WEEK of VAN LIFE in ICELAND | Ring Road Trip | Eamon & Bec

VAN LIFE VLOG week in the life of van life Iceland | driving ring road 🚌
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Cheers to sharing a week of van life in Iceland with us! Here's our itinerary:
Day One.
Reykjavik - Selijalandsfoss - Dyrhólaey Lighthouse
Day Two.
Skaftafell - Glacier Climbing Tour: trollaferdir.is/
Day Three.
Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon - Eglisstadir - Myjoeri Cottages www.mjoeyri.is/en/gisting/smahysi.html
Day Four.
Dettifoss - Krafla Crater - MyVatn Nature Baths
Day Five.
Akureyi - North Coast Drive
We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada and North America we felt it was time to tackle a new continent!! SO, we've shipped our van from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Liverpool, UK and cannot wait to begin our European adventures this summer! Until then, we've taken an extended layover in Iceland and rented another campervan to make the most of our time in this BEAUTIFUL country!
The Traveling Van Life in Iceland; bright, chilly but oh so much fun!
We spent 6 days driving Iceland's unbelievable ring road. Visit the glacier lagoon, amazing waterfalls, warming hot springs, Europe's largest glacier and more with us!! Iceland -- you are a beast of a country!!
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  1. Allison Simpson

    Allison SimpsonYear ago

    I am so impressed by the quality of your videos lately. So artistic and fun. Gets better every week. Thanks for loving your craft and putting so much passion into what you do :) If you guys come through France in the next few months, please do a meetup! I'm here now.

  2. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Thank you so much Allison!! We’re always working to grow and improve so it means a lot to get these types of comments ❤️🙏. We appreciate you!

  3. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Aimee Beckwith thank you Aimee!!!

  4. Aimee Beckwith

    Aimee BeckwithYear ago

    I agree! I think the narration is getting better and better every video too. Just the all around package, these two.

  5. Deputy Smoke

    Deputy Smoke13 days ago

    That drive looks epic!

  6. Gabriella Cadena

    Gabriella Cadena16 days ago

    Does anyone know where Bec buys her hats?? Totally wanna buy one!

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    Grace Kirchgessner2 months ago

    I need to stop myself from watching your VLOGS for a while. You guys have rekindled my travel bug like no other and I can't shake it! Lol

  9. Eagle Eye 77

    Eagle Eye 773 months ago

    what an idot and a douche.

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    Throat hurting cause you was drinking that water off the ground

  11. Wayne

    Wayne4 months ago

    Iceland ❤️

  12. Dannielle Obenchain

    Dannielle Obenchain4 months ago

    Eamon just chops his hair in a bun that when he wears it down its atrocious someone call Brad mono lol

  13. Adventure Caravanners

    Adventure Caravanners4 months ago

    Hi Eamon & Bec, I'm totally inspired by you guys travelling around Iceland. It something myself and wife were planning on doing. In our lovely brand new tourer caravan. We were looking at doing it in the summer. If this lockdown is fully lifted. Any suggestions or tips will be greatly appreciated guys. The drone footage is awesome. 👍👍

  14. Ahmed Abdul Kader

    Ahmed Abdul Kader4 months ago

    I would love to do this someday! So inspirational! Does it require an expensive budget tho?

  15. arun R

    arun R4 months ago

    Why would someone dislike this video? That was awesome

  16. Patrick Vo

    Patrick Vo5 months ago

    Hey guys, What time of year did you guys do this trip?

  17. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec5 months ago

    Patrick Vo June 21st - July 5th 2019 😊

  18. Maintaining Megan

    Maintaining Megan5 months ago

    Love love love you both. I watch every day. Your videos are like movies. Just incredible! Feel like I’m traveling with you! Wish you guys would make tee shirts dying for a tee with your cartoon faces on it!

  19. Salka Bjarnfríðar

    Salka Bjarnfríðar6 months ago

    :( Disappointed: "Eamon is walking on the non-marked path ..." @19:42-20:00 Marked paths are made for a reason. Icelandic nature is very sensitive, you should always stay on marked paths.

  20. Francisco Muñoz

    Francisco Muñoz6 months ago

    Hey guys, what is the name of the company where they rented the van for this trip.

  21. BaGGuiToruL

    BaGGuiToruL6 months ago

    Opel is like Buick in America, very nice video guys

  22. Sai Krishna Gangavalli

    Sai Krishna Gangavalli8 months ago

    Did you have to get permission before hand for drone use

  23. Tammy Soumas

    Tammy Soumas9 months ago

    does your travel insurance cover getting sick or hurt or meds?

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    I love that they are genuinely grateful for everything

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    I think this is my favorite video thus far. Kickin' tunes - with awesome footage and sic editing! Quality A++ OMG - Eamon chews and swallows so loud! How??

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    you guys seriously make me want to get a van at 15

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    Enjoy your vids..very professional quality...love em

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    Victoria MetallinosYear ago

    PLEASE watch the hot spring clip from the movie Vacation!!! I kept thinking about it when I was watching this!

