VAN LIFE SPAIN | Road Trip to Madrid

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VAN LIFE VLOG | Living in a Tiny House & Traveling Spain (First Stop... Madrid!)
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This week we begin our van life road trip through a country we have been both excited and nervous to visit -- SPAIN! Our love for the Spanish language, the amazing culture & history and Eamon's zest for kiteboarding have all made Spain a top priority on our European adventures. However, many vanlifers have shared their break-in stories with us and it's left us a little on edge to leave our tiny house on wheels anywhere unsupervised to explore the cities/towns. But, as we always say it's important to experience everything for yourself so we jump into our Spanish adventures head first ❤️.
Join us as we spend a day driving from Lisbon, Portugal to Madrid, Spain and stop to spend some time exploring the capital city. As always, we do our best to show you what it's really like to live in a van full time with your significant other and hope to inspire you to plan your very own road trip (whether it's a quick drive from your home or a long, epic adventure somewhere else in the world).
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Hola amigos!! We're back to attempting (and butchering 😂) the Spanish language! Excited to explore Spain with all of you. Our rough route currently takes us up to the Pyrenees, down to Barcelona, out to Mallorca and back to finish in Tarifa for kiteboarding. If you have any must sees along that path PLEASE let us know ❤️. As always, a huge thank you to each and every one of you who chooses to spend a little bit of your weekend with us. Lots of love x

  2. Javier Bañón Izu

    Javier Bañón Izu11 months ago

    Hello guys!!! Great videos ;D If you want to visit Sierra de Segura in Jaén just tell me. Maybe you can visit later Granada... amazing place that you have maybe heard... And after that free way to Tarifa and Cádiz with those amazing beaches for wakeboarding. Cheers Eamon & Bec!!!

  3. Backinmotherrussia Earspeirceyou

    Backinmotherrussia EarspeirceyouYear ago

    My grandparents ( both sets ) are from Spain, it's so exciting to see people exploring it!

  4. Gretchen L'Hommedieu

    Gretchen L'HommedieuYear ago

    Eamon & Bec. Please be careful in the sun. Otherwise you'll have skin cancer when you are older. 💕💕💝

  5. paper squish for life

    paper squish for lifeYear ago

    Your vids are so expiring and funny to watch, I love u guys ❤️❤️😘😘

  6. k n

    k nYear ago

    we went to mallorca in june and here are some places we went that i think you’ll love. cala llombards (super pretty but super crowded/touristy), cap des moró (there’s actually two calas here and they’re so pretty you’ll love it), there’s this one cala/beach in manacor, santa ponsa is a super cute city that you guys would have so much fun walking around in, cala san vicenç is super pretty with tons of jellyfish in the water. and obviously palma.

  7. Christina Colourful

    Christina Colourful8 days ago

    Woohooo like # 8000! Love you guys, bingewatching all your videos, seems like missing out this Sunday has thrown me off a bit lol

  8. bambiskie

    bambiskie13 days ago

    loveee uuu

  9. Diamond Dee

    Diamond Dee24 days ago

    Missed the name of those Mediterranean beans, what are they? Loving your videos. 😁

  10. No Name

    No Name28 days ago

    When did olive oil become a bad thing?

  11. Pinhead Army

    Pinhead ArmyMonth ago

    I adore how friendly you are to people, that to me is equally inspiring as you eco-friendliness! I feel like most people nowadays just "mind their own business" and prefer as littlle human interaction as possible, so it's great to see that you can be making friends everywhere you go and speaking the same language is not ever necessary. Love you guys!

  12. AbsoluteXero

    AbsoluteXeroMonth ago

    Karma is real! You guys do so much for others and no doubt that's why it was a serendipitous moment that someone saw you were going to get a ticket and paid for some extra time on the meter. Recently found your channel and watching the videos now! :D

  13. LauraJane McDonough

    LauraJane McDonoughMonth ago

    Oh my god I love The Block 😂 It's the only traditional TV show I watch. I always wonder if people outside Australia know of it and watch it!

