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VAN LIFE VLOG | this makes me happy // baja bound ep. 5
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We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!!
In today's episode we enjoy Sedona, Arizona and the many beautiful hikes in the area! Join us as we explore Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock AND the mescal trail with The Matneys.
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Happy Wednesday beautiful friends! We have loved our time in Sedona, Arizona and hope you enjoy coming along for two days exploring the area. What would your ideal day look like?!

  2. Carla Pierre

    Carla PierreYear ago

    Bec, you know the sign reads "can" "yon" of fools; LOL.......

  3. srq lisa

    srq lisaYear ago

    If you go to joshua tree after please film the drive and drive in the day time. And please please let the driver pick the music. : ) peace

  4. V&V TV

    V&V TVYear ago

    Twas great meeting you two! Glad to see that you're loving Sedona. Brin's Mesa is another good hike with not too many peeps.

  5. emilytermini

    emilyterminiYear ago

    You guys are great! Im working on fixing up my van now and Im a big fan. Youve both helped me SO much. Keep inspiring! Much love xoxo

  6. Jarred 333 other channel

    Jarred 333 other channelYear ago

    oh wow good video mate! #ytj333

  7. Lorena Cunha

    Lorena Cunha15 days ago

    U guyyyyyyssss 💚🍀

  8. Carmen Cochenour

    Carmen Cochenour26 days ago

    I hope you come back to AZ. Bisbee is my happy place. I love Sedona and Flagstaff too. Shit, I love it all.

  9. peggy bachler

    peggy bachler2 months ago

    I was born and raised in AZ so glad you’re enjoying it.

  10. Jennifer Marriott

    Jennifer Marriott3 months ago

    Your videos are sure quality ❤️❤️💕❤️😘😘luv luv

  11. Lindsay Malissa

    Lindsay Malissa8 months ago

    I *love* when you travel with the Matneys. It’s just my absolute favorite content ❤️

  12. RJ Productions

    RJ Productions9 months ago

    I just wanted to let you know that just watching your videos has inspired me to go to my local bioreserve for a hike tomorrow. This is a big deal because I’ve been unable to do anything productive for months because of my depression. So I wanted to thank u guys for being so great and positive and motivating. Also once I graduate from college I’m going to join the nomad life. Love your videos!!

  13. Dorrie H

    Dorrie H10 months ago

    We spent all of last January in Sedona, and are preparing to start our first van-life cross-country trip back over there in three weeks. (I was actually on the Courthouse Butte/Bell Rock loop on the day of the eclipse. I got a great shot of the moonrise, but then those pesky clouds came in and fuzzed up the eclipse.) LOVE your hiking vids. LOVE to see my favorite hikes again. Can't wait to go back! Sedona IS the happiest place on Earth!

  14. Meghan Purkis

    Meghan Purkis11 months ago

    Loving what you two do & stand for. Keep it up!! What drone did you use for this vid?

  15. xtjne_

    xtjne_11 months ago

    "nice day for it!" 🤣

  16. George Hawkins

    George HawkinsYear ago

    I have photographer friend who lives in Sedona! Before I knew him well I spent some time in Sedona, then north to Grand Canyon!

  17. kenya Mack

    kenya MackYear ago

    What happened to your chi business.

  18. Miranda Davala

    Miranda DavalaYear ago

    I love you guys and watching your adventures. Planning to go to the van life within the next few years and I have learned so much from you. BUT I see one thing, it would be awesome if you guys had a small trash can instead of plastic bags! Granted you guys could have found the bag and reused it.!!! ❤️

  19. Fiona Seybold

    Fiona SeyboldYear ago

    "buddy! buddy! hydrate you-what are you doing!" -bec 2019

  20. Monica Van Deventer

    Monica Van DeventerYear ago

    One of my favorite videos from y'all!

  21. Sue Davidson

    Sue DavidsonYear ago

    I lived and worked at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon for seven years. Visited Sedona many, many times. Surprised you didn’t hit up Slide Rock while there. Maybe next time. I keep thinking of Eamon’s “nip it in the butt” and can’t stop laughing 😂

  22. Lizabeth Rivera

    Lizabeth RiveraYear ago

    Just started watching you guys and I know your far away right now but if you ever come back to AZ were 20 min from Sedona and have a driveway you could park in and a shower

  23. Sakeena Edoo

    Sakeena EdooYear ago

    Oooo...Eamon had his shoes on inside the Van as he stumped on the cans...."Caughtcha"!!!

