VAN LIFE VLOG | Week of Living in a Van in Ireland | What’s it Like?! 🌎
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After successfully shipping our van to England from Canada & enjoying our last week in Wales we decided to ferry over to Dublin, Ireland! In this week long van life vlog we explore the city of Dublin (Trinity College, Temple Bar, etc), enjoy the city of Cork and fall in love with the seaside town of Greystones. In Greystones we have the pleasure of meeting our new friends Dave & Steve of the Happy Pear! These two are leaders in the plant based movement in Ireland and across the world and it was a real pleasure getting to live a day in the life of the Happy Pear :). We then cut across the country to check out the Cliffs of Moher and choose the WORST camping spots since living in a van - we almost flooded our tiny house! Have no fear… we manage to call a tow truck in the knick of time. However, our bad luck with Mother Nature continues as we hit the Wild Atlantic Way just in time to be rained on for 3 days straight. Still learning to embrace this crazy weather ;)
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We are SO excited to bring all of you along for the adventure of shipping our self converted sprinter van from Halifax, Canada to Liverpool, UK. So much adventure awaits us for VAN LIFE IN EUROPE!

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Thanks for sharing a REAL WEEK of VAN LIFE in Ireland with us!!
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  1. Robert Coulter

    Robert CoulterYear ago

    Hey guys, just wanted to say I think this video encapsulates all that is great about you guys and your channel. It really showcases how far you've come as film makers with great shots and selective drone use and nothing too overpowering... The story telling is on point... The sense of fun... The colab... The adventure... The screw it let's hike in the rain anyway... Honestly such a good video and really love it! Safe travels ❤️😎💪

  2. alisha grezlik

    alisha grezlikYear ago

    Totally agree!!!

  3. Ysabella Ferreira

    Ysabella FerreiraYear ago

    Omg! My fellow Irish friends, I love you guys so much :)

  4. Robert Coulter

    Robert CoulterYear ago

    @Maya Givens ❤️

  5. Maya Givens

    Maya GivensYear ago

    100% FACTS!!!! What a great comment. I agree completely, but could never articulate it like this. Robert rocks!

  6. Robert Coulter

    Robert CoulterYear ago

    @Rianne de Jong 👌❤️

  7. Alexa Justice

    Alexa Justice14 days ago

    She looks like Milly Bobby Brown!!!

  8. Pauline Hampson

    Pauline Hampson15 days ago

    Ireland is beautiful despite the constant rain. Thanks for sharing Eamon & Bec!

  9. Carolyn Jones

    Carolyn JonesMonth ago

    So yeah, I'm addicted to your videos now. Do yall seriously know how awesome you two are? Truly! On a side note...your videos have progressively improved more and more. Well done! Your Africa one slayed me! Keep up the amazing work and stay safe!!

  10. Lily Grist Year 8

    Lily Grist Year 8Month ago

    oh my gosh it has been my dream to meet the happy pear i have always loved their recipes like the vegan sticky toffee pudding and i love their irish accent

  11. Deborah1russell. Russell

    Deborah1russell. RussellMonth ago

    I love your adventures and you two ! thanks for sharing !!!!😍🇺🇸

  12. Raquel Ransey

    Raquel Ransey2 months ago

    Irish blood in my veins so excited to go home for the first time 💕 one day soon

  13. sam worley

    sam worley2 months ago

    Where is your dress (the olive colored one) from bec??

  14. S

    S3 months ago

    Wow waking up before sunrise and taking bath during sunrise is such an Indian thing to do.. travelling really shows how similar humans in every country are

  15. Shane Mason

    Shane Mason3 months ago

    Sorry guys but again with the uk

  16. Devonian

    Devonian3 months ago

    ' Waiting for the sun to come out to hike Snowdon ' lol

  17. Charlotte Willy

    Charlotte Willy3 months ago

    I was smiling so big when Marion was with you guys ☺️

  18. Jordan Hendrickson

    Jordan Hendrickson3 months ago

    What company was 60gb for 20 euros?

  19. Ryan Veres

    Ryan Veres4 months ago

    Worth every PENNY Eamon! 😅

  20. Caroline Kirwan

    Caroline Kirwan4 months ago

    I was only an hour 15 minutes away for you guys

  21. Dario Boot

    Dario Boot4 months ago

    I've got a question, what's up with the licence plate situation on the van?

