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Van Life Vlog | The highs and lows of living in a van and traveling around the world with NO plans 😞😊 | Eamon & Bec in Europe
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This week we get off the beaten path and discover a part of Europe that we've never heard about! After a fun week in Northern Spain in the Pyrenees mountains, we decided to head east in hopes of uncovering a few more secret spots! And while we knew that the mountains bordered France + Spain we had NO idea that there was a tiny country right smack in between them called Andorra 😂. I guess we learned that traveling without a plan in Europe can leave you in entirely new countries!
This lifestyle is often met with highs and lows and as we travel through the week we share quite a few of these with you. A new country means no SIM cards, a new language and learning to navigate the new surroundings. Then our worst nightmare happens and we are robbed of all our valuables. But that's a story for another time...
Our van life in Europe began when we decided to ship our van across the world in search of the next big adventure! Since then we've driven our sprinter van conversion from England - Wales - Ireland - Scotland - France - Spain - Portugal and now back to Portugal! Every week we share an episode of what it's like to van life in the city as well as van life in nature as we try to see and do most everything Europe has to offer ❤️🌎
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Today we show you around Andorra and what it's really like driving around the world with NO plan!
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Good morning everyone! This week was quite the roller coaster... I mean, we ACCIDENTALLY ended up in a country we'd never heard of 😂. Just wanted to say that the "preview" clips for next week show us very upset but while our nightmare did happen yesterday we are OKAY and that's all that matters ❤️. More on of that this in the coming days x

  2. Ged Alejos

    Ged AlejosYear ago

    Hi! Im dying to know the title of the song that was played on 2:20. I cant find itttt. Anyone pls? 😅

  3. Sandra Morales

    Sandra MoralesYear ago

    Oh my gosh! That’s so scary!! I’m glad you guys are ok. I love watching your videos and admire your work both in vlogging and tea company. Though I may never travel in a van. Getting to see these beautiful places through eyes helps me add to my list of future adventures.

  4. Jenneth Graser

    Jenneth GraserYear ago

    I'm so relieved you are ok!!! I was so sad about the break in! 😭

  5. Dells Bells

    Dells BellsYear ago

    Hi Bec & Eamon, I live near this area, if you need any help in terms of translating or anything whatsoever, please let me know.

  6. Alexzandria Vaughn

    Alexzandria VaughnYear ago

    Hope you never have to experience this again.

  7. Sofia Tuhkanen

    Sofia Tuhkanen13 days ago

    I think the horse just wanted the apple😂😂

  8. Ridhun RC

    Ridhun RC19 days ago

    e bulljet chettanmarea video kand vanna malayalikal undengil onn neelam mokkiyech ponnea💞😜

  9. No Name

    No Name25 days ago

    Love that song you played “slipping away”.....who is it?

  10. No Name

    No Name25 days ago

    You’re afraid of a colt? 😂. But the face you made was sooo cute....😂

  11. No Name

    No Name25 days ago

    Why is it necessary to have your ass hanging out Bec? “Less is more” (but I GET that it gets you more guys to watch and adds “likes”!). Sex does sell 😡

  12. Pat & Daf Van Build

    Pat & Daf Van BuildMonth ago

    I pay 60 euro all inclusive no limits. zero cost just 6o. Us all you what no limits and back to the USA.

  13. Pat & Daf Van Build

    Pat & Daf Van BuildMonth ago

    In Europe Vodafone all inclusive. Vodafone Vodafone Vodafone. Is same as you would have in USA.

  14. Ashton Williams

    Ashton WilliamsMonth ago

    I looked away and all I saw was beck freakin out over a horse 😂😂😂

  15. Joana

    Joana2 months ago

    Come on Bec, we need to know where that bikini came from.

  16. inthezone

    inthezone2 months ago

    I’m really curious what your guy’s astrological signs are?

  17. Sander Merirand

    Sander Merirand2 months ago

    Me Estonian

  18. 안수경

    안수경2 months ago


  19. Jenny Michelle

    Jenny Michelle2 months ago

    I love Bec's black bathing suit..not a fan of the white one ..don't like the cut on the bottom half..makes it look like a sumo outfit .. it's not flattering at all and she has a beautiful physique.

  20. Shannon O'Hara

    Shannon O'Hara2 months ago

    Who's work out videos are you guys always doing? I want to try!

