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Planning a Trip and/or Want to Follow our Route? Here's where we went in this week's van life vlog in Morocco:
1. Small Lake near Aguelmam Azigza National Park
2. Drove through the mountains to the town of Midelt (Sunday souk & campground)
3. Slept near Ziz Gorge (near the town of Errachidia)
FYI We took the ferry from Algeciras to Tangier Med and it cost each campervan 180 euros and took about 1.5 hours. Tangier Med is a relatively new port and is very well maintained which led to a seamless border crossing. To all those making the journey, GOOD LUCK and remember not to bring your drone!
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VAN LIFE CONFESSIONS | We were super nervous to take this leap and ferry over to Africa in our self converted Sprinter Van but after spending 2 full weeks in Morocco we've gathered some wonderful first impressions. What is van life really like in Morocco? Well, it's got a ton of awesome free camping, some questionable campsites (which = questionable "hot showers"), heaps of friendly and entrepreneurial locals, lots of souks (markets with fresh produce) and dirt roads with lots and lots of potholes. All things considered we think Morocco may be one of the greatest places we've ever traveled. It's all about having an open mind and welcoming these new experiences 😊. Subscribe to see where we end up ► CLICK to SUBSCRIBE
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec8 months ago

    Each and every day Eamon and I wake up in total disbelief that we get to call THIS our job. We are SO grateful to each and every one of you for spending some of your weekend catching up with our adventures every week. Without you we’d... well... we’d still be doing the same thing but without this amazing community. So, a million thank yous 💜

  2. Elfah Nasr-eddine

    Elfah Nasr-eddine8 months ago

    welcome to morocco guys, enjoy the beautiful nature

  3. RyanBMadeIt

    RyanBMadeIt8 months ago

    Eamon & Bec any small USlikes creators want to support each other? I’ve recently bought and built a van but on a college budget. Many adventures to come!

  4. Alexander Silva

    Alexander Silva8 months ago

    Paramos para assistir porque vocês nos trazem alegrias. Gosto muito do conteúdo que apresentam, parabéns!!!

  5. MelIssa Eileen

    MelIssa Eileen8 months ago

    bec, you & eamon are two beautiful souls. you truly deserve the life you have. you are grateful, appdeciate it, work hard, i learn so much from you both. bec you can ease the most difficult stress, your voice calms me. eamon you are one of a kind, funny, smart, witty, creative, hands on loyal, commited, respectful, caring, nice & you love bec & bec loves you. wonderful good vibes always ✌️♥️

  6. Kimberly Early

    Kimberly Early8 months ago

    @Mona Coelho What were you wanting them to say in response to your comment? Just weird that you'd be offended when there are hundreds of comments every week and they don't respond to everyone. What if every single person got upset if they didn't get a response?

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    Mohamed lbaz2 months ago


  12. cartergirl3of3

    cartergirl3of32 months ago

    How much research do you guys do on customs of a new country before you go there? Just curious because I would expect the custom to be for all woman to wear a jihab or shawl above their head and I feel like they would frown upon things like leggings. I always try to be super conscious of local customs when I travel to a new place.

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    Mafiito Fidaar3 months ago

    I love you guys playing with children. I'm a Somali that happened to live in Seattle. I loved anything foreign when I was a kid. Somalia was too small for me

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    Mafiito Fidaar3 months ago

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    Morocco is such a poor country. It makes me sad because it reminds me too much of Argentina. I would never go there. It's too upsetting. Argentina is so poor too. This video got me too depressed.

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    i'm a moroccan traveler , i go on roadtrips with my moto whenever i have the chance and the free time, in january i was in Agelmam and i have meet those kids in the lac, they are so kind ppl , thank you so much Eamon and Bec for this wonderful video it makes me remember a lot of memories

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    Jean-Denis CADIOU5 months ago

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    Hi, Thank you for not giving candies to the kiddos on the side of the road! I found your channel a couple days ago! I saw on a previous video (actually a more recent one lol) that you're back in Canada to ride out the pandemic. I love, love Morocco but in a situation like this I'd go back to Canada too. Although the situation is not bad in Morocco as of now. I'm also Canadian , living in NYC and my husband is from Morocco. So felt a connection there! Hope your new van is coming along and hope you get to go back to Morocco and get Trinity!

  45. Regina Downing

    Regina Downing5 months ago

    This one is so great! Morocco looks amazing. I love that you guys are so good meeting new people and OK with strangers approaching you. How do you not worry after what happened in Spain? I was robbed in Paris and went straight to Barcelona after that but I was never comfortable and would get so nervous anytime someone approached me. I couldn’t wait to get back to The States and I’m still overly cautious. I don’t plan to stop traveling, but it’s hard to think of it ever being like it was before Paris.

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