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This week is all about NATURE as we head for Spain's north coast and relish in the ocean and great outdoors :). It's also all about finding and establishing a healthy routine and balance of work/social media and time offline while we travel in our self-converted van around Europe. Do you think you're addicted to social media?!
With only 60 sq ft our tiny house on wheels gives us the chance to experience van life in the city AND out in nature. And while most vanlifers are all about "natttuuurrreeee man" and escaping the everyday hustle and bustle, Eamon & I have always been drawn to urban life too. While we never miss a chance to live in a van in a new city, it doesn't take long before we too escape to nature!

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Today we show you around van life along the north coast of Spain and introduce some new healthy routines around van life
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  2. No Name

    No Name24 days ago

    Just curious...... but Eamon, are you not worried about all the phytoestrogens in the soy you consume? And. “Soybean, also called soya bean, is the NUMBER ONE genetically modified crop in the world, representing half of all worldwide biotech crop acreage with an 82% adoption rate among soy farmers. Due to its high oil and protein content, soy is cultivated for a variety of food purposes.” Also.....

  3. Nathan C.

    Nathan C.Month ago

    Bec, how did you bruise your cheek?

  4. S M

    S MMonth ago

    do you ship the van to the states?

  5. ES BEE

    ES BEEMonth ago

    19:56 - 19:58 YOU GUYS LOOKING COOL!! LOVE YOU!

  6. Ana Marau

    Ana MarauMonth ago

    Oh my... I wish I had seen this video one year ago. Is the last "picture" in praça do Padrão (poveiros) in Porto downtown? I hope you enjoyed Portugal with Trinity. Greetings from Porto

  7. Kinzie Cronkhite

    Kinzie CronkhiteMonth ago

    eamon : best thing to do is excises . me watching this while running on a tredmeal : 🙂😟

  8. Rosie Varkie

    Rosie VarkieMonth ago

    Wait what? That sounds so British! 9:59

  9. Manahil Khan

    Manahil KhanMonth ago

    Its amazing how you make connections with people everywhere you go!!

  10. Kallie Nielsen

    Kallie NielsenMonth ago

    im seeing some extra benefits of van life. For instance not having to drive a 10-12 hours in one day to make a single trip in the states. It would be nice to have a place to stay halfway and make an adventure with it. It would certainly making traveling and visiting family less stressful for me. It would make my mental health a lot better for visiting family. Especially during these covid times. I would be able to visit them without having to stay in a hotel or airbnb and risk my health. QUESTION: On average how much do you both drive on a regular trip? Does one of you drive more than the other?

  11. Sab Ber

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    Hi! Just started watching your channel and CANT STOP!! What nutritional yeast do you buy?! Do you like a certain brand?

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    I skipped through and could only take so much, I got to around 8mins , sorry...But what a load of pretentious, wannabe BoHo BULLSHIT ! Instagram fantasy and false hope....Pretending its all Yoga, Lentils and Sunsets, when in reality its Junk food, arguments and shitting in carrier bags Hahahahaha!!! Faaarrrrrrrkkkkkoooooffffff !! Show us the TRUTH, not this Fantasy, sugar coated dogshit ! I cant believe people are so fucking Gullible !

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    MariaJennecar Pimentel2 months ago

    eamon looks like justin bieber omg

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    Jenny Michelle2 months ago

    Aww poor Eamon.. I didn't see what was wrong with mentioning the floods near Madrid 🤷🏼‍♀️ I feel like he gets picked on a lot lol xx

  18. Sheila Melgar

    Sheila Melgar2 months ago

    The running sneakers she wears in some vids. Where are they from? They're like maroon or something. T.i.a

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    Good show.

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    omg i'm months late but i can't believe you were in asturias!!! it was so weird seeing covadonga in youtube fisnfjf i'm glad you're doing fine with the new van + that you enjoyed the north's scenery (i personally love it sm)

  21. On_Another_Level

    On_Another_Level3 months ago

    We had no idea what 2020 had in store. Simpler times. 😜

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    Denise C3 months ago

    Bec looks like thirteen. :))

  23. Madison Sanchez-Martin

    Madison Sanchez-Martin3 months ago

    Omg this makes me miss Espanya so much. Van life would be amazing there with all the amazing water and views I can’t even imagine, especially with a significant other like yours’! Wow

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    Tomás Sousa3 months ago

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    CosiVanTooti3 months ago

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    Thank you for inspired video!