  21. Sam Björk

    Sam Björk2 months ago

    What filter is that on the hose for filling the van with water?

  22. ForeverGoddess Queen

    ForeverGoddess Queen3 months ago

    She probably likes your essential oils. Sounds like a deduction?

  23. Neelchand Sewpersad

    Neelchand Sewpersad3 months ago

    If yourl ever decide to come back to Africa, you could park off by me in South Africa and I'd love to show yourl around.

  24. Bert N Ernie

    Bert N Ernie3 months ago

    19:25 what's that behind you? Is that the hot springs?

  25. Pinelopi Lagadinou

    Pinelopi Lagadinou3 months ago

    You are the couple that inspire us and give us the answer to the question "can we do this?"... We are looking forward to hopefully own our first camper van in the winter and start traveling the world with our dogs. Thanks for your videos

  26. Cat Glogowski

    Cat Glogowski4 months ago

    What's the brandname of your water filter? :)

  27. Olive Gilman

    Olive Gilman4 months ago

    lol I forgot they were in Celcius and when Eamon said its like 35 degrees out i was like holy shit that's cold

  28. Swieden

    Swieden5 months ago

    Watching this in 2020 while trinity is in africa and you've started your new build (2nd van). I enjoy you guys so much that i am now binge-watching old videos as the Sunday uploads leave me anxious all week :D Do you think you will add a solar -storage-box on the roof of van#2 similar to tiny watts solar van? Love you guys so much. I'll be moving to canada and do life soon. Stay safe

  29. MrPete Moller

    MrPete Moller5 months ago

    In mennen bek! XD Love your vlogs!

  30. Schagerström

    Schagerström5 months ago

    My swedish sim card works almost all over the world. Same data as home. No extra cost. If you are going to eu agen. You shud get a swedish sim card xD

  31. Carlos Dee

    Carlos Dee5 months ago

    The woman in the store didn't want to be filmed, but you showed her anyway. Not cool. I thought you guys were cooler than that. Respect peoples privacy.

  32. NamasteCC

    NamasteCC6 months ago

    Soooooo happy your back home! Your van will be nice and safe and everything will be just as you left it.

  33. Ian van niekerk

    Ian van niekerk6 months ago

    Loving catching on all your videos during lock down.. Makes me happy!

  34. Brenda Torres Barraza

    Brenda Torres Barraza6 months ago

    Link to the backpack you showed in the video pretty please?

  35. Theodora Priska

    Theodora Priska7 months ago

    ok... someone that's afraid of pony...jesus - you don't deserve this trip.

  36. The boot The boot

    The boot The boot7 months ago

    Whooooooo vans

  37. Kendra Fortin

    Kendra Fortin7 months ago


  38. Angie

    Angie8 months ago

    Do you guys ever get scared so far away from society or other people. Like are you afraid you’re going to get lost or somethings going to happen. You guys just seems so carefree always and so willing to go anywhere in the world

  39. Emma lee

    Emma lee8 months ago

    It only wanted your apple

  40. Kristin Krahmer

    Kristin Krahmer8 months ago

    Good news if you come back to the EU. Now you don't need different SIM cards for each country. It's EU wide now. Woop Woop.

  41. Beverly Campbell

    Beverly Campbell8 months ago

    Me and my late husband used to travel when we were your age and also lost a camera. We were travelling through the mountains in Puerto Rico on our way to Ponce. I was handing him the camera to take a picture and it accidentally got dropped. Sadly we lost most of the pictures. It was sad, but right now I am thankful for the memories the two of you are bringing back to me. I can also identify with the break-in, only ours happened in our house. So please don't think of it as you two being more vulnerable. Bad stuff can happen no matter where you are, but is always meant to teach us something. Keeping forging ahead!

  42. Lo S

    Lo S9 months ago

    About the data problem. Get a simcard with cheap abbo for Europe, cause no romaning costs in the EU countries. Then download the off-line maps of googlemaps. No more sim-card stress. I've got unlimited data for €30 a month.

