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We begin this week's van life vlog right where we left you last time: on Achill Island! Eamon stopped us here to try his hand at kiteboarding again and boy oh boy do we have an adventure (think 2 hour trek through a marsh 😆). One of the reasons we live in a van is to be able to stay somewhere for as long or as little as we'd like so this week we spend extra time parked on Achill Island -- kiteboarding, enjoying our neighbour's company and just SLOWING down! But, it didn't take long for us to get itchy feet so we continue north towards Slieve League Cliffs and the Giant's Causeway!
Catch up on last week's video:
After successfully shipping our van to England from Canada & enjoying our last week in Wales we decided to ferry over to Dublin, Ireland! In last week's van life vlog we explore the city of Dublin (Trinity College, Temple Bar, etc), enjoy the city of Cork and fall in love with the seaside town of Greystones to meet the Happy Pear. We then check out the Cliffs of Moher and the city of Galway! On our way north along the Wild Atlantic Way we stopped at a wonderful island which is where today's van life vlog picks up!
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We are SO excited to bring all of you along for the adventure of shipping our self converted sprinter van from Halifax, Canada to Liverpool, UK. So much adventure awaits us for VAN LIFE IN EUROPE!
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Thanks for sharing a REAL WEEK of VAN LIFE in Ireland with us!!
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  1. Seana E

    Seana E7 hours ago

    Pity you didn't make it down to Killarney, County Kerry. Its so beautiful there to hike the Gap of Dunloe!!!! You both would have loved it!!!! And you missed out on Ross Common, and Ross Castle!!!!

  2. Twitch Clips

    Twitch Clips4 days ago

    I loved the Giants Causeway. The logical reason might be proof of Pangea, where all the continents were together and then split since there are only 2 places in the world with the basaltic columns. Also the cover of a Led Zeppelin album was shot there. :D

  3. Rashid Mohd

    Rashid Mohd8 days ago

    The best couple on you tube... go head guys... 😍

  4. Dana K

    Dana K15 days ago

    No wonder I can relate to you two...24 mins into this I hit pause and told my wife there was a name for her phobia of not wanting to hear people eat or chew...she says “I know”...32yrs of me trying to eat crunchy things quietly, or mostly, in the other room, while she crunches in bed, no problem...Yet she thinks it’s cute when the dog’s crunch out loud...long story 🤪

  5. Amy Wilder

    Amy Wilder21 day ago

    star of the whole video at 24:18!

  6. Conor McGrath

    Conor McGrath29 days ago

    She didn’t just say the UK :(

  7. Tom Johnston

    Tom JohnstonMonth ago

    The Giant's Causeway is actually free but it's run by the money grabbing British National Trust, who con people into thinking you have to pay. They pretend that the only entrance is through their Causeway Centre, which is really just a glorified gift shop. To the right of their Centre, is a little road that goes under an arch, follow that road and it takes you directly to the Giant's Causeway. You can walk down to it, or there are little buses, cheap, which will carry you along the 20 minute walk. This is all perfectly legal and no-one will stop you. I meet tourists who are going there, all the tome, and I always tell them to not go through the rip off Causeway Centre.

  8. Emily Schaae

    Emily SchaaeMonth ago

    Where does Bec get her cute head bands ?!

  9. Take xioxlxodkd Johnson

    Take xioxlxodkd JohnsonMonth ago

    UK isn't Ireland you gormless numpties

  10. Joe Bann

    Joe BannMonth ago

    Wow they have 666 subscibers not cool

  11. Joe Bann

    Joe BannMonth ago

    Wish i had money to do this i have a family of six wife and four kids and cant even afford our life now

  12. Deborah1russell. Russell

    Deborah1russell. RussellMonth ago

    That car driving away while she was closing the gate tho ?

  13. Jesus is God MAGA

    Jesus is God MAGAMonth ago

    Wow Ireland's abortion rate increased by 124% - that's a lot of whoring and killing

  14. Michael

    MichaelMonth ago

    You guys seem to have an amazing relationship. I have been with my amazing girl about eight years and love her very much. Somehow, watching you guys makes me love her even more. I suppose its because seeing you two (at least through your blog) is inspirational, with how supportive and in touch with each other you are. A real team, two real "buds". It makes me think how lucky you guys are, which reminds me how lucky I am, if that even makes sense. Anyway... you seem like great people and I hope you continue to live your best life. Keep those positive vibes going in these strange times.

