Island Van Life | rainy days in our tiny house 🌧

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This week we ferry across to the largest of the Balearic Islands: Mallorca and gear up for a week of sunbathing, swimming and being outdoors... but when the weather forecast shows 🌧, ☔️ and more rain we show you what it's like to live in such a tiny house through th bad weather!
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Today we show you around van life along the Balearic island of Menorca!
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Thanks for sharing a REAL WEEK of VAN LIFE in Spain with us!
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec11 months ago

    Hello, Bec here. Couldn't be more embarrassed as I realize that our video is missing our intro animation 😳. It's a long story and I hate giving excuses so I'm just going to take the blame and apologize for the fudge up. I thought about taking the video down but I thought our "professionalism" was as important as showing you I'm human and make big mistakes. Anywho, for anyone who continued to watch through it thank you 🙏. Promise next week's video won't have any missing files! Bec x

  2. Erika Tatiana

    Erika TatianaMonth ago

    Eamon & Bec thought you guys were doing something new! It’s all good!

  3. Izzy Vlogs

    Izzy VlogsMonth ago

    I didn't even notice it don't worry😍🤗😉

  4. Erika Tatiana

    Erika Tatiana2 months ago

    it’s okay it’s like a tease... I was really wondering if the video was going to load. I also fully blamed USlikes for the error.... 😂

  5. Jasmin Würtz

    Jasmin Würtz5 months ago

    I actually thought it was intentional in with the rainy days and such!

  6. Melinda Pedersen

    Melinda Pedersen5 months ago

    Perfectly imperfect. At first I thought it was part of your video and then thought it was odd. Definitely not something that would stop me from watching though!!! And it adds into all the real life stuff that happens. I prefer people who are perfectly imperfect!! 😀 Your van life vlog is my favorite thing to watch on USlikes!!

  7. Daniela Furlan

    Daniela Furlan11 days ago

    There is some supplement that call Dramamin not sure of the spelling, will help you with the sea sickness.

  8. Daydream About Nice Things

    Daydream About Nice ThingsMonth ago

    Ok so I don’t see a time in the future without me and Coffee ☕️ together

  9. Vans Tures

    Vans TuresMonth ago

    If you come to Marbella one day, please let me know XD

  10. Cheese on Everything

    Cheese on EverythingMonth ago

    lol at the catan dishes pouting

  11. Izzy Vlogs

    Izzy VlogsMonth ago

    These drone clips are amazing🤩🤩🤩🤗😮🤤😲

  12. Jenny Michelle

    Jenny Michelle2 months ago

    I have a feeling life is never boring with Eamon lol

  13. cartergirl3of3

    cartergirl3of32 months ago

    That's one thing from Spain I miss DEARLY: Freshly squeezed orange juice at every food vendor.

  14. Tristan Priest

    Tristan Priest3 months ago

    @8:33 that's how you now it's some good FREESH-A-VACADOO right there.

  15. Agent GuL

    Agent GuL3 months ago

    Love the channel, hate the food=)

  16. Brittany Glenn

    Brittany Glenn3 months ago

    Oh my goddd, I went to Spain 13 years ago, but that shot of the orange juice still made me salivate. I will never forget how amazing the OJ was in Spain and it has ruined OJ in all other countries for me! Soooo good.

  17. Janelle Larocque

    Janelle Larocque3 months ago

    Love all these headscarf’s you wear Bec 😍! Do you just get them from your travels?

  18. Jana Mathe

    Jana Mathe4 months ago

    Were can I get that deodorant

  19. Dannielle Obenchain

    Dannielle Obenchain4 months ago

    You never show the recipes anymore anyway so it's not any different. You guys used to show coming all the time you made a cook book and stored showing any recipes or cooking there's no way you only cook from your cookbook. It would actually promote your cookbook more if you cooked a meal then showed it. You just stopped all freestyle Fridays and any cooking on vlogs after coming to .