  43. Chelsey Leigh

    Chelsey Leigh9 months ago

    I'm also allergic to horses, but I must also pet them every chance I get

  44. Derek Craig

    Derek Craig10 months ago

    You're not living off grid. You're completely reliant on the grid to operate your van. You two need to stop glorifying our lifestyle

  45. ツsunflower

    ツsunflower10 months ago

    Your relationship is so awesome, I hope you stay together forever 💗

  46. Jason Piquette

    Jason Piquette10 months ago

    Someone let me know that my song ”moth & rust” was featured on this vid and I’m so pumped!! Y’all are awesome! :) I just released an album and you’re always more than welcome to use any of the songs! In fact I’d be thrilled and honored! I think “dance again”, “till I fall” and ”treasure” would work particularly well :) Have a great one!

  47. Nicole

    Nicole10 months ago


  48. Fred Smith

    Fred Smith10 months ago

    that's a new one .... Dirt Yoga ....

  49. Giz Bunny

    Giz Bunny11 months ago

    It's only a BABY horse! How can you be scared of that sweet little baby?????

  50. Leo

    Leo11 months ago

    I want to know what the song is at 3:35 so badly 🤩😊, anyone know?

  51. WizzyTrippy

    WizzyTrippy11 months ago

    I literally love watching your guyses vids. watching you guys makes me feel free almost. nut omg you guys are so lucky for all that food... omg I've been watching you guys like all day and ugh your so lucky for food.

  52. Jazzmine Phoenix

    Jazzmine Phoenix11 months ago

  53. Ava Kaydea

    Ava Kaydea11 months ago

    Bec your hair is gotten so long. I love your yellow top.

  54. Cathy Warriner

    Cathy Warriner11 months ago

    Eamon you're supposed to rescue your damsel in distress 🤔

  55. Murk Lund

    Murk Lund11 months ago

    Manfrotto quick release is not super aweome. Arca Swiss style is superior and supported by many third parties.

  56. Vida De Los Dos Cocos

    Vida De Los Dos CocosYear ago

    ahhhhhhhh! Sucks that you dropped the camera! Here's a pro tip - put a UV filter on the lens and always keep the lens hood on. Most of the time, you'll end up breaking the filter and/or hood rather than the actual lens.

  57. mkrn18

    mkrn18Year ago

    Haha the horse reaaally wanted you to share your apple 😆

  58. Corinne Severn

    Corinne SevernYear ago

    Hey there Eamon & Bec. Hope that things are going better for you now and that the crisis is over. Very sorry that you had this experience. However, I am glad that there was no damage to the interior of your beautiful van. The stuff you lost can be replaced (although I know it will be a financial drain). However, all the love, sweat, and frustrations of redesigning your van would be much more difficult to deal with when you are away from your home base. I have a request. I wonder if you could do a video of your exercise/work-out routine that can be used when you are boondocking (per the initial few minutes of this video). I would like to incorporate some exercise while I am doing my van travel. I don't belong to a gym. I do have the flex-bands that can help with resistance training. Hope you guys continue on your awesome European travel with no further incidents. You have great videos.

  59. Kimberly Pura Vida

    Kimberly Pura VidaYear ago

    Hey guys, I love your videos! I am new to USlikes and am stumbling around watching suggested videos by USlikes. I am working my way through your videos but in the process this family was suggested...I am hoping you can help them increase their subscribers by mentioning them. It is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time to watch their story. uslikes.info/house/e4adsth9zY-NdL4/video.html Thanks!!!

  60. David

    DavidYear ago

    0:18 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  61. aléxx

    aléxxYear ago

    I‘m from Andorra! And I speak Catalan, so if you guys actually move, I could help you guys with the Catalan learning process, it‘s similar to French and Spanish :)