  14. zedmak

    zedmakMonth ago

    U guys should get the translator app. Or an audio translator. It listens to them and translates for you and vice versa.

  15. Mr Monkey

    Mr MonkeyMonth ago

    I guess your van hasn’t been robed yet I am watching the episodes all the wrong way round

  16. Amber Jackson

    Amber JacksonMonth ago

    💡 VIDEO IDEA- would love to see a vid on Bec’s wardrobe! Your clothes are so cute & I bet it would be a great capsule wardrobe vid for vanlifers 💗 let’s see Eamon’s wardrobe too 🥰

  17. Ms Ana Jocelyn

    Ms Ana Jocelyn2 months ago

    One of my fave episodes so far very chill and happy.

  18. Ms Ana Jocelyn

    Ms Ana Jocelyn2 months ago

    Omg when bec said is it romance day? An ad popped up for that game with the unhappy old couple that wants you to remodel their bedroom! 😂😂😂 hahahahaha

  19. Richa Gupta

    Richa Gupta2 months ago

    Just came across your channel and I am loving your videos and you guys. I instantly liked, shared and subscribed

  20. Charlie Lawlor

    Charlie Lawlor2 months ago

    what are the ingredients for your recovery smoothie, I know this was posted maybe 10 months ago, ish, but I'm just looking for ideas haha

  21. Abdellfetah SGHIOUAR

    Abdellfetah SGHIOUAR2 months ago

    Moroccan version of the beans you'v been having --> Fava beans. get them dry (or soaked if you can). Soak and boil them, throw in some salt and cumin and i can eat 3 kilos and not have dinner :D

  22. Jenny Michelle

    Jenny Michelle2 months ago

    I used to watch the block years ago..they aired it in the UK too at one time..loved it!

  23. Oscar Zelaya

    Oscar Zelaya3 months ago

    How did you ship your van to europa

  24. Jennifer Smith

    Jennifer Smith3 months ago

    Okay, I honestly thought the first question people would have would be about Eamon's snack - what are they? The closed captions called the pinna beans - but that's not right, right? They LOOK like what we call fava beans here in the US. I can't find any comments about it - still looking. Anyone?

  25. sharon mejia

    sharon mejia3 months ago

    In Ecuador we call them chochos! They make the best vegan ceviche! Y’all should give it a try!

  26. Meditation Matters

    Meditation Matters3 months ago Join me for relaxing and mindful guided meditations :)

  27. rachel joan fleming

    rachel joan fleming3 months ago

    Just added surfshark great product

  28. Elizabeth Bowen

    Elizabeth Bowen4 months ago

    you are a stupid asshole

  29. Colleen McKay

    Colleen McKay4 months ago

    By chance..what brand are your sunglasses?

  30. Dannielle Obenchain

    Dannielle Obenchain4 months ago

    What's the black grid drawn on the window?

  31. Life with the Singh Sisters

    Life with the Singh Sisters4 months ago

    Definitely a Sous chef. Thanks for the shoutout. We are the women behind men cooking good meals. haha

  32. Shelby Schwer

    Shelby Schwer5 months ago

    Oh my gosh you guys have me dying watching this one!!!! 😂😂😂

  33. Erika McCartin

    Erika McCartin5 months ago

    Omg omg the 💨🤣🤣🤣🤣tooofunny

  34. Mireia sestafe

    Mireia sestafe6 months ago

    going oil free while you are in Spain, that's brave man, we've the BEST olive oil in the world hahaha (in Spain)

  35. Ingrid Guedira

    Ingrid Guedira6 months ago

    Ouah! I am so shocked. You think spanish people dont have education and you are the one who know better ! So disappointed. A french girl living in spain

  36. Fabian Kandels

    Fabian Kandels6 months ago

    Eamon can you please never cut your hair? :D you will look like an old James Bond once you've grown old & your hair became grey.

