Hitting RESET on VAN LIFE in Mexico

Why We're Hitting Reset on Van Life Mexico // Baja Bound Ep. 23
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Today's van life vlog begins in Bucerias (a town near Puerta Vallarta known for great kiteboarding). After a week of being sick, in and out of hotels and visiting multiples vets with the puppy we are fostering while living in a van we are finally back on USlikes! Please know that we really appreciated your kind words and patience while we took some time to rest and regroup. Today is our first step in hitting reset on van life in Mexico and we can guarantee that this is JUST THE BEGINNING of a wonderful adventure ahead here on mainland Mexico.
Thanks for sharing a REAL day of van life in Mexico with us!
A video you may enjoy if you liked watching Eamon's failed kiteboarding scene:
Today's van life vlog takes place in Baja California Sur where we wake in our self converted Sprinter Van in Los Barriles and take you along for a day in the life! Having been here for the last 6 days, we've established a little bit of a van life routine: where we fill up our water, where we go grocery shopping and how we find free beachfront camping!! It's also our 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY so we have fun sharing a bit of our love story with all of you :)
Another video you may enjoy:
Today's vlog begins in the coastal town of Mulege where we plan on stocking up on food and water for a few days of living in our van off grid along Baja California Sur's peninsula. While the weather isn't ideal we wouldn't dare complain about the sunshine when we could be back home for van life in Toronto in -30 degrees celsius!
We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!!
The Traveling Van Life in Mexico; hot, sticky, but oh so much fun!
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Good morning amigos! Thank you for your kind “get well” messages this past week. The three of us are so excited to be back with a new video today after our mini hiatus. Hope you enjoy x

  2. Alva Salcido

    Alva SalcidoYear ago

    I love that y’all are foster parents to Rojo!!! I think more ppl should be foster parents to puppies in need, that is such an awesome privilege to help a puppy along in the first weeks of its life... and of course your going to fall in love with puppy but the fact is that all the work you are doing is not for nothing... Puppies are smart and they know when they are loved, Ive fostered on and off over the years and I can still, to this day go and visit the families and puppy still remembers you and the training and above all the love that you’ve shared, so I’m just so glad y’all are doing it, I’m so excited for your post always!!💕 happy adventures!! 😊

  3. Amber Putnam

    Amber PutnamYear ago

    You guys are the best peeps to love Rojo up until he meets his new familia! What pup can say they van tripped from baja to canada! His new doggo friends will love his tales! ✌🏼😉

  4. cooking oldskool

    cooking oldskoolYear ago

    AWW he is like my puppy .. whenever I leave.. even if I go upstairs and put the gate on (sometimes this mama wants a break lol..) he does "where is mama" bark. He is sitting next to me snoring as I type this... lol.

  5. nadia SARAC

    nadia SARACYear ago

    You guys are amazing, and the kite bording parts of the vlog, perfectly fine. I set myself a goal to one day be the first view, cause after all, this is the channel that inspired me to start van life whether it's in a van or a bus, it's still you guys who give me inspiration. And I wouldn't mind of you took an 8 month long break, as long as you guys (including ro) feel better. 🐐😙x

  6. Rex K

    Rex KYear ago

    Missed you guys. Good to see you back and feeling better. Eamon, the kite boarding parts of the vlogs are absolutely fine. I think anything you two post about your life makes it that much more. You two are never boring. I’ve watched you both for going on two years and I’ve enjoyed every second of your vlogs. So don’t worry, keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll continue to watch and like everything. By the way, I made the curry from the ebook. Turned out good. One ingredient missed was the ginger but it was still delicious. Thank you both for the recipes. Much appreciated.

  7. No Name

    No Name24 days ago

    Love the kiting Eamon!

  8. Jack langrigde

    Jack langrigdeMonth ago

    Eamon why would you watch it

  9. sierra phipps

    sierra phippsMonth ago

    I just got the original chai kit from you guys and I let it overflow the first time too 😅 ill need to watch it better haha

  10. Lyric Wren

    Lyric WrenMonth ago

    It's Beautiful but a lot of people get sick in sayulita.

  11. Yenifer Lepe

    Yenifer Lepe2 months ago

    maracuya is passion fruit

  12. Dannielle Obenchain

    Dannielle Obenchain4 months ago

    Bec says intestines weird lol tines like a forks tines lol it's cute but sounds weird

  13. Jenny Michelle

    Jenny Michelle2 months ago

    Tines like a forks ? What does this mean?

