VAN TOUR | Sprinter Van Converted to Tiny Home for Full-Time Van Life

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After an incredible 3 years of living, working, and traveling in our self converted Sprinter Van we made the very tough decision to abandon it in Africa to take a repatriation flight back to Canada (due to the global pandemic). Halting our dream of driving around the world was a hard pill to swallow which is why we knew we needed a big project while social distancing back home in Toronto. Well, that AND we needed a place to call home! Enter building an off-grid tiny house on wheels!! We're so excited to share our beautiful conversion with you in an official van tour!!
Our van is a 2015 Mercedes Sprinter Van with 170,000 KMs on it. 170 wheelbase so we could add a full bathroom (yes, that includes a toilet and indoor shower) and a super unique couch/bed design that gives a very open concept space to the tiny home.


  1. Ireland Lindsay

    Ireland Lindsay2 months ago

    I don’t usually comment, but you guys put SO much effort and work into your videos and it is truly an art! Just wanted to say thank you for hard work and thank you so much for sharing. Maybe one day I’ll build a van- only with your guide tho😂😍thanks guys!

  2. TripleA.

    TripleA.Month ago

    Hey I wanna was a good time I to see tt rtrytrtrtrtrn rrtrtrtrtrtrtrrtrrtrrtttrtrtrttrrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrttrttttrrtrrttrrm rtrytyrtrtrtrttrrtrt Rt y’all set t yooo rt

  3. Leanne and Dan

    Leanne and Dan2 months ago

    have to agree with you, you can see the effort they go through to give us nice content :) Great work!!

  4. Kaelyn The Rat

    Kaelyn The Rat2 months ago

    @Eamon & Bec Hi Eamon and Bec I love your van it's so nice I have 5 video ideas for you😁❤ 1. Morning routine new van 🌞🚐 2. Night routine new van 🌚🚐 3. 24 Hour Challenge😁💙❤💛 4. Fall Van tour 2020🍁🍂🎃 5. Fall Challenge decorating van for fall dollar tree edition 🍂🎃🍁

  5. CallMeMac 13

    CallMeMac 132 months ago

    I completely agree. What a great comment!

  6. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec2 months ago

    Awe thank you so so much!! We really do work our butts off to constantly be improving our camera/editing skills and to make content we are super proud to share so it’s amazing to read such positive comments like this 🤗!! Thank you again ❤️

  7. Neil Rockwell

    Neil RockwellDay ago

    Cook Book not able to find. I get that when I try ??

  8. Peyton Gallaway

    Peyton Gallaway7 days ago

    whoever was filming is incredible

  9. * Isabell *

    * Isabell *8 days ago

    I have been busy these past 2 months and haven't had the time to stop by, and I come back to the van already finished 😭🤧So Gorgeous!☺️

  10. Eduardo Tarusov

    Eduardo Tarusov9 days ago

    Important things are missing: wheels, lights, suspension, engine upgrade.

  11. Ulysses Arinos

    Ulysses Arinos12 days ago

    Nice van wish to have one like this. Like it

  12. Rachel Clarke

    Rachel Clarke12 days ago

    Best van tour video I’ve seen. So helpful thank you for sharing everything

  13. Daniel Tay

    Daniel Tay12 days ago

    Loving couple!

  14. smsp89

    smsp8918 days ago

    Hello!! We are starting to plan our van build, and I LOVED your self-locking drawer latches, do you have a link anywhere of where you got them from, or what brand/ kind they are? Thanks for all the good content!!

  15. Myriah Buck

    Myriah Buck19 days ago

    Is that a will and bear hat? I have the Whitman moss, it’s my favorite!

  16. Megan Hearn

    Megan Hearn19 days ago

    i love becs laugh!!!!,!

  17. Madison Wallace

    Madison Wallace20 days ago

    where did you purchase the self-locking latches????

  18. Becky Hewitt

    Becky Hewitt21 day ago

    I freaking want one lol

  19. Shemika Thomas

    Shemika Thomas21 day ago

    I purchased your van build guide I’m no longer able to access it.. said I ran out of downloads. Who can I reach out to for Assistance?

