SOMEONE BROKE INTO OUR HOUSE (van life nightmare)

Someone broke into our van & stole our phones, cameras, drones & more! This is our van life nightmare. Go to or text eamonandbec to 500 500 to get one free audiobook, 2 free Audible originals and a 30-day free trial.
Safety is always a topic that surfaces when discussing vanlife and up until this point Eamon & I have always felt 100% safe living in a van. Unfortunately, bad things everywhere in the world and we just feel LUCKY to have one another and our health. At the end of the day, things are just things and are replaceable.
Today we share the heartbreak that ensues after we return home from a short visit to the beach and find that our van has been broken into and ALL of our technology had been stolen. We were missing 2 drones, 2 iPhones, 1 Panasonic GH5 + 3 different lenses, euros and Canadian dollars, our podcast equipment and more!
More than the shock and hurt we felt when we discovered our things were missing, we felt INTRUDED and a little on edge about someone being in our house while we were away.
Van Life Vlog | The highs and lows of living in a van and traveling around the world 😞😊 | Eamon & Bec in Europe
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This week's vlog is not our usual, uplifting content but we believe it's important to share the truth and reality of van life too. We hope to be back to our regular episodes next week ❤️. A huge thank you to each and everyone of you who has taken the time to send us a message of love this past week. We love you all! x
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Hi everyone! We wanted to start off by saying how much we appreciate each and every one of you. This community is the GREATEST group of people and we are so blessed to call you our family. Thank you for the kind messages, the support and the love this week (and every week). We love you! Second, we just wanted to reiterate that while it was a real shock to lose everything we have learned such a valuable lesson. THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE AREN'T THINGS! Our technology can be replaced but we cannot. Hug a loved one extra tight for us today! Last, we cannot believe how lucky we are to have met Virginia and Ricard! Over the past week they have been a safe space for us and we just wanted to send them some EXTRA love today! Big hugs to you all ❤️

  2. A B

    A B19 days ago

    6:30 XIOMI 🤭😁 and that so helpfull

  3. Red Marcos Nunez vlogs

    Red Marcos Nunez vlogsMonth ago

    Im sorry for everything that happend to you guys

  4. Cece Destouche

    Cece Destouche3 months ago

    You should put security cameras in you van if someone robs you again

  5. Amanda Knowles

    Amanda Knowles3 months ago

    Bec you were NOT overreacting. If I had someone violate my home, have to deal with the extra financial burden of replacing missing items necessary for my job and income, AND try to maneuver through a foreign country with little to no assistance from authorities, even dragging their feet and trying to deter me, I would have reacted a lot worse. Both you and Eamon are incredibly strong to try and focus on the positive and rebuild your lives and get back to normal rather than feeling sorry for yourselves and dwelling on the negative. You guys are AMAZING and bring so much sunshine to sooo many people's lives. Please don't ever stop. Blessings, positive energy, and good vibes to you both and your friends ❤

  6. اalhkeem

    اalhkeem3 months ago

    I am sad and sorry for the theft.

  7. stacey Oclair

    stacey Oclair3 hours ago

    those are some crazy eyebrows dude but they work on you

  8. Margaret McCullough

    Margaret McCullough4 hours ago

    So apparently they stole all of her clothes which is why you had to film her half naked right? Pathetic disgusting. You deserve what you got

  9. Lynn Sands

    Lynn Sands14 hours ago

    You have every reason in the world to feel violated because you were. I'm sorry. Karma will return to them.

  10. David Smith

    David Smith15 hours ago

    Holds the camera out to get a shot of him comforting her. Fckn clowns these days.

