VAN LIFE UK | tiny house living in the lake district & london

VAN LIFE UK | Why Our Time Living in a Van in the UK is Over!
We’re Eamon & Bec and over the last two months we have traveled across the UK in our tiny home on wheels. From the bustling city of London city 🌃 to the untouched nature of Wales ⛰ to the cliffs of Northern Ireland 🇮🇪 and the vast landscapes of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 we have LOVED our time here! And while we’ve definitely learned to embrace the wind 💨 and the ☔️ , knowing that the sun awaits us in France is reason enough to say goodbye to the UK (for now).
In today’s van life vlog we pick up right where we left off with 3 people living in a van in Scotland. We show you around the Lake District, enjoy the intensity of a football match in Blackpool and make the most of our final day with our favourite third wheel!
Are you as excited as we are to soak up some Vitamin D ☀️while exploring the rest of Europe!?
Catch up on last week’s episode: 3 People Living in a Van \\ Van Life in Scotland
With only 60 sq ft our tiny house on wheels has always amazed us with just how many people we can fit in there! And while our sprinter van has always seemed like plenty of room for the two of us, this week we test it's capacity with a third human!!! We will all travel across the country of Scotland (living, traveling, sleeping, cooking altogether). Could you live in such tight quarters with two other people?!

Tour the renovations we've done to our self converted sprinter van:
VAN TOUR after 2 years living in our TINY HOUSE on wheels
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Thanks for sharing a REAL WEEK of VAN LIFE in Wales with us!
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Apologies in advance for the toilet scene this week 😂!! We’ve always said we want to keep it real with you all... Oh also, as we speak we’re en route to France so PLEASE share your suggestions for the country with us here ❤️

  2. Margaret Gavin

    Margaret GavinYear ago

    Eamon & Bec love you

  3. Nicole Legenski

    Nicole LegenskiYear ago

    Le Mont St. Michel ! It's like the #2 tourist attraction behind the Eiffel Tower. Also, you guys would love the southern coast (Marseilles, Nice, etc). Even though you guys aren't exactly winos, you should so check out the vignoble scene...Bordeaux, Champagne, Loire. Every region has its own wine. You're going to have a blast! Can't wait to see your adventures!

  4. G 9

    G 9Year ago

    I’m from Blackpool 🙏🏼

  5. ART'e DIEM

    ART'e DIEMYear ago

    come to Arras in northern France and I can show you about. Most people avoid the area, but it has its charm!!

  6. bit of a _saddo

    bit of a _saddoYear ago

    bordeaux bordeaux bordeaux bordeaux bordeaux i cannot stress this enough!!! Go see the "mirroir d'eau" or the water mirror in English- it's this platform thing that has small water fountains in each tile (if you see what I mean) and they have different settings like water mist, water shooting up really high... on a sunny hot day, its the best thing ever!

  7. Belinda Chappell

    Belinda Chappell6 hours ago

    This is my favourite episode....that poop scene 🤣😍🙊 plus Adam is a hottie

  8. fyref0x

    fyref0x12 hours ago

    “Not all heroes wear capes” 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Sarah Van Den Langenbergh

    Sarah Van Den Langenbergh9 days ago

    Just wanna say I'm literally obsessed with your vlogs. I keep binge watching random old and new ones. Starting my own vanlife adventure next year and you guys are SO inspiring! I love how you show the real sides of vanlife. Keep up the great work!! xxx

  10. Justice1 Justice1

    Justice1 Justice19 days ago

    Adam is cool is better for you 😂😂

  11. Lexi Media

    Lexi Media17 days ago

    How did you get your vehicle over to the UK? Was it expensive?

  12. Reese Drew

    Reese Drew24 days ago

    The mountainside with the neverending ferns was beautiful! I've never seen anything like it before.

  13. Christine Taji

    Christine TajiMonth ago


  14. Carefree_CC

    Carefree_CCMonth ago

    I want to see more of Adam 👀😂🙃❤️☀️

  15. Joanna Hampton

    Joanna HamptonMonth ago

    Yelling freedom after an awesome family guest leaves was just disgusting as was the toilet scene, Eamon can be a real asshole

  16. Potato Salad

    Potato Salad8 days ago

    Not really

  17. flutecf

    flutecfMonth ago

    I believe the locals pronounce it as "Kes-ick." I have relatives who live in a nearby village. The Lake District is one of the most beautiful places on earth!

