VAN LIFE VLOG escaping winter in baja california // baja bound ep.16
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We've been fortunate enough to escape the Canadian winter and the bitter cold, snowy weather we've had there this year by driving 6000 kms away from home to Baja California Sur, Mexico. Ever wondered what it'd be like to pack yourself into a tiny house and head south with the birds?! We'll show ya ;)
Today's van life vlog begins in Cabo Pulmo National Park where we jump right into our first snorkel in this beautiful underwater marine world! Then, in true van life Mexico fashion we get our tiny house stuck in some soft sand on the beach... thank goodness for our Max Traxx! As Eamon says "the most consistent thing about life in Baja California is the sunsets" so we enjoy a beautiful one with you and head to sleep! Day 2 begins with a failed water sport event and a grumpy Bec. Don't fret, we can't stay grumpy for long when we live in our van on a stunning beach for FREE! We then head into town for some essentials and back out to another snorkel spot along the national park. The vlog wraps with a tour of our new friends tiny house (it's a motorcycle and a tent!) and a camp fire sing along! AHHHH, van life in Baja x
We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!!
The Traveling Van Life in Mexico; hot, sticky, but oh so much fun!
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Good morning wonderful friends! We're headed to the airport to pick up our special guest for the week. Any guesses on who it may be?!?!

  2. Scott in MN

    Scott in MNYear ago

    Justin Trudeau. He’s having a tough time back home.

  3. Donna Michaels

    Donna MichaelsYear ago

    Max & Lee and Occy?

  4. NikkiRocketQueen _

    NikkiRocketQueen _Year ago

    Bec’s sister?! (Btw my iPhone autocorrected “Bec’s” to “Ned’s” lol!)

  5. Linet Esquer

    Linet EsquerYear ago

    Jenny Cook Quiero ser tu amigo nada más by Los Angeles Azules

  6. Flexmeister

    FlexmeisterYear ago

    how much did that rack cost you brah?

  7. Billy and BILLY

    Billy and BILLYMonth ago

    Did you say 28 degrees that sounds cold

  8. Dana White's double chin

    Dana White's double chinMonth ago

    I'm also from Toronto I also want to escape winter But I feel like I have no option other than staying here and suffering.

  9. Jenny Michelle

    Jenny Michelle3 months ago

    Bec's beach hair at 21:23 Is gorgeous !! Loving the bikini too and when she wore the cut off dungarees lol .. I just love her style xx Eamon always looks good too 😊

  10. Rhianna Aguilar

    Rhianna Aguilar3 months ago

    I died when he said he likes Los Angeles azures! Haha love them, explore them more cause they have a lot of good music that I’m sure you would like!

  11. Kirsty Coddington

    Kirsty Coddington3 months ago

    Lovely bikini 👙

  12. Over Xeno

    Over Xeno3 months ago

    lmaooo that fat little black fish 😂😂😂

  13. Jordan Hendrickson

    Jordan Hendrickson3 months ago

    Get a red filter for your gopro when snorkeling.

  14. j3nNy8P

    j3nNy8P4 months ago

    You guys were just meant to be Latin. lol 🖤

  15. Wout Accou

    Wout Accou4 months ago

    I watched E&B all day until the off pitch riptide at the end

  16. Beatriz Henriques

    Beatriz Henriques5 months ago

    Hi ! where is bec's swim suit from? love you guys

  17. Just Me

    Just Me6 months ago

    What snorkel equipment do you guys have

  18. Jamie T

    Jamie T7 months ago

    They got married in December!! I saw it on their IG!! 💕

  19. Crystal Crystal

    Crystal Crystal7 months ago

    Watching your Mexico Vlogs for the first time and it is soooo awesome that you guys liked a song by Los Angeles Azules!! ClASSICS!!! So proud!!! 😁

  20. vanessa Cruz

    vanessa CruzYear ago

    Wow, one of my favorite videos! ❤🥰 I wish this could be me and my sister, the only person in the world I think I can spend 24/7 lol You are both so lucky to have each other ❤

  21. Andee_ps 1

    Andee_ps 1Year ago

    Can I just say I’m 11 and lovvveeeee Watching y’all bec your soo pretty

  22. ElpolloMC Pollito

    ElpolloMC PollitoYear ago


  23. Karla A. Sosa

    Karla A. SosaYear ago

    😩 I'm not sure where to start.. I came across your USlikes channel maybe 4 days ago & I am amazed at your lifestyle and how dope it is. I want to thank you for going to my country and loving the atmosphere, the people, the music 😭 on a different note I honestly always eat tortilla tacos with salt but you guys added an extra to it with the avocados (I know it's not this video but still lol) I'm for sure trying that next! Thank you for loving my country and coming to visit ♡🇲🇽 cannot wait to finish watching the rest of you guys videos 😂

  24. angelina som

    angelina somYear ago

    When I heard they were just going to eat oatmeal I was like that’s going to be plain but then I realized that they are Eamon and Bec lol

  25. Annie Eldridge

    Annie EldridgeYear ago

    Eamon the Mexican accent feels a little mocky :/ I get really good vibes from y’all otherwise! Bec seems like she’s really trying but you don’t :(

  26. mindie cate

    mindie cateYear ago

    That motorcycle couple is AWESOME! Great show today guys. Lovin it

  27. Melissa Moreno

    Melissa MorenoYear ago

    OMG you a Mexican already.

