We're Moving to a Cabin in the Woods

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Here it is friends: the new adventure we've been dreaming and saving for since we first met 8 years ago. We've always envisioned moving into the woods by the lake and building our dream tiny cabin as a home base for us to come back to in between our international travels. We cannot wait to have a place to call our own!! We are SO close and cannot believe what a whirlwind of a week this has been. Which property do you think we put an offer on and where would YOU love to build a tiny home?!
Fingers crossed we'll have more news to share next Sunday!
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecMonth ago

    Don't worry mom... we'll be safe in the middle of nowhere thanks to Simplisafe 😉 Check out Simplisafe here: simplisafe.com/eamonbec Also, which piece of property do you think we put an offer on?!

  2. Tawana 2 Inspire

    Tawana 2 InspireDay ago

    Love you guys channel. I'm praying for you 2 as well. Can you link the music also or leave the name of the artist.

  3. Demonic Angel

    Demonic Angel9 days ago

    Number 1!

  4. Jersey Stotler

    Jersey Stotler10 days ago

    Wow I would go for Number 3 for sure!!!!

  5. bbrose69

    bbrose6912 days ago

    Anyone figure out how to get simplisafe to ship to Canada? Other than have a USlikes channel? 🤣

  6. Ian & Jo

    Ian & Jo13 days ago

    Looking forward to the cabin build 🔨🪓🛠🧰

  7. Valeria Vincent-Sancisi

    Valeria Vincent-Sancisi10 hours ago

    use enough good quality oil...

  8. Ash Ran

    Ash Ran23 hours ago

    You guys are such a cute couple. 💜💜💜

  9. randomandspontaneous

    randomandspontaneousDay ago

    I'm surprised a couple at their late 20s doesnt yet know the difference between fixed and variable rates. Anyways, as always, very inspired by your positive and "can-do" attitude towards life. We learn new things everyday! All the best guys.

  10. Curtis Wade Stafford

    Curtis Wade StaffordDay ago

    i'm not against a therapist but i just don't have faith in a person that learn therapy in school or a book no matter how good a school is you have to live it to know it and how to dill with it. and many of us have live it few of us have leared how to cope with it most people think collage degrees are the best schooled teachers but i think 1 ounce of living and 1 ounce of common sense are worth more tha all the school and book learning in the world

  11. Paul Betka

    Paul BetkaDay ago

    Good luck. From Mich. Nomadic Eric's just got that ❗ sounds good 👍

  12. Pat A

    Pat ADay ago

    If you don’t want to use teflon type products, get yourself a seasoned cast iron pan. They are fabulous!

  13. Shar Newton

    Shar NewtonDay ago

    Omg take the 1970s house👍

  14. Himself Lee

    Himself LeeDay ago

    don't plan on other cabins. On that size lot the septic system will probably only handle the one residence.

  15. Himself Lee

    Himself LeeDay ago

    You are not lost if you are on a trail.

  16. D Walker

    D WalkerDay ago


  17. Amancalled Adam

    Amancalled Adam2 days ago

    Not even three minutes in and already you're letting us know you're vegan! What is it with proselytizing vegans?

  18. Ciara Loy

    Ciara Loy2 days ago

    Bec is right, the saying is paved the way. Technically the trail paves the way to the cabin. 🙌🙌

  19. Will McElroy

    Will McElroy2 days ago

    So sweet and cute, watching you guys grow and evolve right before our eyes.

  20. DrinkinSlim

    DrinkinSlim2 days ago

    Why does this remind me of Max & Lee? Wow.

  21. Jeff Shoopman

    Jeff Shoopman2 days ago

    Always scared not healthy.

  22. Olivia Jae

    Olivia Jae2 days ago

    Bob Lawblaw's Law Blog. Arrested Development was the best.

  23. Iris Cornwell

    Iris Cornwell2 days ago

    So excited for you guys! I can’t wait to see where you land;) xoxo

  24. Emily E

    Emily E3 days ago

    You need a well seasoned cast iron. Took me a bit to learn how to use and clean it to keep it non stick but now it's great! I never had luck with stainless but didn't try for long.

