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Kombi Life
With only 60 sq ft our tiny house on wheels has always amazed us with just how many people we can fit in there! And while our sprinter van has always seemed like plenty of room for the two of us, last week we tested it's capacity with a third human!!! We will all travelled across the country of Morocco (living, traveling, sleeping, cooking & POOPING 💩 in 1 van). But things got a little more intense when Morocco went into a state of emergency and closed their borders. We were all STUCK in AFRICA for the foreseeable future and on lock down. The week begins as the news of the severity of pandemic hits us and we need to start thinking critically about our next moves. Things escalate rather quickly…
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VAN TOUR after 2 years living in our TINY HOUSE on wheels
OVERLANDING AFRICA IN OUR SPRINTER VAN has been the adventure we’ve always hoped it would be but it’s hard to predict what happens next. In fact, we are still processing everything that has happened over the last week and continues to happen... No one knows where we will end up, where our beloved tiny home on wheels will make it or for how long this pandemic will take over life as we know but all we can do is try to remain positive and move forward in the direction that feels right for us. We hope you are all keeping safe during this time ❤️.
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