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This week we share our big news with you: WE ARE TAKING A BREAK FROM VAN LIFE. Yupp, another break from van life for Eamon & Bec as we prepare to move into a house. We pack up our self-converted sprinter van and clean it to be left in Europe while we fly home to Canada to take care of business... literally. It's that time of year when our chai business Chaiwala Chai is super busy and we vend at a large Christmas show. We hope to see you there 😊

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  1. Onegreen Fish

    Onegreen Fish10 months ago

    This tremendous duo is the real deal. I've had the pleasure of meeting them twice. Once last year at the Christmas OOAKS, and again last Thursday at the OOAKS. Bec was the one who sold me their tea and when I went back to purchase their maple sprinkles, Eamon was the one who helped me. They are both every bit as genuine and charming as they seem in their videos. I was lucky enough to have a friend introduce me to their USlikes channel last fall, and I've been a fan ever since. The world would be a happier place, if there were more people as lovely as Bec & Eamon in it! Cheers, Renée

  2. LJaysPerspective

    LJaysPerspective6 months ago

    That's such a lovely thing to say....you must be a very nice/ sweet person ur self. I also enjoy there vids..

  3. ZoPzyched

    ZoPzyched8 months ago

    "They are both every bit as genuine and charming as they seem in their videos." I haven't met them but I kinda figured as much. (they DID almost SEEM genuinely humble for half a conversation after they got robbed tho)

  4. Nizz

    Nizz9 months ago

    People tend to be nice if you give them money ... 🤔😂

  5. April Lynn

    April Lynn10 months ago

    Onegreen Fish such a sweet thoughtful comment 💛

  6. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec10 months ago

    It was such a pleasure meeting you two years in a row Renee ❤️!

  7. Mia's Travel Memoirs

    Mia's Travel Memoirs26 days ago

    Eamon, Has anyone told you that your tattoo looks alot like Renee Roamings logo?? 🧐

  8. Daydream About Nice Things

    Daydream About Nice ThingsMonth ago

    Love love love the view !!

  9. Angel Franks

    Angel Franks2 months ago

    We’re is the meat at? Sorry if y’all don’t believe in meat.

  10. Kristin Gonda

    Kristin Gonda2 months ago

    omg I wish I would have known you were at the Winterfest at the CNE! I debated going this year. I only just started watching you guys now.

  11. Kathrina Cruz

    Kathrina Cruz2 months ago

    are your helpers in chaiwala HQ filipinos?

  12. Taryn L

    Taryn L3 months ago

    Wow. What a shout-out to #karaandnate. I'm so glad they could sponsor your video. Watching them I found u guys. Beautiful tattoo of a beautiful Bec

  13. 3D LAYERS

    3D LAYERS3 months ago

    How do you manage your business on the road?

  14. J.Alexander Gutwirth

    J.Alexander Gutwirth3 months ago

    Eamon & Bec , keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your adventures with the world . My heart went out for you guys when you had that robbery but i am glad your new equipment has been sponsored ( still some good people in this world). I wonder what happened to your van . Did you guys sell it?

  15. LukeE94

    LukeE944 months ago

    Can fare drop beat my flights from Newark to London for £92? Think I’ll stick to my methods because all these endorsements come out waay more than I spend, but cheaper than some people are willing to waste.

  16. angus macleoad

    angus macleoad4 months ago

    love your sweater bec where did you get it thanks hun.

  17. Tom P

    Tom P4 months ago

    sell ... always and sell and let the devil take the hindmost [what!?]

  18. Max Wit

    Max Wit4 months ago

    6:24: take care zombies behind you

  19. Sozo Method

    Sozo Method5 months ago

    also Bec that jacket you are wearing when you go to get the MILK LOVE IT where from?

  20. Sozo Method

    Sozo Method5 months ago

    whats that hat rack in the back of the van!

  21. Jess Lyn

    Jess Lyn6 months ago

    Please help!! I NEED some of those stores Bec gets her clothes from! I’m obsessed with everything she wears. Hook me up girly! 😻


    UNENSLAVER 16 months ago

    I could have sold my SO on YT if I was connected in the 80's.


