VAN LIFE VLOG // fostering a dog while living in a van | baja bound ep.19
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Today's van life vlog begins with a new little four-legged friend in the bed of our self converted Sprinter Van! As many of you know, Eamon & I LOVE DOGS and ANIMALS and have always wanted to do our part to help stop the millions of puppies who are euthanized each year. When we met Olivia from Bark for Baja we knew we wanted to be a part of the solution so we've decided to take in Rojo as a foster puppy until we can bring him to his forever home in Toronto, Canada. You can expect to see a lot more of this van life puppy in the coming weeks :)

Cheers to sharing a REAL day of van life in Mexico with a NEW foster puppy with you all!!
We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!!
The Traveling Van Life in Mexico; hot, sticky, but oh so much fun!
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! I hope you all enjoy meeting our little nugget Rojo today 🐶! We are happy to announce that we have confirmed his forever home and it is only an hour away from us in Canada so while we won't be keeping him forever we will definitely be his favourite Aunt and Uncle FOREVER! Also, if you're interested in helping us reach our SPAY DAY goal please send a PayPal donation directly to Bark for Baja here: ❤️❤️❤️

  2. jake wallsgrove

    jake wallsgroveYear ago

    What breed is rojo ?

  3. Lilijo

    LilijoYear ago

    Eamon & Bec what breed is Rojo

  4. Lilijo

    LilijoYear ago

    Eamon & Bec what type of dog is Rojo??

  5. Meghan Andriulli

    Meghan AndriulliYear ago

    He is the literal cutest! What kind of dog is he? 😍

  6. Peter Tham

    Peter ThamYear ago

    Eamon & Bec please keep him!!!

  7. David Lue

    David Lue15 days ago

    What kind of a dog is rojo?

  8. Alexa Justice

    Alexa Justice17 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks she looks like Milly Bobby Brown??

  9. No Name

    No Name26 days ago

    Do you even have pants on in the “laying in bed in pajama’s” shot? (What’s with you Bec and your ass always out? 🤔 even on family beaches with kids🤦‍♀️)

  10. Myrna Edmisten

    Myrna EdmistenMonth ago

    I love you guys. I’m 81. Living vicariously.

  11. Sami Jaye

    Sami JayeMonth ago

    Dogs in your bed is a good thing. I have from 2 to 4.

  12. Sami Jaye

    Sami JayeMonth ago

    You need a puppy

  13. Taylor Reed

    Taylor Reed2 months ago

    what kind of dog is rojo

  14. leonie critides

    leonie critides2 months ago

    What is that board you u se to go around...i am practicing on my wiggle board and might get one? Name? Link?..sweet dog...but i think it is good you are just fostering...i have 4 foster failures and i would like to travel you guys..

  15. Anise Jones

    Anise Jones2 months ago

    Mom and dad look good on yall

  16. Michael H. Boulton

    Michael H. Boulton2 months ago

    I was pleased to find out that Rojo (Red) got rehomed. He will be a wonderful dog for a family who has plenty of energy!

  17. Jezh Vrod

    Jezh Vrod2 months ago

    Just if y'all didn't know, Rojo means red in Spanish:)

  18. Jenny Michelle

    Jenny Michelle3 months ago

    I totally empathised with Bec when she started crying at the vets..but slightly different because I was remembering when my Daughter had to have her first injections in her thighs..she was so upset and then I was and the nurse wouldn't let me change her and so I was out of the room with a crying half undressed baby in floods of tears..luckily my mum had come with me so she helped me sort Emily out and calm me down ...still upset me when she had them done after that but for me that was the worst and also the injections in her feet when she was born..for the first few days she had jaundice so they had to keep testing her blood ..that was heart breaking for me too x

  19. Pearl Dunn

    Pearl Dunn3 months ago

    This advice is way too late for you two, but it might help someone else who is thinking of getting a puppy. Take them out right away even if they have peed or pooped inside. That way they learn quickly what is expected and with all of our pups we have the on leash two hour take out rule with using the words go pee and poop They all became experts for doing so on demand and it sure helps when you are traveling. What patient foster parents you were and thanks for making sure an adoptable dog found a forever home. Love your channel. You both rock!