  14. Francisco Jimenez

    Francisco Jimenez6 months ago

    continue with the kite videos and make them longuerrrr

  15. Candice

    Candice6 months ago

    i am sick of the kite surfing


    INTO ALL TRUTH6 months ago

    Beautiful lovelies. North American soy, even if it says organic, has tons of ESTROGEN in it, it is used in some cases to make plastic. You guys are so cute. Surprised you don't know this. Really bad for men, will make men flabby and grow man-boobs. All of these fake soy meats have it in them too. With all this love and devotion you are giving this dog, have a baby, they require that kind of care and attention, or adopt a child, many are abused and in foster care, and when they poop, they don't spread tapeworm all over your small space and blankets as dogs do. There is a reason Africans keep them outside of the home. They carry disease. They are cute, I love dogs, but a small van or space is not for them if you want to stay healthy.

  17. Just Me

    Just Me6 months ago

    What kind of dog is he

  18. rockintherae

    rockintherae7 months ago

    Rojo definitely had parasites. Imagine Bec pregnant, she is gonna be a hormonal mess for monthssss.

  19. Theerarat Persson

    Theerarat Persson8 months ago

    Rojo is like where is my mommy where is my daddy

  20. Suzanne Bryson

    Suzanne Bryson8 months ago

    Rojo is ADORABLE ♡

  21. fairus hebat

    fairus hebatYear ago

    Hai eamo

  22. maelle *

    maelle *Year ago

    What breed is rojo ?

  23. anna maria Nuzzo

    anna maria NuzzoYear ago

    Just letting you know , the yellow drink they offered was passion juice, btw I’m Brazilian. I think Brazil would be a great adventure for you guys.

  24. emily gortz

    emily gortzYear ago

    stop don’t fosterrrr

  25. SophieL ee

    SophieL eeYear ago

    Bec: “and then this is the bomb sauce, what’s in it?” “I actually need a plate” 😂😂😂😂

  26. Abby Richardson

    Abby RichardsonYear ago

    You guys should adopt a dog after Ro goes to his forever home!

  27. Sarah

    SarahYear ago

    Beautiful couple, inside and out💕

  28. Maria Quezada

    Maria QuezadaYear ago

    OMG my boyfriend does the same thing! He watches dumb things too LOL and I thought he was the only one!!

  29. Maryjane Bard

    Maryjane BardYear ago

    I you use vanilla greek yogurt in the morning it helps wity better digestion and also takes away any gas problems

  30. Nae Nae

    Nae NaeYear ago

    I love your channel you guys light up my world

  31. Bailey L

    Bailey LYear ago

    I love this channel!! I’ve always wanted to try van life and seeing your channel makes me want to do it even more!! ❤️

  32. Maverick Lanzerotti

    Maverick LanzerottiYear ago

    Do y’all only make an income from USlikes or do y’all have jobs?

  33. Sop LV

    Sop LVYear ago

    I need a buddy to do this with!

  34. Melanie Trad 2021

    Melanie Trad 2021Year ago

    I love you guys so much! Keep up the great content love the energy❤️❤️

  35. Amber G.Taylor

    Amber G.TaylorYear ago

    Rojo is so cute!! Puppy fever for sure

  36. emily cross

    emily crossYear ago

    i like the kite stuff

  37. Sophia Havrilla

    Sophia HavrillaYear ago

    Love you

  38. Phil Walker

    Phil WalkerYear ago

    So many animals need a good home, looks like you can give the little fella one! Please keep him, you all look great together 👍🐕

  39. Ask Source

    Ask SourceYear ago

    Love the kite boarding

  40. Lindsey Elizabeth

    Lindsey ElizabethYear ago

    Please tell me where I can get that exact white top, I love it

  41. Lucy's Vandalé Lucy Guerra

    Lucy's Vandalé Lucy GuerraYear ago

    OMGOSH - I missed you guys in Bucerias. I was just there for the month of April. We live a block up from the Kite boarding place (their new complex that they are building is amazing) on Javier Minas and my brother has a condo (Brisas Vallarta - it's on the beach on Lazaro Cardenas) right next to the huge white new condo complex with the new boarding shop where your parked. I go every 4 months to stay for a month or so. We were there during Semana Santa and Pascua (Easter). I thought I recognized the location.