  18. Deborah1russell. Russell

    Deborah1russell. RussellMonth ago

    I love all your adventures !!!! The axe the poop scene !!!! So funny ! You guys are awesome !!!

  19. Izzy Vlogs

    Izzy VlogsMonth ago

    I've been to Keswick Lake District before it's so nice there but it rain the whole time for us as we stayed in a little cottage that we rented out to stay in it was so fun overall though beautiful mountains and views

  20. ryeley parry

    ryeley parry2 months ago

    This is brilliant u should go to wasdale / wasdale Lake you won't be disappointed has the biggest mountain in England beautiful lake so clear looking with a excellent pub at the end of the track so if you go to the lake district again this is a place to check out honestly mesmerising great place check out the link the pub at the end of the track is called wasdale head Inn xx

  21. stefflmrk

    stefflmrk2 months ago

    17:02 . . . had to stop watching the rest, those parents of Bec and of course Adam too, wow . . . proud i guess is the wrong word? I'm sure that 3rd wheel of your van ADAM is on the web somewhere? What a joy that "kid" (as you call that 3x showering and even during sleep brushing his teeth guy Hunk) is around you guys. Since he was actually your guest and the "special" with you guys for the days in the UK and Ireland, you cut his parts pretty short 🥴😞. After day 2 "with you guys", i need to say, that it's true, Adam showed more of your average day as you guys ever do! You left him alone in the van while out SUPing, oh man, if i would have known, i could have come over with the bikes to pick him up . . . sort of. What a cool, easy, relaxed and well showered man! AMAZING. You need mor time with AFAM, he's a real treasure in many ways. Glad you enjoyed the UK. Soccer, yeah, no comparison on football, baseball or even hockey in North America, the after games are sometimes not so nice. 🙄 So you never made it to 🏔⛰🏔⛰ Bavaria? 🤔😳😇 hhhhmmmm? ..... if so, bring Adam! 😉👍🏻 Nice Video, too short on certain parts.

  22. Imogen Clark

    Imogen Clark2 months ago

    When you go to windermere you don't say 'lake windermere' or 'windermere lake' as mere means lake.

  23. Lauren D

    Lauren D3 months ago

    Aha I love how they say Keswick

  24. martin gibbins

    martin gibbins3 months ago

    woop woop love seeing you in England

  25. Kelleena Borner

    Kelleena Borner3 months ago

    I buy nutritional yeast like this also and spent 70$ american Ut its worth it

  26. Andrew Spurr

    Andrew Spurr3 months ago

    Where I proposed to my partner!

  27. mannymarco

    mannymarco3 months ago

    if you're ever back in the uk and don't want to buy nooch at such volume, you can get small tubs from holland and barrett!

  28. Helena Parsons

    Helena Parsons3 months ago

    A bit late to the game but you can get nutritional yeast in any Holland and Barrett!

  29. E Johnson

    E Johnson4 months ago

    I love how friendly you both are but I honestly can’t stop laughing thinking about what was going through people’s heads when your talking to them because honestly that is not the done thing in the UK, if a stranger is that friendly they’re probably creepy.

  30. E J

    E J3 months ago

    In the south yeah, but where they were in the North, we are more friendly and have more time to give to talk to people...

  31. simsinner

    simsinner4 months ago

    I go on holiday to the lake district so glad you enjoyed it

  32. Vegan David Box

    Vegan David Box4 months ago

    very cool I just live near (17mls) to Keswick

  33. Thomas O'Hara

    Thomas O'Hara4 months ago

    Your videos are amazing! I can't wait for lockdown to be over so you can pick up where you left off!

  34. camerachica73

    camerachica735 months ago

    English football is very real and the fans are segregated for a reason!

  35. Danny Barone

    Danny Barone5 months ago

    Hey Guy's I have just watched this video and let me explain the football chaos... This would have been around the time the fan's were mad at the owner Owen Oyston.. There were many protests and this would have been some of the chaos you filmed, he is now no longer the owner after the courts removed the club from him... I do hope you come back here one day and furthmore hope I have a camper made by then as I can show you our Country delights such as The Cotswolds and Lytham which is my town just 10 mins from the dump of Blackpool....

