Putting a PAUSE on VAN LIFE

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VAN LIFE VLOG | pausing van life // baja bound ep. 8
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We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!!
Today's episode begins in Los Angeles, where we have been living in a van for the past few days. With our chai company and friends/family back home it can be difficult to stay on the road full time for extended periods of time so this morning we drive out to San Clemente to leave our tiny home with a complete stranger! We fly home to Toronto for the biggest snow storm in years and enjoy time with the people closest to us. What's next for Eamon & Bec? You'll have to tune in to find out ;)
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Hello friends and welcome back to another episode of Baja Bound! For the past 10 days we've put a pause on van life and our adventures and today we share exactly why... enjoy x

  2. Jayne And Levi

    Jayne And LeviYear ago

    Eamon & Bec if you guys come to Baja you should come to Ensenada!!!

  3. Boarder Line Sk8 Media

    Boarder Line Sk8 MediaYear ago

    Seems like everyone is going to mexico!

  4. Jarred 333 other channel

    Jarred 333 other channelYear ago

    i cant comment #ytj333


    HOME FOR ONE DAYYear ago

    Can we represent Chaiwala Chai in New Zealand and make sales for you guys? Going there in March for 5 months road tripping in a van! BTW update your link in the description it's missing the 's' on http and it does not open on Mac/Safari because of all the changes in privacy policies and stuffs.

  6. Monica Maynard

    Monica Maynard7 days ago

    Oh my goodness Eamon! The sunshine state is Florida not California!!! Ha ha!! I love that you were so touched & crying watching Queen at Live Aid Bec!! They were awesome that day!! I was at that concert at Wembley stadium in1985!!

  7. Jona Briggs

    Jona Briggs11 days ago

    Traveling by Air is prob cheeper than Gas...

  8. Vincent Giasson

    Vincent Giasson2 months ago

    Any video with Bob is a great video!!!

  9. Lorene Knight

    Lorene Knight2 months ago

    100 pounds of ginger...wow!!! That's impressive!! Love seeing Bob & the rest of the gang. You sure have a unique life.

  10. bebopbopeep

    bebopbopeep3 months ago

    I dunno how you live in a van with someone you can't stand chewing food.

  11. rockintherae

    rockintherae8 months ago

    'Bec do not touch' 🤣

  12. Adriana L. A.

    Adriana L. A.11 months ago

    Bohemian rhapsody Bec -“🥺🥺😭😭 “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. James Gaunt

    James GauntYear ago

    Hi .you probably won't see this as I'm quite a long way behind in your story because it's October 2019 . I started watching your story on van life and think you are living the dream. You are an amazing and beautiful couple and my favourite people ever. Just seen the one where you have left you van with a nice man to go back to Canada. Don't worry I cry at the queen film too. Keep the good work up I love your world . Loads and love . James. In UK. X

  14. Heidi Legg

    Heidi LeggYear ago

    yessss Vector is the best cereal! :) haha

  15. Austin Wirtz

    Austin WirtzYear ago

    Sunshine state is Florida but carry on

  16. Melissa Van Ryn

    Melissa Van RynYear ago

    The Sunshine State is Florida!!! Not California.

  17. Susan Mathis

    Susan MathisYear ago

    The homecoming to the van made me want a van 🤗 to love that much.

  18. Susan Mathis

    Susan MathisYear ago

    Your Airplane ✈️ music 🏆

  19. Saria

    SariaYear ago

    You guys should try to set Bob up with someone! He's adorable and I'm sure you guys could find that special someone for him with a little searching. May be a long shot but I thought I'd put it out there 🤷‍♀️😁

  20. Peter Tham

    Peter ThamYear ago

    Wait, you guys have a tea company?

  21. I say shotgun, you say wedding

    I say shotgun, you say weddingYear ago

    However strange this might sound, if Trinity isn't an immediate part of your surroundings, you guys don't seem as whole. I guess it's because I'm use to seeing you guys in it, idk.

  22. Sabrina Barnett

    Sabrina BarnettYear ago

    And the guy with the hella good hair...

  23. Gail Crites

    Gail CritesYear ago

    This comment is actually about a prior video when you said your phone bill was over ?300/month...have you looked into getting a US phone? T-Mobile has a US/Canada and I think Mexico unlimited for around $60 US. Their internet is really good, I think you could use a ups store address and manage online.....luv Thumper!

  24. MaKayla Pugliese

    MaKayla PuglieseYear ago

    Do you guys think you will ever buy a medium sized house in Toronto or somewhere else for when you are not traveling? Or if you have kids🤔

  25. agould25

    agould25Year ago

    what backpacks do you guys use to travel?