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    Vince Fortier3 months ago

    Hey, y'all are awesome! Great channel! I am planning to join the lifestyle (part time), curious if there's a vid about international shipping these vans?

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    Tobias Krug3 months ago

    Offtopic : Am I the only one who noticed that Eamon is filming Bec's Ass :-) Since weeks i am watching your videos....Vanlifer by myself, and i am really enjoying your vids!

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    Manon Vo4 months ago

    Kinda love that you're showing your foggy hike. This was my exact experience at the cliffs of Mother. It was sad to miss out on the view but I was still a great hike and such fun times😊

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    Great vlog!

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    I would LOVE to live in a van when i can move out. I would probably have trips from koh samui to Spain as they’re both tropical places. Your life is amazing and so healthy. I would love to meet you in future events

  42. Laura

    Laura4 months ago

    Bec I love your swim suit where is it from??

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    Hi guys , another great video. Bec asked "how much of this can life stuff is useful?" . Well it's all really useful not only the van and understanding how 2 people cohabit that space but also the diet ideas. But on top of all that your videos are really entertaining, your experiences traveling, your humour, you understanding of life the world and eachother. To be honest if this was a TV show I'd have the box set. Just keep being your selfs and enjoy what your doing. Peace.

  46. Adam Bott

    Adam Bott5 months ago

    Really enjoyed this episode. Love the fact that you balance life with tech and reflection. Gave me a gentle nudge/reminder to do the same and get my ass outside to “switch off”.

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    Couldn’t agree more! Can’t wait to get back to van life 🤗

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  63. Elena Martínez

    Elena Martínez6 months ago

    Ooooh that moment offering food to your neighbours was so cuuute! :) I am from Madrid, visited Covadonga Lakes last year and it was one of the most beautiful places I've seen! And the village itself is also quite cute, with the sanctuary, the church, the fog that brings that magical atmosphere... Asturias is just so, so beautiful!!

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  81. Dhlomo Lephoma

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    Hi guys ive worked in Forensic Mental Health for 15 years, I am 60 Fairly fit and I would be YOUR WORSTE GUEST. I have been following you guys for a while and ABSOLUTELY nothing you guys have ate that I could PALET , YAK well I have seen beans on your menu twice and that would do me. haha, as for Mental Health ? apart from being born with Mental Health problems or getting many of the sort of brain damage, It all is a STATE of MIND, It is all about choices and people dont think that way enough, No matter what happens its a CHOICE You got broken into, No there are 2 choices 1 be down and let it upset you or 2 Not like the situation your in but tell yourself if we worry about all our camera gear gone or any of our other stuff ? But learn from our experience tighten up security and say what is done is done next few seconds is a new part of the day so choose , Positive or negative ? HAPPY or SAD ? you may thonk how can I be HAPPY when this has just happened ? well one of you could of gone to the beach and the the other could of got HURT stopping the robbers, we are both good healthy so BE HAPPY. I wake up every morning and ask myself as I get out of bed ' is it going to be a good day ? ' are you gping to let something bother you today ? answer is ALWAYS NO. Life is very SIMPLE its OTHER PEOPLE who make it HARD , Now its about how I ADAPT to those people is how my day is going to be, ADAPT POSSITIVE no matter how NEGITIVE those are around you, Just have FUN and let nothing affect you way. The things I see and hear in my job would make many CRINGE but its my life is IMPORTANT and how I live it. Be kind friendly at all times, You will always meet negative people , just push them out of your life and keep the possitive people around you SIMPLE. sorry for the BOOK ive just wrote lol, you guys are great living the dream eating er hm hmmm well skip that pat hahah. Ray K UK YNWA.

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  93. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec8 months ago

    Hahah while this was some time ago I still appreciate the comment! This van is a little tight so I often get bumped on the head, butt, legs, arms alllllll of the above haha!!

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