  36. Jayawaves

    Jayawaves5 months ago

    Bec is so sweet ^_^

  37. Areteryl

    Areteryl6 months ago

    yoooo guys, im from the lakes... i lived super off grid for ages so ive been going on a mad binge of all the videos i missed. hope you find yourselves in europe again when this whole situation blows over. lots of love

  38. D S&S

    D S&S6 months ago

    Love all of the lakes districts.. I live two hours away and every time it’ shows me something new.. English football at its finest.. ⚽️ ..

  39. Kendra Fortin

    Kendra Fortin7 months ago


  40. Aitch 20

    Aitch 208 months ago

    Wow I went on holiday with my family to windermere and I'm sure I acc saw u guys but didn't know who u wher because I've only just started watching your blogs and when I discovered this vid of u going to the lake district I realized 5 months ago that wher I was

  41. Kristin Krahmer

    Kristin Krahmer8 months ago

    You should witness some of the soccer matches here in Germany. Even between local city rivals you will have areas sectioned off with a shit ton of police to monitor the crowds and try to control fighting. The term they use for those people are "hooligans." LOL

  42. Steve Wright

    Steve Wright8 months ago

    Your can buy nutritional yeast in just about every supermarket in the UK 😂😂

  43. Callum Hughes

    Callum Hughes8 months ago

    You came to were I live awesome

  44. The Electric Campfire

    The Electric Campfire9 months ago

    Hope you had a great time in our beautiful county. It truly is one of the most beautiful places in England. We are aspiring van lifers that have just purchased a van and currently modifying it to get on the road. My fiancé has been watching your videos for a while and just stumbled on this one. It has really pushed me to want to get on the road more. Safe travels

  45. Tammy Soumas

    Tammy Soumas9 months ago

    btw the Windermere district is where Beatrice Potter lived and her house is still there for visitors.

  46. Chelsea Johnson

    Chelsea Johnson10 months ago

    you can get nutritional yeast in like all Holland&Barrett across the UK 🙈

  47. Katelynn Leigh

    Katelynn Leigh10 months ago

    it's pronounced "kez-ik"

  48. Vanessa Rodriguez

    Vanessa Rodriguez10 months ago

    This was a good one although I’m still a bit confused on why people were overtaking? That van outside of the game

  49. Stephen Gunther

    Stephen Gunther11 months ago

    Love Keswick great dog friendly town

  50. 99elizabeth

    99elizabeth11 months ago

    aw you came to Brighton! best town in the UK :)

  51. erin bishop

    erin bishop11 months ago

    Eamon pouring the water made me so thirsty lol

  52. Amy Sands.

    Amy Sands.11 months ago

    you guys should visit cyprus😍😍my favourite place ever.

  53. Vanessa's World.

    Vanessa's World.11 months ago

    By any chance were you staying at low wray i live in the uk and visited the lakes with my mum .next time you come to england and do the lakes low wray castle and beatrix potters house are amazing. Love you guys and your journey i hope you enjoyed our rainy abode !

  54. George 64

    George 64Year ago

    I love how shocked they were when the riot started after the footy game, like that wasn’t even bad? That was minimal 😂

  55. Rosário Cunha Coutinho

    Rosário Cunha Coutinho3 months ago

    They did not know how seriously european countries take football ( or how bad ) LoL

  56. Charlie Coulls

    Charlie Coulls4 months ago

    Ikr 😂

  57. Sam Lutfi

    Sam LutfiYear ago

    zero science behind any benefits from nutritional yeast.... man the world is spiraling into a brain drain

  58. Sam Lutfi

    Sam LutfiYear ago

    Van essentials : essential oils (rolls eyes) can't wait for this era of vanlife and inatafame comes to an end

  59. Joshua McClure

    Joshua McClureYear ago

    Eamon spent $100 on that yeast, no doubt about it.

  60. Jacklisalivyjude Stevos

    Jacklisalivyjude StevosYear ago

    I do like you guys but watching this I felt sad Bec was marked as avoiding exercise and ‘bringing up the rear’ rather than finishing her run. To name a few bits. Go Bec!!!!

  61. Chris Sanchez

    Chris SanchezYear ago

    amazing cinematics

  62. Bimse Smith

    Bimse SmithYear ago

    You were really on the potty??? Lol.. oh boy!

