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VAN LIFE VLOG | first impressions of LA // baja bound ep. 7
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We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!!
In today's episode we take you to Santa Monica in LA and chat a little bit about our first impression of Los Angeles. We had heard a lot of mixed reviews about van life in this city before arriving and (as always) we wanted to see what it would be like to live in a van here for ourselves! Join us as we take you Santa Monica pier, drive Lime scooters around the city and eat our way through all of the many vegan restaurants here :)

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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Happy Sunday everyone! What do you think about Eamon’s new voice over role?!?

  2. Abby Richardson

    Abby RichardsonYear ago

    He was good... but Bec is the OG

  3. Deaigo Hernandez

    Deaigo HernandezYear ago

    Eamon & Bec more of Becca feet plz & ty

  4. Boarder Line Sk8 Media

    Boarder Line Sk8 MediaYear ago

    I use voice over all the time. Very helpful for unprepared info or viewer informing.

  5. Morgan Rogers

    Morgan RogersYear ago

    Eamon & Bec love that both of you can do it either or. Doesn’t matter to me

  6. Taylor Miller

    Taylor MillerYear ago

    I was surprised to not hear Bec at first, but it was great! You guys should alternate each video! :)

  7. winter rayy

    winter rayy23 days ago

    you guys would LOVE Santa Barbara

  8. Samantha Becker

    Samantha BeckerMonth ago

    hahaha love the 72andSunny peep

  9. Lily Peace

    Lily Peace2 months ago

    You must see Zooma beach and go pass the docks or go hike all the way to top and the other side of hike and take the stairs to go all the way down. Once you there you'll andertant what I mean. And if you wish to walk 4 miles one way go to upper Escondido fall. Let me know if you like it 😜☺️😉😃🙂😜😃 i

  10. Debi Susan

    Debi Susan2 months ago

    Right where I live. Good luck finding a parking place!

  11. UFBBAng

    UFBBAng7 months ago

    I feel like I need merch with just Eamon's eyebrows. They are so expressive and endearing!

  12. OutOfThisVan

    OutOfThisVan8 months ago

    Damn wish I watched this before leaving LA. The “I Am” restaurant looked so good.

  13. CSXRockford

    CSXRockford10 months ago

    how much carbon is spewed to build, maintain and support the IT side of the infrastructure of those scooters?,

  14. CSXRockford

    CSXRockford10 months ago

    well he looks like a girl. might as well wear a girls jacket..

  15. Jayson Cody

    Jayson Cody11 months ago

    I am smellin' like the rose, That somebody gave me, On my birthday deathbed. I am smellin' like the rose,That somebody gave me, 'Cause I'm dead and bloated … STP

  16. Jordyn Ross

    Jordyn RossYear ago

    Your friends roommate looks like a dark Josh Altman lol

  17. Julia M. .Gläser

    Julia M. .GläserYear ago

    The scooters are environmentally friendly as long as they are on street. As soon as they can't do the job anymore they mostly land in the ocean.

  18. Kylie Cardenas

    Kylie CardenasYear ago

    I just found your channel and I love it! You guys are so cool! If you ever go back to Santa Monica you have to try AVO cafe! It was my favorite place for actually healthy vegan food. This vlog makes me miss LA soooo much 😭💗

  19. Ask Source

    Ask SourceYear ago

    U guys look like u were born & raised here! 😆

  20. João Lopes

    João LopesYear ago

    @4:20 I am cringing

  21. Jacqueline Stewart

    Jacqueline StewartYear ago

    Woohoo! Silver lake resident upgraded and hipster like. Come back anytime

  22. olivetune

    olivetuneYear ago

    When Eamon said he met a guy named Jason at cafe gratitude... I really thought he met Jason Mraz at the cafe!!