  42. pine apple

    pine appleYear ago

    Girl you are GORGOUES! Arent you vegan? Youre just so freaking slim and pretty goshhhh

  43. pine apple

    pine appleYear ago

    Im binge watching Im so in love

  44. Jacob McCrea

    Jacob McCreaYear ago

    Hey guys love the channel. Keep it coming with the kite👍🏻

  45. Gursheesh Singh

    Gursheesh SinghYear ago

    That laugh after " Both of our hair look exact the same," cracked me up. And dang, you both got so darn nice hair. Eamon's kinda better tho lol

  46. Linda Tait

    Linda TaitYear ago

    So happy you guys are all on the mend 😁

  47. Sir Nasty

    Sir NastyYear ago

    Kennel training is not inhumane. Look up the way to get the pup use to it sweetly. They think it's their home. Just saying...

  48. Zachy Zoo

    Zachy ZooYear ago

    Not sure why someone would suggest pumpkin for a dog with the runs. It's actually a laxative for dogs. I learned this the hard way when I had a dog with coonhound paralysis. Gave her too much mashed pumpkin & boy did it clean her out!

  49. Great.Scottie

    Great.ScottieYear ago

    Keep on Kiteboarding...I love watching you self rescue 😂

  50. Mateo Lucas

    Mateo LucasYear ago

    can you guys do a video of you guys trying skimboarding? I think Eamon especially would like it.

  51. Maester Meep

    Maester MeepYear ago

    Fecal-Oral transmission. 💩😛 Must use soap and water, hand-sanitizer won’t suffice... Hope it wasn’t too bad.

  52. Anna McCrea

    Anna McCreaYear ago

    Love your van and your lifestyle! Where is the blanket on your bed from?

  53. Savannah Pollock

    Savannah PollockYear ago

    Fuck yeah kite boarding channel FTW lol

  54. Roxane Plante

    Roxane PlanteYear ago

    LOVE the kiteboarding parts :)

  55. Alexia Fink

    Alexia FinkYear ago


  56. Mika kamikus

    Mika kamikusYear ago

    I dont know if someone else told you, but it can help to leave the dog alone with Snacks at the Start like something longtime chewing so he is focused on something else... and maybe dont make a Big Deal when you come back so he doesnt think there was something wrong. I dont know if its helps :) your doing great 👍🏼

  57. Tyalivinglife withCMT

    Tyalivinglife withCMTYear ago

    If you do it we want to see it!!! To much kite boarding!?! Do you love it Eamon!?! Yes! So that means so so we!!!!

  58. JR Navickas

    JR NavickasYear ago

    Did the vet rule out Giardia?

  59. Dean Lewis

    Dean LewisYear ago

    Eamon, please encourage Bec to spend money on her own activity that she loves, otherwise she may come to resent your kiteboarding. Bec, spend money on an activity that YOU love; it is only fair! Unfortunately I learned this lesson the hard way ☹️

  60. rebecca blankenship

    rebecca blankenshipYear ago

    If you guys make more #merch at any point, I think that that quote should be the theme of it “it’s not all rainbows and Coco frios” 🌈🥥

  61. introvertedlens

    introvertedlensYear ago

    So glad you both are feeling better. As you know I always love your adventures. Thank you again for all you do. Again, much love to you two Eamon & Bec.

  62. thomas

    thomasYear ago

    If your getting the samething lobo? Has. Guava juice. Or eat guava seeds too. And better yet if you got salmonella. I had it from eating frozen fish that had freezer burn. Sickness For about 4 days. Guava shoots. The lighter color new shoots that tender. Eat a bunch of it it guarantee to plug you up.

  63. Avivamae

    AvivamaeYear ago

    Rojo definitely needs to be dewormed after eating that mouse. Mice carry roundworms! Edit: ohh good they are taking poo samples that's good!!

  64. Tammie Møller

    Tammie MøllerYear ago

    love watching the kite boarding!

  65. dogluver2398

    dogluver2398Year ago

    Only thirty seconds into the video, and I can't not freak out a little because I've been to Sayulita!!! Okay, basically just the beach and one pizza place, lol, but still. Thanks for sharing this awesome adventure! I always love watching your vlogs! :)

  66. Susan C

    Susan CYear ago

    Just want to say our puppies all love the rope bones during teething. Saw him chewing on the blanket fringe and thought he might like them as well.

