Mushroom Gravy & Mashed Potatoes // vegan holiday recipes

These mashed potatoes and gravy are a perfect addition to your vegan holiday feast! The mash is creamy, fluffy and absolutely delicious and the mushroom gravy is the perfect compliment. Gourmet Beet Loaf recipe:
We are so excited to announce that our recipe book is NOW AVAILABLE!! Weekday Whip Ups is a compilation of our 52 tried and trusted plant-based recipes suitable for any day of the week (including our Gourmet Beet Loaf).
Our goal with this book is to prove that vegan food doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming to be delicious. Developed over two years of living a plant- based lifestyle this is the perfect starter pack to: rebuild your go-to recipes, reignite your zest for cooking and redefine soul food.
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  1. societyfallsmusic

    societyfallsmusicYear ago

    Just wanted to stop by & comment about your amazing ebook! Already tried the creamy tomato soup and it was super simple & Super SUPER SUPER delicious AND it was filling! Been vegan for exactly over 1 year before that we use to consume Panera Breads creamy tomato soup with negative consequences (dairy is truly scary, yikes!) When my husband and I first started dating, most brunch dates consisted of Panera Bread's tomato soup with a fontina grilled cheese. So for us to stumble upon this recipe means so much to us. Adding this recipe to our meal routine and not afraid to burn it out because we won't, it is that tasty! Thank you for sharing your talent y'all truly have a special gift. Kudos :-)

  2. Adam Davies

    Adam DaviesMonth ago

    Please bring back Freestyle Friday’s.. Ps.. I love love love your gravy well..

  3. Arejay Ledger

    Arejay Ledger2 months ago

    Lol bring back freestyle Friday’s!!!! 💜💜💜

  4. Kute Kay

    Kute Kay2 months ago

    “Your lens is probably fogged up, sweetie “ haha so cute!

  5. Valerie J

    Valerie J3 months ago

    Omg I love these videos why you guys stop!!! I’m just becoming vegan and I love trying new recipes💕 sending love from Chicago Illinois guys lol 😂

  6. Mike Walnut

    Mike Walnut4 months ago

    I recently had to go on a rather extreme heart-healthy diet for medical reasons. Many of the foods you guys prepare, coincidentally fall nicely into this category. Your freestyle Fridays were extremely inspirational, so thanks! I do however find it extremely difficult to obtain this kind of produce whilst travelling around in my country, away from the big towns - so kudos to you for managing to keep it vegan in the most remote places over the years. Would love to see more of your favorite recipes and tips.

  7. Leticia Portlock

    Leticia Portlock6 months ago

    That finished plate made me ☺ smile

  8. Kendra Fortin

    Kendra Fortin7 months ago

    Looks amazing...I’m going to have to buy this book now for sure...xo

  9. Kendra Fortin

    Kendra Fortin7 months ago

    Does it taste like mushrooms tho, I’m not a fan but I love gravey and miss it so much...can ya like mash them and mask them a lil?? Haha

  10. Cathy Warriner

    Cathy Warriner7 months ago

    Yum yum yum, so gonna try this! I made your beet loaf, it was so good, I meant to post a pic but when I thought of it, the loaf was half gone! We used the rest for hot sandwiches the next day 👍

  11. Raver Magik

    Raver Magik8 months ago

    Just fyi not ALL better than bullion is vegan.. please read your label. other than that.. awesome vid. Mashed potatoes, gravy over biscuits... yum.

  12. MC Heckhausen

    MC Heckhausen10 months ago

    You guys planning on continuing with free style Fridays????

  13. ACS402010

    ACS40201011 months ago

    USlikes closed captioning interpreted "gravy bowls" as "gravy balls"....lmao

  14. Sarah America

    Sarah AmericaYear ago

    That pepper grinder is everything.

  15. Solavie

    SolavieYear ago

    I like to throw garlic cloves and rosemary in the boiling water with the potatoes. Easy and tasty mash.

  16. Britt-Marie Rhodes

    Britt-Marie RhodesYear ago

    You are fun to watch and listen to. Thanks for making smile....from ear to ear.

