VAN LIFE 2019 | Where to Travel in Your Tiny House this Year

Where to Travel while Living in a Van in 2019 ft. vanlife creators
Big love to each of our friends for taking part in this video ♡ Each channel is linked below in the order that they appear ↓↓↓
The Indie Projects
Max & Lee
Create Wondr
Wandxr Bus
The Matneys
Trent & Allie
40 Hours of Freedom
Eamon & Bec
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One of the things we love most about van life is the beautiful sense of community that it fosters. Sure, we are all on the road most of the year but when our paths cross with one another we share some amazing memories! To wrap up an incredible 2018, Eamon & I thought it would be fun to create a collaborative video with our friends who also live in tiny homes on wheels. The concept is to share our favourite travel destinations in the hopes that they may inspire you to travel there in 2019.
Did you enjoy this style of video?! We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below!
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  1. Scott Chapman

    Scott ChapmanYear ago

    Guys, thanks for the great Video. On another note, my whole family has gone Vegan for the New Year and your weekday whip ups book is our current guide for eating. We are only 2 days in but yummmmm. We just had your curry last night, and I eat the Chickpea salad daily for lunch. Thanks for providing such a great and tasty guide for the New Year.


    HAPPY THC11 months ago

    Eamon & Bec u guys have a book 📖 why didn’t I hear about this 🤦🏾‍♀️💕?

  3. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    WHAT! Now THAT is AMAZING!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us Scott. Eamon and I both want to send so much love and positivity to you and the family as you give the plant based lifestyle a go! We love being a part of your journey ♡♡♡

  4. Jo M

    Jo M3 months ago

    I’ve been watching years of vlogs in a month and I noticed you guys get sick a lot is that normal for you ?

  5. Lawrence Cortes

    Lawrence CortesYear ago

    come visit and enjoy philippines😍😘

  6. BlinkPopShift

    BlinkPopShiftYear ago

    Whoa. Have you met any van lifers who are not white hetero couples?

  7. roy Wright

    roy WrightYear ago

    Love your video's please be safe and keep them coming 😁

  8. I say shotgun, you say wedding

    I say shotgun, you say weddingYear ago

    I missed you guys lol

  9. Micah Melnyk

    Micah MelnykYear ago

    Awesome video. Sometimes when you watch different channels, you sort of see them as separate, but then this comes along and reminds how much of a community it is. Look forward to seeing where you go in 2019!

  10. Rosalie Ogden

    Rosalie OgdenYear ago

    I finally decided to comment on this video. This is my 3rd time watching it, loving it. I have it saved and will go back to it again and again, showing it to friends and family to encourage van life part time if not full. I can't wait to get out on the road in the next year. ❤👍

  11. Jean Lathan

    Jean LathanYear ago

    Thanks for the great video and a very Happy & healthy New year to you both.

  12. TSpaceFullstop

    TSpaceFullstopYear ago

    Check out: 🎥 TravellingK Intro - Solo Female Caravanner in New ... - USlikes To all you kiwis out there🚚💙💙🇳🇿🥝New Zealand. Love this selection from quite a few familiar faces and new ones. 👋 Please list the countries...not familiar with where they are situated. 🌏

  13. Scott Chapman

    Scott ChapmanYear ago

    E and B, Vegan lifestyle going strong 9 days in. So far have tried your recipes for veg curry, falafel wrap, Kohn san oad thai and sweet pot quesadillas...all wonderful. Cashew cream is amazing we are already planning on using that to cream up some of our own dishes. We will check back in to let you know which dish we try next!

  14. Alex Nettles

    Alex NettlesYear ago

    Canadians and millennials are the nicest people. How fun the world would be if everybody was so kind. Have a super fantastical 2019!

  15. The Adventure Allens

    The Adventure AllensYear ago

    Hello my name is Chris my wife Taylor and I, along with our 9 month old puppy named Chief are full time van lifers. Before van life we lived on a boat we haven’t lived in a house since May of 2017. We’re doing a rebuild for our van currently. We would love to mimic you guy’s bed/sofa. If there’s any way we can get your template please let us know. Hope to hear from you soon.

  16. Jørn Lavre

    Jørn LavreYear ago

    Hey you two and Happy New Year. This is another highlight of your video and example of your open hearted sharing. Thanks again, you never let me down with your vlogs.

  17. Mr and Mrs Adventure

    Mr and Mrs AdventureYear ago

    We would have added Morocco ♡ Great video guys, we hung out with Indie Projects in England. Can't wait to get this van build done so we can get to exploring again!!

