SPAIN'S BEST KEPT SECRET | Van Life in the Pyrenees

Van Life Vlog | This is NOT What we Expected in Spain!
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This week we get off the beaten path and discover a part of Spain that we've never heard about! In Northern Spain (along the border of France) are the most magical mountains 🏔 called the Pyrenees and we are lucky enough to spend a few days exploring the region in our self converted sprinter van. What's it like to live in a van in the wild? Come along for the adventure!
Our van life Europe journey began when we decided to ship our van across the world in search of the next big adventure! Since then we've driven our sprinter van conversion from England - Wales - Ireland - Scotland - France - Spain - Portugal and now back to Portugal! Every week we share an episode of what it's like to van life in the city as well as van life in nature as we try to see and do most everything Europe has to offer ❤️🌎
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Today we show you around Spain from Zaragoza to the mountains!
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Hi buddies! Hoping you all had a great week (maaaaan I love our weekly Sunday catch ups!). What made you happy this week?! I want to hear all about it ❤️

  2. Lesley Iacolucci

    Lesley IacolucciMonth ago

    Sorry, I'm binging. Lol. Eamon saying 'shove it down its pipe' about the burrito. I'm still lol'ing! Thank you so much!

  3. Michelle King

    Michelle King3 months ago

    Hi Bec can I please ask what brand of hiking boots and backpack you have looks so cute!

  4. qualssevol

    qualssevol9 months ago

    You are a fucking bastards! walking outside the paths, swiming on a National park and using a drones.... Fuck you!

  5. Elena Garrido

    Elena Garrido10 months ago

    I'm happy that you liked my country

  6. fssproduction

    fssproductionYear ago

    getty up! :)

  7. xoemanx

    xoemanx18 days ago

    How did you ship the van to Europe?

  8. No Name

    No Name28 days ago

    So...Bec doesn’t like Damon’s slurping noise....but laughs and encourages him when he passes gas! 🤔🤦‍♀️

  9. Osmel Farak

    Osmel FarakMonth ago

    I love watch yours trips, hello from Colombia. By the way, i unsterstand Bec, so good spanish 🤙💪

  10. John Lee

    John Lee2 months ago

    This makes me so want to go to Spain. I live in the Smokey Mountains and they are beautiful but those look awesome. I love waterfalls. And I want to visit in a Sprinter. I think I told you before but I had a VW Sprinter Camper Van when my kids were younger.

  11. Gabriela Cervantes Alarcón

    Gabriela Cervantes Alarcón2 months ago

    Is there a friday with the taco recipe??

  12. Michie Butterfly77

    Michie Butterfly773 months ago

    I have been sick this weekend bingeing your videos (I just found you) I emerged last night, all excited telling my husband of 18 years and 12 year old that we should sell everything and buy a van and travel! I think they thought I either took too many meds or was still much too sick to be out of bed! I backpacked in my early 20’s in the mid-late 90’s. You two really had it down before having to come home. I’m looking forward to see you traveling around the United States!:)🤍☀️

  13. Krys Leisel

    Krys Leisel3 months ago

    Binge watching your vlogs has taught me three thing: Relax everything will work itself out, sometimes it is good to go with the flow, try and incorporate at least one vegan day into the week and the simple things are often the most rewarding like having a chat with a stranger in s different environment...

  14. Wernich Human

    Wernich Human3 months ago

    That first bite after adding the crisp !! that just made me super hungry !!

  15. Grace Ngugi

    Grace Ngugi3 months ago


  16. Elizabeth Bowen

    Elizabeth Bowen4 months ago

    Did you guys hAVE DIRREHA

  17. Niaaz Wahab

    Niaaz Wahab4 months ago

    Just curious, where did you guys shower, or normally shower

  18. John C

    John C4 months ago

    at 14:20 WOW, you're just below that old cadmium mine and that little contraption filters all that lethal stuff out? ..that's amazing! How did it taste?

  19. Vegan David Box

    Vegan David Box4 months ago

    all the better you guys being Vegan too 👍😁

  20. llegaelmaister

    llegaelmaister4 months ago

    started following your channel. Soooo happy you liked Zaragoza! I’m from there! Wohooo! Love your channel!

  21. G GG

    G GG5 months ago

    Within short time being in Spain, we're gonna start thinking and dreaming in Spanish !

  22. Moritz Seiboth

    Moritz Seiboth5 months ago

    Have you ever had any problems with free camping?