  22. Manon Vo

    Manon Vo4 months ago

    Ah I LOVE Ireland 😻

  23. Jessica Eaves

    Jessica Eaves4 months ago

    I’m sorry I flipped out when I saw the happy pear, YES YES YES YES

  24. Kim S.

    Kim S.5 months ago

    Eamon shouting at the rain (14:26) is just the best!! :D HAHAHA

  25. Callum Martin

    Callum Martin5 months ago

    I live in Ireland county Wexford

  26. Schagerström

    Schagerström5 months ago

    Do you fill normal disel in ur van? Or are you using a green disel? Like HVO100?

  27. Max Brock

    Max Brock5 months ago

    Great vid! Fyi that seaside town is prenounced as it is spelt howth not outh🤣

  28. Bill Greenough

    Bill Greenough5 months ago

    i think i've met these guys in real life, long before i knew they were doing something like this. ??? @kensington market ???

  29. Kaninchen

    Kaninchen5 months ago

    Funny to see a German lady, because I am from Germany.

  30. Aaron Marsh

    Aaron Marsh5 months ago

    What song was playing when ye were swimming with the happy pair? It's bugging me and I can't find it.


    MIRBA MIRBA6 months ago


  32. lilah pacheco

    lilah pacheco7 months ago

    Mariam laughing had me dying 😂

  33. Maintaining Megan

    Maintaining Megan7 months ago

    What is the app you use to find free camping?

  34. iamme

    iamme7 months ago

    Oh my gosh I love the irish accent!! :D

  35. Shauna Franklin

    Shauna Franklin7 months ago

    Definitely recommend the Happy Pear cookbooks, absolute god sent

  36. Shauna Franklin

    Shauna Franklin7 months ago

    I think I just about died when Éamon was talking about the Dev statue 😂 😂

  37. rockintherae

    rockintherae7 months ago

    Ireland is a rainy miserable place

  38. Rio Rio

    Rio Rio8 months ago

    Laugh laugh laugh

  39. Craig Wathall

    Craig Wathall8 months ago

    xcellent vid looked like great fun

  40. I Am A Cringy Lady

    I Am A Cringy Lady8 months ago

    Yeah, the weather looks about average for a day in Ireland. I live in Ireland by the way!! 🇮🇪 Did you see the GPO?? It’s called the General Post Office. It was a BIG part of a war over 100 years ago!!

  41. pauline purifoy

    pauline purifoy8 months ago

    Bec,I’m Pauline in Australia, can you let me know where you got your head wrap please?

  42. Anna Ní Cút

    Anna Ní Cút8 months ago

    Great video! Did you meet any Irish people at all or only Germans?? 😁😁😁

  43. big penis

    big penis8 months ago


  44. Onaney Ortiz

    Onaney Ortiz9 months ago

    I love how Bec loves life :)

  45. R C

    R C9 months ago

    The seaside town Howth is pronounced with the h so like ho-th :) The ho is like how Santa says ho ho ho!

  46. Ella Ryan

    Ella Ryan9 months ago

    Omg I am from cork Ireland 🇨🇮🇨🇮 the fella who was talking to them is pure cork accent and ur sounds soo funny when you listen to eamon and bec talk to him and how different there accent are 🇨🇮

  47. Joseph Colmey

    Joseph Colmey10 months ago

    I was on ackle island and right beside where yous were beside the lake at the same time

  48. Original Hondaddy

    Original Hondaddy10 months ago

    Jaysus a video of Ireland 🇮🇪 ha class my last name is moroney too small world ffs lol 😂

  49. Shauna Art

    Shauna Art10 months ago

    Ahh can’t believe you guys were in Ireland a few months before I found your channel! Devastated would have loved to show you’s round. Hope your stay was good even with our typical shitty weather 🙈 the way you say howth is too funny it’s like how Santa says hohoho howth. The happy pear guys are great 👍🏼 love seeing your travels looking forward to when you’re back to the van life 😊 keep up the great work

  50. Carla Mc Donnell

    Carla Mc Donnell10 months ago

    I AM from IRELAND

  51. milamilano

    milamilano10 months ago

    So cute that you took that german lady with you!

  52. taraaa

    taraaa10 months ago

    Awh I'm sorry it rained the whole time you were here. I promise it's not always that bad, when it's good its GOOD!

  53. Desiree Nicole

    Desiree Nicole10 months ago

    love watching fellow canadians travel the world! and share our mutual love for the Arkells ;) safe travels always!

  54. Howdy

    Howdy10 months ago

    Love the transition you did using Google earth. 🌍

  55. william hewitt

    william hewitt11 months ago

    Havnt stoped laughin so funny, im irish but my god amin defo has irish blood cant stop laughin il bet me life the van and worm was amazin just seen di van. God bless u both ha

  56. Michael Vincent

    Michael Vincent11 months ago

    EWE guys don't wanna be on EWE-tube? BAHAHA or should I say BAHHH BAHHH!