  37. Roberto Guzman

    Roberto Guzman7 months ago

    Guuuuys!! Here a Fellow ValLifer living in Madrid.... Just saw you visited my brother restaurant La Encomienda.... If I would have ever know u were around It would have been a pleasure show u my city. Beeeeesos

  38. Peter Tham

    Peter Tham7 months ago

    So much farts in this video.....holy shit

  39. karolin medina

    karolin medina7 months ago

    Hola soy yo con la q jugarte pachita

  40. Mr. ITGuy

    Mr. ITGuy7 months ago

    Can i have your sun glass i really like it so much sir, please... Thanks in advance

  41. harriot stansfield

    harriot stansfield7 months ago

    You guys i only found you this year but Love your content and theses past few videos i have been feeeeeeelin" the music :) do you have a spotify playlist? thank you keep spreading ya positive vibes xx

  42. Amy Natalie

    Amy Natalie7 months ago

    omg i'm watching this right now realising i've been to the same Restaurant and had the same food crazy. love seeing madrid through your eyes though. love your vlogs xx

  43. Susana Ortiz

    Susana Ortiz7 months ago

    Por favorrrrr¡¡¡ aunque sean subtítulos en español, me encantaría pero no os entiendo que tristeza,un beso enorme desde Alicante 111-🥰🥰🥰

  44. Reema Jaouni

    Reema Jaouni8 months ago

    You guys i would like to give you a quick easy Lupini bean recipe. Parboil the Lupini bean seeds,, once it boils, drain the water and rinse. before eating add a pinch of salt and a pinch of cumin if you like and Bon appétit.😍😍😋♥️🌻

  45. RazeGirl26 #Vlogger

    RazeGirl26 #Vlogger8 months ago

    Awesome channel you two, found your channel through exPawers channel. Cheers from BC Canada :o)

  46. Alicia Sansalvador

    Alicia Sansalvador8 months ago

    It was probably empty because It was early! Haha we dont eat until 2-3 pm 😊

  47. james woodward

    james woodward8 months ago

    Sod the pomegranate how good is that ass

  48. Blackmics Plus

    Blackmics Plus8 months ago

    We are from sri lanka and in our country unfortunately we dont have opportunity to have this experience. But you guys really inspired us and we are waiting hopefully to be like you guys. Btw you guys are amazing. 😍😍😍😍😍

  49. Ji Hamouch

    Ji Hamouch8 months ago

    Did he drop the N word??!😳😳 18:15

  50. David Hinojosa

    David Hinojosa9 months ago

    Madrid da puto asco... espacio fascista

  51. Gabrielle Beaudreault

    Gabrielle Beaudreault9 months ago


  52. _humanIam_

    _humanIam_9 months ago

    "In a lot of these countries ..., there is just poor education" (I wonder what he meant by saying that ...). "these countries ...".

  53. leloup

    leloup9 months ago

    CONGRATULATION for cleaning the beech !! 2 minutes every bady every day ... Thank you so munch for the nature !!! bye bye :)

  54. Inés Martínez Rodríguez

    Inés Martínez Rodríguez9 months ago

    Omg you were in Spain and you didnt use olive oil (wich is super healthy)

  55. J.N

    J.N9 months ago

    Madrid is a very safe city, idiots.

  56. 4GuilleB

    4GuilleB9 months ago

    do you remember where did you park?

  57. Elizabeth Seminario

    Elizabeth Seminario9 months ago

    I am from Madrid, thank you for like Spain

  58. paulina ANDRADES Sepulveda

    paulina ANDRADES Sepulveda9 months ago

    can u share wish postcast do u liseng?