  23. Hermenegildo C

    Hermenegildo C5 months ago

    Yep,because it is not visited by 50k forginers a year, yeah

  24. Jordan Garcia

    Jordan Garcia5 months ago

    I wish there was a vanlife website where everyone from the community can add places/pictures/free parking spots where they've been all around the world. Some people find these hidden gems and really cool little markets. Then you could just search for the area you're in to find ideas. And have links to where people are currently who are looking for new friends.

  25. The Gentlemen's Motor Racing Team

    The Gentlemen's Motor Racing Team5 months ago

    that was amazing, and now I am super hungry.

  26. Aaron Shoe

    Aaron Shoe6 months ago

    Steak tacos are where its at

  27. Juan Hervilla Pomares

    Juan Hervilla Pomares6 months ago

    Hi guys. I loved this video also.... I’m running through all of your vlogs! But hey, not cool to fly a drone in a national park. And also in that particular creek, its not permitted to bathe either. With the amount of followers you have, it would be great if you could send out some nature preservation tips or heads up, as you visit these awesome places. Just fair feedback..

  28. The Sour Alien

    The Sour Alien7 months ago

    i have worked in many many countries but the north of Spain is amazing.. the food, the landscape.. and its cheap... it really is Europe's lost paradise..

  29. Kendra Fortin

    Kendra Fortin7 months ago

    Those tacos look amazing, 🤤🤤🤤I wanna try them. Thanks for sharing another amazing video yet again...✌🏼❤️😊

  30. Cathy Warriner

    Cathy Warriner7 months ago

    Love you guys! Wow beauty!

  31. Laila Linux

    Laila Linux7 months ago

    guys you are so adorable ☺️ bless your journeys

  32. Naya Carbonell

    Naya Carbonell7 months ago

    Besos desde Barcelona 💋

  33. Julie Rogers

    Julie Rogers7 months ago

    I agree with Bec, Eamon's slurping noises are best left for Eamon's private time. Pleeeeeze.

  34. Kayla Finch

    Kayla Finch8 months ago

    I seriously can’t get over have perfect you two are omg🥺

  35. Lucas Jaarsma

    Lucas Jaarsma8 months ago

    jojo there is many more secrets in spain, as long as you go to the northwest!

  36. THAT GIRL ;P

    THAT GIRL ;P8 months ago

    Their best kept secret is the galgo a abuse and neglect.

  37. Vegan Revolution Poland

    Vegan Revolution Poland8 months ago

    todos vegana....

  38. harryscat

    harryscat8 months ago

    OMG painful Americano video..sooooo dumb

  39. Extreme Motorhoming Adventures

    Extreme Motorhoming Adventures8 months ago

    We were in Torla and took the same hike with no expectations last July, wow we agree, the best hike we have ever taken, if you guys visit the uk and want to see some really special places give us a shout :)

  40. Judith M

    Judith M8 months ago

    How you manage your internet? Do you have a Sim-Card?



    I'm from Spain, and your Spanish is horrible (as well as my English) xd



    @Eamon & Bec oh! Actually... Did I offend you? Cause if that's the case I'm so sorry, it wasn't my purpose, as I said, my English is also horrible XD. So yeah. Just wanted to tell u that I love your videos ♥️

  43. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec8 months ago

    We may not be perfect but at least we try!

  44. Mike Garnham

    Mike Garnham8 months ago

    Hello from the Pyrenees. Your vlog is great. I was in the mountains today - Feb 3 in 21c - amazing. Us northern Europeans (Brit), really don't appreciate the beauty of the Pyrenees. We seem to think that the Alps are the only mountains in Europe. BTW, if you think the Pyrenees are amazing you should go to the Picos de Europa in Northern Spain - even more spectacular. Is there a vlog between this one and the Tarifa one? Have you thought of numbering your vlogs?

  45. fanny palao

    fanny palao8 months ago

    Dude, as much as I loved the video... I hated to see you getting into the water And flying a drone at a national park.... Seriously guy... In Spain we have really good places, but these are a few, and they still there because we take care of them. BTW, a great number of protected birds lives at the pirineos, many of them get injured by youtuber's drones every year.