  18. Eric Yuan

    Eric YuanYear ago

    Just a quick question about your Espar heater. Do you guys run it overnight and how loud is it inside AND outside since I assume you'd want a quiet operation for urban stealth camping.

  19. Raymond Driggers

    Raymond DriggersYear ago

    What a beautiful shot of you standing in the passenger van door way

  20. Roger Burgess

    Roger BurgessYear ago

    Where has your live stream vid gone from yesterday? I got a notification for a like on my comment and went to look but it’s private?

  21. Travel Teez

    Travel TeezYear ago

    Love it! I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )

  22. Plus Side Of Life

    Plus Side Of LifeYear ago

    I really enjoyed this video. I thought it was a great way for y’all to put out content while being sick. Plus it was great to see so many different channels represented in one video. Awesome idea

  23. Teri Jackson

    Teri JacksonYear ago

    Awww I love that I pretty much follow everyone in this video and have seen their videos on these places. ahhaha this was a wonderful idea, and if nothing else....another push to get moving, instead of sitting still and dreaming. Loved it! Hope 2019 is nothing but a great year full of opportunities and safe travels to new destinations. xoxo

  24. Funnyguy

    FunnyguyYear ago

    As a Mexican I was glad to see many Mexican destinations. Mexico usually gets a bad rap which is understandable but with careful planning it can be an amazing place to visit.

  25. D X

    D XYear ago

    This video was a brilliant idea! Happy New Year to you two!

  26. Sei einfach

    Sei einfachYear ago

  27. Stephen Hughes

    Stephen HughesYear ago

    Happy New Year Eamon & Bec hope you're both well and not suffering any more..... great video blog and love the places to stay! Hope you have a great Twenty Nineteen!

  28. Jeanne Anne

    Jeanne AnneYear ago

    SLC/moab Utah is my favorite. I lived there for about 4 1/2 years so much fun

  29. Erin Brazill

    Erin BrazillYear ago

    What a nice and original video guys! I follow almost everyone here and glad you all are friends:)

  30. Chad Deibler-Hunt

    Chad Deibler-HuntYear ago

    Hope you both get feeling better soon! Also caught the bug on new years.

  31. Travels of Heather and Curtis

    Travels of Heather and CurtisYear ago

    Yes, thank you! This is a great list, just want to hit the road and head somewhere warm! Hope you're both feeling better. You could do a Canada edition of places too? I bet you have some good ones : ) Safe travels

  32. Dylan Amble

    Dylan AmbleYear ago

    keep the fire content up! sub + like 😁

  33. Wesley Mulder

    Wesley MulderYear ago

    I’m so happy whenever a new video of you guys pops up. I really love you❤️

  34. Heather Renton

    Heather RentonYear ago

    Great video for the start of 2019! I am inspired! Thank you

  35. debmac2

    debmac2Year ago

    OMG this video was FREAKING AWESOME, I loved it so much! hugs

  36. Vanessa & Adam

    Vanessa & AdamYear ago

    It’s been confirmed, Mexico needs to happen. 😁

  37. Matellena

    MatellenaYear ago

    Great video! I'm following and love almost all of these van lifers. I'm going to check out the couple I'm missing, thank you. I hope you have a great and safe New year.

  38. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Matellena thank you!! Same to you xx

  39. sharina kent

    sharina kentYear ago

    Happy New Year's to you all xx

  40. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    sharina kent thank you!! Happy New Year to you too!

  41. Joan Cooke

    Joan CookeYear ago

    Feel better! Happy New Year and Happy Travels!

  42. James Dye

    James DyeYear ago

    Stunnnnning content

  43. Jordan Cooper

    Jordan CooperYear ago

    Loved this video! By far my favorite!

  44. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Jordan Cooper so glad you enjoyed this different style of video!!

  45. StarFlower99654

    StarFlower99654Year ago

    I love Banff and BC too. Been through there on our drives from and to Alaska (home) and wish we could have spent longer exploring these areas. Great video.

  46. Rebekka Østreng

    Rebekka ØstrengYear ago

    I loved this video! I like that you included other vanlifers (I watch almost everyone you showed here from seeing them in your videos earlier😄) and I loved that Norway was the first place because I am from Norway😄 I hope you have an amazing travel year, I will try to travel as mutch as I can as a student! I dont have a van now, but I would love to have one in the future 😍

  47. Panman Van

    Panman VanYear ago

    Hi guys. We have been watching you for awhile and never miss a video. You bring youthful energy, enthusiasm, and entrepreneurial spirit into your videos. Love the videos with Bob too. You have a great work ethic and the channel is very entertaining. Keep up the great work and I hope 2019 is even more prosperous and fulfilling for you. - Dave and Sue

  48. Jeni B

    Jeni BYear ago


  49. Debi Smith

    Debi SmithYear ago

    Banff is amazing!