  59. seth canzoneri

    seth canzoneri9 months ago

    Thank you for the lupini beans. I can’t wait to show my ex lover

  60. med bou

    med bou9 months ago

    welcome to Morocco

  61. Thomas Tennant

    Thomas Tennant10 months ago

    8:35 my favorite part 😂😂

  62. Nurul Fauziah

    Nurul Fauziah10 months ago

    OMGGG MY WHOLE DAY JUST WATCHING U GUYSS, such a sweeettt couple goal ❤️❤️❤️

  63. Vieve Boelaars

    Vieve Boelaars10 months ago

    We also have a van, but we only use it to go on vacation. When we are parking it in a city we use a lock for the steering wheel. I don’t know if that’s how you call it in English though since I’m dutch 😅

  64. Lisa Zychowski

    Lisa Zychowski11 months ago

    La economía is that restaurant and normally it is very busy. It's one of my favorite vegan spots in Madrid much love from Cork, Ireland!

  65. Au R R

    Au R R11 months ago

    Hi guys! what do you mean ( 12.12) with the in a lot of this countries? I think poor environmental education is a global problem !

  66. Lucas Vivona

    Lucas Vivona11 months ago

    I want to see them when they have kids. Goodbye idealism, veganism, free spirit, adventure. Hello McDonalds nuggets, disneyland, trampoline gyms and ipads good luck!

  67. claudp

    claudp11 months ago

    Love your mugs!

  68. Vanessa Rodriguez

    Vanessa Rodriguez11 months ago

    This video is just further proof of how good you guys are and I feel it just wasn’t fair that your van got broken in to

  69. Hrach6969

    Hrach696911 months ago

    I’m a soue chef


    ANGRY CAMPER11 months ago

    I love Spain! At the moment vlogging in northwest Spain! Awesome!

  71. Laura López

    Laura López11 months ago

    You cant be in spain and be oil free.

  72. TRESHA R.

    TRESHA R.11 months ago

    Okay.....where are you guys? Did you get the van started?

  73. xtjne_

    xtjne_Year ago

    just found your channel last night & have been binge watching ever since hehe love y’all💖 bec’s smile & laughter is absolutely contagious💜

  74. xtjne_

    xtjne_Year ago

    all the farts had me giggling🤣🤭 y’all are couple goals😍🥰

  75. Candace S.

    Candace S.Year ago

    What kind of beans?

  76. Wendy Bache

    Wendy BacheYear ago

    Oh yeah, The Block is one of my favourite shows too. 😂😘 loving your adventures. X

  77. Abbi Bozue

    Abbi BozueYear ago

    do you have any idea if/when you guys will come back to the states?

  78. Ervy K

    Ervy KYear ago

    A couple that farts together, stays together 😂👍

  79. Cindy Go

    Cindy GoYear ago

    lmbo your commentary is hilarious! great channel!

  80. Victoria Metallinos

    Victoria MetallinosYear ago

    i looove lupini beans!!!! they have so much fiber!


    FUSION AMANYear ago

    Chaiwala Nice To Hear Indian Word ☕

  82. Rob Walker

    Rob WalkerYear ago

    how did the guy who paid for your parking know that it was your van?!

  83. Michelle Branch

    Michelle BranchYear ago

    How cool would it be to leave your stickers different places and make it a find and seek game for vanlifer and travelers. So much fun. 😃😃😃

  84. Simon Davey

    Simon DaveyYear ago

    Your community loves you too. What is the name of the graffiti place?

  85. Ana S.

    Ana S.Year ago

    Awwwww *okay I will go outside By the way I love the fact that both of you are practicing Spanish. English is my second language and Spanish is my first but this makes me want to learn another language. Would yall do a Q&A video!??? Future plans? Business updates? Baby plans? What other countries would yall love to visit? Have anyone tried to break In the van?

  86. Luciano Corvelo

    Luciano CorveloYear ago

    Once again I liked to watch your blog (video). You said something about Portugal, my favor country. Where is the video from there??? What is your impression? Thanks.