  28. Saoirse Moyles

    Saoirse MoylesYear ago

    You guys are truly amazing I could never do what you are doing safe travels ❤️👍😉

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    Arely Ayala TrejoYear ago

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  30. Susan Mathis

    Susan MathisYear ago

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    Susan MathisYear ago

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  39. Cherie 4me

    Cherie 4meYear ago

    Hey, what about investing in an air compressor that runs off the vehicle, get for tyres & the paddle boards....would fit in that spot in the rack no problemo. Loving your travels. G'day from Western Australia.

  40. Chevy Flores

    Chevy FloresYear ago

    I like this more building an van info be cool to know

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    Loving all of your content! You guys have such good/positive energy. So inspiring. Cant wait til I have my own van one day. Sidenote...was Eamon asking Siri what the song was while it was playing? Check out the app Shazam! Hands down, one of my favorites.

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    greatboniwankerYear ago

    Really, REALLY jealous! With love, Old Age ❤️

  45. Alva Salcido

    Alva SalcidoYear ago

    I hate that I just now found your channel, so I'm playing catch up with all your awesome content, but thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us! 😍 Your videos are SO enjoyable to watch ❤️ I love when ya'll speak spanish! What kind of snorkel do you have? and where I can I order one similar? Ya'll should totally check out this underwater museum MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) its between the waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc. I'm not sure where in your adventures ya'll are today... but if your near there, thats my recomendation to you 😉 for info

  46. Alva Salcido

    Alva SalcidoYear ago

    🤣 so I just realized what part of Mexico ya'll are in...and the MUSA is at a whole different point in Mexico .. but if ever yall head that way... to a different edge of Mexico yall should check it out... still highly recomend it 😉

  47. Jesse O

    Jesse OYear ago

    After watching pretty much all of your videos, I've finally bought a van! Keep up the great content, love watching you guys. Ps, love the chai! Stay awesome, lots of love from Alberta!

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    Ava DunlapYear ago

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  49. Jennifer White

    Jennifer WhiteYear ago

    I love the sunset shots. I'm on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada. We have hundreds of California Sea Lions here right now. They are cute, the bulls can weigh 750kgs. Enjoy the sunshine and eachother. Love from 🇨🇦

  50. Lindsay Goodwin

    Lindsay GoodwinYear ago

    How's the wifi or 4g in Mexico so far? I teach English online, and if the Wifi is good enough for skype, I may roadtrip trough Mexico!

  51. Lindz Martinez

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    Hey ik that song my parents love that song too

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  57. Lashes ForLyfe

    Lashes ForLyfeYear ago

    Love the drone footage you guys seem so chill this trip.Bec where's your beautiful necklace from?

  58. Lashes ForLyfe

    Lashes ForLyfeYear ago

    Love the drone footage you guys seem so chill this trip.Bec where's your beautiful necklace from?

  59. chanster87

    chanster87Year ago

    Bec, can you do a video of a tutorial on how you keep your armpits fresh? Did you say that you only use sugar and lemon for your armpits? Lol sorry if I miss understood.

  60. Vegan from Venus

    Vegan from VenusYear ago

    Aw! Love you guys 🥰

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    Kait FlowersYear ago

    I’m so I love I can’t wait to get my van together to live a fun filled life like you two do.. right now my daily routine includes work come home watch bec and eamon until I fall asleep and do it all over everyday I enjoy every moment and most times feel like I’m taking the ride with you!!! Lots of love and support from my way!

  63. BS Compilations

    BS CompilationsYear ago

    You guys need an automatic air pump! You can get them pretty small. Also, Eamons hair has gotten so long!

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    Maryland GirlYear ago

    I'm super impressed of them just having the bike and essentials. That's so awesome. Is it Bob? Trent and Allie? Your mom or bro? Nomadic movement?

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    Pauline DavisYear ago

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  70. Cassidy Bryant

    Cassidy BryantYear ago

    The part at the end where they were around campfire and everyone was singing and playing music, and just being human, spreading joy, and being in unity is so peaceful. It completely warmed my heart. We need more of that in the world!

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    Jessica M KlaassenYear ago

    I need to know where your bathing suit if from!!

  72. Anne W

    Anne WYear ago

    I discovered your vlog a couple of days ago. Coincidentally, my family and I (wife, two girls in college) are heading to our condo in Cabo this Friday to escape the Minnesota winter for about 10 days. Just wondering, do you need a place to park your van, do some laundry or a hot shower? Let me know. We are in the Cabo Bello neighborhood, across from the Home Depot.