  50. Debi Smith

    Debi SmithYear ago

    I want to rent a van in Norway, and go for a couple weeks at least.

  51. Gen Smiley

    Gen SmileyYear ago

    Yay!!! All my favourite van lifers all in one vid! Happy Healthy New Year guys!! xoxo

  52. Ron Hyman

    Ron HymanYear ago

    Great job Eamon and Bec, happy New Year. Thanks for being so inclusive, you hit all our favourite community members...hugs to all.

  53. michele vitarelli

    michele vitarelliYear ago

    Happy new year. Safe travels for 2019.

  54. D'arcy Thomsen

    D'arcy ThomsenYear ago


  55. Lily Clark

    Lily ClarkYear ago

    Loved this video!!!!

  56. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    So glad you enjoyed it Lily!! Thanks for tuning in :)

  57. Kat Fio

    Kat FioYear ago

    Looking forward to your new videos on 2019.

  58. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    We're so excited for all the adventures ahead! Can't wait to bring you along for the ride XX

  59. Ivor Allen

    Ivor AllenYear ago

    I Have 2 2006 Sprinter vans thinking what to do with them any ideas

  60. Ivor Allen

    Ivor AllenYear ago

    @Eamon & Bec yes I am for 1 and selling the other

  61. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Are you thinking about converting them into tiny homes?! We think that'd be great!

  62. Exploring Freedom

    Exploring FreedomYear ago

    That looks amazing! Please Check out our van tour 👍

  63. Dubai Silk Route

    Dubai Silk RouteYear ago

    Greetings from the sand dunes of the UAE. I am not a van lifer but I found Blundstone through you. Thanks!

  64. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Haha that's awesome! Hope you enjoy your new boots :)

  65. sbtesta

    sbtestaYear ago

    This is one of my favorite videos from you guys! (besides freestyle friday who doesnt love food?!?) I am always looking for new places to travel and it was fun to see all of your van life friends and where they went!

  66. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    So glad you enjoyed the video (and Freestyle Fridays too!!). It was a really fun project to bring together all of our van life friends for one big video :)

  67. Joana Costa

    Joana CostaYear ago

    Please please please you two awesome people come to England

  68. Joana Costa

    Joana CostaYear ago

    Yay I will be there for sure 😘😘

  69. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    We're hoping to make that happen this year :):)

  70. DobbyIsAFreePoodle

    DobbyIsAFreePoodleYear ago

    Great choice of youtubers (follow all but one channel). Needed more Europe recommendations!

  71. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Awesome! Totally agree but there aren't too many European vanlifers (that we know of at least)! Hopefully we can collect some great info from there on our own van life EURO travels XX

  72. Anisha Pradhan

    Anisha PradhanYear ago

    Wow, this was such an amazing video. Keep making more good videos. Love y'all

  73. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Thank you so much Anisha! So glad you enjoyed :):)

  74. Hayley

    HayleyYear ago

    Loved this video! Really cool seeing a collab like this, and the list of destinations was amazing! So many gorgeous places.

  75. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    It's amazing how diverse and beautiful North America is! Only one destination is out of our reach (Norway) and now it's the one I'm ITCHING to get to in 2019!!

  76. Neale Burgess

    Neale BurgessYear ago

    I hope you are both soon feeling better! What will help relieve the symptoms a little would be some nice chai tea with plenty of ginger in it. But I suspect you guys already know that!

  77. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Thank you so much Neale! Funny you should say that... I'm sipping on that EXACT thing as we speak :)

  78. Betty Horn

    Betty HornYear ago

    I'm surprised someone mentioned Salt Lake City, although I agree completely! I lived there for 13 years, and in fact, all of Utah is a great destination! Gorgeous country! I really miss it and can't wait to get back! Logan is my favorite town there...

  79. Betty Horn

    Betty HornYear ago

    @Eamon & Bec you have to check out Logan canyon and Bear Lake when you go! The most beautiful country I think I've ever seen! It's on the Utah Idaho border.

