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This week is all about NATURE as we head for Spain's Balearic island to escape the business of Barcelona. While we never miss a chance to live in a van in a new city, it doesn't take long before we too escape to nature! So, we ferry over to Menorca on an overnight trip and end up on the beautiful, peaceful island by breakfast! Just as we begin to settle into island time and the tranquility of life on Menorca we are met with another van life challenge... a van breakdown!

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Today we show you around van life along the Balearic island of Menorca!
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  1. Twitch Clips

    Twitch Clips5 days ago

    Positive Talking (out loud) works that way too. You can't think negative thoughts if you are telling yourself positive things. What you learn as a salesman. :D

  2. Mai's Moving Castle

    Mai's Moving Castle15 days ago

    I never knew you had been to Menorca! Glad you enjoyed my little island!

  3. Danny S

    Danny S22 days ago

    no date night is complete without a clove of garlic hahahaha. Rip to everyone you came into contact with lol

  4. claytoncfuller

    claytoncfuller26 days ago

    What kind of a drone do you use?

  5. claytoncfuller

    claytoncfuller26 days ago

    Too funny as I was watching you two stealthily lees in your van on the ferry, up pops a add for federal prison pardons for canadians.

  6. David Callaway

    David CallawayMonth ago

    whats the music on this video

  7. Zeah Katz

    Zeah KatzMonth ago

    after watching pretty much every video I wonder how much you guys really like each other lol

  8. willow bay

    willow bayMonth ago

    i have to know!!! where is bec’s cute gray jumpsuit from in the beginning???

  9. Daydream About Nice Things

    Daydream About Nice ThingsMonth ago

    Now that stinks ! Nothing like car problems....bummer !

  10. Michelle Hope

    Michelle HopeMonth ago

    Hi..Cant stop watching you guys. You help my anxiety & depression. Thank you for that. Im slowly catching up on all your videos as Im new to your channel and your way of life is inspirational- where is the video that shows Eamon proposing to Bec. Id love to see that one. Lots love from Michelle in the UK (Yorkshire) x

  11. Eva H

    Eva HMonth ago

    I so need to know.... whats with the garlic????😊

  12. Alex Barker

    Alex BarkerMonth ago

    You've got to love the guy playing despacito on the beach

  13. Ethan Mojo

    Ethan Mojo2 months ago

    Half their income is probably spent on gas lmao

  14. Stephanie Mack

    Stephanie Mack2 months ago

    I did a fieldschool for archaeology in Menorca and lived in Ciutadella for a month. It was so magical!!

  15. rufus 48

    rufus 482 months ago

    Re getting up early - enjoy your ability to sleep late because in a few decades you won’t be able to sleep late - us old folks wake with the birds. You two are delightful!!

  16. monkeyape456

    monkeyape4562 months ago


  17. Bridget Roddy

    Bridget Roddy2 months ago

    I'm supposed to be road tripping around Spain right now but I'm self-isolating in Chicago so I'm living vicariously!

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    ABA SA2 months ago

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    is this Kara and Nate 2.0?

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    Kevin and Naya3 months ago

    Love your videos!

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    Vigani Shqiptar3 months ago

    You are in need for catching fish. A rod and a reel and catch fish man for food. Will be good. Try

  26. Matt Roo

    Matt Roo4 months ago

    Hi Great to see all your travels we are from Scotland so traveled around there for the last 18 months. We are planning a new van but just wanted to know what drone you guys have you have some amazing shots 👍 Matt n Lesley

  27. Aziz Azizo

    Aziz Azizo4 months ago


  28. John Edwards

    John Edwards4 months ago

    You lovely people are inspirational.

  29. nky goesto

    nky goesto4 months ago

    Nice van life , make us know more about nature , n enjoy life

  30. Tom Venice

    Tom Venice4 months ago

    1:45 Actually in the Spanish islands (both Balearic and Canary) fuels are cheaper than in the mainland. It's a government program as they don't have the same public transport network of the mainland and they need cars for moving around.

  31. Dannielle Obenchain

    Dannielle Obenchain4 months ago

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    Dannielle Obenchain4 months ago

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  33. Sophie & Katie

    Sophie & Katie4 months ago

    Do you ever knock the spice jars on the fridge while walking past cuz I want to try that but I don’t want to break them :(

  34. Abbey Hart

    Abbey Hart4 months ago

    Just get a safe and put it in your garage under your bed so many van people have it, and it’s meant to be great and you can put all your valuables in it while your out

  35. justine lynch

    justine lynch5 months ago

    It’s all in the editing right ??

  36. ketbag

    ketbag5 months ago

    No way, I've been to that exact same beach and went to that bar in the same day!! Was 15 years ago though :(

  37. Dakota of Terence

    Dakota of Terence6 months ago

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    Neil Aspinall6 months ago

    If all women smiled like this lovely van lady there would be no wars.

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    Planted In Seattle6 months ago

    I've binged watched soooo many of your videos over the last couple weeks and I just want to say that I love how kind you guys are to each other. You are constantly being sweet, complimenting each other, joking, having fun and I am sure life isn't always this way but it seems like you two make this a priority in your lives and it's so nice to see. Really enjoying your videos!!

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    ThisorThat7 months ago

    Where’s the blonde chick you guys were boppin’ ?

  48. RA GS

    RA GS7 months ago

    Im late to your channel but really enjoying your videos, love the fact that you hid in the van on the ferry crossing, always wanted to do that but I always chicken out ! That bar set in the rocks brought back memories, I went there 14 yrs ago, awesome! @van_ping

  49. Gianluca Granieri

    Gianluca Granieri7 months ago

    super patata

  50. aidan walsh

    aidan walsh7 months ago

    Hey I know this is an old video. But seeing your problem with your valuables, I was thinking that my family business uses home made steel boxes bolted to the floor. We have made them so you can’t cut them on a single angle grinding disc so the robbers would have to come with two discs and two batteries. It might be something you could do make a small one to keep your stuff safe!