  62. Maggie Sofia

    Maggie SofiaYear ago

    Hi do you mind Beeing you tranalating This time? Ok Eu e a filha adolescente encontramos recentemente o nosso estilo de vida nómada. Apesar dela ter aulas num sítio fixo, casas de cimento neste momento só para "matar saudades" e estamos no processo de ter cada uma a sua casa móvel. Quando ela nasceu eu só sabia que se todos os valores que lhe queria passar um deles era MT importante: somos pó de estrela num todo MT maior que imaginamos e que não há fronteiras. Somos seres humanos, cidadãos deste "mundo'" e que o que importa mesmo é viver no aqui e no agora. Olhar para o relógio apenas para nós sentirmos abençoados pq naquele preciso momento estamos vivos e tudo é uma oportunidade para ser vivida. Sim se viram algo sobre mim sabem que tenho cancro de mama há 12 anos e que metastizou à 5. É assim um pobre coitado que se agarrou às nossas vidas. Não faz mal. Tornou um animal de estimação 😁😁😁 queremos mostrar ao mundo que não há circunstâncias que não se ultrapassem e educar o mundo. Eu na saúde e ela no ambiente. E por falar em ambiente e auto suficiente estilo de vida há a coisa que estamos a pensar investir e não vemos a ser usado por ninguém. A energia aeolica. E queríamos a vossa opinião. Não são perfeitos como a captação da água da chuva tb não é nem tão eficiente como os painéis solares mas tb ajudam. O que acham? Deus vos abençoe

  63. Marie Confidentiel

    Marie ConfidentielYear ago

    Horses like to eat apples! The little poney wanted your apple!

  64. Jessica Joy Hardee

    Jessica Joy HardeeYear ago

    When you feed a horse you just hold your hand super flat and they use their lips mostly, but in case they use their teeth your fingers are flat and out of the way. It was sooo cute! :)

  65. Ruth Yepez

    Ruth YepezYear ago

    How do you guys work out the issue of carbon monoxide poisoning. Do you guys keep your windows cracked?

  66. Raquel Emereda

    Raquel EmeredaYear ago

    How’d you get your van from North America to Europe??

  67. Sean Snowdon

    Sean SnowdonYear ago

    The greatest thing in the world is when you watch a 20 minute youtube video and completely love it. Only to find out there are many more to watch. You have had a few rough times on this video, however you look like you have many, many more great times. The bad moments you need to appreciate the better ones. You both joke around, and have that honest excitement in your eyes. We are buying a ford Transit next summer and spend 6 months of the year travelling the states. After a few years of this, Europe is the destination I want to end up in. How much was it to move your van overseas (excuse the ignorance if you have already done a video on this, I am new to your site)? I can't wait to follow up on your previous videos. Take care, be safe and glad you are doing what most people should be doing. Sean P.S. Excuse the english its 5am! lol

  68. Kaur Kasemaa

    Kaur KasemaaYear ago

    Come to Estonia!

  69. Charlsi Iker

    Charlsi IkerYear ago


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    D.E 303- A new, low cost, home buildable, solar electric concentrator.Year ago


  71. James Brown

    James BrownYear ago

    She wanted the apple in your other hand! That you were eating . )

  72. Multidimensional Traveler

    Multidimensional TravelerYear ago

    You need a puppy

  73. Ildefonso Reyes

    Ildefonso ReyesYear ago


  74. Douglas Craigen

    Douglas CraigenYear ago

    If you get a british sim card you can use your data in the eu for free

  75. Adventure Aways

    Adventure AwaysYear ago

    10:30 omg you could of gave it the apple lol

  76. Christina Curcio

    Christina CurcioYear ago

    I just want to say how inspirational you both are. I've been watching your videos for a little while now, and I absolutely adore the lifestyle you two have chosen. I'm currently a dual major in college, and all I feel is stuck. I love my majors, but one is giving me serious pains that I just can't tell is worth it. But then you two come along, and with how devastating your most recent upload is, it's still amazing to me. You two are doing exactly what you want to do, not being held back by anything. I want to be like that. I want to just go off and do what I want to do. Maybe it doesn't involve a van, but to live free. Thank you Eamon and Bec, for inspiring me to just do what I want to do.

  77. Pilar A.

    Pilar A.Year ago

    So sorry this happened to you on my beautiful country. I just bought your Roibos Chai ☕️ small gesture and excited to try it!

  78. Georgina Fisher

    Georgina FisherYear ago

    what happened, why is becca crying?

  79. Georgina Fisher

    Georgina FisherYear ago

    Keep on keeping on guys, your doing great,

  80. Stuart W

    Stuart WYear ago

    Sunday 6th 10 am, anxiously waiting for your weekly vlog. I do hope you are OK. Do ask if you need help, UK is not far away and we have friends in south of France. Good luck. Stuart and Hannah

  81. Chris Seaman

    Chris SeamanYear ago

    Hi Guys, probably a random question but I assume you use phones {on occasion} and laptops in the video making process - i was just curious what you are using. I’m guessing apple?