  23. Pypaut

    PypautYear ago

    I do care about the boards

  24. I say shotgun, you say wedding

    I say shotgun, you say weddingYear ago

    I grew up in San Diego, and, in high school, I dated a girl that lived in Malibu, so every weekend I would drive up to visit her. Long story short, with exception of the coast [all those beautiful beaches], I so hated L.A. The nice thing about California is that you're getting three separate countries in one state [San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco].

  25. GingerBuddz

    GingerBuddzYear ago

    b roll ftw

  26. Aaliyah

    AaliyahYear ago

    Ull said ull gave the cafe all ur money but then ull got ice cream after😂😂 anyway I love ull❤️❤️❤️🌎

  27. Deaigo Hernandez

    Deaigo HernandezYear ago

    More of Beccaasfeet😴

  28. Kay325

    Kay325Year ago

    It was a sick skateboard Eamon

  29. Sami & Company

    Sami & CompanyYear ago

    LA sucks. Live there for a year, and you will see how it really bad it is....

  30. Tattedveganrunner 13.1

    Tattedveganrunner 13.1Year ago

    Love to see how you guys deal with like your clothing in a van? Personal belongings?

  31. Madame Rosa Fortune Teller

    Madame Rosa Fortune TellerYear ago

    you were right the first time. Kinda. It was Bec and me. Not Bec and I. You know not to start a sentence with me. Good. The game plan consists of Bec (cos it's polite to put all your friends first) and me exploring LA. Would you ever say I exploring LA? Nope. Make it right individually, like him and her weren't exploring, but he was and she was, so - he and she were......viola' - you got it.

  32. Tiny House Life

    Tiny House LifeYear ago

    nah nah anything you guys do is awesome! much love! #VanLife #TinyHouseLife

  33. Mister Anderson

    Mister AndersonYear ago

    Bec, you look like Tuesday from the Adams Family 10:00

  34. Douglas William Smith

    Douglas William SmithYear ago

    Hey I was your server! Thanks for the great shout-out! You guys were so generous and a pleasure to serve. I love the channel! Hope you come by the Cafe next time you are in town! 🥬🥬

  35. JMK

    JMK11 months ago

    Yay, Doug is real. 😁

  36. Arrowhead Lake Silver

    Arrowhead Lake SilverYear ago

    Im so obsessed with watching yall!!

  37. Vegan Overlander

    Vegan OverlanderYear ago

    Cooles video. It's a long time ago since I was in LA. I guess the last time 2001. and before 1979. WOW, I'm getting old 🤣🤣

  38. Wix

    WixYear ago

    Would love to see them join you on the trip !

  39. Nicholas Cherry

    Nicholas CherryYear ago

    I always lul @ how I watch van life videos while sitting at my corporate desk job. Only $400k more to save and I'll be a van lifer too!!!!

  40. Matt Nicholls

    Matt NichollsYear ago

    A week late but hi 👋

  41. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Hi Matt!

  42. Tyler Smith

    Tyler SmithYear ago

    Grew up in Santa Monica, eyyyyy! Cafe Gratitude is an awesome concept

  43. nonchalantd

    nonchalantdYear ago

    cute couple and lovely LA sights

  44. Matt Hogan

    Matt HoganYear ago

    LA is definitely possible for vanlife, if you're in venice/santa monica you can cruise around and find parking spots by looking for RVs and other vans with roof vents open. Theres a little section of the PCH up near Surfrider beach that you can sleep overnight too with porta potties across the street.

  45. Zach and Kasey

    Zach and KaseyYear ago

    Love gratitude cafe! Impressed that you found parking - we gave up after circling a few times and parked outside the city. Wish we would have thought to use scooters!

  46. Kathy Savage

    Kathy SavageYear ago

    You two are adorable!! LA vibe you got it.

  47. Vathanak Nop12

    Vathanak Nop12Year ago

    Hi guys ...

  48. Sherri Hodges

    Sherri HodgesYear ago

    I just got your cook book. I want send you a huge, heartfelt thank you for helping my transition to veganism! Knowing people like you are living a vegan life has been an inspiration! And, as always, great video :)

  49. Madeline

    MadelineYear ago

    Sam is such a cutie pie.