  24. Taryn Brown

    Taryn BrownYear ago

    You guys should check out prescott, AZ. It’s about an hour away from Sedona. There’s beautiful forests and it’s not nearly as busy as Sedona or flagstaff. And there’s amazing trails everywhere and lakes

  25. Tommy Duque

    Tommy DuqueYear ago

    i went to sedona a while back but I wish I could go again!

  26. Sherif Sharkawy

    Sherif SharkawyYear ago

    "Nip it in the Butt"

  27. I Build Sheds

    I Build ShedsYear ago

    she looks like Olive Oil (Popeye) with her hair up like that!

  28. ruinsane100

    ruinsane100Year ago

    Sedona is my happy place too, Bec! Did you guys manage to find BLM land to camp on? Not a lot of camping options in and around Sedona.

  29. Mahesvar Tr

    Mahesvar TrYear ago

    really amazing vlog Ooooooo

  30. Great.Scottie

    Great.ScottieYear ago

    I really Love the Love You both have for each other😍

  31. Jason Rodnick

    Jason RodnickYear ago

    Love you guys, this was a great vid.

  32. Erubiel Alanis

    Erubiel AlanisYear ago

    Sedona is absolutely amazing, I can’t wait to go back.

  33. Brittnie Dillon

    Brittnie DillonYear ago

    I am soo upset I missed you guys in AZ, I live in phx ❤️

  34. That Crazy Cat Lady Julie

    That Crazy Cat Lady JulieYear ago

    Come to New Mexico some time! It’s also really beautiful and lots of great places to camp.

  35. Hailey Bonomi

    Hailey BonomiYear ago

    As a native Arizonan there is so so much to explore here. I am almost 24 and have spent my entire life in Phoenix and am still discovering new places on the regular.

  36. Hailey Bonomi

    Hailey BonomiYear ago

    Plus it’s one of the few places you can swim in February/March and not freeze

  37. Tiam Fallah

    Tiam FallahYear ago

    Ayyy this vid was uploaded on my birthday makes me happy

  38. OG Travels

    OG TravelsYear ago

    I literally can not stop binge watching your vlogs! Amazing content. Makes me want to go live in a van.

  39. Janet

    JanetYear ago

    Was in Arizona a few weeks ok, stayed on the 525, absolutely beautiful!

  40. Kelsey Drummond

    Kelsey DrummondYear ago

    I love Green Beaver! Their deodorant is the only thing that works for me.

  41. ultraboost beam

    ultraboost beamYear ago

    I dont know how i feel about the other van couple. You guys seem genuine, and just a bit more natural at it.

  42. Allie Patterson

    Allie PattersonYear ago

    Fav part of my trip to Arizona was the night sky!

  43. adrian b

    adrian bYear ago

    Bec if things don't work out... let me know lol.

  44. Sarah Lobur

    Sarah LoburYear ago

    Love this video. This was my front porch growing up.... love sedona

  45. Brooke Gillum

    Brooke GillumYear ago

    I think USlikes has gotten lazy in a lot of aspects but Bec and Eamon kill the USlikes game! And it’s all about their personalities, truly. I love you guys and I relate so much, I can’t wait to start my can life ❤️😊

  46. Nanna Patty

    Nanna PattyYear ago

    Beautiful views

  47. Overactiveeyeball

    OveractiveeyeballYear ago

    Sedona was and will always be a special place for me. Love it!

  48. Elizabeth Trotter

    Elizabeth TrotterYear ago

    nice music

  49. Angela Starcher

    Angela StarcherYear ago

  50. joker siwel

    joker siwelYear ago

    You guys are gorgeous, so cute together

  51. Paul Carter

    Paul CarterYear ago

    Good one guys, beautiful place. Thanks for sharing the journey.

  52. Suzie Wratten

    Suzie WrattenYear ago

    Definitely not bored I'm loving Arizona, nothing like that here in England, what a beautiful place 😁

  53. Melinda Duncan

    Melinda DuncanYear ago

    I love watching your videos and I was wondering what do you think has caused your sub count to surpassed the Matneys?i know you all are. buddies and I love you all but I really enjoy your videos!