  20. Dannielle Obenchain

    Dannielle Obenchain4 months ago

    I agree with bec the axe looks hideous hanging up

  21. arnise77

    arnise774 months ago

    Gosh I love watching them! They are so cute and adorable together

  22. InspectorGadget86

    InspectorGadget864 months ago

    I have been loving your videos and I can’t get enough. However, I was watching this video and heard Eamon using blasphemy. That is a very big NO NO in my book. I had thought about unsubscribing due to the use of blasphemy. I realize that this was a few months ago and I can’t be sure that this was the first time that I’ve heard it on this channel but if I continue to hear it I will be unsubscribing.

  23. Tech Tinkera

    Tech Tinkera5 months ago

    Eamon does all the driving all the cooking and all the cleaning . Sounds fair? 😭. 😮

  24. Cara Smith

    Cara Smith5 months ago

    You two are really just so inspiring.

  25. Lily Sophia

    Lily Sophia5 months ago

    I’m catching up on all your videos since you shipped trinity to Europe! My family lives in Mallorca. It’s a beautiful island and I hope you enjoyed it!!

  26. Lenelove 89

    Lenelove 895 months ago

    When was the last time y’all actually ate meat? I’m from Alabama so meat has always been part of a meal! Even if it’s baked chicken, fish, shrimp! I love pasta and rice! Something that is so crazy I had the triangle from when I was younger kinda stuck in my mind! The old one that has grains as the largest part! I was cooking last money stamped broccoli, wild rice and chicken! For me that’s healthy! I would love to get to a point and get no processed foods at all! But with time and how much food cost! An I’m not gonna be hungry! So y’all are vegans? Where do you get out protein?

  27. Rieke Goebel

    Rieke Goebel6 months ago

    I don't know if you have heard of it but there is a card game of settlers of cation desigend for two players

  28. Alicia Green

    Alicia Green6 months ago

    Do you ever list the music you feature in your videos? If so, where can I find that?

  29. Linda Bojko

    Linda Bojko6 months ago

    I love native deodorant I’ve been using it for a year now ❤️

  30. Fabian Kandels

    Fabian Kandels6 months ago

    So fantastic to see all your vlogs and honestly, it makes me quite happy as I've also been to most of the places you're visiting. Reminds me so much on these trips. Thanks a lot for that you two! stay safe in Toronto!

  31. Juan Vazquez

    Juan Vazquez7 months ago

    I’ve got a tip for you guys. I do this with my girlfriend. If Eamon makes food Bec washes the dishes and sideways 🤪

  32. Mubarek Alkhalili

    Mubarek Alkhalili7 months ago

    Hello guys, how are you. Why you would not come to middle East to do anew series from this travel. Starting from Sultan of Oman. You will find a beautiful place to cover and you will get enjoy too much

  33. Chloe Stoeckl

    Chloe Stoeckl7 months ago

    How did you learn so many languages

  34. Crystal Wolcott

    Crystal Wolcott8 months ago

    What are the little check marks on the window for?

  35. Suzanne Bryson

    Suzanne Bryson8 months ago

    I'm guessing the toilet didn't get cleaned :D

  36. Von & Jay The ButterFlyLifers

    Von & Jay The ButterFlyLifers8 months ago

    Great video!! We enjoy watching your Van Life Journey! Especially when crossing waters...exciting to watch. Thnx for sharing all the real life parts as well.🌍🚍

  37. Amanda Kiarie

    Amanda Kiarie8 months ago

    you guys are the only intresting vlog channel that i watch

  38. CaribbeanZapatta

    CaribbeanZapatta8 months ago

    UST BOUGHT USED sPRINTER 170 ext and I LOVE your videos. I am 68 planning to head ouyt this Fall with 4 doggos. my question (sure you've been askerd mui mui …) do you consider Sprinter RELIABLE ??

  39. Nicketta Hall

    Nicketta Hall8 months ago

    "Buddy, have you lost your mind?" Favs😅❤

  40. Natalia Almanzar

    Natalia Almanzar8 months ago


  41. The Travelling Whiteley's

    The Travelling Whiteley's8 months ago

    Glad to see you did 'sa calobra'. It's a stunning little place. I've cycled down and up that on two occasions. You'd think once was enough, unfortunately I have short term memory issues and had forgotten how hard it was, so went and did it again! :-)

  42. Skyler Carlos

    Skyler Carlos8 months ago

    Do you all want any kids? If so what is your plan with the life style. You would have to get a bigger house on wheels still travel just bigger place. What is your all plan on children? I just started watching you guys and you all just want to make me pack up and get a camper and travel how did you all start or how would you suggest me to start I have a 11 yr old daughter I guess she would get home School idk how that would work with School I’m open to any advice thank you!