  11. Soufiane Chaouiba

    Soufiane Chaouiba15 hours ago

    Guys your awesome, keep up ❤️✌🏾

  12. Henry Ball

    Henry BallDay ago

    I go skiing in anndora every year its an amazing place

  13. Ann Georgiana

    Ann GeorgianaDay ago

    Well, you can't always have your cake and eat it too. Life is full of ups and downs. We lose things, lose pets, lose people, etc. That guy is realistic when he says they blog and show off what they have etc

  14. Leo Fernández Mayol

    Leo Fernández Mayol2 days ago

    Sorry bout that

  15. Bobby 6ixx

    Bobby 6ixx3 days ago

    Awww noo wayy....what ????...sorry to hear's ok to cry baby girl, I would be passed happ3n to me in scarborough already n I know it feels

  16. Julia White

    Julia White3 days ago

    Wow - just wow. I am so sorry you guys. I just discovered you all week or so ago and have binge watched from oldest to newest. Bec, I am crying with you. We live in Florida and often leave important stuff in the car when going to the beach. We get creative with hiding wallets, keys, phones in things like a diaper, empty sunscreen bottle etc. I was honestly thinking of making a similar thing for travel.... fake grey water tank for laptops etc. Also - they didn't take your Vitamix!

  17. Big Sib

    Big Sib3 days ago


  18. cool beans

    cool beans4 days ago

    Italy and spain is know for theft, and i bet i know what city you're in. Edit: nvm

  19. Kim *

    Kim *4 days ago

    You should have put a hiding place as well as your toilet and shower. False wall space or floor space .

  20. Xzit Voice

    Xzit Voice6 days ago

    I just came across your channel and I am sorry for what happened to you guys.

  21. Tom Kelly

    Tom Kelly6 days ago

    Time for good Wi-Fi security system with camera and sorry for your loss

  22. Rachel Bishop

    Rachel Bishop7 days ago

    You were looking for the word VIOLATED. BLESS YOUR HEARTS!! ☹️ Y’all are the cutest. Love watching you when I can. 😊

  23. Shar Newton

    Shar Newton7 days ago

    Bec your reaction is totally normal,and in called for!!I'd cry too.just makes me angry that people are out there that are just warped.oh I also believe in karma😉Annd I just realised this happened a year ago

  24. Serenity Rain

    Serenity Rain8 days ago

    Its weird not seeing people wear masks...

  25. Cayden Nguyen

    Cayden Nguyen8 days ago

    You did not over react Bec, it’s normal for someone to be like THE HELL JUST HAPPENED WE HOT ROBBED it’s ok. I’ve had my most valued thing stolen from me before so I can connect

  26. J Ketcham

    J Ketcham8 days ago

    They will be vanquished or quashed by van.

  27. El Calvo

    El Calvo9 days ago

    Be careful when in Barcelona people. The street thieves target tourists. Only be outside with one card in your front pocket. No cash, no phones.

  28. Chris Telting

    Chris Telting10 days ago

    Obvious milking Bec's attractiveness in the initial video cover pics. But I find it refreshing that she doesn't wear makeup or at least not that much or very often. Natural beauty. Your a very good looking couple together. But I honestly would love to see Eamon at least once in a dress shirt and slacks with a traditional hair cut.

  29. Roslyn Gordon

    Roslyn Gordon9 days ago

    I don't think the initial video was but the beach footage definitely was at least 3 close ups of her ass

  30. Miss Jnet

    Miss Jnet10 days ago

    Couldn’t have happened to nicer people.

  31. Jessaca Kordsmeier Redd in a state of Namaste soaps

    Jessaca Kordsmeier Redd in a state of Namaste soaps10 days ago

    What a nightmare, so sorry this happened to you. I cannot even imagine, we travel in an RV and I have not even thought of how this would effect us if it ever happened, makes you think about it more. But I have had a house burn completely down, so I know the feeling of losing everything, it gives you a felling of what truly matters. Stay blessed , I know this is an older video, but new subscriber here 💜💜love your channel

  32. Bastien Bourgault

    Bastien Bourgault10 days ago

    In the end, how did you manage to connect to Google accounts?