  15. Elaine D

    Elaine D2 months ago

    Love the correct pronunciation of everything! So well done. Irish fan. X

  16. Catherine Corr

    Catherine Corr2 months ago

    Oh my god ireland is not the U.K!!! Love everything else about this video tho but don’t say the U.K. to an Irish person unless you want an Irish lesson

  17. maddy caampbell

    maddy caampbell2 months ago


  18. 100% Lindz

    100% Lindz2 months ago

    I absolutely love you 2 💞 Both so inspirational and so dam cute together can see the love you have for each other also ❤

  19. Kevin Murphy

    Kevin Murphy2 months ago

    IV heard of bike life but this has to be taking the mick

  20. mr.legobama

    mr.legobama2 months ago

    The ira would love to hear you say Ireland is in the uk

  21. jdcyh

    jdcyh2 months ago

    How did you get your van to all these different countries?

  22. JMK

    JMK2 months ago

    They shipped it

  23. Clisare

    Clisare2 months ago

    I know this is a year old, but man, stepping into water in Ireland like that is SO dangerous, especially if you're anywhere near the bog. Careful now

  24. Carrie Lynch

    Carrie Lynch2 months ago

    You are the cutest people i have ever seen

  25. Bailey Sarsfield

    Bailey Sarsfield2 months ago

    Hard to enjoy the video when you said the UK .......

  26. Nick Caffrey

    Nick Caffrey2 months ago

    Ireland in UK? Idiots.

  27. Kieran Murphy

    Kieran Murphy2 months ago

    Just FYI Ireland isn’t in the UK as you alluded too when you spoke about the castles. That’s a pretty big slap in the face for Irish people! But I’m sure we can give you a break on this occasion! Glad you enjoyed the trip

  28. M O C

    M O C2 months ago

    Ireland is not the Uk

  29. My Family Of Freaks

    My Family Of Freaks2 months ago

    Ireland is not part of the UK people have died for us to say that

  30. Ery Hirai

    Ery Hirai2 months ago

    I hope you can do a van life in the philippines someday :))

  31. Yan Zhuang

    Yan Zhuang2 months ago

    Love your videos. Wish I can live a similar lifestyle.

  32. Troy Hayder

    Troy Hayder3 months ago

    So you can make pornhub movies by the looks of it...

  33. Taryn L

    Taryn L3 months ago

    If you opened a gate to get somewhere you are on someone's land.

  34. Madelyn Sanders

    Madelyn Sanders3 months ago

    its so cute when they call each other buddy!

  35. Kasey Doris

    Kasey Doris3 months ago

    Where in Ireland where u

  36. Feelin' Fine

    Feelin' Fine3 months ago

    Love that there's not single acknowledgment or apology for saying Ireland is in the UK

  37. Wayne McDonagh

    Wayne McDonagh3 months ago

    My question is how do ye make a living or have a salary to live buy essentials fuel your van etc 🤷‍♂️

  38. Benjamin

    Benjamin10 days ago

    Their tea chai business from what it looks like.

  39. Spais Travel

    Spais Travel3 months ago

    Awesome video.

  40. Shane Mason

    Shane Mason3 months ago

    Love the video but so disappointed in the UK comment ruined it for me so many fought so hard for independence NOT IN THE UK

  41. B Miller

    B Miller3 months ago

    I had a reputation for being rescued more than any windsurfer when I was learning and surfing on Kwajalein. it included getting rescued by an amphibious landing craft to where they lowered the door down into the water for me to crawl out and put my gear on!

  42. Mona Alshihriy

    Mona Alshihriy3 months ago

    *I wish if you guys rent your property instead of saleing it for extra income*

  43. G Unit

    G Unit3 months ago

    I’m intrigued by the Misophonia Bec.... I have this too and I feel like a lot f people don’t understand it or think it’s real.