  50. Faiza Ali

    Faiza AliYear ago

    After a long time feel happy to c both of u love bless

  51. A.T. R.

    A.T. R.Year ago

    Great video guys. Looks like a blast. I'm looking to live this lifestyle as well. Due to necessity unfortunately.

  52. lil ste

    lil steYear ago

    gta 5 was on point with that drone prospective

  53. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALYear ago

    Loved this!!

  54. Nadia Elisian

    Nadia ElisianYear ago

    Lol to your "will I fit in" Your a vegan living an alternative lifestyle: basically invented in Cali.

  55. Cassidy Rice

    Cassidy RiceYear ago

    I just saw you guys at the veggie grill! I'm fangirling so hard!!! I wish I could have said hi!!!

  56. JMK

    JMK11 months ago

    @Cassidy Rice You so should have said hello. I met Eamon and Bec yesterday at Vegfest in London and they are soooooooo nice, even more so in real life than on their channel (if you can believe that) and they are huggers, so friendly, felt as if I have known them forever and I only discovered their channel in July. I am now the proud owner of one of their stickers and have some photo's of me with them, not to make you jealous or anything, but seriously, of you ever see them again, do say hi, you won't regret it as they are soooooo genuine.

  57. Cassidy Rice

    Cassidy RiceYear ago

    @Eamon & Bec now I'm fangirling even harder!!! Ahhh I was ordering as you walking out so I didn't get the chance! Hope you guys are enjoying cali!!!

  58. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Cassidy Rice whaaaat! You should’ve said hello!!!!

  59. Garry Cole

    Garry ColeYear ago

    Eamon, you totally have a surfer attitude because of your laid back attitude of one day at a time but with a purpose. Many do not know, but surfers get up way, way early and are way dedicated to the surf and finding that perfect wave.

  60. In-the-van Peter

    In-the-van PeterYear ago

    Hey Voice over man , bit like me really I have a great look for radio .

  61. JMarshall Stein

    JMarshall SteinYear ago

    You guys are so L.A! Lol

  62. Jack Xie

    Jack XieYear ago

    wow. So nice of you guys visiting LA! I live in LA, you guys are always welcome to park at my place!

  63. Aaron Manzano

    Aaron ManzanoYear ago

    Hey guys quick question. I vaguely remember from one of your past videos (maybe way in the past) that you have/promote a vegan cookbook of sorts? Could you throw me a bone on that one?? Thanks! and keep up the good work buddies 🙏🙏

  64. Heleen Wiegand

    Heleen WiegandYear ago

    Voice overs create a distance between you and the audience I think. But nice try 😁

  65. Quaridon

    QuaridonYear ago

    u suck btw im just being honest, not trying to be mean

  66. audjyang

    audjyangYear ago


  67. Heather Hoover

    Heather HooverYear ago

    Object position = object pronoun. Beck and me. ☺️ Love ya, I hope your tea festival went superbly!

  68. Mr and Mrs Adventure

    Mr and Mrs AdventureYear ago

    Gosh do we love LA too. We lived there for 4 years before doing the whole VanLife Europe thang and somehow, even after spending so much time in nature awesomeness, LA ticks a lot of boxes for us - SoCal in general really :) Looking forward to catching up in SD!

  69. Tabby Olson

    Tabby OlsonYear ago

    You guys have inspired me to follow my dream on living on the road too. We are from Toronto and finally moved into our 18ft travel trailer this weekend! We tow it with our Jeep, I’m beyond happy that I’m starting this journey. Thanks for being such an inspiration ❤️ love all your videos ❤️

  70. Richard Getz

    Richard GetzYear ago

    LOL the "I am" thing is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. How stupid! The epitome of the self generation.