  33. John Wood

    John Wood10 days ago

    Im sorry to hear about this. I'm glad yall ok safe travels and one love

  34. vlogger fish

    vlogger fish10 days ago

    Only if you guys got sponsored by simply safe before this happened

  35. Michael

    Michael11 days ago

    Good padlock with solid steel reinforcement sounds about right to me

  36. Homestead Overland

    Homestead Overland12 days ago

    Just found your channel from YT recommended...I know it's been a year since y'all shot this one. Really hate it happened but hope you've recovered. We're a new USlikes channel ourselves and I can only imagine how difficult that must've been to rebuild your kit. Just getting started on ours, and wow, those prices! Subbing your channel & look forward to watching more👍🤙

  37. Lori Orrick

    Lori Orrick12 days ago

    Get a good watch dog, maybe a Shepard or something that has a mean bark that you can leave or a recording of a dog, because I guess if the weather is really hot it wouldn’t be good to leave a dog in a vehicle.

  38. Scott Pickering

    Scott Pickering13 days ago

    This is why I'm going to have cameras, an alarm system and maybe even some sort of trap in mine... Also why I live in a state where I can conceale carry.

  39. Monique Seitz

    Monique Seitz13 days ago

    That is such bull shit of Spains cops sounds like they need to get off their lazy asses and do their jobs

  40. Monique Seitz

    Monique Seitz13 days ago

    I don't blame you guys I'd be hella pissed I'd want to find them and beat their butts good luck to you guys hope you guys get Justice oh it makes me mad that someone did that to you guys that's so evil I've had one of my cars broken into before it's not fun

  41. JP

    JP13 days ago

    I’m so sorry this happened to you guys! 🥺

  42. Min Turtle

    Min Turtle13 days ago

    I'm literally mad that the police didn't file any report

  43. Dee VANLIFE

    Dee VANLIFE14 days ago

    I understand. One feels violated.

  44. Jona Briggs

    Jona Briggs14 days ago

    I'm sorry, but I also just got robbed , and I'm glad to see that you reacted exactly the same way that I did...I'm still upset about it....I should feel safe in my Home, and I don't. It's not the wallet it's not even the Money, it's that I cannot trust to be safe in my own home now ....and it wasn't so great even before that !

  45. jenson riley

    jenson riley14 days ago

    How did you take your time to get the camera out on film it

  46. Mark Piper

    Mark Piper14 days ago

    Someone almost broke in to my van so I know how it feels I am so sorry for the break in love you both❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖💘💕💞💝💓💗🤍

  47. Robin Jones

    Robin Jones14 days ago

    Well at least you could shut off the phones disabled mm if it has a GPS device before you do that Nick up right track with the phone went

  48. GreyvaxTV

    GreyvaxTV14 days ago

    that's what happen when people film everything they do, everything they got and put it on social medias, especially when you dont hide your numberplate on your homecar and call every place you go... sad for you but... take a lesson of this.... oh wait, you already posted like 44 videos in one less then one year film everything you do and still show this f*cking numberplate... you will never learn.. hope for you you will not have this problem anymore.

  49. liliane bangay

    liliane bangay14 days ago

    i also don,t think it was appropriate for you to make sure that we saw your middle finger sticking up ,more or less saying f u that is not appropriate at any time ... karma ive had enough for a lifetime .... sometimes cursing people or wishing bad on people comes back 10 full .... good luck ...

  50. Blossom With Willow

    Blossom With Willow14 days ago

    Hi guys just watched this as I only found you a few weeks ago. Bec your reaction was not over the top, your life was turned upside down and the violation you felt was expected. I'm glad you both picked up amazingly. Keep up the great work. Love your channel.

  51. Sadharan

    Sadharan15 days ago

    1:06 thank me later


    SPICEYPUMPKIN15 days ago

    Sending good vibes guys!!

  53. Yogi Bear

    Yogi Bear15 days ago

    I know this video is old and from last year, glad the robbery was not any worse. I though wonder about something, who has a serial number of things the buy.