  44. Lexykins2691

    Lexykins26913 months ago

    You should keep lemon or lime juice around and put it in the toilet before you go--no smell...at least in a regular toilet.

  45. John stone

    John stone3 months ago

    60,000000 years ago? The bible says the world is only around 6000 years old, so that blows that theory of the hexagon rocks out the water.

  46. John stone

    John stone3 months ago

    @Legacy Luminals I was being sarcastic. I believe science over 1 of many old books any day.

  47. Legacy Luminals

    Legacy Luminals3 months ago

    only if you believe in the bible

  48. Jana Mathe

    Jana Mathe4 months ago

    How do you film yourselfs from above if it’s with the drone then who is driving it?😊😘

  49. Quintain Noonan

    Quintain Noonan4 months ago

    Republic of Ireland is not a part of the UK

  50. Denice Agnew

    Denice Agnew4 months ago

    You should of came to County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. It’s the most beautiful county in the north & south of Ireland. Enniskillen where I live is the only island town in all of Ireland

  51. Tanya Jones

    Tanya Jones4 months ago

    I found your channel yesterday im from the UK and I have just been watching your videos none stop im hooked thanks for the great videos to keep me entertained while im in lockdown 😊

  52. Finding My Place

    Finding My Place4 months ago

    As someone who also suffers from misophonia I IMMEDIATELY fast forwarded as soon as you said listen to this!! 😖

  53. simsinner

    simsinner4 months ago

    Am so looking forward to designing my can when I’m older

  54. Howerya

    Howerya4 months ago

    Ahhh my homeland, I can see how cold you guys are throughout the video ! Ah bless :p haha , especially jumping into the sea , fairplay though for giving it a shot ! Ireland has all that coastline but it is FREEZING 90% of the time ! Only the hardiest go out in that , ALWAYS in wetsuits ! I suppose my scene is the music festivals , the dancing etc . Its a shame you guys didnt go south on the Atlantic way , Galway and Cork are two beautiful magic little cities full of music ! But I figure you opted for the giants causeway , never been there myself ! Hexagon stones , mad shtuff! Also , why did that fella drive off when his missus was still closing the trunk ?! haha jaysis , and yeah about calling Ireland part of the UK , no worrrries , slip of the tongue , its grand, just DONT EVER DO THAT AGAIN........ haha jokes , I can see people going on about it in the comments here Im like cmon twas clearly a mistake. If rural Ireland seemed quiet its because we have been constantly blighted by emigration since like 1800 ! Caused by either famine, or British rule, or our own failing economy. But since the 1990's it seems, finally, more people are staying instead of leaving , we are also planning on getting back to having 8 babies per family again haha , and there are plenty moving here now , good economy , only english speaking member of the EU now , it seems now that we can finally re-populate all them rural areas ! Still though , none of this stuff Im talking about takes away from the natural beauty of the landscape , wild land , I love it , and there is something in the air in Ireland , I love it

  55. Rani Bobby

    Rani Bobby4 months ago

    How do you take the van if you are going to different countries?

  56. Konstantine The communist

    Konstantine The communist4 months ago

    Fookin travelers

  57. Dannielle Obenchain

    Dannielle Obenchain4 months ago

    Watching Eamon go back was hilarious 😂 😂

  58. Manon Vo

    Manon Vo4 months ago

    I love Ireland so much😻 can't wait to go back

  59. Mark J

    Mark J4 months ago

    Millions of Irish have died due to genocide and oppression by the British. Thousands of brave Irish men and women have fought for our independence. We are an independent country with no relation to the UK. You would expect educated Canadian’s who BOTH have Irish ancestry with the surnames of Fitzgerald and Moroney to know this.

  60. Brian Hassett

    Brian Hassett4 months ago

    make sure that you are driving on the correct side of the rode

  61. Orla Daly

    Orla Daly4 months ago

    I learned to swim in a lake in Ireland and it is FREEZING. The chai reminds me of the soup, tea, and chocolate my mam and my neighbour's mam used to bring us in flasks for after getting out of the water. Hug in a mug exactly.