  71. Our Journey

    Our JourneyYear ago

    Awww soooooo jelly! Los Angeles is my home and my heart. Enjoy you guys 😀

  72. mybellyisapinata

    mybellyisapinataYear ago

    I find the way Cafe Gratitude handles ordering to be obnoxious. A Buddhist restaurant nearby also focuses on gratitude and mindfulness, but in a much less sanctimonious way. I'm on board with their food and attitude of gratitude, but spare me the forced dog and pony show surrounding it.

  73. Lorraine Calvert

    Lorraine CalvertYear ago

    I get so bummed when people come to California and go to southern California only. Wish you guys would come north to San Francisco! I think we'd be much more your vibe! Come up north and I'll show you around :-)!

  74. The Celestial Alignment

    The Celestial AlignmentYear ago

    wow why is everything so expensive in Australia, we have Lime but for a 20 minute ride it cost us $17 to use one. I love them, it's fantastic to have more sustainable option but why so expensive.

  75. Danothemano

    DanothemanoYear ago

    Did you see all the homeless people there? Many many thousands very sad indeed.

  76. CNA van life FRANKS

    CNA van life FRANKSYear ago

    you was rocking the 12 year old and yes you do look 12 but you know how to rock it right

  77. A Non Amous

    A Non AmousYear ago

    I much much prefer voice overs unless cooking. It requires more visuals and less staring at the face which is better imho. More work for you tho.

  78. Allison Marie

    Allison MarieYear ago

    First off, I adore you too! Second, are you considering hitting up sequoia national park or Yosemite while you are in California? I live in Fresno which is on the way to these destinations from LA!

  79. Misia Albert

    Misia AlbertYear ago

    LA! I 💖Cafe Gratitude, I was at the Larchmont location and had the same level of service and an excellent meal. And you ate at Tocaya too! Man, you guys would be easy to meet up with - we eat the same stuff! Maybe next winter when we're out there in our Airstream. Eamon, you did great with the voiceover.

  80. Kysaundra Dawn

    Kysaundra DawnYear ago

    Sam's roommate is mega hot! Gotta see him in Baja!! 😍😍

  81. Ian Preston

    Ian PrestonYear ago

    Just another great video, u 2 are just thing special together, Eamon loving the voice overs keep them coming.

  82. ElSherdo

    ElSherdoYear ago

    awh man, i wish those drone shots turned out better. solid vid either way.

  83. SWAHILI.Sumbua

    SWAHILI.SumbuaYear ago


  84. Sarah A

    Sarah AYear ago

    I really like the idea of the grattitude cafe :)

  85. SeeKatFly

    SeeKatFlyYear ago

    God, I miss LA now. I love seeing the city through others’ eyes. Also, kinda vibing the audio edits today. Nice.

  86. Linda S

    Linda SYear ago

    Nice vlog guys! Have fun in LA!

  87. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Linda S thank you Linda!! Have a lovely week ahead ❤️

  88. Umaru Tuskino

    Umaru TuskinoYear ago

    You guys picked up those scooter literally across the street from my job hahah 💕

  89. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Umaru Tuskino haha no way!! Thanks for having us in your hood ❤️✨

  90. Tanya

    TanyaYear ago

    Bec's genuine and sweet personality really shines through and makes her even more beautiful. You two always have such positive vibes in your vlogs and it's lovely to watch

  91. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Tanya G you are so sweet Tanya! Thank you for those very kind words about me!!! Sending you a massive virtual hug 🤗❤️

  92. AG SkyFlyer

    AG SkyFlyerYear ago

    Eamon, really.. Bec always has room for more bathing suits.. #TeamBec

  93. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    TJ Johns haha it was more of a joke than a real struggle lol but I do appreciate you being on my team TJ 😉✨

  94. RobD TV

    RobD TVYear ago

    Your editing is getting really good. Props.