  26. Linda Cianchetti

    Linda CianchettiYear ago

    CALL your mother!!!

  27. Sarinah Pond

    Sarinah PondYear ago

    i really appreciate your relationship and how sweet you are to each other :)

  28. TL Travel

    TL TravelYear ago

    Reminds me of the time I went from +35 in Bali to -45 in Edmonton. My body basically just quit on me and I had to hibernate 😂😂😂

  29. Daniel Stobbs

    Daniel StobbsYear ago

    If you ever make it to quebec city ( dont come in winter) , I have a spot for you to park / shower just north of the city in the country :-) All I would ask in return is a van tour for my 4 kids haha P.S. Call your mother

  30. oakley Simpson

    oakley SimpsonYear ago

    Toronto just looks like Utah PS that’s where I live

  31. Lynda Hammond

    Lynda HammondYear ago

    Love your dad and all the dogs.

  32. Sam Holmes

    Sam HolmesYear ago

    I'm from winnipeg too!!!!!

  33. karen Overshiner

    karen OvershinerYear ago

    Love your videos...and love you both, and love Bob, too! My grandsons call me Gogo, and you are inspiring me to get on the road. Sending blessings from Massachusetts. Thank you Eamon and Bec. Keep up the great work.

  34. Kasha’s Space

    Kasha’s SpaceYear ago

    Do you guys think you will still do van life with kids ? If you want kids?

  35. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    Hi Kasha! Hard to say where we’ll be in our lives when we decide to bring some kiddos into this world. Think it’s very circumstantial ❤️

  36. Tamara Doleman

    Tamara DolemanYear ago

    I love that your mom was in the vid. Hi!

  37. lisa

    lisaYear ago

    So Fun! Thank u for sharing the laughs. Funny when said "something popped and no electricity " and he had an evil laugh! Hilarious

  38. Paula Patrice

    Paula PatriceYear ago

    All of the precious dogs ❤ Can't wait to live van life

  39. Yota Doug's Tool Collecting Channel

    Yota Doug's Tool Collecting ChannelYear ago

    Did he slip you some hundreds? Why didnt you get him some chai?

  40. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    We met up with Craig and of course gave him buckets of chai!!!

  41. Kimmi Did What?

    Kimmi Did What?Year ago

    Holey Moley!!! Craig is awesome!!! Anybody brave enough to brave LAX is a HERO in my book!!! 😊

  42. Kimmi Did What?

    Kimmi Did What?Year ago

    San Clemente is Beatiful!!! I live 5 mins away... 😊

  43. bill whatman

    bill whatmanYear ago

    Is nt nice mom has house

  44. Lauren Mason

    Lauren MasonYear ago

    ive been livin this snow life in Buffalo

  45. Veta Parco

    Veta ParcoYear ago

    Ok the cinematics in this video are SUPER good!!! Love what you guys are doing with the vlog, keep it up! Xx

  46. Veta Parco

    Veta ParcoYear ago

    4:10 section is amazing! It looks so good!

  47. SR AM

    SR AMYear ago

    Loved this vlog

  48. A Non Amous

    A Non AmousYear ago

    I'm not sure what the point is of filming or watching everyday life

  49. Roland Deschain

    Roland DeschainYear ago

    Why is Sean Connery from Highlander in your thumbnail?

  50. Wade Harris

    Wade HarrisYear ago

    I love that you guys care about the environment! Plant based FTW! When I get to the west coast Veggie Grill is one of my favorite placed to get to, too! Two times at least! Also, Bec get your Mom to upgrade to a Tesla Model 3! She will save money on fuel, and cut her contribution to GHG! Not as much as Plant Based, but still good! And no periods were harmed in the making of this comment!!!

  51. Leann 49

    Leann 49Year ago

    Y'all make me feel young again and this was awesome. Thanks! Love ya!

  52. Morgan Harris

    Morgan HarrisYear ago

    Nun uh homeboy Eamon! Don't take The Sunshine State from us South Floridians...however we do get a good amount of rain too! :P

  53. Edwin Bg

    Edwin BgYear ago

    Click baiters 😉

  54. Entrepreneurial Acuity

    Entrepreneurial AcuityYear ago

    Do you guys have to get permission when you are filming in the airport and filming other people? I noticed a shot of lil baby. Did parents have to sign a media release or something? I want details, lol.