    UNENSLAVER 16 months ago

    Everyone wanted her... Too many got her. That's why she's on her own today. Karma rings True even after 30 years.

  24. Barbara Heed

    Barbara Heed6 months ago

    You both have THE MOST wonderful SMILES 😄 Thank you. Makes me SMILE TOO. And I needed a nice big smile today too. With all the stress of this Clovis 19 virus . I'm just feelling soooo done. Hey , 😃. LOVE YOU TWO.✌

  25. Jane Willis

    Jane Willis6 months ago

    I like what you are doing and wish you the best. I watched a few videos but won't watch anymore. Referring to grown women as your "girls and your "ladies" is extremely off-putting.

  26. lucci young

    lucci young6 months ago

    Adam single?😂

  27. zakroxitup

    zakroxitup6 months ago

    you just got a lot less interesting, NEXT

  28. Regina Weeks

    Regina Weeks6 months ago

    Cute security system back in Spain! Thanks for the heads-up about Fare Drop! "Don't get comfortable!" Cute! Nice seeing something about your business, up close and personal too! Take care and God bless!

  29. alfriedar

    alfriedar7 months ago

    I was so surprised you don’t use filtered water

  30. Ray Keogh

    Ray Keogh7 months ago

    Only place I know in Toronto is a Bar called 'Scallywags' it holds the Liverpool FC Supporters club, been there about 5 times to watch the Reds play, Hope you enjoyed your space hmm HOME but for me home is not where I come from but where I got to, as of where the HEART IS, Ray K UK YNWA.

  31. Ray Keogh

    Ray Keogh7 months ago

    Only place I know in Toronto is a Bar called 'Scallywags' it holds the Liverpool

  32. Moment Machine

    Moment Machine7 months ago

    Appreciate yalls videos! They inspire mine!

  33. Miles Holt

    Miles Holt7 months ago

    Back on the ☕

  34. rob I

    rob I7 months ago

    that apple is ALL eaten

  35. Steve Frain

    Steve Frain7 months ago

    Where is your van guys are you selling it

  36. judy hobday

    judy hobday7 months ago

    so much wonderful energy. I smile just watching and listening to the two of you.

  37. rockintherae

    rockintherae7 months ago

    You should see if Hopper will sponsor you.

  38. Rio Rio

    Rio Rio8 months ago

    Love your sweater.Where do you shop.yours is nice too Eamon

  39. Von & Jay The ButterFlyLifers

    Von & Jay The ButterFlyLifers8 months ago

    Nice break vid!! You both are the cutest! Whoa! Africa next, we'll definitely be watching for it. Hv a FANTASTIC time. 🌍🚍

  40. Vegan Revolution Poland

    Vegan Revolution Poland8 months ago

    great channel, interesting content, a lot of positive vibrations and a big plus for vegans, greetings from Poland

  41. ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ

    ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ8 months ago

    Mice eat steel, plastic.. wood..

  42. Hakeem Nabi

    Hakeem Nabi8 months ago

    Hold up who’s filming yall

  43. Aleksandar Djordjevic

    Aleksandar Djordjevic8 months ago

    Vanlife 2.0

  44. Vanessa Cheverie

    Vanessa Cheverie8 months ago

    i just started watching you guys a few days ago and i am HOOKED. do you guys have a podcast? you both have such great voices and i love the dynamic between you two. i could seriously listen to you two for hours! also bonus finding out you guys are fellow canadians!!

  45. Daisy Reid

    Daisy Reid8 months ago

    You have to visit Paradise valley in Morocco, Agadir it is amazing!!! :)

  46. DarkerSideOfDawn

    DarkerSideOfDawn8 months ago

    I want your van lol

  47. Safety Advisor Specialist

    Safety Advisor Specialist8 months ago

    Will you ever come to Pakistan? The northern areas are amazing.

  48. Derrick Asiedu

    Derrick Asiedu9 months ago

    You contact me when you are in Ghana

  49. Roselyn Desabille

    Roselyn Desabille9 months ago

    Are Miriam and Lyn Filipinos?

  50. Diego O' Land

    Diego O' Land9 months ago

    So we punched out and flew home. LOL must be nice to have the coin to just bail out and hope on a plane. Ah reality TV on USlikes, thanks, saves me a cable bill.