  67. Susan C

    Susan CYear ago

    Love seeing all you guys do in this van life...keep the kiting on!

  68. Christina Stuart

    Christina StuartYear ago

    this family makes me so positive and you guys are totally a inspiration to me, thank you;)

  69. Vivian Mahoney

    Vivian MahoneyYear ago

    Sweetie get that thing on your shoulder taken care of......

  70. StarFlower99654

    StarFlower99654Year ago

    We took our dogs out when running errands and it was not their first time out either, however we came back to the Jeep to find the knob chewed off the gear shifter and a seat belt fastener chewed off. Needless to say, we now confine the dogs to the back area and the one that loves to chew has to put on a muzzle until we return. At least if you all need to make the area more puppy proof (for his safety too) you have room for a wire crate. It keeps everyone happy and nothing gets demolished nor does puppy get hurt (like if he chewed an electric wire). I always say it lets me keep loving my dogs, LOL. Glad everyone is over being sick and happy to get caught up via video. Love you guys!!! Thanks for sharing your life.

  71. Carole Mangels

    Carole MangelsYear ago

    Don't doubt the kite boarding. Do you boo boo!

  72. tripletgirl2

    tripletgirl2Year ago

    OK, I think fostering the little guy is a great idea. The forever family will be so grateful! You're doing a fantastic job. Happy to see you are recovering!

  73. madeline r

    madeline rYear ago

    **realizes that they have 200,000 followers** Me: oh heck no! They need WAYYY more followers!!

  74. 530Paradise

    530ParadiseYear ago

    Hey ya'll- my pup Banker has issues too with diarrhea- he has to eat special food otherwise he's just chronically exploding out the back end! He has to have highly digestible prescription dog food- usually we use purina pro-plan EN. He's also done ok on a Royal Canine food- I think it was the Hydrolyzed Protein one- we only ever used it once when we were evacuated as our town was burning and couldn't get our normal dog food. No amount of other treatments helped him for more than a couple days, only these specialty foods- on which he has normal dog poos for months at a time. Hopefully that isn't your pups issue, but if it keeps cropping up, think about looking for foods that do some of the hard work of breaking it down for him.

  75. Meredith Butler

    Meredith ButlerYear ago

    When raising our two puppers, we reserved high value treats or chew toys for when we leave the house or put them outside when they are little. And if its something that takes them time to chew etc. that's even better. Really seems to curb that initial panic reaction. You guys do such a great job with that little bub!

  76. Milica Milosavljevic

    Milica MilosavljevicYear ago

    Hi guys. Just popped up to ask has the dog get his deworming treatmen? Or did the vet mention giardia?

  77. Strangely Us

    Strangely UsYear ago

    With the spring rolls try just getting the rice paper wet and just a little soft....it is easier to roll and it will continue to soften as you make the others....and they will look great. I love spring rolls and make them alllllll the time

  78. Shanae Smith

    Shanae SmithYear ago

    So happy you guys are feeling better!!! Eamon- keep sharing what makes you happy!! We love you and you love kiting! We are just happy to share your lives!!!

  79. thesuper_cars

    thesuper_carsYear ago

    yup you and Justin bieber look alike

  80. Xenedraa Bourque

    Xenedraa BourqueYear ago

    Cute puppy! What breed is he? I want to make a conversation from a Uhaul for traveling what is your thoughts?

  81. Timothy Landolfo

    Timothy LandolfoYear ago

    Bec is not giving up that dog!No way!

  82. Eddie B

    Eddie BYear ago

    It's good to see you again and I hope you are feeling much better! Rojo too! #EB

  83. All Who Wander

    All Who WanderYear ago

    I love you guys and your videos! ..... Rojo is getting bigger!!! ♥ Y'all are doing the hardest part with new a puppy .... training! Great job!!!!


    i VAN TO TRAVELYear ago

    Five of the seven in our party that spent three weeks in Saulita got sick. I highly don't recommend it.

  85. Kodiak Bay

    Kodiak BayYear ago

    Actually really liking the kite surfing...you could add more, it wouldn't hurt my feelings haha

  86. krystel Mcpeake

    krystel McpeakeYear ago

    Your videos are always better and better! We see you guys put lot of hard work mawsomeaking them ❤️ you guys are awesome!