  20. Muriel

    Muriel22 days ago

    Sorry Bec, I must say...your laugh with loudly inhaling at the end is a bit annoying 😬

  21. jclements65

    jclements6522 days ago

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  22. troy tucker

    troy tucker24 days ago

    Congrats on the baby to be !!!! Love watching you guys!

  23. Jennifer Austin

    Jennifer Austin25 days ago

    Did you use butcher block counters and if so, what did you stain/seal them with? I am having a hard time finding what to use?

  24. AdVANture Sebi

    AdVANture Sebi25 days ago

    Best room tour video ever!! So nice Transitions and awesome build 🍀📈😊

  25. Mia Mor

    Mia Mor26 days ago

    Watching this made me so happy. Love you guys’ vibe.

  26. Emil Mierza

    Emil Mierza26 days ago

    how much did all this cost?

  27. 乐百家zhu册18

    乐百家zhu册1827 days ago

    You guys, without a doubt, have achieved the best van conversion build ever!! Others only dare tread where you guys have been! Even though I am sure you both want your van back from Morocco, this van is so much better! I hope it gives much happiness in the years to come. Congrats! You have a lot to be proud of.

  28. Cesar Muñoz

    Cesar Muñoz27 days ago

    Take a shot every time Eamon says Canada 🥴🥴

  29. mudassir idris

    mudassir idris27 days ago

    After watching you guys I really want to have a Spinster and of course convert it

  30. Maggie Brady

    Maggie Brady28 days ago

    I call dibs on this when I get older!

  31. G11

    G1129 days ago

    Let’s just say yous are ready for ANYTHING.... like a whole zombie apocalypse

  32. Tumbal Tumbalan

    Tumbal Tumbalan29 days ago

    How you move your van a cross other country, using plane expedition is high cost

  33. Sharon Hoecherl

    Sharon HoecherlMonth ago

    Love your videos. Dreaming of owning a van like this some day. Could you tell me what the roller/balance things are called that you ended your video on? Look like so much fun.

  34. Haleigh Briggs

    Haleigh BriggsMonth ago

    I'm new here and already SUCH a big fan!!! have you mentioned before the final dimensions of your van after the buildout? my partner's tall and wondering if we can make it work!!

  35. Steve M

    Steve MMonth ago

    Always great videos, been looking for type of solar panels you used and are the any good ? Regards Steve from Bulgaria

  36. Olivia Walker

    Olivia WalkerMonth ago

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  38. Colleen

    ColleenMonth ago

    Ugh this van is beautiful, y’all are beautiful. This van eamon is 💋 *chefs kiss* built so to the point!!! Never stop being y’all🥰✨🤍

  39. Colleen

    ColleenMonth ago

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  41. Olivia The Olive

    Olivia The OliveMonth ago

    I really wanna know how much money it costs you to in life in there each month and what costs what 😂👍

  42. Drew Shirk

    Drew ShirkMonth ago

    I really want those solar panels! I can’t find a price or a way to purchase them. Any suggestions?

  43. N M

    N MMonth ago

    More info on these solar panels please? And how are they attached? I tried looking for a video you made about just those but didn’t find one.

  44. Kaylacorn 786

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    Coach Home UKMonth ago

    lol love the outtakes guys xx

  47. ლუ კა

    ლუ კაMonth ago

    Tell us, how do you get money

  48. Mary Murray

    Mary MurrayMonth ago

    Hey guys! Love the video and feel super inspired doing a van build here in Catalonia, Spain! Where did you buy the parts for the table? We’re finding it hard to find but definitely would love to have that. THANK YOU! X

  49. Ana Heraya

    Ana HerayaMonth ago

    Saludos desde Puerto Rico los felicito por su VAN les quedó muy bonita y acogedora. Quisiera saber cómo sé llaman la ruedas esas en las qué corren ustedes y dónde las puedo conseguir. Gracias!!!!

  50. FreedomFred

    FreedomFredMonth ago

    I have been watching your videos for the past three years. I think this is the best build yet. I am looking for a van in the $20k (USD) range of around the same year as yours, but am very concerned when over 100k miles on them. It didn't seem to concern you, why?