  46. Julioski FP

    Julioski FP8 months ago

    I'm Spanish and, to be sincere, you speak pretty good the spanish 8By the way i went to the exact same place this summer) :)

  47. waysbcn

    waysbcn8 months ago

    Excuse me guys, what is the song that sounds in the minute 6:48? My shazam tells me Nudacy but that version with voice I can't find. THANKS

  48. boxiebabe

    boxiebabe8 months ago

    SOOO beautiful and y'all are really good tour guides! xo

  49. JJGamer160

    JJGamer1609 months ago

    Ai que orgulloso de que hablen bien de mi españita

  50. Ty

    Ty9 months ago

    Actually, locals pronounce it as "Tharagotha"


    MARIA RODRIGUEZ9 months ago

    Exactly 👍....spanish Z is similar to TH (thing) in english

  52. NiCO

    NiCO9 months ago

    most of the people down know how diverse spain is. the "typical spanish" associated items, landscapes and cultures are often just from one specific region in the country, like paella or flamenco. also they're different languages and dialects like castillian, andalusian castillian, galician, catalan, basque, etc. even myself as a half spanish guy knew only the andalusian and little southvalencian culture and thought that this was all. now i want to explore the north a little more!

  53. David Calonge

    David Calonge9 months ago

    OMG yo have been in my city I didn’t know ❤️😢

  54. cris cuartero

    cris cuartero9 months ago

    Zaragoza is my city OMG I am so glad you liked it 🥰

  55. Daniel ZT

    Daniel ZT9 months ago

    Alguien que hable español viendo este video?

  56. Jschz

    Jschz9 months ago

    Ajajajj vaya dos buenos guiris han venido a descubrir ahora lo bonita que es España

  57. reason

    reason9 months ago

    please do not bathe and fly drones in a national protected park like that please, be mindful of you actions, the fact that other tourists are doing it doesn't mean you can/should do it


    RAFAEL SESEÑA9 months ago

    Please, do not make these kind of videos. They took our beaches, and now they will take our mountains XD

  59. Pedrator75

    Pedrator759 months ago

    Tu crees en pallella ??? xDDDDDDD !!! PD: Salu2 !!!

  60. R de Reniaso

    R de Reniaso9 months ago

    Esa es mi ESPAÑITA cojonesssssssssssss

  61. Soy Xosé Casas

    Soy Xosé Casas9 months ago

    Next time go to Picos de Europa.


    ROBER DE PABLOS9 months ago

    one thing, they have invented a modern thing now, it is called Google Translator, it serves to translate voice, posters, etc., it is very useful, I recommend you try it ...

  63. Sam c

    Sam c9 months ago

    Alguien de Zaragoza?

  64. Marié Kaulitz

    Marié Kaulitz9 months ago

    Driving without a setbelt it's not only dangerous but also illegal. Same with parking on the side of an unpaved road. Even if you didn't get caught nor have to pay a fine you should respect these kind of things when you visit another country.

  65. Marié Kaulitz

    Marié Kaulitz9 months ago

    And drones + bathing on a national park.

  66. sofiskaya13

    sofiskaya139 months ago

    If you go anywhere in Spain after lunchtime there's almost no one on the streets

  67. F.G. E.

    F.G. E.9 months ago

    Spain is amazing.

  68. Myra Guillou

    Myra Guillou9 months ago

    Was it just me or when they were talking @5:00 I was staring at the lady behind them posing for pics the whole time?

  69. JP M

    JP M9 months ago

    Spain is the most versatile country in Europe. They got every type of turism and not just got it but it's actually great. Even just a little part of Spain, Catalonia, is already so complete and got it all. Spain got a rainy and cold site like Galicia or Bilbao too, hot and amazing beaches, even some exotic beaches, even Ocean beaches in Galicia too, more big city type of turism like Madrid or Barcelona, islands like Las Canarias and Las Baleares...

  70. Clara Figueras

    Clara Figueras9 months ago

    que bonita es mi españa🇪🇸🇪🇸

  71. sandurico

    sandurico9 months ago

    Hello, I am glad that you visited Zaragoza, which is the city where I was born, I deduce that you liked it very much, for its gastronomy and monuments. I wish you the best, that you continue traveling and have a great time.

  72. Sergio Fuentes Sanjuan

    Sergio Fuentes Sanjuan9 months ago

    Como os gusta espańa he??? Pero no realizáis un análisis en profundidad, lo que es típico del humano de a pie. Un abrazo desde la celtiberia.

  73. Luciano Volpe

    Luciano Volpe9 months ago

    Lucho dice que son muy macanudos. Eve

  74. Anclita3

    Anclita39 months ago

    Pyrenees are not from spain the are the montains that separates France and Spain anyones territory .pd:im spanish🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

  75. A ZGZ MP

    A ZGZ MP9 months ago

    Hi guys, I'm from Zaragoza and I have a house at the Pyrenees and, honestly, I'm so proud now, so flattered, so thankful for this video. We know that Spain is commonly and sometimes only known because of our sunny beaches and stuff like that but we have sooo many differet biomes. You should definetly visit Asturias & Cantabria. Picos de Europa is another stunning place and has one of the most jaw-dropping landscapes in the whole country. Again, as a guy from Zaragoza, couldn't be more thankful for this. Love you!!!