  62. Vanish Man

    Vanish Man5 months ago

    I love Ireland!

  63. SweetCarolineeX

    SweetCarolineeX5 months ago

    “Can you believe since being in the UK we haven’t seen a castle yet” , my heart actually hurt hearing that 😓🥺 We’re independent!! 🇮🇪

  64. RunFromHumanContacts

    RunFromHumanContacts5 months ago

    I very much enjoyed the giant story and it wasnt even real im so upset lmao

  65. Andy Stephenson

    Andy Stephenson5 months ago

    Eamon & Becs From a 65 year old good looking bloke with no teeth who has followed you forever you are brilliant and Becs you are life its self. A future motor homer from Rochester Kent UK. 1 hour from Dover. pop in for a mug of Chai. later dudes Andy.

  66. Molly Marie

    Molly Marie5 months ago

    There aren’t castles on every road in the UK just to let you know 😂❤️

  67. Kirstie Nowak

    Kirstie Nowak5 months ago

    2:38 "cmon cheeky poo" 😂😂😂

  68. Kasey Doris

    Kasey Doris5 months ago

    I live in Ireland visit roscommon

  69. yougodda laugh

    yougodda laugh5 months ago

    Great video but never say you're in the UK when you're in Ireland. Up the RA

  70. GoodFortuneTV

    GoodFortuneTV5 months ago

    "hey sir im looking to get directions to westport... excuse me?... do you speak english?" lmaooo

  71. CrossFit Ballymena

    CrossFit Ballymena5 months ago

    only coming across this now, mussenden temple was 5 mins from my house! Would have loved to show you a few cool spots around the area but you seemed to have a great time as it was!

  72. Sink The Sad Fvck

    Sink The Sad Fvck5 months ago

    just found out I have misophania thanks haha

  73. Peter Grugel

    Peter Grugel5 months ago

    Just spotted this, what a great couple, vibrant and full of energy i will pass this on to my granchildren ava and elliott , just do your own thing, great.

  74. Aishling Keane

    Aishling Keane5 months ago

    Any Irish person interested in buying a hydroflask 😅

  75. Max Brock

    Max Brock5 months ago

    You should have a look at wicklow one of the most beautiful counties in ireland

  76. Cla Brl

    Cla Brl5 months ago

    I've been bindgewatching your channel since Covid 19 lockdown ! Can you tell me what is the last song of your video ? It doesnt match with any of the ones you put in the description..Lots of love from France 😷

  77. J ZIM

    J ZIM5 months ago

    can't make fun of the Americans now. Only have yourself to blame on this one guys

  78. Lola Smith

    Lola Smith5 months ago

    U guys are totally legit and I’m so surprised on how much you guys love the van life just to be “ cruel to be kind.” as always and having fun all the time please stay safe and sound out there Ur friend from 🇦🇸👍🏻🇼🇸🤘🏿

  79. التفكير العميق

    التفكير العميق5 months ago

    Who's here

  80. jonathan murphy

    jonathan murphy6 months ago

    Wow despite shameless chia and audible promotions these guys were great, visitng beatiful islands, my favourite national park and having good craic overall they-re gre... wait did she just say Ireland is the U.K? Ahh, It was going so well.... Scrolls down, yep she called it the U.K, and now ireland dosen't want them back.

  81. Fried bread

    Fried bread6 months ago

    Jesus that would be a great yoke to bring the turf home in

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    Stayed in achill a month, loved it. Would never recommend walking through a marsh 😭😂

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    Sandy Mac6 months ago

    Just for the record Ireland is not part of the UK..nice to see you in my home county..

  84. Regina Weeks

    Regina Weeks6 months ago

    You saw parts of Ireland that I didn't get to see! It's such a beautiful country! If you get the chance to, you should try out the Isle of Man! That was a fantastic adventure for me!

  85. Regina Weeks

    Regina Weeks6 months ago

    You saw parts of Ireland that I didn't get to see! It's such a beautiful country! If you get the chance to, you should try out the Isle of Man! That was a fantastic adventure for me!

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  87. mihai leonte

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  88. mihai leonte

    mihai leonte6 months ago


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