  20. Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear3 months ago

    Everyone: he is so adorable Me: why did she name him red

  21. Crystal Combs

    Crystal Combs3 months ago

    He was crying because he had to poop. Lmaooo

  22. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith4 months ago

    What kind of dog is rojo

  23. Dannielle Obenchain

    Dannielle Obenchain4 months ago

    Where is his leash

  24. Dannielle Obenchain

    Dannielle Obenchain4 months ago

    You have to take puppies or every hour

  25. Dannielle Obenchain

    Dannielle Obenchain4 months ago

    My dog sleeps in my bed every night that's not bad parenting if it's a pet

  26. sylvia Droz

    sylvia Droz5 months ago

    I'd love to send you a video of my dog watching your dog video

  27. Deborah Nedreberg

    Deborah Nedreberg7 months ago

    Some day you will look back and feel stupid. You have to know them and it takes time. Just like a kid.

  28. Deborah Nedreberg

    Deborah Nedreberg7 months ago

    Don’t have kids then.

  29. Deborah Nedreberg

    Deborah Nedreberg7 months ago

    Not keeping him?

  30. Legacy Luminals

    Legacy Luminals3 months ago

    They aren't keeping him because he needs a bigger home and they were originally just fostering so he wouldn't get killed, maybe actually listen to what they say next time lmao

  31. David Boehringer

    David Boehringer8 months ago

    Bec I love your laugh.

  32. Steve A

    Steve A8 months ago

    Roj adds a nice dimension to the vlogs

  33. Shannonlynn

    Shannonlynn11 months ago

    He is so adorable!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  34. Ashrutha sundar

    Ashrutha sundar11 months ago

    I loved the way u had tears in ur eyes when he was getting his shot cuz even i do when my cats getting a shot .love u guys💕

  35. Theerarat Persson

    Theerarat Persson11 months ago

    I love that DOG !!!!! and your Chanel

  36. Aubrey

    Aubrey11 months ago

    OMG, Ro is SO CUTE! What a little sweetie pie! One other thing to consider is that he may be motion sick from riding in the van. Some dogs do get motion sick. With that diarrhea, make sure he's drinking a lot of water so he doesn't get dehydrated. Also, remember he's a puppy, a baby, and they need a lot of sleep. Also, puppies tend to have to use the bathroom after they eat, drink or PLAY. So after eating, drinking or playing, be on the lookout for his whining and take him outside to go potty. And since he's teething, he needs something appropriate to chew on (don't allow to chew on your hand for example) ...update...I see now you've gotten him a good chew toy!... A small Kong would be a great chew toy because they are so durable. We used them to train all our dogs not to bite hands or chew up furniture or shoes, etc. You train them easily by just playfully putting the Kong in their mouth every time you catch them chewing on anything else. Don't get angry or harsh with them. Just do it gently and happily and they quickly learn you prefer the Kong and they will go to it every time and it will become a favorite for them. I LOVE Kongs for this!

  37. Aubrey

    Aubrey11 months ago

    Ohhh nooo, you guys, puppies have to be taken out to use the bathroom like 8 times a day and usually at LEAST once during the middle of the night (especially when they have an upset tummy, poor little thing). That's definitely why he was whining. That's normal. I've trained several dogs and when you get a puppy, just plan to take them out in the night every time they whine. It trains them to learn to only go pee/poo outside. Kinda like when you have a human baby, you don't get much sleep in the beginning. They learn pretty quickly though and grow quickly so their bladders can hold it through the night.

  38. Chyenne Ariel

    Chyenne ArielYear ago

    Bec is the sweetest mom 😩💗

  39. Flaco's view

    Flaco's viewYear ago

    You're lucky he didn't die. The vomiting and pooping was his body getting rid of bacteria and poisoning from eating that mouse. Love watching please be careful with Rojo. Next time a teaspoon hydrogen peroxide so he pukes everything in his stomach. Then some milk of magnesia to coat his intestines. Just noticed this was 6 months ago.

  40. Jay Zee

    Jay ZeeYear ago

    The worlds smallest exploding puppy! lol but so cute he's worth it :-)

  41. Kátalena Anastasia

    Kátalena AnastasiaYear ago


  42. Arianna Needham

    Arianna NeedhamYear ago

    This is the funniest video I love it!!

  43. laura barfield

    laura barfieldYear ago

    Hey guys, just when I thought you couldn't get any more adorable, you get Row. So now you're so loveable! I subscribed to your channel a couple of weeks ago because I love the way you are together. I'm a little old Texan grandma living vicariously through you. Keep them coming. I'm binging your videos and loving it!! ! 🤗🤟🤟🤗😊

  44. Erick Diaz

    Erick DiazYear ago

    He is so cute omg I wish I had home I am died cute 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀😻😻😻😻😻👍👍👍🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🌈☀️

  45. Elsie Wilhoit

    Elsie WilhoitYear ago

    8:58 did anybody notice all of the flies on eamon?