  30. Jenný Björk Þorsteinsdóttir

    Jenný Björk ÞorsteinsdóttirYear ago

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    Jeff TYear ago

    I have never seen a happier person than Bec. She is always smiling and laughing and enjoying what she does. What a beautiful and so nice girl! I fall in love everytime I watch your videos. No offense to Eamon, but, hey, I am a boy.... Keep being happy together and all the best to you both in the pursuit of your adventures!

  34. Illugi Jónsson

    Illugi JónssonYear ago

    Overnighting in campers on the side of the road is illegal in Iceland.

  35. Renz Pineda

    Renz PinedaYear ago

    is it okay to just park and sleep on the side of the road and not on campsites?

  36. Jordan H

    Jordan HYear ago

    did you guys miss Gljufrabui waterfall a short walk from seljalandsfoss? it's hidden within a canyon and was incredibly jaw dropping. I totally agree, that drive up through Vik - Hofn is indescribable. Just magnificent.

  37. Vanlife Vikings

    Vanlife VikingsYear ago

    YAY we finally got some wi-fi to watch your Iceland vids 😍 What an outstanding work, storytelling and showing Iceland with your positive attitude and constant smiles 😁 Bec you're mastering the pronunciation quite well, Eamon you'll get there one day 🤣 Felt kind of strange to see you two around all the familiar places but we LOVED IT 🤗 (even though it made us just a teeny tiny bit homesick ❤) P.s. almost everyone in Iceland uses separate duvets, it's SO much better 👌

  38. photography_b_j

    photography_b_jYear ago

    I admire the video and the travel and all, very nice, but please be aware that either camping outside camping areas, nor flying drones in no-drone areas is allowed in iceland! Please respect these laws, there are already quite a few places around iceland that were shut down for visitors because of not respecting the rules

  39. Post Your Comments For Cash

    Post Your Comments For CashYear ago

    Why don't you guys talk about having sex on all those empty, human free areas you passed by? ;) #kinkyme

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    NICE 👍

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    U two are amazing to watch. Been to those falls

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    Jackson GillYear ago

    i did the same exact thing you guys did when I was in Iceland

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    That was a great outro!

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    This is awesome! Me and my girlfriend want to visit Iceland so badly, this is an amazing video you guys do a fantastic job! Keep the great content coming!

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    JMKYear ago

    OMG, this video should be sponsored by the Icelandic tourism board as sooooo many people will now want to visit this beautiful country. Your drone shots were awesome, so glad you went back and bought one. I am a new follower, since you met with 'The Happy Pear' a few weeks back and I am now totally addicted to you guys. You are so sweet and entertaining and are natural vloggers.

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    If that’s the crater I think it is I’m pretty sure it’s toxic from chemicals. Kind of like they said. I could be completely incorrect so don’t come for me lol. But I think a lot of Instagram models take pictures in front of it for its beauty and an article said to not go into the water but of the chemicals etc.

  52. Abbey Robson

    Abbey RobsonYear ago

    I am obsessed with your adventures! You look like you are having so much fun!

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    Virginia GouinYear ago

    Omg I just found your channel and I swear, I’m such a home body and never been on a plane or anything, but now I NEED to travel! I want the vanlife you make it look so cool!! Can’t wait to watch all your videos! Enjoy your trip to Europe 🤩

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    Britta S.Year ago

    I am so happy to have found your channel. I immediately subscribed. You are such a sweet couple and I love your posts and the excellent editing. Looking forward to all the Sundays.

  57. SundayRose

    SundayRoseYear ago

    Wooow you missed soooo much on the road!! There were wonderful places to stop at.

  58. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Ah that’s the downside of only having a limited amount of time to see a country! Oh well, got to save something for next time heart ❤️

  59. Marilyn Crowley

    Marilyn CrowleyYear ago

    It’s your cousin Marilyn. I love watching all your adventures. Keep them coming! You two are amazing! Love you Marilyn.

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    Hi Eamon & Bec, do you recommend this trip with kids? Of course, we will plan to sleep in campsite.

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  74. Book Kingdom

    Book KingdomYear ago

    I cant believe you drove right by diamond beach without even stopping to glance at it. I say it is one of the best parts of Iceland. Free parking too.

  75. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Book Kingdom we stopped!! Just didn’t film much from it ❤️

  76. Blanche Kioa

    Blanche KioaYear ago

    Wow Thanks for sharing your awesome adventures! Now I wanna go to Iceland🙌🙌🙌

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    “Geo-thermal-something-something” 😂 That’s sooo me 🤣 PS: I’m Vegan 🌱, too. And I know your survival menu aka salad 🥗, canned baked beans and cereals very well. 🧘🏻‍♀️

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    you guys make a perfect couple. you both seem to share similar interests and clearly love nature and it is my favorite thing ever. i always look forward to watching your videos. you’re both living such an adventurous and inspiring life. i can only hope to do the same one day! i hope your channel grows and you guys get the recognition you deserve. such a pure account❤️❤️

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    The World of DanteYear ago

    Nice vid! Now I want to go to Iceland. Best regards, Dante

  82. The World of Dante

    The World of DanteYear ago

    Hey guys. OPEL is German, one of the factories is located in Rüsselsheim Germany- I used to live there, my family still does. GM, the american company bought out OPEL, so technically its an american company.

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