  82. Abbey Robson

    Abbey RobsonYear ago

    Please do a video of your workout routine!

  83. Benoit Leclerc

    Benoit LeclercYear ago

    Hello to both of you, hope your are ok, I want to know what is the name of the company that you bought your back case bumper rack. thx

  84. Brian Djordjevic

    Brian DjordjevicYear ago

    How does insurance work if you ship the van to another country

  85. Simon Davey

    Simon DaveyYear ago

    You guys are kindness. You are loved. I’m sorry that the selfishness and problems of others came to your door. You are loved. We, your community are here for you. If you need anything - please say. Gutted, but know that your sense of adventure is bigger than the darker side of human nature.

  86. lol yes

    lol yesYear ago

    Hey I just found you guys, have you guys ever visited bosnia? That would be awesomeee it’s so beautiful there

  87. Isa

    IsaYear ago

    Tip for travelling in europe, you should ask somewhere but i know in the netherlands we have simcard subscriptions that you can use all over europe. So you wouldn’t have to buy new ones in every single country you visit!


    S†EPFΔM STUDiOYear ago

    whats drinking like in a van life, what if you're drunk somewhere and someone tells you to move and you open your car door drunk as a skunk , is that DUI??

  89. Lau We

    Lau WeYear ago

    when did you visit the hotsprings?🤔😭 I was there at 20th of september, maaaaan even that security dog was there😂 I would have loved to meet you guys there!! I'm from Germany, I'm travelling around europe in my self converted peugeot boxer and thinking of starting a youtubechannel aswell, keep up exploring! maybe we'll meet up on the streets one day! I'd love to!👌 see ya!

  90. Sur Patrick

    Sur PatrickYear ago

    You should go to Austria

  91. Jane Robles

    Jane RoblesYear ago

    You guys are great. So many of us can’t travel like you are so it’s absolutely wonderful that you’re sharing these experiences. Keep it up. BYW I’m following you from Tucson Arizona.

  92. Agnes SE

    Agnes SEYear ago

    Maybe you will visit Poland? If so I have a brand new video /vlog about Zakopane, also known as the Tresure of Poland :-))

  93. Larry P

    Larry PYear ago

    Please give Occie a comfortable pet bed or blanket to lounge on.

  94. paper squish for life

    paper squish for lifeYear ago

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  95. paper squish for life

    paper squish for lifeYear ago

    It would be awesome if Eamon and Bec commented on this ☺️☺️

  96. paper squish for life

    paper squish for lifeYear ago


  97. Sh

    ShYear ago

    That's living!

  98. Matt

    MattYear ago

    I’ve been away and could not wait to see last Sunday’s vlog....and now I am shaken by the preview of “next week” and Bec’s upset. Damn. Stay positive and know “good” ALWAYS wins. Anticipating (with real anxiety) Sunday’s upload. Nothing but positive vibes and love being sent your way from Ottawa, Ontario. Take care and be well.

  99. Cathy B

    Cathy BYear ago

    Such beautiful travel footage and aerial footage! Thank you so very much for sharing your journeys with us!

  100. Kaity Tru

    Kaity TruYear ago

    I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!! I know who Eamon reminds me of now lol. Eddy from Friends! He was Chandler's roommate after Joey moved out

  101. Ray Kilgore

    Ray KilgoreYear ago

    @ 8:45 what’s the name of that song? Love it and love y’all! Great video by the way!!

  102. Brigetta Piggott

    Brigetta PiggottYear ago

    Omg I am crying laughing about when the baby horse was interested in Bec. "I'm freaking out and I don't know why. Please help me!" Your emotional intelligence is shining through. Your content quality is constantly leveling up! Thank you guys 😍🤣🤣🤣

  103. Linda Cianchetti

    Linda CianchettiYear ago

    Uh, oh. Camera gone missing, or something worse...? All in emotions; this episode.

  104. Shaun

    ShaunYear ago


  105. Adriana Almeida

    Adriana AlmeidaYear ago

    Sending good vibes from down south _ Rio de Janeiro . I hope you recover from this bad experience and keep spreading, love and laughter wherever you end up traveling. You guys rock! ❤💙💚💛💜 🌻🌼🌸 🍀🌾