  17. :1 O.K

    :1 O.KYear ago

    Why do you not have your beard in the thumbnail??😂

  18. Kat Atkins

    Kat AtkinsYear ago

    I love your videos although is there anything you could change to replace the mushrooms?

  19. Genecis Amata

    Genecis AmataYear ago

    Very nice and delicious meal... Want to see you guys in person and cook together with you in you amazing van...

  20. Bindu Patel

    Bindu PatelYear ago

    Hey just a quick suggestion, to cook any vegetables/beans use the pressure cooker it cooks really fast, totally healthy and saves a ton of propane maybe some water as well. Kudos :)

  21. Ask Source

    Ask SourceYear ago

    That was just awesome!

  22. Frank Dawe

    Frank DaweYear ago

    Eat some meat for fuck sake. And how about that engine that broke down? How did that go? I heard you had friends soliciting a fundraising for the thing. Not cool.

  23. Tab P

    Tab PYear ago

    U guys tricked me having Eamon’s hair down in the thumbnail!! 😂😭

  24. tabby Allen

    tabby AllenYear ago

    I'm a small USlikesr please subscribe to my channel it will help me feed my son

  25. Zen Today

    Zen TodayYear ago

    Bonjour à vous deux :) just bought your book , didn’t find the beet loaf on the list , maybe you called it differently? Little question, what is the brand of the miso and the other product you used for flavour broth that are on this mushroom receipe.? Watching you both on your travel videos, you are great and natural persons , beautiful energy ;)

  26. Wentaya

    WentayaYear ago

    Are you guys going to bring back Freestyle Fridays? These are my favourite videos! The ebook is awesome but it's so fun watching the magic happen on video! :)

  27. momofmanyjewels

    momofmanyjewelsYear ago

    Question.... Have you ever made your mashed potatoes with your cashew sauce ? I have and yuuuuuum !

  28. Alessio Yautja

    Alessio YautjaYear ago

    Hey guys, great video as always! I was rolling some lyrics around my head and I wanted to share them before I forget: 'So I hope you enjoy this freestyle Friday, Please excuse me while I have a sip of chai, bae.' *sips chai* 'Mmm, Chaiwalla chai is the perfect brew, Hand packed and shipped, with love, to you.' Silly little thing I know ^^ Thanks for another vid, keep it up guys ^^

  29. Lydia V

    Lydia VYear ago


  30. Dominique H

    Dominique HYear ago

    I made the mushroom gravy last night. So delicious

  31. Sabrina Bahmandeji

    Sabrina BahmandejiYear ago

    Bec licking the potato masher is everything. 🤣🙋🏽‍♀️ That’s always MY job!

  32. Campervan Chick

    Campervan ChickYear ago

    Lol, "mushroom latte" 😂👍

  33. Brittany Radcliffe

    Brittany RadcliffeYear ago

    Oh my goodness. I have been looking for a good mushroom gravy and this looks amazing. Cant wait to try it!!!

  34. Jenna Karakatsanis

    Jenna KarakatsanisYear ago

    Looks delicious!! If you see Miyoko’s products-> MUST TRY!! They’re awesome and I prefer that to other vegan brands. Another great Freestyle Friday!

  35. Dev SpriGGs

    Dev SpriGGsYear ago

    Just got a huge question does the cooking ever start to mess with your cabinets from the steam an etc

  36. bodybalancer

    bodybalancerYear ago

    That slice of beet loaf looks so good! It looks like a pork rib! :P this would be so good with a little cranberry sauce added P: just my fave I love a bite w/gravy & cranberry sauce mixed P: mmmmmmmmm

  37. Graycee Calloway

    Graycee CallowayYear ago

    You are hilarious!!! So entertaining!!! Thank you!!! Lol...👠🎄👠🎄👠

  38. Graycee Calloway

    Graycee CallowayYear ago

    Merry Christmas!!! And A Happy Happy New Year!!!👠🎄👠🎄👠

  39. kinlol

    kinlolYear ago

    I bet you guys are way better than “restaurant fresh”!!!!!!!!!! (The vegan restaurant in toronto!!!)