  54. steve smith

    steve smithYear ago

    Great video you guys, love the energy and the crazy thing is I am 15 miles from Sedona in Cottonwood, I have been traveling for five weeks and I came through Sedona four weeks ago and now I am back because I want to do more mountain biking and hiking and exploring more and I took notes of some of the different hikes that you did but today is kind a rainy and as I look out my window from Walmart I see a cool rainbow and blue sky, #That’sRandomButAwesome! Thanks for all the info and tell Cliff thanks for his input, who knows I might just run into you guys, have a great day 🤠👍

  55. SoundOfTheShutter

    SoundOfTheShutterYear ago

    NOOOOO!!!! We're NOT BORED!!! OHH GODD! I cant stop enjoying your vlogs! Guys , i seriously want to live a life like yourss.. it's so worth it to be living a life of freedom. I'm gonna start working remote soon! and hopefully we'll meet someday in a vanlifers meet or something!!!! Love you guys! Keep going. Btw, congrants on getting engaged

  56. brettnbeck_valleyvan

    brettnbeck_valleyvanYear ago

    What a beautiful amazing place great drone footage thanks for sharing Brett and Bec xxx 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  57. The Detourist Guide

    The Detourist GuideYear ago

    Sedona is the best. We were so blown away by it as well. So many rad hikes so close, good food, great climate, amazing scenery!

  58. westredg

    westredgYear ago

    daaaang I was in Sedona with friends on the 25th and 26th

  59. Caroline Doughty 2

    Caroline Doughty 2Year ago

    Currently on the freezing east coast wishing I could say "Nice day for it" unironically.

  60. Wando Tales

    Wando TalesYear ago

    Dying 🤣 nice day for it eh

  61. Sam Williams

    Sam WilliamsYear ago

    If you are still there hike lizard head its amazing at the top..have fun!

  62. alex95shorty

    alex95shortyYear ago

    Aw plz go check out Turkey Creek Rd at the chiricahua mountains in AZ! And the very east side of Tucson there's some really cool camping spots called Redington pass

  63. felicia white

    felicia whiteYear ago

    canYON not cannon

  64. felicia white

    felicia whiteYear ago


  65. Emmanuel Lakou

    Emmanuel LakouYear ago

    Sedona season

  66. Awakening Sunshine

    Awakening SunshineYear ago

    love all your videos! I especially love Arizona!

  67. CarlyAnne McCarthy

    CarlyAnne McCarthyYear ago

    This was a funny one! The drone shots are next level

  68. maria k

    maria kYear ago

    Finally catching up on your videos and this one made me happy :)

  69. Lisa Irwin

    Lisa IrwinYear ago

    Sedona is definitely my happy place! I was there last summer. Visited three of the vortexes. Super Zen.

  70. Chinyere Nnaji

    Chinyere NnajiYear ago

    This video made me smile 😊♥♥

  71. cameo lopez

    cameo lopezYear ago

    Did you feel the different energies?

  72. Andy Kozicki

    Andy KozickiYear ago

    I really enjoyed this video. ya'll are great!

  73. Bubbly Emma

    Bubbly EmmaYear ago

    Just binged this serie, LOVIN IT

  74. Sherri Hodges

    Sherri HodgesYear ago

    Bec is so flippin cute! As always, I love this video :)

  75. Lorraine Calvert

    Lorraine CalvertYear ago

    You are in one of my favorite parts of this country. My boyfriend and I drove the states in a Ford Pinto years ago. We returned to this area again and again. It is truly magical.

  76. Stacie Clark-Benson

    Stacie Clark-BensonYear ago

    Its been awhile since I have been active on your vlogs. I was having a tough time the last few months of last year & was in & out of the hospital...had numerous surgeries. Im still struggling, but Im trying to catch up with my favorite USlikesrs. I have missed you guy's! I have always wanted to go to Sedona, but never made it before I became disabled. I used to love to hike. Have you ever been to Zion National Park in Utah? I think they have 7 hiking trails (dont quote me, Im not positive on the #), but they are all pretty awesome AND its gorgeous up there! My hubby & I spent our honeymoon there. It was the best! Maybe you can stop by there on your way home from Mexico unless you are going home the way you went last. Take care & stay safe out there. Lots of love! 💞

  77. Leann 49

    Leann 49Year ago

    Amazing views. Thanks! Safe travels.