  25. Rae Phillips

    Rae Phillips3 days ago

    The copper pans work really well...nothing sticks :)

  26. funride58

    funride583 days ago

    I was wondering what app you use to find places to sleep, as I'm in Quebec, Just bought a minivan and want to get on the road until it gets cold. Keeping my apartment for now.

  27. Tabata Rabelo

    Tabata Rabelo4 days ago

    this called me single in like a million different ways🤣

  28. Sandy Rojas

    Sandy Rojas4 days ago

    Try green life pans super non stick + non toxic!

  29. R M

    R M4 days ago

    damn, u sleep in the clothes you wore the day before?? Yuk!!

  30. Champion The Bunny

    Champion The Bunny4 days ago

    wait is USlikes your only job?! what a dream life!

  31. Julie Mata

    Julie Mata4 days ago

    Hair👏🏼cut👏🏼hair👏🏼cut👏🏼hair👏🏼 cut👏🏼😅😌

  32. Chris Telting

    Chris Telting4 days ago

    Did you go hiking without GPS or a cellphone? You don't need a cell signal for that. Simple app.

  33. Aztec Warrior

    Aztec Warrior4 days ago

    What can we learn about this life.. Freeloading living off USlikes Some life.. I work sweat and stink. I shower but live a life in dignity.

  34. lou e

    lou e4 days ago

    Look into a rocket mass heater. They take very little fuel (wood) to heat up the home and you have the "mass " that continues to release heat long after the fire is gone. There is a lot of info on them at Permies.com along with a lot of other info you might find helpful. Good luck in your endevors!

  35. Esosa Imasuen

    Esosa Imasuen5 days ago

    Wait, who the heck is recording these shots of the two of them? Wow, this is really over produced.

  36. Hog Dawger8

    Hog Dawger85 days ago

    Dude it's so funny I was just thinking were do they poo at when you stopped for the night into the next day and that's right when you said Eamon's so excited about this property his about to shat himself 😂... No really though does anyone take number 2$ in there van toilets or just number 1$?

  37. Peter Ladouceur

    Peter Ladouceur5 days ago

    The land is cheaper in quebec..just giving some info..kkeep up the good work guys

  38. John Dasey

    John Dasey5 days ago

    Make that bus a man cave eamon

  39. Jus Smith

    Jus Smith5 days ago

    Act quick there’s another person about too buy it lol ... sure there is ms realtor..

  40. Lisa Zao

    Lisa Zao5 days ago

    I don’t if you’re just putting a good upfront for the camera or if your relationship is that good but I love your friendship with each other. You look like you’re each other’s best friend. I love watching you two.

  41. Maria Reyes

    Maria Reyes5 days ago


  42. TD Hawk

    TD Hawk5 days ago

    Yes, paved the way means that someone has come before and made it easier for those who come after

  43. Britney Young

    Britney Young5 days ago

    You are both so lovely. My boyfriend and I have been following you for a while now. We live in Ottawa, so if you ever need help clearing bushes or anything, we'd be happy to come out for a day! :)

  44. TD Hawk

    TD Hawk6 days ago

    Feel you, from the Catskills, looking myself

  45. TD Hawk

    TD Hawk6 days ago

    Do y'all have any ticks up there?

  46. Cherese Cormack

    Cherese Cormack6 days ago

    Happy for you guys 😊

  47. Mezza Mack

    Mezza Mack6 days ago

    season a cast iron pan guys

  48. Kristie Cox

    Kristie Cox6 days ago

    Secret for ya... make sure you heat the pan first. It likes to be hot and will be much easier to clean after. 🥰

  49. Madelyn Emmett

    Madelyn Emmett6 days ago

    Probably a month late, but look up a product called Barkeepers Friend it's a lifesaver for cleaning stainless pots and pans...