  95. maor 1902

    maor 1902Year ago

    Dudessss if you loved LA you will LOVE San Diego . I was born and raised in SD lived in LA and I hate it up there. San Diego is the place to be guys. I live down here and there's no place I'd rather be. You guys will love North Park, South Park, Bankers hill, Kensington , Hillcrest and downtown is just beautiful . Check it out!

  96. Cierra Schaeffer

    Cierra SchaefferYear ago

    Love what you guys have been creating, your content is SO clean!!

  97. Florida Man

    Florida ManYear ago

    You people are enabling these two narcissistic egomaniacs to keep posting this banal and trivial s*** like this on the internet. You're actually giving them money, whether you know it or not. Stop it.

  98. Hallie Saintignan

    Hallie SaintignanYear ago

    Hey!! I’m a new subscriber, yalls life is my goal. I’m still in college rn so I can’t just drop everything and go at this moment but I do what I can with the time and resources I have rn. I recently took a trip to Florida and converted to my Jeep to be sleepable and it was an amazing experience I can’t wait to work up to a van one day. I love your videos and I look forward to seeing the next one 🤙🏼🤙🏼 live on

  99. Florida Man

    Florida ManYear ago

    Why is no one bringing up this douchebag's man bun? It's very distracting and irritating.

  100. J S

    J SYear ago

    4 people! My 7 year old rides a surf board ♥️ so good

  101. TheCanadianBubba

    TheCanadianBubbaYear ago

    Good times, safe travels

  102. Eddie B

    Eddie BYear ago

    There are different sides of LA and I loved the one you showed us. Great video! #EB

  103. Skyleigh Ann

    Skyleigh AnnYear ago

    Next time you are visiting So Cal stop in Claremont CA! You will love the small city. You’ll find it between Joshua Tree and Downtown LA :). Super plant based, liberal city with lots of local businesses and amazing views. Even some great hikes up the mountains nearby. I’d be honored to show y’all around if you ever are interested :)

  104. Deborah Cavender

    Deborah CavenderYear ago

    Not sure if someone already mentioned it as I didn’t read all the posts, but you should really try Sage Bistro in Culver City. It’s right up there with Cafe Gratitude.... and you’ll love the ice cream! Try the jackfruit nachos, but on kale instead of chips. Yum!!!

  105. Victor Raymond

    Victor RaymondYear ago

    We spent the night in Studio City in pouring rain two years with zero problems. We had a not so stealth Airstream Interstate at the time. Now we are SO stealth with our windows coverings from Simon only a few in the know would know us from a plumbing truck.

  106. M Baker

    M BakerYear ago

    Have fun in LA. It’s raining down here in Orange County. Love you.

  107. Shelby Whitfield

    Shelby WhitfieldYear ago

    the scooters truly become clutter around ton. wish they had docking stations like bikeshare

  108. maidelie

    maidelieYear ago

    There are some Los Angeles maps on this page showing where it's legal to dwell in your vehicle (at least as of Feb. 2018):

  109. Taylor Maloney

    Taylor MaloneyYear ago

    Salt & straw is soooo good ❤️

  110. Shi Anne

    Shi AnneYear ago

    We've recently got the Lime scooters in NZ, they're so much fun!

  111. Blinkit Photography

    Blinkit PhotographyYear ago

    Meetup please if you are going to San Diego our at the Winery in Temecula

  112. RV & Tiny House Living NZ

    RV & Tiny House Living NZYear ago

    An awesome video. Here in tiny New Zealand it's a bit different. But you can go from the sea to the mountains pretty quickly

  113. Victor Raymond

    Victor RaymondYear ago

    Since we both lived there off and on over the years we never go there just to hang out. Glad you went to Cafe Gratitude. We love them too. They have one in San Diego and Santa Cruz also. We also have their recipe book called “I am Grateful”. Fairly cheap on Amazon. Can’t wait till you come to SD.

  114. Legal Rants

    Legal RantsYear ago

    Great blog! Enjoyed the tour. 💕