  54. Eightball808

    Eightball80816 days ago


  55. Boston Mike

    Boston Mike16 days ago

    That is the suckiest feeling. I remember back in the early 90's I caught a thief a few hours after he kicked my door in and stole everything in my house. Unfortunately I caught him AFTER he sold thousands of dollars worth of my stuff for $50 worth of crack. The sad part is the court system is so lenient that they gave him a suspended sentence with no jail time and ordered him to pay me back restitution and seek help for drug addiction. I never got a penny from him. The only redeeming thing for me is I managed to smash his face off the sidewalk half a dozen times. I've kept tabs on this guy over the years and he's been arrested for everything from carjacking to most recently, almost 30 years later, robbing multiple banks. These scumbags don't learn and don't deserve pity or mercy.

  56. Andrew gonzalez

    Andrew gonzalez16 days ago

    I. Am sad your stuff is gone

  57. Debbie E.

    Debbie E.18 days ago

    Someone violated your property and your things. That is a huge violation of your personhood. Nothing to do with privilege. NO need to apologize. Your reaction was completely NATURAL and justified. You were wronged, and that's how people feel when they are violated. Wish you the best.

  58. dross24MA

    dross24MA18 days ago

    Watching this again a year later, I still am feeling the hurt. A funny thing, Bec - and believe it or not, there is a funny thing - I, too, have trouble sleeping due to catastrophic issues beyond my control, and my solution to it is -- wait for it -- -- wait for it -- watching these van life and other travel videos! Seriously!! They relax me, so I cannot think about my COVID related lack of job and income, I cannot worry about bills or about other negative issues when I am watching the world go by. The next thing I know, I am waking up to a different program in a different location! Try it, you might like it! [The really long, cross-country ones and the trucker ones are most excellent for this...]

  59. Leila Ghauri

    Leila Ghauri19 days ago

    You guys handled this well. I don't know if I'd manage to stay so calm if I was in your position! I guess implementing some sort of security is something worth considering in van life or mobile life -- some sort of loud automatic alarms, wireless cameras and so on. I hope you guys share an update with what you might be doing now for security!

  60. Tina Tijerina

    Tina Tijerina19 days ago

    It may be good too have a gun

  61. Clifford Peranio

    Clifford Peranio20 days ago

    If you can find a Pawn shop that maybe that might be helpful

  62. Dodi’s Page

    Dodi’s Page20 days ago

    Be careful guys! There’s thieves everywhere Always keep that in mind every time you leave your van I live in my semi and I lock up even if I walk my dog Stay Safe

  63. Wanderlust Menorca

    Wanderlust Menorca21 day ago

    Hi guys! I know it's been a while since you get robbed, but I just want to tell you that I feel so bad with the way they are treating you in your trip... I feel shame for these police officers that don't want to do their job. I just want to tell you that there's also a lot of good people who would have helped you, we are not all like this. So sorry when watching your video... but as you said, karma is a bitch. Un abrazo desde Menorca!! Gemma

  64. btapann

    btapann21 day ago

    It’s not about the objects that lost through the robbery it’s about the feelings of violations. Your van is literally your home, no difference than a sticks and bricks home, with the only exception is that it is mobile, so just like in any home it has all your possessions but more than that it has your essence, your emotions, your personal footprints in a way, and when some random stranger comes in, unannounced and unwelcome and violates the sanctity of your personal space, that is a violation! You have every right to be emotional and in disbelief! Just like any violation, it takes time to heal and learn to feel comfortable in your surroundings. Some of us are forever changed and don’t easily trust or feel safe but it does get better with time and just makes us more vigilant in our surroundings. This will pass, stay strong! Sending positive vibes and well wishes on your journey! ☮️

  65. C ROD

    C ROD22 days ago

    Damn eamon is that boyfriend goals. So calm while bec is crying her eyes out.

  66. J. R Keys inside the Rabbit hole.

    J. R Keys inside the Rabbit hole.22 days ago

    You guys have handled all of this so amazing what a wonderful inspiration for others who may go through similar situations Bec I'm the sister you never met sending love and light always ❤️

  67. J. R Keys inside the Rabbit hole.

    J. R Keys inside the Rabbit hole.22 days ago

    New sub here sending love and light to help you get some nice things back your way 🙏🌈😘😊

  68. J. R Keys inside the Rabbit hole.

    J. R Keys inside the Rabbit hole.22 days ago

    Beautiful lesson to learn lovleys I promise you that because I have been in your shoes and I learned so much more then could have been taken physically from me 💞🙏🌈💜

  69. TruthDefenders

    TruthDefenders22 days ago

    That sucks! There's not much more I hate than thieves and looters. I'm sorry that happened. They should be found and hung in the public square.