  51. andre davies

    andre daviesMonth ago

    amazing watching your build process, you guys need a break!!! haha very inspiring how much effort and hard work you put into everything. would you be able to point me in the right direction for underfloor heating? I've nearly finished my sprinter had it weighed and unfortunately its over so ripping the 12mm wooden flooring up for some underfloor heating and vinyl. thanks so much, can't wait to see your future videos, and congrats on getting that cabin its going to be amazing for sure.

  52. Hippie healthy Mumma

    Hippie healthy MummaMonth ago

    Thank you for sharing such rawness you beautiful people. Keep doing what your doing remember some time out to relax too

  53. Helen Christian

    Helen ChristianMonth ago

    Hi Guys I watch your videos every week and you are such an inspiration. We are currently converting our very first horse box. eeeeek!!! we are planning on traveling for at least two years around Europe with our two year old boy. We love the catches that you put on your cupboards could you tell me where i can find the link? Keep up the great work

  54. vishnu madhu

    vishnu madhuMonth ago

    The bed looks amazing! But a question about the induction cooktop: it's in a corner with no exhaust, and even that window doesn't open right? So how do you manage the exhaust while cooking? Is the ceiling fan around that region? Then it can help I guess. But do tell. Thanks.

  55. Molly Pisarcik

    Molly PisarcikMonth ago

    You guys did a great job my dream is to live in a van one day I hope I be like you guys👍😁

  56. The Man

    The ManMonth ago

    A diesel heater is probably the least environmentally friendly choice you could have gone for. We need to move away from burning fossil fuels, why not LPG?

  57. Sharing is Caring Vlogs

    Sharing is Caring VlogsMonth ago

    Nice video, you guys are amazing. Greetings from a small USlikesr from New York.

  58. joyti chau

    joyti chauMonth ago

    plz share the link of induction cook top and water filter

  59. Brian Harrigan

    Brian HarriganMonth ago

    Great couple , great van build !! Many happy travels. Cheers !

  60. TheWisconsinites

    TheWisconsinitesMonth ago

    Those self locking latches are amazing! Do you know where we can purchase some? :) We can't find them anywhere. Also love your couch/bed design! SO COOL!

  61. Janeliz Baby Firefly

    Janeliz Baby FireflyMonth ago

    You guys are awesome ❤ thank you for the awesome " I eat in a day dishes ." Hope you guys are staying safe in such times.

  62. Amaika16

    Amaika16Month ago

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  63. Alahiane Mohamed

    Alahiane MohamedMonth ago

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  64. Hog Dawger8

    Hog Dawger8Month ago

    I just got done watching your video of when you were in Spain from when your van got broke into. I'm so sorry to bring that up but it was so sad to see that to begin with then the fact the police didn't want to help you out until you had your local friends I'm guessing go down there with you. I forgot to comment because I was so excited to click on the next video of this new van build that popped up! But I was curious if your insurance company covered anything since you did get the report filed? Anyhow I'm so glad y'all we're able to get rid of that van to begin these new adventures with this one and man 600amp hours of lithium with a 5000 watt inverter is just awesome, especially without powering a A/C unit that's power for days! It's crazy how everyone's needs are different y'all being from Canada AC probably isn't a top priority and me being from Florida it's a must😂... And from seeing what happened to y'all I want to make security a must. You guy's did a beautiful job on this build and from watching that video and this one I fell in love with y'all and had to subscribe to follow along your journey 🤙🏼💙🌊

  65. sandysutube63

    sandysutube63Month ago

    Looks awesome guys! Anything you didn’t put in that you wished you did? Maybe a wish list for the next van build? 🎉. Congrats☕️☕️

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    Jacob PearlsteinMonth ago

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    Jeana PaezMonth ago

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  73. Christian’s Perspective

    Christian’s PerspectiveMonth ago

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    Sunnie Dee-LiteMonth ago

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    Savannah CosentinoMonth ago

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    Teresa EdgertonMonth ago

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  79. Spark of Hope

    Spark of HopeMonth ago

    I would be concerned about someone breaking in and reaching the kitchen knives before I could.

  80. Mike Jepp

    Mike JeppMonth ago

    Hi quick question. Which model sprinter do you have? I'm thinking of converting one myself and wanted to know the best model sprinter you can buy? perhaps 2-3 years old?

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    rxseblisx & sIoppymiaMonth ago

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