  87. Maria Menegas

    Maria MenegasYear ago

    For diarrhea, boil cloves and drink it, plain greek coffee powder straight, and lemon juice straight.



    hope all is well try keep plain yogurt for his upset stomach also rice is good help bind him good luck 🤗💜💜💜💜

  89. Patty Jordan

    Patty JordanYear ago

    When you stare into a dogs eyes, they think they're being challenged to a fight. Rojo is showing that he considers you boss by looking away.

  90. Felicia Robinson

    Felicia RobinsonYear ago

    So glad my buddies are feeling much better!

  91. Nanette

    NanetteYear ago


  92. Monty Montaño

    Monty MontañoYear ago

    Really enjoying your jouney. Love time with Rojo. So bright! Dogs also respond well to hand signals accompanied with verbal commands. Did you ask how big he might get?

  93. Monty Montaño

    Monty MontañoYear ago

    ...and keep up the kite surfing progress.

  94. Jessica Kelley

    Jessica KelleyYear ago

    Classic playing with a bowl ro is so cute I kinda hope y’all keep him!❤️

  95. Jessica Kelley

    Jessica KelleyYear ago

    I swear your videos keep getting better and better!!!

  96. nj anderson

    nj andersonYear ago

    Mexican puppies very often have giardia.


    MTLWAKEUPYear ago

    Dont feel bad if You wont be able to keep the Dog. You said it it the beguining that you couldnt. I’ve subscribed last year for both of you & your fun content & great editing and also because your Canadian VanLifers like me! Woop woop! Hehe

  98. alisha grezlik

    alisha grezlikYear ago

    Love the kite stuff! Do what you wanna do!! It is your life, live it! You guys are my favs! You are usually so positive and bubbly I often wonder HOW is that even possible...so it is nice to know you're still human too! Bec you are so naturally gorgeous!

  99. Jeff G

    Jeff GYear ago

    Pumpkins for a dog? Lol. Dogs need meat. Meat meat meat. Not veggies and wheat based foods GMO scrap crap. A puppy, needs meat like a baby needs breast milk! Meat will fix the dogs problems. Think coyote or wolf. What do they eat? Answer, meat!

  100. Jeff G

    Jeff GYear ago

    Oh and another pro dog tip- Don’t name a dog a name that rhymes the word “no.” That will end up confusing the dog when it comes to training/behavior.

  101. Claudia Geiser

    Claudia GeiserYear ago

    i love watching your videos! you guys are amazing. so happy you are back!

  102. martina magda

    martina magdaYear ago

    Hey, you two...I hope you will see my question. I wanna know what is chai? In my country (Croatia) we call te the same way you pronounce chai...but I see that you cook it with milk so its obv not tea. Can you explain what does it taste like? Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, smoothie...? P.s. love watching you two...and love the new third wheeler ❤❤❤

  103. Jenny Michelle

    Jenny Michelle2 months ago

    When it's made with milk they're making a chai latte ..

  104. Monna Hubbs

    Monna HubbsYear ago

    You both have such great character. Try this training technique for training...Shh Shh, it gets there attention. Then say name, then command, then good Shhh Shhh..

  105. Monna Hubbs

    Monna HubbsYear ago

    What type wood did you use on ceiling? I'm doing ceiling in my RV. Thanks

  106. Monna Hubbs

    Monna HubbsYear ago

    Rice, green beans helps dogs. A pesto tab will to

  107. j.m.

    j.m.Year ago

    You guys must be the best travel vloggers out there right now, I really enjoy these. Keep travelling, it's inspiring young people like me!

  108. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Wow! What a huge compliment! Thank you so much for the kind words ❤️

  109. Crystal White

    Crystal WhiteYear ago

    You guys should try the agua de maracuja (aka passion fruit) it’s so good! It tastes like lemonade since it’s sweet and sour but it’s SO MUCH BETTER

  110. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    That's for the insight! We'll have to try one next time :):)

  111. Peyton Bequette

    Peyton BequetteYear ago

    Dying over that little tongue blep at 13:26 😍 Fostering takes such a special heart, so amazed at your beautiful souls for being up to the task♥️ Hopefully you’ll be able to keep up with Rojito if his forever family lives near you both in Canada! Much love to you both always🥰