  51. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec9 months ago

    Hi Diego, not sure if you follow us closely or not but we went home to work. Not quite bailing out if you ask us 🤔

  52. Killer Miller

    Killer Miller9 months ago

    How old are both are you, just curious? Good on you for enjoying life

  53. Jet Raven

    Jet Raven9 months ago

    Dudes first comment ola I envy you guys so much enjoy before you get too old live life love n most of all love each other in the end you wanna have no regrets drugs took my youth don't make that mistake didn't mean you do them just had to warn everyone I'm 47 n have nothing please take my advice whoever reads this I will never have what these two have anywho sorry got off track see as many places as you can you guys are awesome safe travel n all that may God bless each n every last one of y'all much love

  54. Kurtis Light

    Kurtis Light9 months ago

    U GUYS R GREAT !!!

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    Aroha9 months ago

    Thanks for the faredrop 😊

  58. Julia Kosyakova

    Julia Kosyakova9 months ago

    Ok, how do you find a guy as handsome as this? 😝😝😝 u should make a video on that 😂😂

  59. MotoMonk

    MotoMonk9 months ago

    Heyy!! Eamon...great hair!! Curious how long did you grow em !! I'm planning to too...buttt...gotta know the ETA !!

  60. G S

    G S9 months ago

    Don't believe the hype, extended van life is hell

  61. Steven McKeown

    Steven McKeown9 months ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate Bec’s brother...

  62. Steve Cray

    Steve Cray9 months ago

    Having a person show you where they put their oatmeal in an apartment is entertainment? It never ceases to amaze me on USlikes what sells! This was the most boring video I have ever seen. And I only have myself to blame for watching it!

  63. Steve Cray

    Steve Cray9 months ago

    Don't blame me for how boring it was

  64. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec9 months ago

    Thanks for stopping by Steve!

  65. Megan Adelman

    Megan Adelman9 months ago

    Hey! I’m new to the Chanel! I just bought your cookbook, and I’m looking forward to making the gourmet beet loaf to for Sunday dinner tomorrow night! 😃

  66. Saathvika Hegde

    Saathvika Hegde9 months ago

    looked up your channel today as I realized that I hadn't seen your videos for a while, only to realize you guys took a break. However I also realised today is 5th of Jan and you guys are probably gonna be back in Spain in a couple days, new video soon? Please? pretty please?

  67. Saathvika Hegde

    Saathvika Hegde9 months ago

    Bob is the cutest!

  68. JustJenn

    JustJenn9 months ago

    I love @KARAandNATE and can attest FAREDROP is amazing !!!! I got a ticket SFO to THAILAND for $265

  69. Morgan Sparkman

    Morgan Sparkman9 months ago

    Where are you guys?

  70. Phoebe Ghysen

    Phoebe Ghysen9 months ago

    When are you guys going to start posting again?

  71. Sarah Carr

    Sarah Carr9 months ago

    Hi there, just checking in to make sure you guys are ok. Haven't heard from you in awhile. All the best

  72. Arexah

    Arexah9 months ago

    where u guys at?

  73. Kirsten Lawwell

    Kirsten Lawwell9 months ago

    Miss your guys’ videos on my feed! Happy holidays can’t wait til you guys return🤩

  74. BreeAnna Owens

    BreeAnna Owens9 months ago


  75. Celtic Cowman

    Celtic Cowman9 months ago

    You guys are amazing when I get a job and move out I’m buying a cheap house to go back to every couple months to get thing delivered to there for the van

  76. Holyfox

    Holyfox9 months ago

    Must in Morocco: Fez (more traditional city) and Marakech (still traditional but also lot of wealthy, stylish parisians) Get at least a tea in the garden at the Hotel Mamounia in Marakech if they allow to film. I don’t know if you’re into fancy hotels, but this hotel is unique with a lot of history. Skip Casablanca. It’s a modern concrete jungle. Then head over to Jordan, Pertra. The north arabian kingdoms are definitely more safe than the neighbouring countries. The ancient sites in Egypt are a must see. But Egypt itself is, let’s say, at least exhausting and has the poorest, worst treated animals I’ve ever seen. So sad!

