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3. ATV Excursion through Quad Merzouga
FYI We took the ferry from Algeciras to Tangier Med and it cost each campervan 180 euros and took about 1.5 hours. Tangier Med is a relatively new port and is very well maintained which led to a seamless border crossing. To all those making the journey, GOOD LUCK and remember not to bring your drone!
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The Reality of Van Life in Morocco | We were super nervous to take this leap and ferry over to Africa in our self converted Sprinter Van but after spending 3 full weeks in Morocco we've gathered some wonderful first impressions. What is van life in the world's largest hot desert like? This week we get the opportunity to experience life amongst the locals (Berber people) in the Sahara Desert and the nomadic people in the Black Desert. THESE are the EXPERIENCES we TRAVEL for!!! ► CLICK to SUBSCRIBE
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Shipping Our Van to Africa | preparing for van life morocco
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  1. Your Majesty

    Your Majesty7 months ago

    Sometimes you guys just run into amazing travel weeks and tons of great content, and then put together an edit that needs an award. This was one. It was surprising, thoughtful, cultural, funny, entertaining, educational, emotional and visually stunning. I'm hardcore amazed at how advanced your filming and editing skills have progressed. I'm in this for as long as you are.

  2. lizliz4rd

    lizliz4rd6 months ago

    I agree! This Vlog was absolutely beautiful! I felt like I was right there with you for the ride ❤

  3. Kimberly Bronk

    Kimberly Bronk7 months ago

    Spot on 💖

  4. Simba Quelafamille

    Simba Quelafamille7 months ago


  5. Cierra Schaeffer

    Cierra Schaeffer7 months ago

    Your Majesty I couldn’t have said this any better. Eamon and Bec, the world needs more of you.

  6. Brandon s

    Brandon s7 months ago

    @perry trademark they have a tea company ! Chi Walla I believe may not have the spelling right for there company but .. there some go getters ... my favorite you tube couple !! They both rock .. I'm very envious of them.. just watching there vlogs puts my mind in the right place ..

  7. Abyssinia Aura

    Abyssinia Aura4 days ago

    Love watching your utube channel, this one for me was the most touching and both of you seems to balance each other. You are my favorite van lifers. I wish I knew how to watch in data order.

  8. Jordan

    Jordan15 days ago

    Absolutely loved this video!! It really put a smile on my face. From Ellen and Jordan in Liverpool, England

  9. Pauline Hampson

    Pauline Hampson16 days ago

    Wow, what an experience with a Moroccan family in the Sahara Desert! So many unique experiences!

  10. Hanisha M

    Hanisha M17 days ago

    Hello from India - New Subscriber here.. This was one of your best episode. Ditching the local tourist spots and spending time with locals is the best.. Its my dream to visit Africa and you guys made me love it even more. This video has everything, great location, people, music, food, amazing co-travels!!

  11. Sam Vlogs

    Sam Vlogs28 days ago

    These African vlogs are honestly the best! I don’t know why but they make me feel so emotional. I’m so happy that you guys are experiencing African and Muslim hospitality. A lot of the times, tourists only show “touristy” sites (nothing is wrong with that either) but you guys have shown the people! And these are the indigenous too! The wonderful Amazighs/Berber people and every footage just radiates gratitude, respect and love for life. I’m so in love with every second of your videos ❤️

  12. Joyce Tucker

    Joyce TuckerMonth ago

    🤗🤗 Newbie, I love your travels!

  13. Michele Warren

    Michele WarrenMonth ago

    Of all of your travels, of this, I am MOST jealous! Just, WOW! WOW, WOW, WOW!

  14. babisjo

    babisjoMonth ago

    What is the band/song playung during the quad scene?


    ADAM ADAMMonth ago


  16. Marry Kurie

    Marry KurieMonth ago

    Well, this was a wonderful timing. It's really hard now to go anywhere, so it's so good that you did this before Corona changed everything in the world. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience with us. Love from Germany!