  80. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Yes, Trent and Allie are actually based there so they have some great tips and insider scoop on the area which is awesome!! Certainly made us excited for a visit :)

  81. Little Bento's

    Little Bento'sYear ago

    Love the concept of this video to bad there aren't a lot of european tips. maybe there just aren't many European YouTubing vantravellers. I would love to see more European destinations. Cause that's more accessible for us at this moment. We are planning a trip in April. Unfortunately do to homeschooling not being an option in our country we have to stick to official holidays. We still hope we can travel the states for a year, one day. Just don't know how to get about that. 😘

  82. Dana's World

    Dana's World10 months ago

    You can have a look at Susi Cruz's channel she travels through Europe and I really enjoy her videos, I am in the same situation you are in as I live in Europe ☺️

  83. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Completely agree with you! Would've loved to share more about Europe but you hit the nail on the head. There just aren't too many vanlifers sharing their experiences on USlikes! We would love to make a vanlife trip out there and would love the reccos too! Hope you enjoy your holiday in April Xx

  84. Simon Kirkman

    Simon KirkmanYear ago

    It was you guys that inspired me to give setting up and trying vanlife, like your channel, I always hangout with eager to watch your next vlog, also like the cooking vlogs on Fridays..

  85. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Thanks Simon! So happy to have you as a part of our community XX

  86. Simon Kirkman

    Simon KirkmanYear ago

    I am thinking of calling my VW transporter a name, and thinking of The Tardis from Dr Who, because it looks like a square tin box, and is small outside but roomy on the inside, plus has got gadget like my wheelchair lift, power swivel seat and setup all the electrics and solar... only got the insulation done, didn’t get time to make a folding out of the bed but that is in my plans to do later... what to see if I like vanlife first by going away for a month before spending too much on it...

  87. Simon Kirkman

    Simon KirkmanYear ago

    I’m starting my vanlife this weekend going to travel up the east coast of Australia heading to Queensland ... only doing it for a month to see how I like it... have got a vw transporter van..

  88. Paul Taylor Photography

    Paul Taylor PhotographyYear ago

    Great compilation guys you all need New Zealand adding to your lists 🚐😍

  89. Paul Taylor Photography

    Paul Taylor PhotographyYear ago

    Eamon & Bec perfect place to van life hope u 2 get well soon 👍🏼😎

  90. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    New Zealand is actually right up there with BC for us!! That's where we FIRST tried vanlife and MAN was it AMAZING!!!!

  91. Tiny House Life

    Tiny House LifeYear ago

    heck ya you guys are awesome, hope to see ya out and meet yas one day.

  92. Tiny House Life

    Tiny House LifeYear ago

    @Eamon & Bec im sure we will, my roots are TO but since my journey with this life style it pulled me out the box..Thank God lol..Love what you two are doing and you guys are both a great inspiration to the Tiny House Movement :), Dont stop! Hopefully you have an idea how many lives you will help from doing what you are doing. Lets keep in touch. hugs back at yas, lov yas

  93. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Would love to cross paths with you someday too XX

  94. Van Inhalin

    Van InhalinYear ago

    Chicken noodle soup, chili, and ribeye cure a lot of those ailments🤑

  95. Eddie B

    Eddie BYear ago

    So according to Hey Nadine's Video you are going back to Mexico for 2019? #EB

  96. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Yes! We are hoping to explore the Baja peninsula this year :)

  97. European Tour

    European TourYear ago

    Hi. What a wonderful vid for the start of this new year, great people great places, and ideas for 2019. Get well both of you ASAP and I hope to see you all soon Graeme

  98. Jim and Sab

    Jim and SabYear ago

    Thanks for the feature friends! We're super happy to be part of it and all the other locations look really good as well. Happy travel to you 2. :)

  99. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    So happy to have you guys involved in the van life collab! Wishing you an amazing year ahead XX

  100. PnkRaeNjEr

    PnkRaeNjErYear ago

    Super love this!!

  101. Sarah Jorgenson

    Sarah JorgensonYear ago

    This video was amazing!!! Can’t wait for my travels this year!! Hope it will be a great year for you guys!!

  102. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Wishing you safe and happy travels this year Sarah :):)

  103. Eve & Artie

    Eve & ArtieYear ago

    Um .. you two are amazing! I can't wait to go to CANADA in August 2019! This was such an inspiring video! Thank you

  104. TheCanadianBubba

    TheCanadianBubbaYear ago

    If you thought Sea to Sky was great, come on over to the rock... You will get lost in islands of love ♥

  105. Bethanie Johnson

    Bethanie JohnsonYear ago

    Loved this video and that it included some of my favorite van lifers.

  106. Carol B

    Carol BYear ago

    Utah is on my list of places to see this year!!

  107. Jen Rao

    Jen RaoYear ago

    Squamish!! We stopped for one day in May 2018 and still haven't left lol

  108. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    No way!! Hahah love that!

  109. Mark Harvey

    Mark HarveyYear ago

    You are the cutest couple.

  110. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Awe thank you Mark!