  46. maelle *

    maelle *Year ago

    What breed is he ?

  47. anjali tate

    anjali tateYear ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Best video

  48. MsTheUndone

    MsTheUndoneYear ago

    Love that dog!

  49. Josie Gaddess

    Josie GaddessYear ago

    You SHOULD adopt it!!!

  50. Debbie Donaldson

    Debbie DonaldsonYear ago

    U have to keep him he suits u guys and he’s sooooooo cute

  51. Celene Dobbs

    Celene DobbsYear ago

    What kind of dog is Rojo?? I want one!!

  52. e m

    e mYear ago

    They would be such good parents, would you’s ever consider keeping a dog ? ❤️🐾

  53. Ansley Quay

    Ansley QuayYear ago

    Aww I wanna foster pets too...motivating and such a cute family 😍

  54. Taylor Sierra

    Taylor SierraYear ago

    What kind of dog is he

  55. LexxDoThis

    LexxDoThisYear ago

    This video sums up why I don't do puppies. HAHAHA

  56. integrity generation

    integrity generationYear ago

    Found your vlog last night and been binge watching 🤣 thanks guys ☺️ love your adventures 😀

  57. Heather Kling

    Heather KlingYear ago

    he is so so cute

  58. Ava Cerber

    Ava CerberYear ago


  59. NixevBeauty

    NixevBeautyYear ago

    what breed is rojo? I think I fell in love

  60. Francesca Sessa

    Francesca SessaYear ago

    what breed is Rojo?

  61. Piper Genkin

    Piper GenkinYear ago

    what kind of dog is he

  62. Lexi

    LexiYear ago

    i ♥️ you guys i can’t stop watching your videos

  63. Lexi

    LexiYear ago

    i ♥️ you guys i can’t stop watching your videos

  64. Lexi

    LexiYear ago

    i ♥️ you guys i can’t stop watching your videos

  65. Laina's Life

    Laina's LifeYear ago

    You guys are amazing!! You just earned a new subscriber!🥰❤️

  66. jake wallsgrove

    jake wallsgroveYear ago

    What breed is rojo? So damn cute

  67. Amy Poucher

    Amy PoucherYear ago

    Why is she crying? I had a 1 week old baby and a 3 week old puppy who's mom tried two kill him. Nevermind that did really suck now that I think about it I probably cried a few times had two feed the puppy every 2 hours and my son every 3 or 4 hours and they would not sleep at the same time but thankfully a lady came and took the puppy about 3 week's later. But it was worth it in the end my son is 7 now and the puppy is still alive and happy and he almost died his mother almost killed him and the lady that had him was just going to let him die and I could not let him die. Everyone that I was crazy taking a dieing puppy when I had a new baby but it was worth it both baby's are alive and well.

  68. Dora Lee Malm

    Dora Lee MalmYear ago

    Love your videos!

  69. glockz bbs

    glockz bbsYear ago

    What type of dog is he

  70. Fiona Haines

    Fiona HainesYear ago

    Oh my......GOD!!! I love you Ro! What an amazing addition to your Van🐻💩😜

  71. martina magda

    martina magdaYear ago

    Ahhhh...becca crying while rojo is getting medicine 😍😍 I remember myself crying almoust everytime I took my dog to vet 😊

  72. Mike Walnut

    Mike WalnutYear ago

    Ro leaping out of the van door...cutest thing ever.

  73. CottonCandyGods

    CottonCandyGodsYear ago

    OMG Olivia is sooo beautiful!!!!

  74. ScreamReJeX

    ScreamReJeXYear ago


  75. Trieze Pauwels

    Trieze PauwelsYear ago

    Little tip: grate some ginger in his food. Good for his bowels :)

  76. Don’t Fall 4 The Hype

    Don’t Fall 4 The HypeYear ago

    That puppy feel in love with you! And looks to you for guidance! It would be super wrong to bring him into your life! Then just neglect him! I get what you are doing in better then not fostering him at all but...he doesn’t know that or get all that stuff! Don’t let him go and regret it later! Pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  77. Don’t Fall 4 The Hype

    Don’t Fall 4 The HypeYear ago

    Keep that pup! Sometimes it’s just meant to be!

  78. SammyBabe

    SammyBabeYear ago

    What kind of dog is Ro???

  79. TheOwensThree

    TheOwensThreeYear ago

    This is good birth control! haha! The end of this video made me have flashbacks to life with a newborn (well 100X harder!) LOVE you guys!