  76. Elizabeth Seminario

    Elizabeth Seminario9 months ago

    Spain is just beautiful

  77. Antonio GG

    Antonio GG9 months ago

    Saludos desde ESPAÑA!!! Buen video.

  78. Natalia

    Natalia9 months ago

    Oh, and you didn't make the most of the National Park, which I believe you didn't mention is called Ordesa. You have to take Senda de los Cazadores, Faja del Rey, THEN arrive at Cola de Caballo and finally go back the way you came in. You pretty much missed the best views of the mountains by not climbing that first bit and just going for the flat, easy hike straight to Cola de Caballo. Of course, that would have been a 7-hour hike, truly epic, so you start to wonder whether it's really about the hike or just editing a video quickly for USlikes.

  79. Natalia

    Natalia9 months ago

    Too many hipster "Expedition Happiness"-style clichés for my taste. Man bun, tattoo, yoga practice and breakfast with chia seeds, very much "look at me and my perfect life" all too common today. Your Spanish isn't great but hey, thanks for showing Aragón, one of Spain's more overlooked regions. By the way, if you can say a TH sound in English, you can pronounce Zaragoza, not Saragosa, which is NOT what a local would say. Keep practicing your Spanish.

  80. falanaest16

    falanaest169 months ago

    Just one thing. I am not sure if you are aware that PILAR is a very common name in Aragón, that is this region, and also around Spain. The Virgin del Pilar is the saint patron of Aragón. FYI, Aragón has 3 provinces: Huesca, Zaragoza y Teruel.

  81. Marta Fer Sal

    Marta Fer Sal9 months ago

    My grandad was born there!I feel really lucky to have my own house in Pineta, enjoy!

  82. Psicosombra

    Psicosombra9 months ago

    It's not a joke, a lot of people think that Spain is a desert from north to south and what they don't know is that Spain has everything: two deserts, more forests than UK, glaciers, places where you can find 45 degrees and others where you can find -20 degrees, landscapes like Iceland or Sweden, green prairies and much more. And yes guys, YES, in Spain it snows too much in winter, we know what the snow is, we know what the extreme cold is, yeeeees. Ignorance about Spain out there is incredible.

  83. Psicosombra

    Psicosombra9 months ago

    @Acusticamente Convusional Realmente no. Busca 'glaciares Pirineos', verás que quedan algunos.

  84. Acusticamente Convusional

    Acusticamente Convusional9 months ago

    Te has venido arriba con lo de los glaciares

  85. Jordi Tebé

    Jordi Tebé9 months ago

    Thanks for showing this wonderful tracks with some locals that didn't know about this beautiful views and spots!

  86. Beverly Horner-Reynolds

    Beverly Horner-Reynolds9 months ago

    what do you guys do for a living?

  87. adoonnis

    adoonnis9 months ago

    You must go to Asturias, it's a paradise with unique animals and landscapes

  88. Catalina Arnaiz

    Catalina Arnaiz9 months ago

    and like that's not even the best part in Spain 😂 (I'm Spanish hehe)

  89. shakmet

    shakmet9 months ago

    Greetings from Zaragoza. I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^

  90. Jose Juan Gomez

    Jose Juan Gomez9 months ago

    A couple more iliterate anglos thinking that spain is just sun, beaches, paella and fiesta. FAIL.

  91. Dick Long

    Dick Long8 months ago

    Screw the Anglos

  92. maria e.

    maria e.9 months ago

    I live betwen de Mediterranean sea and the Pyrenees and I prefer a thousand times to go to the mountain than to the beach.

  93. Choli Zgz

    Choli Zgz9 months ago

    As someone that has lived almost all his life in Zaragoza and has been to Ordesa Valley, it's so cool to see that foreigners consider Ordesa the coolest trek they've ever made. Btw: you should do the same trek but to the high part of the valley so you could see the Monte Perdido and the whole valley from above

  94. falanaest16

    falanaest169 months ago

    I did this circular hiking, starting from la Senda de los Cazadores, up to the Mirador, which is amazing, then going along the canyon towards la Cola de Caballo, and then back to the parking lot. It's takes the whole day. You need to be prepared with water, good boots, food, and raincoat or similar for the rain. BEAUTIFUL!!!. Spain is very diverse and each part has its singularities and beautiful scenarios.