  63. Sarah Kane

    Sarah KaneYear ago

    For anyone wondering you can get nutritional yeast from Holland and Barrett in the UK! Pretty common UK high street store. If you guys ever come to the UK again you have to visit Northumberland!

  64. Nala Mc

    Nala McYear ago

    You know you can normally find nutritional yeast at any health shop

  65. OceanJack

    OceanJackYear ago

    Awesome, I’m a kiwi who lived in Cumbria for three years, amazing place!

  66. Sydney Nelson

    Sydney NelsonYear ago

    If you don’t know who Julien solomita is, he is the boyfriend of Jenna Marbles, who is a huge youtuber. Anyway, they are both vegan and gluten free, and the last few months, on his channel, he has been making cooking videos. And they LOVE nutritional yeast. They call it Nooch (spelling?).

  67. Sofia Bryan

    Sofia BryanYear ago


  68. I am Olivia so hi

    I am Olivia so hiYear ago

    Omg I was at the Lake District a few weeks before u 😮

  69. paper squish for life

    paper squish for lifeYear ago

    I'm obsessed with watching your vids, there so funny and my sis says it boring I but I don't ❤️❤️

  70. Lizzie Bainbridge

    Lizzie BainbridgeYear ago

    I live very close to the Lake District and have climbed catbells and been to Keswick so many times, I love it there💕

  71. Kahlee Jade

    Kahlee JadeYear ago

    The end of this vlog was so sweet. Can't believe I missed you guys coming to the UK! I'm just catching up on all your videos now as I had a baby whilst you were over here so finally getting the chance to watch some USlikes again. So glad you guys had such a good time ♥️

  72. Natalie Clarke

    Natalie ClarkeYear ago

    Would of be nice to meet you. I live in the Lakes and I’ve followed you guys for over a year now

  73. Neil Quinney

    Neil QuinneyYear ago

    Just found your channel and subscribed. Great energy from you both. I live not far from the Lakes and it really is stunning!

  74. Celina Teresa

    Celina TeresaYear ago

    way too obsessed with these videos.. i need my own tiny house on wheels

  75. Lisa Zara-Brito

    Lisa Zara-BritoYear ago

    I love you guys!!!!

  76. Tarrentar

    TarrentarYear ago

    Great video 👍🏽 You can buy nutritional yeast in every English supermarket. :-/ Where were you looking?


    JULIA GODDENYear ago

    Awwww it’s called Engevita here (nutritional yeast ) so sorry to hear you couldn’t find! X

  78. teddythebun

    teddythebunYear ago

    I live in the uk, if only it was as good as this 😅😅

  79. Amy Steel

    Amy SteelYear ago

    I love your vlogs and as someone who is from the Lake District, I never knew you would be allowed to do van life over here! Also watching you guys in Lake Windermere made me miss summers at home 😂

  80. duece

    dueceYear ago

    How are you in the Uk with a van

  81. marley jackson

    marley jacksonYear ago

    I lose track if your british or american lol, you guys are awsome 👍

  82. Harriet Fortune

    Harriet FortuneYear ago

    Eamon in the back on the toilet - I actually teared with laughter, that really got me!

  83. Gordon Kelly

    Gordon KellyYear ago

    Hi Eamon glad to see you really enjoyed your UK leg of Europe. On the scene with the paddle boards you are wearing a linen type hoodie, can you remember where you obtained it from? Cheers for the VLOG enjoy where you have been including, Mexico Iceland and now Europe

  84. Bettie Peech

    Bettie PeechYear ago

    Hahahahahahahahaha eamon and bec reacting to footy fights, nowt new. Can’t cope hahahahaha

  85. Robi Dean

    Robi DeanYear ago

    Adam is mad cute. He got an Insta to follow?

  86. Leslie Walton

    Leslie WaltonYear ago

    What a great turnout for your meetup! Congrats on all your success!

  87. Debbie Lynn

    Debbie LynnYear ago

    I love your videos and you remind me so much of Milllie Bobby brown ❤️

  88. LA Gunn

    LA GunnYear ago

    😎 cool


    DJ XTRACTYear ago

    wish id of known you was in london, would of said hello, or ya'lright! good videos guys.

  90. Izzy keenan

    Izzy keenanYear ago

    U think that is a bad fight I live I Rotherham its a dodgy place so I seen worse

  91. Schmilie

    SchmilieYear ago

    Hope you guys had fun in the uk! 👍🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  92. arnb8907

    arnb8907Year ago

    Go to africa

  93. HayleyTief

    HayleyTiefYear ago

    The Lake District is the one thing we didn't get to do on our recent trip to the UK and I'm still so bummed about it. We couldn't do everything though!