  57. Daniel Barron

    Daniel Barron11 months ago

    I love the Arkells! I've gotten to see them so many times now and cant wait to see them so many more times haha

  58. M Harding

    M Harding11 months ago

    Guys you barely mentioned Wales. You missed the most beautiful part of the British Isles.

  59. Rebecca the llama

    Rebecca the llama11 months ago

    "Ireland has been moody" Me:no Ireland is in a good mood in that video

  60. Ada Cleary

    Ada Cleary11 months ago

    U guys are so inspiring would love to travel the world in a van just like u guys ❤️❤️❤️

  61. Katz Katz

    Katz Katz11 months ago

    Great video . Ireland looks amazing .........

  62. Alexander Brown

    Alexander Brown11 months ago

    OK Now I am defiantly hooked I liked, subscribed and rang the bell---I,m catching up on all your old videos---Thanks so much for all your work entertaining me. Still hurt that you got robbed! Alex from the Cape (USA)

  63. Patti Chambley

    Patti Chambley11 months ago

    I would love to go to Ireland Israel and Ghana

  64. Patti Chambley

    Patti Chambley11 months ago

    Def part of the slow food movement🌮 my chili good I put 4 pspayas in it and make cornbread that looks like cavtus plants YUM

  65. Patti Chambley

    Patti Chambley11 months ago

    Love sheep Baaaaad ass

  66. Patti Chambley

    Patti Chambley11 months ago

    Had a boyfriend that had an alias Zenith Wilson author of zthe singing pear funny

  67. Patti Chambley

    Patti Chambley11 months ago

    Pop a bunk in for me

  68. Patti Chambley

    Patti Chambley11 months ago

    I am def Irish

  69. Tracey Marshall

    Tracey Marshall11 months ago

    Ireland is in Ireland...you said that the happy pear ship their products all over the “uk”???

  70. I can't think of a name

    I can't think of a name11 months ago

    You should vist lagan college i attened there it is the first integrated school in Northern Ireland

  71. Dannyk

    Dannyk11 months ago

    Dig holes

  72. Dannyk

    Dannyk11 months ago


  73. Mackenzie Davidson

    Mackenzie DavidsonYear ago

    @ 3:34 , Where did you get those cute, comfy pants??

  74. Ruth Fitzgibbon

    Ruth FitzgibbonYear ago

    That is in town😯😯😯

  75. Alan Buckley

    Alan BuckleyYear ago

    Ought! Lol....I’m from there. Howth is pronounced Ho-th.

  76. lettuce pie

    lettuce pieYear ago

    how do you guys swam in that coold water

  77. Ann a

    Ann aYear ago

    I was away a few months so I have to watch all the videos i missed. I was here since 88k and now😳 your chanell has grown so much😍😍 I‘m so Profi of you guys!!❤️

  78. TheRisskee

    TheRisskeeYear ago

    Hey, mates! I feel so dumb that I waited to watch all your videos because I would have totally told you that you could stay at my family estate in Leinster! I'm face-palming so hard right now. Ugh! I'm in California but we have a place in the midlands and you would have loved the locals. When my part of the family come they know we're vegetarian and they've learned a shit tonne of recipes and they've gotten creative with it. We have little pot lucks and such and they would've put on a bash for you. (I haven't been to Ireland in a freaking long time but my family there say they still do the vegetarian pot lucks. Lol) We have a lot of grassland so the little sheepees feast on our greens. Just a helpful tip if you end up going back to Ire, a lot of shepherds can be really protective of their flock, especially if they're keeping them in a smaller area instead of letting them roam, so if Eamon gets his wheelie thing out and goes at the sheep like I saw in the clip, beware of the shepherds. LOL! They will lose it on you even if you aren't being malicious. Many do carry rifles. I hope you go back, though! If you do, hopefully I'll be paying attention so I can dm you with the addy and let the fambam know if you'd like to stay. The best part is waking up in the morning and walking out into the field and the mist swirling around your legs. I miss it so much! ❤️😎🤙

  79. John Heverin

    John HeverinYear ago

    Yeah welcome to Ireland, we either get rain or sun 😂 usually just both

  80. Frank Carroll

    Frank CarrollYear ago

    Glad you enjoyed my home town of Cork :)

  81. Cisco Echave

    Cisco EchaveYear ago

    Great videos !!quick question how are you guys liking your van ( driving, gas , repairs?)