  51. mebloke69

    mebloke697 months ago

    When things go wrong,adventure begin.that is what modern see only in movies today.

  52. Soccer Star !

    Soccer Star !7 months ago

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    NadeCook LIVE8 months ago

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  56. Justin Pierce

    Justin Pierce8 months ago

    You guys are such hippies and I love it. I can't do that lifestyle but I'm so taken back by how kind and chill you guys really are. Really appreciate your content and your attitudes. Breath of fresh air. Love from Texas.

  57. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec8 months ago

    Thanks so much Justin!! Van life is definitely not for everyone but it’s certainly for us and we love sharing it with you 💜

  58. Carvo

    Carvo8 months ago

    Great video, awesome photography ... as always Stay Safe & God Bless ! :)

  59. M D

    M D8 months ago

    i just hate that hippie dirty look, wtf people?

  60. Lisa Lisa

    Lisa Lisa8 months ago

    Stink you have to take your cameras n stuff to the beach...You guys should build a safe in the van for when you have leave your valuables in the van, maybe in the floorboard like a hideaway. :)

  61. S T

    S T8 months ago

    She knows how to change a starter and that’s awesome.

  62. S T

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  63. Greg

    Greg8 months ago

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  64. Greg Piskos

    Greg Piskos8 months ago

    what a sad sad life...isn't hedonism so great lol...what happens when you want kids and to start a family? you know whats great, my 4 kids and wife going to Thailand for 2 weeks, a cruise ship to the pacific islands in a few moths...seeing the look on kids faces seeing and experiencing new things....only poor people talk about travelling like its sooo great when you cant afford to do see a few beaches, euroepan castles or churches and ancient ruins and you've seen it all....having a home with a backyard and veggie garden and lots of trees is the best thing

  65. Barry Barry

    Barry Barry8 months ago

    Look at me, look at me!... way to scripted for my liking. Living a self centered life is not good for ones mental health!!!

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    I live in Germany and is it a German joke that the 17th state in Germany is Mallorca. LOL

  72. Skyler Carlos

    Skyler Carlos8 months ago

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  73. Skyler Carlos

    Skyler Carlos8 months ago

    I’m sure you know what you are doing tho you are smart human being and know how to do a lot of different things so I’m sure you know what kind of gas your car takes.!

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  76. JCisJD

    JCisJD8 months ago

    "modern" vans aye ..... first thing for me , check the key / immobiliser...(unplug battery and try again, switch on and off again ) .. in a hundred years cars just have not advanced really , just stuck more things on a combustion engine to make it more difficult to fix. Oh and sprinters , they are a trend but Merc bummed out with them, the old 307 , now thats a van!

  77. Ed

    Ed8 months ago

    If you both want to go in the water just dig a hole in the sand and bury your bag then lay your towels over where they're buried x

  78. JasonBtheKing

    JasonBtheKing8 months ago

    No disrespect Eamon...Bec is a STUNNING woman! WOW!!

  79. TbarRocks

    TbarRocks9 months ago

    guy is such a douche...thinking way too much of himself.

  80. Linsey 9577

    Linsey 95779 months ago

    Hi Guys. We are Lin and Mark, a couple of POMEs. We saw you post about the downs of living in a van when you were in Mexico and have skipped through to find a more recent post to leave a comment. You guys are so brave! Good on you. We were left back packing for 8 years when our place in Spain turned out to be a scam. We left Spain with £4k in the bank, 2 bergens and 2 one way tickets to Goa. Everything just rolled along after that. Were able to keep going because of a website called - It's brilliant. You can do voluntary work for people in exchange for food and accommodation. It's international and most of the people we met were really good with us. We even taught in China for 4 years through the site. You say you like reading, have you read The Celestine Prophecy by James Readfield? It's about why so many people are searching for something, but don't know what. A bit Hippy for you maybe, but we love it. Lack of space. We never got it right. We ended up with our 2 bergens plus 2 smaller rucksacks full of Lin's "Essentials!":) Of course, now ere're back in the UK we've found isocool clothing which would have been ideal and micro fibre towels. Could really have done with them so Lin could have had even more stuff:) You say about leaving your van being a worry. We know exactly what you mean. Every time we swapped countries we used to panic as to whether we would both be let in, or if our gear had survived the trip OK. Nightmare and the worst thing about our travels. Have we bored you to tears yet?;) Helpx is really worth a skeg as it saved us an absolute fortune. Sorry, skeg is POME for checking out something:) Good luck, take care of each other and long may you enjoy your travels. Lin and Mark

  81. Greg Piskos

    Greg Piskos8 months ago

    what your searching for is a sense of community, family and real spirituality....

  82. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec9 months ago

    Hahah I actually really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing! ❤️

  83. Timbo A.

    Timbo A.9 months ago

    Hi guys, luv the videos! wondering if u guys could mount hidden security cameras to the van inside & out, then link them to your phones? Be safe, Happy trails!

  84. intown girl

    intown girl9 months ago

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  85. Jacob Werner

    Jacob Werner9 months ago

    I know this is super late but next time if you starter isn’t working try hitting it kinda aggressively with a hammer for a quick fix. Sometimes they seize temporary to show signs of needing to be replaced and when you hit it with a hammer it frees it in order to work properly again until you can get it repaired.

  86. Nico 12

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