  40. Nannycam eoma

    Nannycam eomaYear ago

    What fun! In the kitchen with Eamon and Bec. Love these cooking vids, can't wait to try this one, btw I often puree half the gravy/soup so its not like 'cement', it's the best of both..

  41. Steve Zeppieri

    Steve ZeppieriYear ago

    Dude. Awesome!!

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    Pauline DavisYear ago the mushie gravy

  43. Nadia Elisian

    Nadia ElisianYear ago

    I,ve made the beet loaf twice so far, so good. I use a food processor and keep some chunks to mix in. Very good. Where do ya'll bake?

  44. Madda Lena

    Madda LenaYear ago

    Looks so delicious !!! Thank you guys ! ❤️

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    TSpaceFullstopYear ago

    Yummo....💌🙏😁 Bowl please. Creative way of moving about in your space while cooking..all the flat surfaces.

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    jonna lieselYear ago

    love you guys!

  48. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Lots of love right back at you Jonna XX

  49. jim K

    jim KYear ago

    I wonder, how 15 people disliked this video.. I mean come on...They made mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy.. Unless its because you hate Mushrooms..What is not to like? Not enough Bec? LOL

  50. Debi Smith

    Debi SmithYear ago

    What kind of miso was it again? Also, we have an Instant Pot, so easy to make broth.

  51. Logan Barbosa

    Logan BarbosaYear ago

    just made this recipe, you killed it Eamon (and bec!!). So so tasty, glad to have taken a ride to flavour town. Love these vids, cook book is great but something about Eamons cheeky jokes and Becs lil giggles make the videos the BEST way to indulge in your recipies! Maybe a patreon that sends out recipie vids?? I know tons of work go into these and that would be a great way to monetize. Xx -Logan

  52. afringedweller

    afringedwellerYear ago

    I use any kind of veg water, and then at the end, I often add some nooch. ( Red Star Nutritional Yeast, stirring in and tasting to suit)

  53. J. Gravett

    J. GravettYear ago

    Looks totally, completely delish! Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁🎄🎄🎉🎉

  54. Suzie Wratten

    Suzie WrattenYear ago

    Looks delish 😜

  55. J C

    J CYear ago

    Thanks for the fun and informative videos. Looks good! What percentage of your cookbook recipes are Tofu or other soy base? We have a soy allergy in the house so don’t want to waste my money but would be interested. We can substitute soy sauce so not concerned with that...

  56. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Hi J C! Thanks for your interest in our book. I think Weekday Whip Ups has about 3-4 recipes with tofu out of the 52 ❤️🥰

  57. emilyglows

    emilyglowsYear ago

    Try arrowroot powder instead of corn starch next time ! Looks so good guys I’m gonna go make me some potates n gravy !!!!

  58. thexxit

    thexxitYear ago

    that looked waaayyyy too good!

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    Ankit chileYear ago

    which camera do you guys use for vlogging and which camera would you recommend ?

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    Jeanne AnneYear ago

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    TheCanadianBubbaYear ago

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  62. Bel Unts

    Bel UntsYear ago

    What are your kitchen essentials? I'm going minimal once I move to my lil crib next year. Would be interested to buy just the basics since I'm not big in cooking. Care to share E&B

  63. Bock Kenneth

    Bock KennethYear ago

    Just bought the cookbook..."B~a~ccon"; wait...mesmerized..."Cre~mi~ni (日本語の発音; [Crey~me~knee] " stop it Eamon..." CA, Baccon!" Hahaha! Love ya two! The first recipe I'm going to make is the the Avocado Toast...,F@!#,...and I will make it ya'lls way first; you win for now!!lol Question: "What's the best thing you two have ever made with eggplant"? Merry Christmas my North American cousins!!

  64. Nairb Llebpmac

    Nairb LlebpmacYear ago

    Can't go wrong with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. Have you ever tried Morel mushrooms? They can be a little pricey but worth it. I like my plate just like Bec, big old crater of potatoes filled with a lake of gravy. Uber comfort food! Love you guys! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  65. James Knechtel

    James KnechtelYear ago

    Ayyy I still have that photo of Better than Bouillon ;) Gotta go get some!