  43. pauline purifoy

    pauline purifoy8 months ago

    That road was featured in a James Bond 🍿 movie

  44. Annie

    Annie9 months ago

    Eamons hair is beautiful

  45. Malachi Rollins

    Malachi Rollins9 months ago

    Hey you wait your turn! That got me😂🤣😂

  46. Pickles Dill

    Pickles Dill9 months ago

    I use that deodorant! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the selection of scents. This and Crystal are my favorite deodorants. Best way to make Native last (cause it doesnt last like a chemically packed one) is to put the crystal deodorizer under than the nature ontop

  47. Simon Garrod

    Simon Garrod9 months ago

    don't eat nutritional yeast. the production process creates harmful chemicals

  48. Daniel Lima

    Daniel Lima9 months ago

    I found your yt channel through the "tour" of the van. Since then, i subscribed and watch all your videos. I love the lifestyle of travel in a van. Greetings from Brazil.

  49. D Firenze

    D Firenze9 months ago

    This girl has gums for daysss.

  50. Ken Leach

    Ken Leach9 months ago

    You add more smiling to my day

  51. Deadwindshadow

    Deadwindshadow9 months ago

    @0:18 You start going bananas.

  52. leoninewoman

    leoninewoman10 months ago

    Wow! I just got a 2009 F150. You kids have inspired me! I'm going on the road! Take care ok? Hugs!

  53. Randall G

    Randall G10 months ago

    U fake az phuk!!! “Jah Trustafarai!!!”

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    jayne fuller10 months ago

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  55. jayne fuller

    jayne fuller10 months ago

    Loving the hair down look Eamon

  56. Heather Hilley

    Heather Hilley10 months ago

    Thank you I have been looking for deodorant so I went ahead and ordered a three pack with your discount of the sensitive native. I found one brand in a store that was OK, but doesn't smell great. I love coconut and vanilla.

  57. Heather Hilley

    Heather Hilley10 months ago

    I love my coffee and I am not right without it! If i were to admit which I will not about being addicted to coffee! I would almost agree. but it taste sOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!!!!!

  58. Kevin Rooney

    Kevin Rooney10 months ago

    "If the van was on it's side, you could do pullups off of that" made me laugh a lot

  59. Nayte Thacker

    Nayte Thacker10 months ago

    hey guys have recently found your videos and oh my god they are amazing so awesome kudos to you as a (now ex) video maker I know the hard work that goes into these I look forward to seeing more :)

  60. Hymxzx

    Hymxzx10 months ago

    15:23 hmm what is he doing with that ? where. oh ok.

  61. April Lynn

    April Lynn10 months ago

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  62. April Lynn

    April Lynn10 months ago

    Loved the little farm tour, to have avocados growing at home would be so so amazing! I agree!

  63. April Lynn

    April Lynn10 months ago

    Watch all your videos and just wanted to say that your content/editing is another level. I can tell how much work goes into it and it’s superb! 💛

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    Victerrya victerrya10 months ago

    Y'all are so funny lol. Safe travels!

  65. Annika Wheble

    Annika Wheble10 months ago

    Please, what type of licence do you need to drive a converted van please? My husband, has a normal car licence and it would be lovely to rent a van and go on a family holiday :). You guys inspire me

  66. Rita Medina

    Rita Medina10 months ago

    8:10 Eamon looks like scar from the lion king.

  67. Lisa Keys

    Lisa Keys10 months ago

    Impressive camera views

  68. Jalyn Kunkel

    Jalyn Kunkel10 months ago

    Anyone know the banana bites recipe

  69. Abbie Smith

    Abbie Smith10 months ago

    The axe does look pretty fricking cool.