  94. Devin Benjamin

    Devin BenjaminYear ago

    My husband and I are planing a trip to Ireland for about 14 days what is one thing you would recommend we not miss? This is a trip my husband has been wanting to go on for 5 years and I want to make it special.

  95. Randy M

    Randy MYear ago

    Greetings from Lake Windermere in British Columbia. Looks like fun!

  96. shan Sait

    shan SaitYear ago

    Love your channel ❤❤ just for the record its pronounced 'Kes-ik' the W is silent OMG I'm stoked you came to Brighton it's the best xx

  97. Barb R

    Barb RYear ago

    Yay! Congrats on your first 5k! I love how close Bec is with her bro, Adam is a cutie, glad to see him visit y’all.

  98. Chela1661

    Chela1661Year ago

    Sitting here.. just waiting for a new video ...❤

  99. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Every Sunday morning at 9 AM EST :)... 10 more minutes!

  100. WeetGeWel

    WeetGeWelYear ago

    Hi Eamon & Bec! You guys are awesome and I love the happy, motivative and adventurous videos. I'm planning on building my own Van and I must say that I really like the interior of yours. It looks so cozy, comfy, clean and practical :D Have fun while exploring France! Are you guys also planning a visit to Belgium? See ya ;)

  101. Teod ora

    Teod oraYear ago

    You guys always bring so much positivity in my life. Love you and your vlogs

  102. Aleczandra Crum

    Aleczandra CrumYear ago

    How do you guys make your money while you travel??

  103. Darren Postin

    Darren PostinYear ago

    As a man that wants to buy a van and kit it out for my wife and 2 dogs... i come across this vlog and absolutely love it ! Im from the UK.. (Telford in Shopshire) and have taken great pleasure and inspiration in what you are doing. Both my wife and myself have great jobs and have visited a lot of countries both East and west of us, But with our 2 kids now not wanting to party with us on holiday anymore... van life is defo our next step into enjoying life. Your vids are inspiring us to do so !! Any advise given to us is greatful. Keep up the great work !!!!!

  104. Camille R

    Camille RYear ago Please watch this Eamon is a healthy vegan and this OTHER guy in a viral video I saw on fb is a drug addict. He looks so much like Eamon day and night, the resemblance is uncanning, please comb your hair and clean up your look! Your wife always combs herself your too handsom to not care and always have bed head hair everywhere you go and in every video.

  105. Hayden’s Minecraft life

    Hayden’s Minecraft lifeYear ago

    Where is Rojo

  106. Max Renolds

    Max RenoldsYear ago

    I live in the UK and we are vegan and use nutritional yeast flakes all the time!

  107. Janet Phillips

    Janet PhillipsYear ago

    I find it quite disrespectful of the lame attempts to mimic the class and courtesy to other countries. Do people you meet on your travels make fun of your Canadian accents?

  108. shan Sait

    shan SaitYear ago

    Don't be so up yourself they weren't being disrespectful they are just having fun you sad person get over yourself

  109. Janet Phillips

    Janet PhillipsYear ago

    @shan Sait that is a grown up thing you twit...showing respect to the community in which you are visiting....smh...get a life

  110. shan Sait

    shan SaitYear ago

    Grow up

  111. Van Life

    Van LifeYear ago

    May I ask a question I'm planning to start a van life.But when we are old what do we do do we still live in a van

  112. Tannas Mcmillantan

    Tannas McmillantanYear ago

    If you going to the West side of France you defo need to check out two places that I visit every year. A theme park called Puy du fou , it's not got any rides but it's like Disney land crossed with national trust type history. Lots of awesome shows ! Loads of content for the blog and each show has its own themed village. Theres campervan camping there (don't know the price) but food isn't every vegan friendly. and there's a couple of beachs near Oléron island that go on for miles and are alot like the beach's in Mexico from what I could see. If your lucks right they'll besome serious waves sometimes for Eamon to test his skills. Have an amazing time guys, I love your videos !!

  113. XxAlixsonxX

    XxAlixsonxXYear ago

    I liked this video just cuz of the sheep on the hike 💀💀