  66. Terra

    TerraYear ago


  67. Sally Blatchford

    Sally BlatchfordYear ago

    I’m not totally vegan so to see mashed potatoes made with anything but real butter seems sinful, lol! Having said that, I loved the video and both the taters and the gravy looked amazing. I love mushroom gravy and make it often so now I’m really craving it. I seriously don’t know what’s funnier; Eamon’s sound effects, faces and made up words OR Bec’s amusement at both 🤣😂🤣😂. Good job, guys!

  68. Lenny Burdick

    Lenny BurdickYear ago

    If you are interested, here's a youtube making mushroom gravy oil-free.

  69. Kathy C

    Kathy CYear ago

    Ohhhh I love the tv presentation..... I bought the ebook I just have to figure how to see

  70. Margaret Hardacre

    Margaret HardacreYear ago


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    Sandi WYear ago

    Enjoy the season beautiful people 😁

  72. Airstream Daydreams

    Airstream DaydreamsYear ago

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    michele vitarelliYear ago

    great video. thanks for sharing.

  75. Alani Sugar

    Alani SugarYear ago

    That Earth Balance Butter is amazing. I have it on bagels like every single day. It's literally the best ever

  76. Hannah B

    Hannah BYear ago

    For the mashed potatoes you can just add unsweetened soy milk till you get the consistency, tastes great that way! (If you’re avoiding oil)

  77. Megan L

    Megan LYear ago

    crushin' it as always friends 👏🏻

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    Anna GuziakYear ago

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    Trina GolasYear ago

    Looks great! Cooking made fun! 👍❤️✌️🌲Love you guys! Happy Holidays

  80. dspid2404

    dspid2404Year ago

    Would I be too critical if I pointed out it's a cutting pad, not a cutting board. Prabably. I agree.

  81. My stuff

    My stuffYear ago

    Miso ......y. Sorry. Couldn’t help it.

  82. Rex K

    Rex KYear ago

    Eamon man, that looks fantastic. I don’t think I’d be able to try it myself because I’m not big on mushrooms, but if you have a suggestion for a substitute please let me know man.

  83. Steve Landsberg

    Steve LandsbergYear ago

    Fine van-life meal...

  84. MaintainingMichele

    MaintainingMicheleYear ago

    It's called a cornstarch slurry.....Merry Christmas!

  85. Stephanie Good

    Stephanie GoodYear ago

    Yum! Will try this soon. Thanks for sharing!

  86. Melony

    MelonyYear ago

    If you prefer an oil free gravy the Esselstyn one is delicious. You can also blend it up with some cashew cream for a stroganoff sort of action.

  87. Tami Kamai

    Tami KamaiYear ago

    Cozied up with my Keisha-dog and a hot cuppa Chaiwalla tea and enjoyed your new episode of Freestyle Friday. Definitely trying this recipe next from my new Recipe e-book. 😁

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    afringedwellerYear ago

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  97. Strolling Through Life

    Strolling Through LifeYear ago

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    Ali CollingwoodYear ago

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    Vegan from VenusYear ago

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    Meli MelYear ago

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  107. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Meli Mel ooo we tried some of that over the summer in the States!! Sooooo good!

  108. Get Fit With Neha

    Get Fit With NehaYear ago


  109. Country Pines Cottage

    Country Pines CottageYear ago

    I had to winterize my van, how do your pipes not freeze? I also had to have my vitamix, how much power do I need? I've asked this question a couple times, maybe you don't like sharing that info? I can only use it when plugged into shore, it would be great to know how much power I need. Thanks! Food looks great! Merry Christmas! 😊🎄 Traveling through Ontario, and on my way to Alberta! Woohoo!

  110. Country Pines Cottage

    Country Pines CottageYear ago

    @Gabrielle Yes, I know they get many comments. Lol I said that I had asked the question about the power for the vitamix before. I also realized that I'm in a campervan, my tanks are under my van, I have less control over insulating my pipes. Their pipes and water tanks are in their van, big difference. Dying to find out how much power I need for my vitamix though....🤔

  111. Gabrielle

    GabrielleYear ago

    They have a video on surviving winter van life :)

  112. Gabrielle

    GabrielleYear ago

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