  73. Jay Dubuisson

    Jay DubuissonYear ago

    I want your hate, it is so cool. Where did you buy it?

  74. Jay Dubuisson

    Jay DubuissonYear ago

    I have always loved Mexico and it's people. I just found out I am 2% Spanish. I just felt a connection.

  75. Your Majesty

    Your MajestyYear ago

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    Eamon & BecYear ago

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    Eamon & BecYear ago

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    Mayra GianiraYear ago

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    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Awe thank you so much Mayra! Welcome to our USlikes family :):)

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    Bucket List RetreatsYear ago

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    Eamon & BecYear ago

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    Combat WombatYear ago

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  85. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

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    Eamon & BecYear ago

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    Hannah and MyronYear ago

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  90. A Ric

    A RicYear ago


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    EPBF1Year ago

    It's not dangerous to drive to mexico

  92. Tim Curtner

    Tim CurtnerYear ago

    Love how down to earth you guys are :) Seeing how that couple from Argentina travels was so impressive! Shows you don't need to spend so much to travel...Such an awesome video. And to end it with everyone singing Riptide around a fire. I'm glad you guys are experiencing something so cool

  93. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Thanks Tim!! Totally agree about our Argentinian amigos... very impressive and inspiring! Glad you enjoyed the video and coming along for our Baja experiences ❤️

  94. Celestial RV Living

    Celestial RV LivingYear ago

    And we don’t know which ones which, sea lions. Hahaha you crack me up.

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  101. Alisa Blumberg

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    I live in Toronto and some days its ok but other days the snow on the lawn gets taller then your car. But it is still amazing and beautiful during spring when all the buds on the cherrie tree bloom day into flowers. The one downside is that during summer our mulberry tree just covers our driveway with mulberrys

  102. Callie Barfield

    Callie BarfieldYear ago

    Hi, can you please consider not using the super racist Mexican stereotype accent?

  103. Holly Wilde

    Holly WildeYear ago

    Callie Barfield I still don’t see the racism in this case, sorry. I think we just have different world views. When we can start to see that most people (even white people) are good with good intentions and human consciousness is on the rise that’s when the shift will really happen.

  104. Callie Barfield

    Callie BarfieldYear ago

    @Holly Wilde great question. Here's a link that might be helpful- though addressing how imitating Asian accents is racist, it would apply across any accent of a population that has historically/currently faced systematic oppression from white people. "[The fake accent] echoes, if not embodies, elements of minstrelsy. In this racist American comedic tradition, white performers donned blackface makeup and depicted America’s black population as lazy and simple-minded." The accent Ehmon is using is typically used as a form of mockery- to portray Mexicans as stupid. Even if that's not his intention, it's a form of a microagression toward Mexican people. It's important to remember that just because someone's intention isn't to spread hate, it can still be racist. Racism takes lots of different forms. When we can start to recognize the ways in which all white people are racist (not just the neo-nazis, KKK, etc.) We can start to dismantle the systems that oppress people of Color. I hope that makes sense, let me know if you have more questions. Happy to discuss further!

  105. Holly Wilde

    Holly WildeYear ago

    Callie Barfield Why is it racist to emulate an accent? What does an accent have to do with race? Please explain. My grandma was Texan and I liked to do her accent. It’s good natured teasing nothing more. If I thought there was something inherently wrong with her accent I wouldn’t have teased her about it. Do you think there is something inherently wrong with the Mexicans’ accent? I think the most racist people on the planet are the ones who are always pointing their finger at others. The ones who walk on eggshells around another human beings solely based on race.

  106. Callie Barfield

    Callie BarfieldYear ago

    @Holly Wilde I want to encourage you to consider what about my comment upset you so much that you felt the need to tell me to chill. Is there something about your own behaviors that makes you uncomfortable with this type of criticism?

  107. Holly Wilde

    Holly WildeYear ago

    Chill Callie. It’s an actual accent not a “stereotype”. You’re over judging.

  108. Marc W.

    Marc W.Year ago

    Loving the beefy vlogs, keep ‘me coming por favor. You have to post a Spotify playlist of all the songs you pick up in Mexico.

  109. Morgan Harris

    Morgan HarrisYear ago

    *Paddle board scene* probably the most relatable scene yet! Eamon has totally captured my boyfriends heart! He’s nervous you’re going to get sick of Mexico at some point because he wants to go with you! LOL!

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  115. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Hi Kat! So nice to meet you and welcome you to our family here on USlikes :) Sending love to you back in Texas x

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    tigre2299Year ago

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  120. Jessica Fong

    Jessica FongYear ago

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    Daisy RidesYear ago

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  122. Thale Williams

    Thale WilliamsYear ago

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