  17. shabeer mm

    shabeer mmMonth ago

    I’m from india 🇮🇳 Kerala welcome to Kerala

  18. Carpe Diem

    Carpe DiemMonth ago

    i hope one day to see you here in the Philippines and try our colorful culture. (im your fan all the way from the Philippines)❤❤❤

  19. Carpe Diem

    Carpe DiemMonth ago

    this is one of the best video you have, i have been watching if not binging on your video since i graduate college and seeing you experience so many things just have me dream more to being like you. travelling and experiencing so many things is one of the best teacher in life, makes us understand thing in life and makes us know our self more. Eamon and Bec, youre one of the wholesome people i have encountered in youtube.

  20. Nat R. E.

    Nat R. E.Month ago

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  21. Kallie Nielsen

    Kallie NielsenMonth ago

    This episode was so touching. Words cannot explain how much this video meant to me. It was just so beautiful, as well as those families. You both surely had an impact on them and vice versa and this video impacted me even now. It's amazing how sharing your experience with others can help impact the world!

  22. Wb Anwar

    Wb AnwarMonth ago

    You're not crazy, you're genuine. 😁

  23. Kimberly Gingco

    Kimberly GingcoMonth ago

    I don't if you know this already but let me just point it out again You guys are the best not just because of your advanced editing skills, but also because you guys always make us see the the silver lining you showed us the hidden beauty of every places, showed us places that deserve more appreciation and that's why you guys are the best ❤️ Keep Safe love you both I've said it already but I'm gonna say it again EAMON AND BEC IS SO UNDERRATED

  24. Kimberly Gingco

    Kimberly GingcoMonth ago

    I don't if you know this already but let me just point it out again You guys are the best not just because you indeed have a good quality videos but also because you guys always make us see the the silver lining you showed us the hidden beauty of every places, showed us places that deserve more appreciation and that's why you guys are the best ❤️ Keep Safe love you both ❤️ I've said it already but I'm gonna say it again EAMON AND BEC IS SO UNDERRATED

  25. Denisa B.

    Denisa B.Month ago

    Guys, I've been watching your videos for a while now, better said I've been binge watching your videos for a while now haha and after watching this one I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your travels with us, it is amazing what we can see this way at least, it is amazing, I love it, getting to know places and people around, it is something that makes you rich in a way nothing else can and also wise and grateful. You two have nice energy indeed :) I got so emotional during this video, Africa has been always my I'd like to go there one day place. And do u realize what impact and difference u make to those people as well? I loved that idea of photo - so little for someone and at the same time so special and one of a kind to another one. Keep doing what you do ♡

  26. Gabe & Cleo

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    Catching up on your Moroccan adventures. Loving your vlogs. As a British Moroccan, you’ve seen more of the country than I probably have. Glad you enjoyed. Vive la Maroc

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    Imelda Kennington3 months ago

    One of best videos i have watched. Went to Sahara in 1958 but did not see as much as you. Fantastic

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    Heather Flowers3 months ago

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    Kuwait Updates4 months ago

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    the cursed cat4 months ago

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    CJ James4 months ago

    Hi guys. Fab content as ever. Can I get some info on the route and method of getting the van to Africa? I'm hoping to get from UK to Egypt next year! Love ya! Xx

  74. Diz Heller

    Diz Heller4 months ago

    Fantastic video! You really out-did yourselves! Top notch! I've been working with Moroccan musicians - they were so warm and friendly and fantastic to work with! Shukraan jazilaan!

  75. Adnan Khan GS

    Adnan Khan GS4 months ago

    This one S really the top one among all. Specially the African 🎶 for the sick one

  76. Peter Johnson

    Peter Johnson4 months ago

    When was Africa ever united without borders? News to me. Even looking back thousands of years, the evidence is that it was still tribal and deadly to anyone who was different or worth anything.

  77. JuliaCherrylicious

    JuliaCherrylicious4 months ago

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