  82. Richard Prendiville

    Richard PrendivilleYear ago

    "So why are you smiling?" 😂

  83. Lauren Deery

    Lauren DeeryYear ago

    Do yous just use the toilet in the middle of the van with eachother in the van!?🤣

  84. Pdiddy Hoe

    Pdiddy HoeYear ago

    You too are defo the kind of people I wish I grew up with

  85. Deirdre Clarke

    Deirdre ClarkeYear ago

    I LOVE seaweeds baths and I LOVE the happy pear - great episode !

  86. Rong Rose Liu

    Rong Rose LiuYear ago

    Which company gives you 6GBs for 20€??

  87. Cormac Lavelle

    Cormac LavelleYear ago

    Two proper airheads

  88. Gerry Hull

    Gerry HullYear ago

    We were just at Achill island yesterday, no van this time it’s back in Australia,we moved there from Ireland 7yrs ago.

  89. ChrisChrisChris

    ChrisChrisChrisYear ago

    omg omg omg happy pear!!!

  90. Tiarah Flowers

    Tiarah FlowersYear ago

    Hey Bec, love your pink hiking books and need a pair myself. Where did you get them? I've checked REI but cant find any similar. Also noticed you're really stepping up the quality of your vlogs. Ive been following you for a while and think you're doing a great job!!

  91. brian smith

    brian smithYear ago

    There is no sun in ireland 🇨🇮

  92. Sueanne Sorrentino

    Sueanne SorrentinoYear ago

    What brand of hiking shoes/boots do you guys use?

  93. Shelby Nicole

    Shelby NicoleYear ago

    Finally catching up on your adventures in Europe! I’m loving your videos right now. They always put me in a good mood. What is the song playing while you guys are swimming with the happy pear?

  94. Lea Whatever

    Lea WhateverYear ago

    5:11 Oh she‘s german. 😂

  95. Brian Curran

    Brian CurranYear ago

    Nice video

  96. Tony McCullagh

    Tony McCullaghYear ago

    Outhe ahahahaha howth**

  97. Aaronツ

    AaronツYear ago

    Should have visited Croagh Patrick, beautiful mountain and the view from the top is amazing

  98. Johnrap11

    Johnrap11Year ago

    The hike looked great to me.

  99. Johnrap11

    Johnrap11Year ago

    I like how the bed has walls on the sides. My family lived in a trailer for a few years. It didn't move. It just sat in the trailer park, at least until someone towed it to the next park, perhaps a year later. But, about the bed, having walls, I loved that. It was one of top parts of the trailer. Other good things were, seeing every family member every day, cooking outdoors, and just generally being outdoors a lot. Houses are nice. But they are very expensive to maintain. And, sometimes, they prevent you from enjoying life. Right now, I can't even see or hear other family members. Probably the closest person is my middle son, who is about 20 feet away right now, with two closed doors between me and him. We lived in a 700 square foot condo when he was born. It cost about 30% what this house costs to buy and more importantly to maintain. And, it was fun. It's like everyone is in the same space, all together, all of the time. You like see what people are doing on the computer. You know what video games they are playing. What homework they have. You work on each other's projects constantly, because you are always right there. Houses are nice too though. Storage was an issue in the condo, not in the house. Also, the house comes with a backyard. That's probably the best part.

  100. Absolute Muppet

    Absolute MuppetYear ago

    20 euro sim with Three Mobile in Ireland gets you unlimited data

  101. ThatGirlOnYoutube

    ThatGirlOnYoutubeYear ago

    I did diamond hill with my family in 2016 - it features in my family holiday to Ireland video on my channel and as Eamon said, it is one of the most incredible views!

  102. Leah McEvoy

    Leah McEvoyYear ago

    I am from cork

  103. J B

    J BYear ago

    You go to Ireland and see a local Canadian band!? Epic.

  104. cathal o driscoll

    cathal o driscollYear ago

    I live there

  105. The George's

    The George'sYear ago

    Hope you guys loved Ireland love from cork ☘🍀🌏

  106. Monica Lopez

    Monica LopezYear ago

    anybody know what miriam said? LOL

  107. S R

    S RYear ago

    Omg there such tourists 😂 I’m Irish and it’s so funny cuz you can’t pronounce any place name right lol

  108. Danielle Andrade

    Danielle AndradeYear ago

    Man I’m from Ireland and have been living here for 10 years I’ve been really into small houses and van life and would love to travel around Europe because I’ve been around Ireland already lol love this channel

  109. mishky_

    mishky_Year ago

    I’m actually from cork myself, pretty cool that ye went there!!

  110. Lisa Laurel

    Lisa LaurelYear ago

    10 secs in and I'm already thrilled to see you met the happy pear folk :D