  77. Mr.Inventhor

    Mr.Inventhor9 months ago

    How do you guys have a TTC bus stop sign

  78. John Brown

    John Brown9 months ago

    Where have you guys got to ? Not seen a blog from you in ages ! Hurry back please ! Jobro

  79. michael g myers

    michael g myers9 months ago

    Hope your Christmas was great and all the best for the new year 🌹

  80. Maureen

    Maureen9 months ago

    look up Kombi Life, Ben and Leah are traveling in a VW Kombi and will be in Morocco

  81. jennifer banderas

    jennifer banderas9 months ago

    plz hurry and come back I miss u

  82. Nathalie S

    Nathalie S9 months ago

    Patiently waiting for my Sunday dose of Eamon & Bec 😭

  83. Karla Rodriguez

    Karla Rodriguez9 months ago

    Here watching their videos because I miss them

  84. RaisingTheBarzTV

    RaisingTheBarzTV9 months ago

    Both these girls make an amazing couple together, its adorable 😂

  85. Karen Cartwright

    Karen Cartwright9 months ago

    Why pay for "fare drop" when there is Skyscanner? A little confused please?

  86. Stephanie Ramos

    Stephanie Ramos9 months ago

    Really missing your vlogs! 💙💙💙

  87. 010camper

    010camper9 months ago

    Hiya both, wishing you an amazing and epic 2020! Enjoyed watching your vids and hope there will be many many more to come.

  88. zippitydoda day

    zippitydoda day9 months ago

    Mice love seeds. I made the mistake leaving a bag of bird food seeds in my storage unit and when I came back months later.... Ah it was a filthy mess. They even chewed on some of my books. Store seeds etc into a sealed glass jar. Not even bugs can get in.

  89. Cristina Martinez

    Cristina Martinez9 months ago

    Hi guys!! It has to be difficult to return home after so much time traveling with your van, I hope that these days in Canada are going well for you! I am very sorry that your last adventure in Spain ended with a robbery but don't let that stop you from coming back and seeing how beautiful this country is! Good luck and see you on the road !!

  90. Avishag Kacowicz

    Avishag Kacowicz9 months ago


  91. Avishag Kacowicz

    Avishag Kacowicz9 months ago

    Plaes came back to van lifere

  92. Micaela Moreno

    Micaela Moreno9 months ago

    Just found your page less than a month ago and I see that you guys have taken a much needed break 😭 wish you the best!


    PATTY NEXTDOOR9 months ago

    super handsome couple

  94. DAYR

    DAYR9 months ago

    1 month already dam i miss you guys hope all is well and you had a great xmas

  95. J. K. Rector

    J. K. Rector9 months ago

    Just ordered your cookbook for our executive director at work, who became a vegan recently - bet she’ll love it!

  96. Trace 921

    Trace 9219 months ago

    Are u two ever coming back ?😢😢😢

  97. mhar masuda

    mhar masuda10 months ago

    Hi im a fan from the Philippines goin through all your adventure oh not all but im an avid fan here guys...bdw is one of your worker is she filipino?

  98. S T

    S T10 months ago

    It’s so nice to see two women that can do it all.

  99. Nicole

    Nicole10 months ago

    Can u guys come back ? Miss your videos 💚

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    izzy 70610 months ago

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    i thought i saw Eamon in gold coast Q1

  102. Midgetgem_uk

    Midgetgem_uk10 months ago

    Could anyone recommend some nice places to go in France, Breton area 🙂 preferably somewhere close to the coast! I leave tomorrow to go over 😁

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    Carrie Heltemes10 months ago

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    J. K. Rector10 months ago

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  106. Chicken Permission

    Chicken Permission10 months ago

    You had money when others who are forced into that life did not. You had a choice, others did not. Cherish the experience, your entertainment humbles us

  107. sh note 2

    sh note 210 months ago

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  108. Marc E.

    Marc E.10 months ago

    What did you do with the van? :0

  109. Go Small. Live Large!

    Go Small. Live Large!10 months ago

    You 2 Continue to amaze me!