  50. Love & Faith

    Love & Faith6 days ago

    New subscriber. Great video Thanks for sharing. GOD Bless

  51. Dalton Bedore

    Dalton Bedore6 days ago

    lol all the van life channels buying houses now. being middleclass is a trip

  52. Kate B

    Kate B6 days ago

    Do you mind sharing the prices of the properties that you saw?

  53. Tina Scott

    Tina Scott7 days ago

    Just found your channel !! N you two are a fun couple to follow !! Subbed too ! Safe travels n best of luck on buying a cabin !

  54. road trek

    road trek7 days ago

    Why can't u go east. Chrome from VanCity Van Life goes everywhere up there.

  55. Just Me

    Just Me7 days ago

    Use a realtor!!

  56. L Twig

    L Twig7 days ago

    They likely put an offer in on the only one that had a buding in mov in condition, do to the winter. I liked the 1st one and would have got the little shack ready for winter within a week. The lake with the steep hill was useless. How could you possibly enjoy climbing back up that B every time?

  57. Annika Å-W

    Annika Å-W7 days ago

    I love the house

  58. Annika Å-W

    Annika Å-W7 days ago

    Yeah, tiny home would be awesome, then add more tiny homes for additional use

  59. K H

    K H8 days ago

    Good editing

  60. Jana Aranda

    Jana Aranda8 days ago

    Use cast Iron Pans. They are great for almost anything.

  61. Herdbound

    Herdbound8 days ago

    Cast iron pans properly seasoned are the first true non-stick pans.

  62. Giselle Frias

    Giselle Frias8 days ago

    You should keep the cabin for when winter comes you have a place you can retreat to.and can travel the rest of the year in the van

  63. Phillip Booth

    Phillip Booth8 days ago

    Have you considered moving to somewhere where its warmer in the winter. Perhaps your dad would like to join you once he retires and not have to suffer the cold. Some where much more south like Texas. buying a property is a pain my first advice to you is make sure that the road that gives you access to the property is not over someone's land otherwise they may restrict your access to your own. Secondly make sure that is not going to flood. Then you have to think about utilities and power. You have to consider what if you want to grow your own food, is the soil suitable for cultivation. I would also look at plots with no building. It might be just as cheap to buy a prefab or factory cabin

  64. Shelley McDaniel

    Shelley McDaniel8 days ago

    I love you guys! You're literally my FAVE Van Lifers! Seriously.... and that heart on the plate was totally cute Eamon!

  65. danadee beachgirl

    danadee beachgirl8 days ago

    Yessssss! Bec you are right! The path is paved.

  66. SydneySustainably

    SydneySustainably9 days ago

    Such a good episode. The shots, editing, and storyline are always amazing. Love the wide-angle cooking shot--always seeing new creative things!

  67. Heidi Misfeldt

    Heidi Misfeldt9 days ago

    Wearing shorts in the woods = endless insect bites.

  68. Dave Johnson

    Dave Johnson9 days ago

    You could do it..call daddy for the money

  69. Natalie Miller

    Natalie Miller9 days ago


  70. Jersey Stotler

    Jersey Stotler10 days ago

    Love option number 3 man go for it!!!

  71. Stevannah321

    Stevannah32110 days ago

    Check out Dave Ramsey!

  72. Andrew gonzalez

    Andrew gonzalez10 days ago

    You guys are the best

  73. wishcandy

    wishcandy10 days ago

    i think you meant a path, they made a path

  74. Orah Tipton

    Orah Tipton10 days ago

    Concerning pans, stainless is nice, but really are a pain to clean when cooking at any temp above medium, they are not high temp cookware. As mentioned by others, cast iron is a great option, though things that are acidic like tomatoes aren't very good for them. I love my stainless cookware, and my cast iron skillets. I do have one nonstick pan I solely use for my over easy eggs. So excited about your cabin dreams. All the best for the upcoming winter.

  75. Just think

    Just think11 days ago

    vapid walks on a trail

  76. Land Elevated

    Land Elevated11 days ago

    Hi Eamon and Bec! Your story gives inspiration to those who are planning to live in rural. We would love to share this with our customers who bought vacant land from us and planning to live away from the city. They will surely get awesome ideas from your videos.