  87. Aurora Mirabella

    Aurora MirabellaYear ago

    The beans you are eating are called in Italy "lupini" they are rich in protein and low fat. In Italy we use to eat also steamed like the other types of beans.

  88. Meg Hikes

    Meg HikesYear ago

    4:32 Eamon doesn’t wear his seatbelt? 😟 13:15 wearing it under your arm in a crash will slice your organs like a cheese wire and expose your neck, face and head to horrific injuries. Sorry to sound like a nag but I just want you to be safe x

  89. Meg Hikes

    Meg HikesYear ago

    If it’s uncomfortable Check this out: SENHAI 4 Pcs Seat Belt Pads, Plaid Cotton Soft and Comfortable Se... Best wishes :)

  90. Scarecrow7

    Scarecrow7Year ago

    A Spanish woman wearing a Montreal Canadiens shirt? That seems extremely rare.

  91. Dankest Productions

    Dankest ProductionsYear ago

    Hey so I've been thinking of going vegan but you guys still drink milk and eat cheese

  92. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    @Dankest Productions it's a beautiful time to be alive and eating plant based :)

  93. Dankest Productions

    Dankest ProductionsYear ago

    @Eamon & Bec didnt even know that existed 😮 this is sounding even easier

  94. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Hi there! When we refer to “milk” or “cheese” it’s always a vegan alternative 😊

  95. ArmyChinguムラサキ

    ArmyChinguムラサキYear ago

    Love you guys so much from Japan 🇯🇵

  96. Sandi W

    Sandi WYear ago

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  97. Sandi W

    Sandi WYear ago

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    LizBizYear ago

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    Seanasia BrennanYear ago

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    Wassim ChYear ago

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    Diana BaltoYear ago

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    Tim SeidelYear ago

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  106. Thomas Ma

    Thomas MaYear ago

    Are there drone permit requirements in Spain? And have you ran into the need for drone permits in other countries?

  107. ptxdhuske

    ptxdhuskeYear ago

    So exciting to see you guys watching the block, from an Aussie ahah

  108. Fiona Haines

    Fiona HainesYear ago

    I love you guys and your channel, but a couple of things you said in this particular video really confused/irritated me! I live in the UK and June, July & August had some of the hottest days on record in the whole of Europe ( perhaps in Canada 100.6F is considered...cold??!, AND, for the record, we have some of the most incredible fruits here (raspberries, plums, blackberries, apricots) (You made it sound like the UK is some backward country where nobody eats fruit 😂) So your comments about the UK being cold & having no fruit were BIZARRE to say the least!! Also, Europe is very much educated about waste disposal, it’s just some people are LAZY! When I lived in NYC & LA they had just as much of a problem with waste as any other city/country!!! Making sweeping statements about an entire continent and their ‘education’ is a little....naive to say the least & makes YOU sound somewhat uneducated if I’m being completely honest ! Phew. I just needed to get all of that off my chest! Thanks! 😊

  109. Fiona Haines

    Fiona HainesYear ago

    Eamon & Bec thank you SO much for replying!! I understand much more now what you were getting at. Sending sunshine, safety and happiness your way. I just saw that you guys got robbed - a devastating experience - but I’m so glad you’re okay... you have so much support from all of us watching and we’re behind you 100%😍

  110. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Hi Fiona, sorry to have triggered you in this episode. To clarify our luck in the UK + Ireland this summer was that everytime we left a place and visited a new one a strange cold front would come through so most of our summer weather there was 15-19 degrees Celsius which is certainly on the cooler end for summer weather. And we totally agree with you... the produce in the UK was AMAZING!! We simply could not stop talking about how much we loved it. When I said we hasn't been eating much fruit it was because we hadn't been CRAVING big bowls of it like we do in hot, hot weather.

  111. Jonae KyOshee

    Jonae KyOsheeYear ago

    I love y'all and don't comment alot but your editing and effort in this video is appreciated by me and noticed! swear y'all should be at 1 mili by now but sooonnnn