  78. Barb R

    Barb RYear ago

    I want to go there now! Nice day for it! 👍🏼

  79. Collin Simpson

    Collin SimpsonYear ago

    This may be a dumb question but do you guys have any issues crossing the border in your van?

  80. Living In A Van

    Living In A VanYear ago

    Wow. Absolutely beautiful views and videography. Thanks for sharing!

  81. Fully Today

    Fully TodayYear ago

    Love this so much!!💛

  82. Symphytum Tribe

    Symphytum TribeYear ago

    My favorite place so incredible like heaven.

  83. Schlaraffenland

    SchlaraffenlandYear ago

    nice intro :-) Well done.

  84. Teri Jackson

    Teri JacksonYear ago

    Sedona looks amazing!

  85. Ana Moses

    Ana MosesYear ago

    I had a smile on my face this entire video! Thank you. I'm going to Arizona in a week! Also Bec, where do you get your clothes? I love your style.

  86. Fernando Medrano

    Fernando MedranoYear ago

    Welcome to AZ!

  87. Your Majesty

    Your MajestyYear ago

    #whereis Freestyle Friday ????

  88. Sandra Constant

    Sandra ConstantYear ago

    Your vlogs makes me happy! I know how much work it is for you guys to make them, but many of us, who can't travel right now or live the van life, we appreciate them sooooo much! thank you for sharing that with us!!! :)

  89. Alice Bidwell

    Alice BidwellYear ago

    Absolutely love this series! ❤️❤️

  90. Brittney Anne Herrera

    Brittney Anne HerreraYear ago

    I eat my yogurt the same way as Eamon : )

  91. Kelly Carmichael

    Kelly CarmichaelYear ago

    This is amazing! My husband and I moved to New Mexico in September and have been working on our Southwest bucket list. You guys are giving me so many ideas and now I'm filling up the Arizona portion of our list with all the places you're going!

  92. Debbie Relph

    Debbie RelphYear ago

    I've lived in AZ since 1984 - its simply the best. Lot's of hikes around the Valley too!! I've been to Canada and also enjoyed it - would move there if they let me :)

  93. Lauren Jordan

    Lauren JordanYear ago

    Bec- you need Badger Balm. It is natural and lasts all day. They even have a sports/ water resistant kind, and it really works. I use it kayaking/ paddling boarding/ swimming all summer, great stuff :)

  94. Little Bento's

    Little Bento'sYear ago

    Awesome vlog guys! It looks like a beautiful place definitely worth it

  95. Nikki S

    Nikki SYear ago

    Love you guys!! Glad ya back 💓

  96. Jen Matiu

    Jen MatiuYear ago

    Great vid guys! Love your energy! Going to try n find your cook book!!

  97. LaNessa T

    LaNessa TYear ago

    didyou do your favces logo yourself or have a designer do it ? Really love it.

  98. Chad Deibler-Hunt

    Chad Deibler-HuntYear ago

    Have been on those very same trails. AZ is one of my favorites. Glad you got to experience. :)

  99. Angel Morales

    Angel MoralesYear ago

    The Vortex is bologna, as far as any spiritual energy goes. The vortex's in Sedona do not even qualify under the USGS definition of a vortex because they do not have the magnetic measurement that a true vortex has. And as far as the tree's being affected you pointed out to totally different trees.The Juniper's grow differently then the pines.There are also different types of pines and junipers in Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon. IF you didn't figure it out there are a bunch of WEIRDO's hear.

  100. Hadasha Patterson

    Hadasha PattersonYear ago

    Like you all be having fun. Ok haven’t had breakfast yet guys. Good Morning

  101. Mara

    MaraYear ago

    Dank means good!!

  102. Keri-Louise Day

    Keri-Louise DayYear ago

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    Hannah WestYear ago

    Can we please talk about the new Canadian food guide??? Your thoughts on the change? I immediately thought of my fav vegan Canadians when I say it!

  104. potato

    potatoYear ago

    The amount I love these vlogs is astronomical.

  105. Alannah Hawks

    Alannah HawksYear ago

    That “Nice day for it” Clío had me cringing haha I’m so awkward!

  106. Josh Tyner

    Josh TynerYear ago

    I wish I could give you a thumbs up but for obvious reasons of having, yet again, the Matneys in your video, I just can't give you a thumbs up. I do give you thumbs up everytime they aren't in your video just for that reason. I subscribe to your channel to watch both of you. Not the Matneys. Best wishes!