  111. Margie Rodriguez

    Margie RodriguezYear ago

    You guys need either oregano or thyme essential oil. Three drops in a gel cap once a day. Usually 2-3 days is enough can take it for up to a week. This clears up any respiratory issue you may have. MUST USE PURE ESSENTIAL OIL!!! I have complete confidence in Edens Garden for all my oils. Do a little research and you will find just how great these and many other oils would be great to have along for the ride. Happy Travels

  112. Karen

    KarenYear ago

    Love you guys ❤️

  113. Amber Stroeder

    Amber StroederYear ago

    Great video! Happy New Years!

  114. Linda S

    Linda SYear ago

    Awesome video you guys!

  115. Ryan Thompson

    Ryan ThompsonYear ago

    Happy New Year! Keep raising the bar. You guys have some cool friends! Great vid to start the year.🇨🇦🇺🇸

  116. soving

    sovingYear ago

    Bec was right on your last podcast Eamon. You wiped your face until you wore out your nose. Now stop that lol

  117. Kat Geraghty

    Kat GeraghtyYear ago

    You guys are awesome. You seem to be sick a you think living in a van has something to do with that? I'm a fellow van lifer so I'm just curious. Maybe there's mold behind those wood panels?

  118. Marsha Hampel

    Marsha HampelYear ago

    ...or maybe being so unsanitary? or Eamon doesn't cover his mouth when he coughs?

  119. Lavendar Ladybug Adventures

    Lavendar Ladybug AdventuresYear ago

    Beautiful destinations! Get better you two! 🤗

  120. sbrichcreek

    sbrichcreekYear ago

    This was a GREAT idea! Thanks for this compilation!

  121. LaNessa T

    LaNessa TYear ago

    Tip number 101 dont pick your nose with dirty fingers..Poor Eamon... LOVED this video, great seeing some of my fav traveling couples

  122. Coffee Hutchins

    Coffee HutchinsYear ago

    As You will find, as you look back upon your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others.

  123. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    I love this!

  124. Jakub Sloup

    Jakub SloupYear ago

    Hi from Czech republic, Europe... ☺ If You or other van lifers will visit Europe, and You will be driving thru Czech republic, than make a stop in Pilsen... I love what You are doing, so You might be my guest here... We can make the tour around the city, my theater and a world known brewery... Do You know Pilsner Urquel? 😉 Wish You the best in 2019... 😉 James

  125. Hannah’s Recent Reads

    Hannah’s Recent ReadsYear ago

    Such a cool video!! Gives me the travel bug for sure! 😍🌎🥾

  126. Tuesdays with my sister

    Tuesdays with my sisterYear ago

    Loved the video! Hope you feel better soon!

  127. Sandi W

    Sandi WYear ago

    Very inspiring! Happy New Year ❤

  128. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Sandra Wadden happy new year to you too Sandra!

  129. Richard Getz

    Richard GetzYear ago

    Brilliant video!

  130. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Richard Getz thank you!! Glad you enjoyed our vanlifer collab XX

  131. The Celestial Alignment

    The Celestial AlignmentYear ago

    what a fantastic video, if i lived in the US i would be putting each of these places on my list.

  132. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Essentially Crystal we’ve added so many to our list from this too!!! Plus Norway... which is not exactly within driving distance to us haha

  133. Dennis Moroney

    Dennis MoroneyYear ago

    Nice vid! Very enticing footage. I want to go to all of these places. In the meantime, you all better come down to southeastern Arizona, and visit. 4 season climate, incredible biodiversity, cool historic towns, multicultural surprises, mountains, deserts, grasslands, and of course, Mexico. See you soon....

  134. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Dennis Moroney we are actually planning this trip as we speak!!!!

  135. paul kershaw

    paul kershawYear ago

    Wishing you both a great 2019, may it bring you good health, wealth and happiness (from the UK). Great watching your vlogs and listening to the podcasts, your really inspirational. Thank you and keep up the good work. Eamon, why is there, what seams to be a Mercedes badge in the trees of the drone footage, is it a filter? Great camera work btw.

  136. paul kershaw

    paul kershawYear ago

    @Eamon & Bec 10 out of 10 for artistic impression. 😁

  137. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    paul kershaw hey Paul! So funny that you picked up on that as well... it must’ve been some sort of reflection (or coincidence) but we did not purposely create it!

  138. Tess LeConey

    Tess LeConeyYear ago

    Hey Eamon and Bec! I love your videos and look foreword to the next ones. You guys have inspired me to start looking towards converting a van and start traveling that way! Also, feel free to check out my channel! I’m a new vlogger with hopes to start vlogging my future travels and adventures :)

  139. Han’s Van Ventures

    Han’s Van VenturesYear ago

    itching so go so so bad!! it all looks amazing!! happy new year!