  101. JMK

    JMKYear ago

    Eamon, 'floating toilets' or 'wall hung' toilets make cleaning easy. No stinky smells!

  102. Sabrina Lewis

    Sabrina LewisYear ago

    They were mean Americans......I couldn't leave a person stuck in the cold and we all doing this as a group even though we dont know each other....THATS JUST CRUEL.

  103. Emily Bradshaw

    Emily BradshawYear ago

    I’m loving these new abroad vlogs!! I can tell a huge difference in the editing and style you’re doing and it’s amazing! ❤️ love you both!

  104. Justice Ami

    Justice AmiYear ago

    ketchup's a no for me but banana peppers or avocado on grilled cheese is freakin' good!!

  105. Marit

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    Grilled cheese with ketchup is so common in the Netherlands! I personally prefer a grilled cheese with mayonnaise haha

  106. California Livin

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