  77. kindaheroin

    kindaheroin12 days ago

    this is what I want with my future and a relationship like yours, I'm getting jelly haha

  78. Watney

    Watney12 days ago

    Bec are you okay? :(

  79. Kathy Kaylor

    Kathy Kaylor12 days ago

    Im happy for you guys! Fixed rate is a good way to go if you can get a low rate!

  80. Child Of Jehovah

    Child Of Jehovah12 days ago

    Truth is treason in an empire of lies. ⬇⬇⬇⬇ Are you in the church Christ shed His blood for or a man made one? uslikes.info/house/dqGgrJtx2Y-RYLY/video.html

  81. Christopher Moon

    Christopher Moon12 days ago

    The AreoPress makes the best damn coffee!

  82. Michelle Jett

    Michelle Jett12 days ago

    Maybe want to check out Hannahleeduggan if you don't know about her already she's also a van lifer she just brought her a cabin in the middle of nowhere and she's renovating on her own it's pretty cool all the different ideas and changes that she is doing with her cabin considering she didn't know how to do a whole lot she's learning a lot maybe that can be an inspiration for y'all..

  83. Michael Schlimmer

    Michael Schlimmer12 days ago

    what is that song with the line broke down volvo

  84. Divittorio Family

    Divittorio Family13 days ago

    Heat pan on low heat before cooking your food wwont stick

  85. Lina :

    Lina :13 days ago

    It hurts to see someone living out your fantasy but at the same time my fantasy is amazing so I know they'll be happy!

  86. Listen Tome

    Listen Tome14 days ago

    What is the music in this?

  87. A Ric

    A Ric14 days ago

    Ok kiddies. Yep, time to restructure the school systems...are you down to help because you might have a small tot soon.

  88. Glossy Berry

    Glossy Berry14 days ago

    Very cool King-in it hoodie..... love both couples and videos..... yall should collab.....

  89. forever one

    forever one14 days ago

    Location location location...

  90. Gina Luper

    Gina Luper14 days ago

    Who did you use for your music? Love you guys!

  91. Patricio Murphy

    Patricio Murphy14 days ago

    i am your newest sub. what's cooking?

  92. edCoder

    edCoder14 days ago

    Turn it off, my ear...

  93. S M

    S M15 days ago

    Flipping a property so soon without equity will cost you 4-7% of the entire value. Better turn it into a rental.

  94. Lora Harris

    Lora Harris15 days ago

    Well used path

  95. breathingsunshine

    breathingsunshine15 days ago

    Slave mask face diapers? Pass on your channel!

  96. Sonia Leffell

    Sonia Leffell15 days ago

    Cute 💑

  97. chris woods

    chris woods15 days ago

    Be aware! Sasquatch are real. Listen to your 6th sense.

  98. marcel hetu

    marcel hetu15 days ago

    Don’t wanna use Teflon buy cast iron!

  99. Kathleen Pion

    Kathleen Pion15 days ago

    Sin the US there is cookware called The Rock! Super non stick. No oil needed!

  100. Oana Irani

    Oana Irani15 days ago

    Not sure if you guys know, but there are open and closed mortgages, with a fixed or variable rate. I would advise you to try to get an open mortgage if you can, if you intend to sell your property before the 5 year contract. You can end up spending 20-30k in penalties when you brake your mortgage. Make sure you ask what's the penalty in case u sell your house/land before the 5 year contract expires. Good luck

  101. Grant Houle

    Grant Houle15 days ago

    Have you considered using cast iron to cook

  102. Spark of Hope

    Spark of Hope15 days ago

    I wish cutting vegetables was really that easy!

  103. ducmagic

    ducmagic16 days ago

    Where is the other lady? 3 people in a van?

  104. ffrs1444

    ffrs144416 days ago

    Oh no uslikes.info/house/gKeAzc9-r4akm74/video.html

  105. tyndni

    tyndni16 days ago

    Cleared is the word your looking for 19:14