  95. raquel

    raquel9 months ago

    funny thing you look like the average spaniard ??? omg

  96. Pink Confusion

    Pink Confusion9 months ago

    People normally think of steriotypes of spain and as a spanish person that makes me upset, because normally people only think of beaches or Madrid, but there is a lot of beautifull places in the north and interior part. Im glad you did this video honestly

  97. Neo Matrix

    Neo Matrix9 months ago

    Nice bun

  98. LuisGar

    LuisGar9 months ago

    Nope, we locals say Tharagothaaaaa

  99. Self-Developed

    Self-Developed10 months ago

    Bec is so cute haha. Great vid as always ☺️❤️

  100. phoenix

    phoenix10 months ago

    you two seem like douchebags

  101. Rachie 2345

    Rachie 234510 months ago

    You should do a video where you explain your tattoos

  102. Andrea Lozano

    Andrea Lozano10 months ago

    Zaragoza is my second city and it's not so famous (although I think is a really good city to visit) and I'm so excited to watch you visit it hahahaha also, the north of Spain have amazing landscapes that tourists don't usually expect to find Spain, we're so much more than Toros, paella and beach haahahah

  103. Fab LB

    Fab LB10 months ago

    I feel that most Americans tend to think that Europe is just boit visiting capital cities... it is noce to see people from your continent to realize that this continent has a spectacular nature and extremely diverse. Especially Spain (well, France too). Did you visited the french side of the pyrenees ? I will suggest you to see the Cirque de Gavarnie.

  104. Fab LB

    Fab LB10 months ago

    Spain is known to be one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. I do not think it is a secret, the pyrenees in particular are, after the Alps, the second major high mountains of Western Europe.

  105. Mike 91_TC

    Mike 91_TC10 months ago

    And Sistema Bético, Sistema Central, Picos de Europa, Sierra Nevada (near Sistema Bético)... And the islands like Mallorca or Tenerife has a lot of mountains

  106. El Don

    El Don10 months ago

    I live in Zaragoza!

  107. Andoni

    Andoni10 months ago

    Los drones en ORDESA no están permitidos.

  108. Natalia Silva

    Natalia Silva10 months ago

    I can understand your Spanish! Great video!

  109. p fol

    p fol10 months ago

    That´s what happens with guiris. You only see like1% of the country, and even think the whole territory is juuust like that. Beaches, sangría, toros, flamenco. Surprise, nothing in Benidorm, Ibiza or Palma de Mallorca is "Typical Spanish", its tourist´s made! So yeah, maybe 70-60% of Spain is mountain-like, green and really empty. And no, we don´t have toros or flamenco, we are like small countries all gathered in one, there are several independent languages (not dialects), and many many landscapes, and don´t expect people to speak English like I´m writing it. We just don´t like/need it. But hey, don´t go tell everybody, we rather want you in Benidorm destroying the city than all over the country, messing around.

  110. oulghazi abdelwahab

    oulghazi abdelwahab10 months ago

    Hello Eamon and Bec u don't need to be unclothed to get more watches, give us just what u fell, or something makes us knowing something new or happy. That's all, and u'll have ur wishes. Don't forget... Our wives are beautiful than others. That's law.. that's the reality. I fell, some people are ready to make porno for few money, money is just a investment not giving honor and soul.

  111. Hymxzx

    Hymxzx10 months ago

    Bec: Close your eyes and picture Spain... me: seeing darkness. Oh yeah, that looks about right.

  112. BenJaizZ

    BenJaizZ10 months ago

    Fun fact: Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe

  113. John C

    John C4 months ago

    also, it has more Spanish people than anywhere else. I love the place...

  114. Swamp Thing

    Swamp Thing5 months ago

    @Ariana M No, Andalusia is not more diverse than Catalonia, just pick up a geographic book were shows climates and topography, from giant delta to volcanic forest. Or a biology one to watch the variety of species, from eagles to bears.

  115. Drom Assault

    Drom Assault8 months ago

    and the best and biggest volcan in Canary Islands!

  116. Ariana M

    Ariana M8 months ago

    xalau I know... Nobody said that this video was made in Catalonia.

  117. xalau

    xalau8 months ago

    @Ariana M They were not in Catalonia, they were in Aragón

  118. Doris Escarlata

    Doris Escarlata10 months ago

    Big Poppa's.

  119. Brian Arroyo

    Brian Arroyo10 months ago

    I'm from Spain, where it is? Montserrat or Pyrenees (what part of it)?? Nice video btw🔥