VAN LIFE CONFESSIONS | Facing Fears & Making Mistakes

Van Life Vlog in Spain 🇪🇸| This is another week of highs and lows as we share the adrenaline of facing our fears 😳 & take you along for our multiple run-ins with the police👮‍♀️. In one of our biggest van life mistakes, we find out that we are ILLEGALLY DRIVING our van in Spain! Plus, it wouldn't be a van life vlog if we didn't tackle some very necessary van life chores 🧺. ► CLICK to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss a video
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VAN LIFE CONFESSIONS | the reality of van life is that it can be taxing on you to constantly be on the move, planning the next step and being aware of all the correct documentation/visas/etc you require to travel in a van through continents and countries. While most weeks we can take things in stride we've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately by the demand of van life in Europe especially after our van break-in last year and even more so after finding out that we are illegally driving in Spain. We always want to remain transparent with you so this week we share some of these highs and lows.
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Thanks for your patience with us as we took a break from van life and from filming. We can't wait to see all the adventures we will go on together this year!!
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec9 months ago

    Hi all!! Hope you've had a lovely week! It's been so nice getting back into this weekly upload thing so just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for choosing to spend a part of your Sunday here with us ❤️. Hope you can learn from our mistakes this week and challenge yourself to do something that makes you a little uncomfortable. If you're up for it, share what you want to tackle this week below 👇

  2. Rex K

    Rex K9 months ago

    Always spending Sunday with you two. Best part of my Sunday. 😎 I’m not sure of anything uncomfortable to do this week. If I do anything I’ll reply to this. haha

  3. Julia Beth Larson

    Julia Beth Larson9 months ago

    This was a killer video!! Love how you make friends wherever you go!! So fun to watch! Love your content! It’s the best on USlikes in my opinion! Look forward to next Sunday! Also got your cook book for Christmas!! So excited to cook up some yummy recipes! 😊 goal to make one this week! ❤️ love you guys!

  4. Simon Whipps

    Simon Whipps9 months ago

    Some things like the drivers licences will get overseen during planning adventures as big as yours. Don’t dwell on it 💪


    FAMILIA CUPLE9 months ago

    Clases de Español a cambio de aprender inglés 😍🙌🏻

  6. bodybalancer

    bodybalancer9 months ago

    Eamon & Bec Um, i love to sing, but im a naturally more introverted/shy person..... ive been faking it till i make it! Just doing a little kareoke or an open mic is scary enough for meeeeeeee! Its my goals for the year to just do a handful of them✌️😝✨ Although one time i DID do a ropes course, and i jumped off this 20’ “perch” to be caught by the harness..... i also did a zipline..... and it IS exhilarating! Definitely recommend.... But in general im not into taking physical risks..... prefer more emotional/mental risks 😝✨

  7. Ange Laurent

    Ange Laurent10 days ago

    All the vegan youtubers meeting irl gets me😢

  8. Nicholas Lovinggood

    Nicholas Lovinggood23 days ago

    It’s probably impossible to get a like but this is what I’m planning on doing I live this , this is what life is about I recently bought a home so I’m going th rent it out and use the money to travel thanks guys for being honest keep it up

  9. Scott

    ScottMonth ago

    You can still apply for an IDP from CAA/AAA through the mail. Include a note that states you are not in Canada and the address you would like the IDP to be mailed to. You can also have a loved one apply for you, see there website. What a great adventure, safe travels!

  10. Giancarlo Pia

    Giancarlo PiaMonth ago

    That bridge though 👀👀👀

  11. You Are Loved

    You Are Loved2 months ago

    Omg this video is giving me anxiety lol

  12. Sami Jaye

    Sami Jaye2 months ago

    Ahhh, No flippin way!!! 😱😱😱. Bec!!! Are you crazy!?!? You're not a tight rope walker!!!