  70. Mark Whitley

    Mark Whitley22 days ago

    Hope you have travel/van/equipment insurance on everything. Sorry this happened to you having had our apartment burglarized I know the feeling.

  71. Silver Lining

    Silver Lining23 days ago

    I know this was awhile ago. But I am so sorry this happened to y’all. I haven’t been a subscriber long but y’all seem like really kind, good, decent people. I don’t think you overreacted. I had someone bust both of my deadbolts early Christmas morning 2018. Thankfully the Brinks locks held shut. So they didn’t get in. But It’s extremely unsettling. I was sleeping only a couple of feet away from the door. It’s also very emotional to see your accomplishments stolen. Yes. They’re “just things”. But they’re things you worked hard for. Sacrificed for. Karma will take care of them. And y’all. Keep being yourselves & it’ll all work out. 💕

  72. Clover Three

    Clover Three23 days ago

    If you have never had anything stolen from you you cannot understand feeling that is behind it. It is a feeling you will not ever have in your life it’s terrible. You guys just have to brush off and keep going.

  73. Old Man

    Old Man23 days ago

    That call defining the 👮

  74. lucio ruffo

    lucio ruffo24 days ago

    I think tht "d e l a y" is the key word for your safety...when u post something it must be something tht u had many days before any update and realtime sounds extremely risky sorry for you.

  75. Janus Anus

    Janus Anus24 days ago

    Some people have no morale code, or ethics, i feel bad for you guys, and hope you both are doing well now ;)

  76. Jackki

    Jackki24 days ago

    I wonder if you can get a ring camera for a van .. so sry this happened to you guys .. stay positive

  77. Carol Sloan

    Carol Sloan25 days ago

    The police could have been the ones who stole your things! Corrupt police!

  78. Carol Sloan

    Carol Sloan25 days ago

    ‘Roll the dice with the karma!’Love this expression!

  79. Jennifer North

    Jennifer North25 days ago

    Smashing skulls 😂👏🏻

  80. Skyler Wilde

    Skyler Wilde26 days ago

    I’m sure this comment won’t be read by you guys but on the off chance it is... I am watching this video 11 months after the fact and watching where you guys are now with a new beautiful van. This video is so sad to watch and whatever emotion you guys were feeling at this moment was completely understandable and fair. It is just amazing to see you guys have moved on. Anything negative that happens from now on I hope you can see that things can still be bright in the future. I am so sorry you had to go through this at all

  81. WiL 2K

    WiL 2K26 days ago

    I am seeing this for the first time and I so sad that this happened to you guys by now you have recovered at the same time I am so sad because this crap happens every day I pray going forward that you guys have a safe journey staying safe and blessed. Keep doing what you do because it expiring me to do what I do... God bless

  82. BT Vlogs

    BT Vlogs26 days ago Hi frds Plz subscribe my new USlikes channel Link

  83. Milly . Rue

    Milly . Rue26 days ago

    I guess thats one way of keeping your crime statistics low!! Just don't take the reports!!! Imagine if Chicago did that!!! Wow there wouldn't be any shootings there!!!

  84. antonio bravetti

    antonio bravetti26 days ago

    What a lovely couple you guys are!

  85. masguapo8

    masguapo827 days ago

    Sorry for what happened. Be safe. Always watch your surroundings

  86. Richy rich

    Richy rich27 days ago

    So decerstated for you both.