  80. douglasvieira1990dv

    douglasvieira1990dvYear ago

    You should have a Spotify play list !! The music is awesome

  81. StarFlower99654

    StarFlower99654Year ago

    Being puppy parents is a tough job. But once you put in the work and they learn there is no turning back....he is adorable. Thank you for loving and homing a sweet puppy!

  82. Jana Reeves

    Jana ReevesYear ago

    Thank you for being a responsible pet owner. We need more of you!

  83. Jana Reeves

    Jana ReevesYear ago

    You're vlogs are so beautiful! Love you guys❤

  84. Jana Reeves

    Jana ReevesYear ago

    You and Ellen Fisher have the most beautiful videos. Such a highlight to my day!

  85. Norma Jean

    Norma JeanYear ago


  86. Eloy Antonio roa sanchez

    Eloy Antonio roa sanchezYear ago

    The true is by the time the 30 days are over, you will be the happiest couple with your a little 4 legged kid and adopting the 4 legged kid will be the best thing you two can do as a family. Antonio, the 18 wheeler

  87. Eloy Antonio roa sanchez

    Eloy Antonio roa sanchezYear ago

    Emo and Bec, this is the biggest laugh I ever had. But seriously, this is good and best practice for parenthood for you guys. Antonio, the 18 wheeler

  88. Trooper the boxer

    Trooper the boxerYear ago

    Hi guys found u from watching Trent and Allie gonna watch all your videos from the beginning looking forward to watching your adventures good luck wiv the puppy 🐶 scramble eggs great for dogs wiv bad bellies 🙂

  89. JaysSpace

    JaysSpaceYear ago

    What bread of dog is the pup?

  90. Positive Lifestyle

    Positive LifestyleYear ago

    I fell in love with my chiwinnie after 2 days. When the day came to take him to meet his new forever owner, I pulled a no show. He was is so cute.

  91. Rosie Luey

    Rosie LueyYear ago

    omg i love watching your videos but this is definitely my favourite one yet

  92. Lindz Martinez

    Lindz MartinezYear ago

    LOVE y'all & rojo he's adorbs

  93. yer yeo

    yer yeoYear ago

    what exact breed is rojo? not sure if it was mentioned in the video but hes an adorable pup!

  94. Pamela Trejo

    Pamela TrejoYear ago

    Keep it!!

  95. JoJo Turvey

    JoJo TurveyYear ago

    So happy to see you are fostering a puppy! When we first got our pup Magnolia she had colitis and had diarrhea for a week. Keep your heads up you’re doing great! Puppy pads are a great resource until they gain control of their bladder and bowel movements!

  96. You finally found Waldo

    You finally found WaldoYear ago



    NICKI4 DAYESYear ago

    Oooooo can u please tell me where you got your Fruit hanging basket/Hamic thing omg love it 😍


    NICKI4 DAYESYear ago

    I hope 🤞 u guys keep him he’s so so so cute great 👍 video

  99. Lins

    LinsYear ago

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  100. She Sails

    She SailsYear ago

    Bummed I missed you guys! I live in La Paz as a sailing captain. I could have taken you sailing but I was out on a charter. Oh well. It was fun watching his episode. I wanted to adopt a puppy but I am sailing too much. So glad you were able to help Baja Dogs.

  101. Veronica Barnez

    Veronica BarnezYear ago

    you guys are such good parents.

  102. Gaetan Giroux

    Gaetan GirouxYear ago


  103. 2Globaltravelers

    2GlobaltravelersYear ago

    We have been following u for a while. Vanlife envy/research! Saw this video and it sounded familiar to me so I sent it to my brother who happened to get his dog from Olivia and fostered a couple. He donated $500 to the “Spade day”, just so you know your video is still giving! Good luck giving up the little guy, it will be tough! If we sell our house maybe we will cross paths in Europe as we cycle our way around! #cyclelife cheers and keep up the good work!

  104. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Wow, wow, wow!!!! I am crying happy tears! Please give your brother a big hug from us and say a HUGE thank you!! This brings us so close to our goal and we SO appreciate it ❤️✨

  105. Kristofer Norris

    Kristofer NorrisYear ago

    So awesome guys! Great vid, hope you keep him, the three of you are perfect👫🐶

  106. angrichrds1

    angrichrds1Year ago

    I'll be shocked if you guys are able to give Rojo up after 30 days. He's soooo cute!

  107. All Who Wander

    All Who WanderYear ago

    ROFLMFAO !!! Y'all are getting a good taste of parenthood!!! I think everyone should take care of a puppy for a month before they decide to have children. Mother nature's birth control :D