  70. Onegreen Fish

    Onegreen Fish10 months ago

    My partner uses Native Deodorant and I'm so impressed with it. I've tried many, many natural kinds, and by far Native is the best I've come across. Plus they smell amazing.

  71. Carlos Guisado

    Carlos Guisado10 months ago

    Im learning english with you...


    GISELA FIEGE11 months ago

    Aloha guys. I’m new to your channel and have to say love your candid real ness, thoroughly enjoy your vlogs. Mahalo for sharing 🌺

  73. Lauren Ilyse

    Lauren Ilyse11 months ago

    Is Eamon marking everything with sharpie so it's less appealing to steal? Bc that's honestly really smart!!

  74. Andrew Hintz

    Andrew Hintz11 months ago

    Song at 1:10?

  75. Sarah Coletti

    Sarah Coletti11 months ago

    Use some lemon juice on your broccoli! Also, if you can get some vegan parmesan cheese it'll be SO good! 😄💖

  76. lauren ogilvie

    lauren ogilvie11 months ago

    Bec’s clothes are always so cute, it’d be cool to see where she shops and the pieces she loves since I know she shops more sustainably


    BRENDA LEICK11 months ago

    Guys, I'm so excited! Whole food plant based is so healthy. But I don't know how to make it work for me. Please, please, please make a WFPB cook book. I need something real for real people. I trust you to figure it out. Then I can follow your lead. More vegan meals coming soon to my kitchen?! Thanks in advance! B from Sacramento, CA

  78. Arianna Needham

    Arianna Needham11 months ago

    We’re the subtitles added to the video or did I click a button that I don’t know how to undo?!? 😳

  79. Starr Abraham

    Starr Abraham11 months ago

    Video editing skills are soooo freaking good!

  80. Yani

    Yani11 months ago


  81. Kaitlyn Moore

    Kaitlyn Moore11 months ago

    What is the song that plays after you guys switch from talking about native to the drone shots while driving?? I loved it but cannot seem to find it! Help me guys ❤️❤️

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    Tina Vega11 months ago

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    Erica Friberg11 months ago

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    Hockeyfan2011 months ago

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  86. Olivia Belluz

    Olivia Belluz11 months ago

    Hey you guys are so fun to watch and I think that it is so cool that you guys travel everywhere and also I am born and raised in can eh!

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    BENADOZ TV11 months ago

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    The Great Full Girl11 months ago

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  91. Jordan Cooper

    Jordan Cooper11 months ago

    You should continue your podcast!! Hearing the locals stories would be amazing. Talk about their history, culture, traditions, food, family ect! I LOVED your podcast and miss it so much.

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    Kiran Chima11 months ago

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  93. Melissa T.

    Melissa T.11 months ago

    Get some sea bands! They are super cheap and small, so you can easily keep them in your first aide kit. They are just wristbands that go on your pressure points on your wrists. I get severe seasickness and they really do work. Also, it's okay to drink coffee! Everyone has a vice. It's fine. Do you have a screen door on your van? That would help with the flies!

  94. Guy Cruls

    Guy Cruls11 months ago

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    Reneè Sue ___11 months ago

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  101. Person Who

    Person Who11 months ago

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  102. Folksblogen

    Folksblogen11 months ago

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  103. Jamie Devine

    Jamie Devine11 months ago

    Haha I grew up with FOUR avocado trees in our back yard! They were four times taller than the ones in at that farm. We would climb them all day and you are right eat them as snacks hahaah. During avocado season we would have to give them away in trash bags! I still cringe every time I have to pay $$$ for an avocado haha

  104. Katie Maki

    Katie Maki11 months ago

    I'm vegan too and I've been told I cant kill misquoted or flies because its like killing an animal. Lol. I was like.... uhhh.... no. I have had so much hate and crazy over the top dumb debates with people who just.. don't know anything. Do you ever deal with people like that? I'm new in the vegan world.

  105. Lilly Dorn

    Lilly Dorn11 months ago

    I' m from Germany and I was so confused, when he mixed up Mallorca and Menorca because for every German Mallorca ist the Island for partying and everyone knows it