  87. sub for sub

    sub for sub28 days ago


  88. C J

    C J28 days ago

    I’m not gonna skip ads to help you gain funds to replace your stolen equipments 👍

  89. Cherokee Grandma

    Cherokee Grandma29 days ago

    I hope you guys ended up getting a A SAFE!! 🙂

  90. Sairama Chandrasekhar

    Sairama Chandrasekhar29 days ago

    I saw in your previous video IT'S NOT MADE IN CHINA on cup. But you bought MADE IN CHINA mobile CONCLUSION : DESTINY

  91. Santiago

    Santiago29 days ago

    Locals will receive you more amicably is you speak their own language in their own country, including the police.

  92. Alma Rebelde

    Alma Rebelde29 days ago

    I’m surprised they ain’t steal absolutely anything and everything of valuables....I’m glad that they didn’t but it’s crazy that they didn’t... in Europe..

  93. Starr 64

    Starr 6429 days ago

    No Police ? Some straight up BS.

  94. Damon Hodges Official Page Plus

    Damon Hodges Official Page Plus29 days ago

    It is fine. your reaction was totally normal. You should get an alarm for your van if your whole life is in there. what do you think? Be safe and thanks for sharing this with us all :-)

  95. Verna Smith

    Verna SmithMonth ago

    I just watched your video. I am so sorry this happend to you. It's such an invasion of more than just your van They did more than rob you of your much needed equipment and possessions. They robbed you of peace of mind, the joy in what your doing.I know you will replace your things in time but healing the wounds of your spirit and mind can take longer to regain. I am thankful you have one another's care and compassion and understanding. Having support from one another will go along way to restoring your emotional welfare.Stay safe and keep doing what you love. I wish you the very best.

  96. The Earthius Project

    The Earthius ProjectMonth ago

    You do not need to apologize for your reaction. You live a life of very few things. Losing any one of them has a much greater impact than for someone who has a house full of stuff. Especially since the few items you have are expensive and part of how you earn a living. You have managed this shock extremely well and shown the resilience needed for the future. I am glad there are people like you in this world.

  97. Kelly Vargas

    Kelly VargasMonth ago

    Let's hope karma kicks their butts

  98. FJGTV

    FJGTVMonth ago

    i remember when my brother in law went to spain..his bag full of laptops and accesories he just left in ia table in one of the fastfood there, in just a matter of seconds it was stolen, and one of a pilipino reporter went also to spain their van who were park in just a matter of minutes all their cameras were gun and doors were shattered at back....spain is a very dangerous place to go...

  99. FJGTV

    FJGTVMonth ago


  100. FJGTV

    FJGTVMonth ago

    all i can say is that...its all your I watch you are a care free person and you have no safety measures in your van...i think you must have your own security cameras and you have to install a double luck from your doors and windows....and you must have a safety compartment , so that when you go outside , you have a safe box to put all valuable things and of course you must have a CAR ALARM THAT ARE SO VERY LOUD...

  101. JEssica woods

    JEssica woodsMonth ago

    You didn’t overact. I know it’s things but are things you spend your hard earn money ... on .. you life is in those things... and someone took your safe home and made it into something scary.. and I know old video but just love you guys !

  102. Tom G

    Tom GMonth ago

    Your vehicle was burglarized. You were not robbed. Hope you learned your lesson and next time don't put your trust into any kind of "security guard". Most are corrupt and most likely the culprit. Someone had to watch you come and go and knew when they had enough time to break front of security. The vultures in every country are looking for people like you to victimize and your situation where your home and vehicle are under constant threat makes your situation that much harder to contend with on a daily basis.

  103. Reb Dalmas

    Reb DalmasMonth ago

    They avoid the reports because of their tourism, if more reports are made it does not look good. You have to follow through with the report.

  104. Nikki

    NikkiMonth ago

    There's nothing wrong with your reaction, dear. All that was lost was from your hard work and it's normal to be devastated and to breakdown. I'm glad you're both safe.

  105. mike nye

    mike nyeMonth ago

    Same thing I could not login to my account. And Google would not help.and my old phone was broken

  106. danthelambboy

    danthelambboyMonth ago

    Please get yourself a safe to store everything and put it in an easy to get to area where you can grab it in case of a fire. Fire sensors with phone alerts would be a good assistance too.