Designing New TINY HOUSE After 3 Years of VAN LIFE

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After an incredible 3 years of living, working and traveling in our self converted Sprinter Van we’ve had to make the very tough decision to abandon our tiny home in Africa to take a rescue flight back to Canada. The gravity of what we’ve done is STILL sinking in and we ((especially me (Bec)) are having a really hard time adjusting to our new reality. This is why we knew we needed a big project to keep our mind + enter... OUR NEW SPRINTER VAN! We are looking forward to taking everything we've learned after 3 years of van life and applying it to this self build. We want this build to be the ULTIMATE OFF-GRID CAMPERVAN 🚐
Today we finalize the design of our tiny house and can't wait to hear your feedback! With only 86 sq-ft we are doing our best to maximize a layout that includes a toilet, shower, fixed bed (with garage space), full kitchen, seating area and more! Can we do it?!?!
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VAN TOUR after 2 years living in our TINY HOUSE on wheels
OVERLANDING AFRICA IN OUR SPRINTER VAN has been the adventure we’ve always hoped it would be but it’s hard to predict what happens next. We are hopeful that we can return to Trinity in a few months time and pick up on our world adventure. DISCLAIMER: We are NOT looking to sell Trinity.
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Our goal here is to inspire you to chase after your own dreams however big (or small... tiny homes anyone?) they may be! We hope to create a community of like-minded, positive individuals who will grow to love and support one another on their own journeys.
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec5 months ago

    The first 1000 people who click this link will get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium: Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring today's video ✨

  2. Life with the Singh Sisters

    Life with the Singh Sisters4 months ago

    I just upgraded to premium from your link. Want to learn how to edit Videos like you

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    Tracie Ward5 months ago

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  4. dross24MA

    dross24MA5 months ago

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  5. Sinfonian Barelytone

    Sinfonian Barelytone2 days ago

    I've been looking at other van builds and yours are by far my favorites! You guys rock and your layout is just about perfect for us! Won't be doing this for several years but I'll remember you guys. Subscribed!

  6. Sophie Perrault

    Sophie Perrault29 days ago

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  7. Tommy Paul

    Tommy PaulMonth ago

    I haven't put a quarter as much effort as you guys did, into the details of preparing my van before building it out. (Am I lazy?) For example, I've built right on top of the original floor, telling myself it's just that much more insulation. (Is that a cop-out?) And I didn't do anything to protect from rust; however, unlike a Sprinter, it seems to be made from a metal that never rusts. Places where paint flaked off long ago, still look clean and new. But as you guys love your van, I LOVE my van! I sometimes dream of actually going through the clouds with it. I named it "Little White Cloud".

  8. Tommy Paul

    Tommy PaulMonth ago

    In named my van "Little White Cloud", for that's the first Native American name I was ever given, in a ceremony at age three. I still vividly remember it. The van is a 1998 Chevy Express high top, so besides being white, it really does appear "little" (especially the narrower width of the high top) from behind compared to a similar view of a Sprinter.

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    I absolutely love you guys! Found you just a couple of days ago and I'm hooked. Was looking for something to reinforce my desire to get a campervan and you guys are certainly selling the dream. I am at the "what type/size van do I go for" stage. Can anyone give me an idea of what age and mileage of a used Merc Sprinter I should look for and what a reasonable price would be? I'm in Spain, and therefore will be looking for a LHD.

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