  13. Kristan Corsiglia

    Kristan Corsiglia2 months ago

    This is how I want my life to be after 18 years of serving my country I have medically retired and I am ready to live. I love you two- your honesty and your passion. Once my retirement checks come in I can start making my plans to travel. What major tips do you have for a couple to go from normal life to living minimally and traveling (with a guaranteed income)? I’m eager to learn from you two.

  14. Erika Tatiana

    Erika Tatiana2 months ago

    The "bridge" Me: nah I'm good

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    Sarah Stauffer3 months ago

    “Do you want the tongs?” Guys this literally made me laugh out loud thanks for the content as always ( I’ve been going back to vids I missed, ❤️ you guys from extremely hot and sunny south Florida - I promise we’re not all as crazy as the news makes us sound 😬)

  20. Trudy McClendon

    Trudy McClendon3 months ago

    Oh hell no.

  21. Patricia Hall

    Patricia Hall4 months ago

    Love watching your videos , such a great team together , very inspiring , brighten up my day ....thank you .🇨🇦.

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    Elizabeth Garcia4 months ago

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    AngelCakez4 months ago

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    Julie Kelly4 months ago

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  26. Raquel D.M

    Raquel D.M5 months ago

    Hey! I found your chanel last month and i have been watching all your vídeos latetly. Im spanish, from Madrid, and im so so sorry about your bad experience in my country. Im sorry to say that all of the bad things that happened are becouse y’all dont speak spanish 🤦🏼‍♀️ (so lame that here not everyone speak english) if you ever come back to Spain whenerver this situation goes back to normal, i invite you to come visit Madrid and ill be happy to help with everything here!

  27. Candis Tetreault

    Candis Tetreault5 months ago

    I am LOVING how authentic and genuine you guys are!!! The ups the downs the adventures!!! Loving your journey together!!! 😍🥰

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    Sayan Ghosh5 months ago

    Big fan from India..any plans for travelling to India after lockdown is over

  33. W W

    W W6 months ago

    Hey Eamon and Bec, I'm new to your channel. I think it's great! I would never live in a van, but I discovered your entertaining story and I really enjoy your personalities. I would like to share one impression with you because I feel bad that you got robbed and it seems "forces" are conspiring against your goodness. After watching several of your entertaining videos, it seems that your trip through Spain has been wrought with knuckle head locals... except for your friends obviously and that last cop. I've lived in Spain and fluent in spanish, and at the risk of being negative I came away not trusting too many locals there. Thievery, price gouging and rudeness is unfortunately always an issue. Way more than any other european country I've lived in. I now you guys are totally Zen, so sorry if you disagree. Denmark is really cool! Thanks for your upbeat videos. Happy trails!

  34. J ZIM

    J ZIM6 months ago

    OMG. That mountain hiking was scary! Well done guys. I think the mist helped in that it made it so that you could not see how high up you were? Sorry about being pulled over by cops. Ugh

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    Kendra Fortin7 months ago

    Wait, I think I just realized I’m watching these backwards lol...maybe I’m wrong but it seems that way, I don’t mind, I love every bit of it, you two are seriously living the dream!!!!! The ups...the downs...all worth the experience in the guys are amazing!! ✌🏼❤️😊

  54. Knock Out

    Knock Out8 months ago

    Spain police are hwy robbery but I’m sure you will have y good time in Morocco people are nice everything is much cheaper than Europe vegetable and fruits are not even 20 to 30 cents a kilo

  55. OnThe Move

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    The Spanish police target all foreign drivers. It's a way of supplementing their income. Welcome to the EU.

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  68. Robert Durham

    Robert Durham8 months ago

    I just love watching your adventures. I really want to be traveling like you two and some day may meet up, but for now I am on a two year plan to get everything paid off and to save up money for my mini-home, not sure if it will be a trailer, van conversion, motor home, or a transport van conversion. I have all this time to plan it out, but until then I will live vicariously through your adventures. Thanks for sharing. ~ Rob

  69. Justice1 Justice1

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  98. A S.

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