  55. A C

    A CYear ago

    !!!!!! Freestyle Fri..... ohhh

  56. The blue casa Elmer

    The blue casa ElmerYear ago

    I’ll be at meetup at 4pm

  57. Wildfire Eurasian Vanlife

    Wildfire Eurasian VanlifeYear ago

    Must be nice to get a little break from the van! Then you can appreciate it even more later on! Nice video folks! :)

  58. Rachel Graceful

    Rachel GracefulYear ago

    I totally saw you riding your electric skateboard through balboa park yesterday Eamon, haha! Hope you’re liking my home county, San Diego!

  59. Maddi Cederholm

    Maddi CederholmYear ago

    Honestly don’t like the new style of the vlog

  60. Faith and Health My Way for Me /JoyceB

    Faith and Health My Way for Me /JoyceBYear ago

    Very nice

  61. Vladimir Vladimirov

    Vladimir VladimirovYear ago

    Good job.

  62. TheWarrrenator

    TheWarrrenatorYear ago

    Are y'all meeting up with Trent & Allie & Nomadic Movement in Mexico?

  63. Jessica Kelley

    Jessica KelleyYear ago

    Hello warm friends😂😂😂

  64. In-the-van Peter

    In-the-van PeterYear ago

    Hey guys that’s what I do, leave the van and fly back for work. Big up thumbs to you both

  65. Terra

    TerraYear ago

    Thanks for sharing my friends! Glad your home😊 can’t wait more videos!

  66. Rylie Noyes

    Rylie NoyesYear ago

    this summer I drove from Toronto to LA and fell in love with veggie grill omg

  67. Vathanak Nop12

    Vathanak Nop12Year ago

    Hi guys .

  68. Bretzky

    BretzkyYear ago


  69. batwood

    batwoodYear ago

    Your attitude is contagious. I have bare feet today--It's 25C (or 78F) where I live with a taste of Springtime and I love it.

  70. Bent O. S.

    Bent O. S.Year ago

    Great day forit! Love the passion that you put in all your videos currently!

  71. Annelise Bozmarov

    Annelise BozmarovYear ago

    Welcome to Orange County, home of beautiful beaches and suburbia! Glad you made it this far south, wish I could have taken you guys out for lunch before flying out. Darn! Keep business flowing and we’ll catch you guys once you fly back. Safe travels, lots of love from Orange County fans alike.

  72. Kat Kohler Schwartz

    Kat Kohler SchwartzYear ago

    Love to watch you guys and your adventures! Ok, Bec. I need to know where you found the “city hat.” Absolutely love it!

  73. Maria Ahmadi

    Maria AhmadiYear ago

    I live in that complex!

  74. Simone Schnieder

    Simone SchniederYear ago

    I loved Bohemian rhapsody!!!🥰I was bawling so hard!!😭

  75. Ian Parker

    Ian ParkerYear ago

    We ( wife and I) really, really enjoyed this episode... loved it!

  76. Yvonne G

    Yvonne GYear ago

    You didn't even give your dad a goodbye hug. What is up with that!!

  77. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & BecYear ago

    We don’t always capture EVERYTHING on our videos 😉

  78. Madeline

    MadelineYear ago

    But why not Casa Azul?

  79. Chris Benard

    Chris BenardYear ago

    Thumper is SO cute!

  80. Debi Smith

    Debi SmithYear ago

    We have found so many friendly people along our way. I think this is awesome. We would totally let someone plug in here and hang out with us as well. Glad the trip was safe. Have a good time, work hard... then go play!

  81. Guy Richard

    Guy RichardYear ago

    Hooray Canada ❗ 🇨🇦✌

  82. Levi Kemp

    Levi KempYear ago

    If you guys come to Ensenada let me know, I’ll show you guys around!

  83. fairyintothewild

    fairyintothewildYear ago

    Eamon, you're much too relaxed for those airport guys, very suspicous! Bec, I love people who get emotional when watching movies, I teared up watching you, lol.

  84. Hannah Toutge

    Hannah ToutgeYear ago

    Editing keeps getting better and better! Such good B-roll in this episode! You guys rock!

  85. SWAHILI.Sumbua

    SWAHILI.SumbuaYear ago


  86. ZombieBrainism

    ZombieBrainismYear ago

    The real question is, did he move his dress shirt?

  87. Kristen Harrott

    Kristen HarrottYear ago


  88. TSpaceFullstop

    TSpaceFullstopYear ago

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  89. Heather Lucero

    Heather LuceroYear ago

    Great vlog guys!!!

  90. Bricks of Happiness

    Bricks of HappinessYear ago

    Bec I feel you! Lily has the thinnest cheeks and therefore is thee LOUDEST chewer and swallower! Literally wakes me up in the middle of the night when drinking water LOL. Miss you guys! Jonah says hi! FYI- got our camera! Just have to get it together and start shooting again! Received the wrong 10mm lens. Kit for now

  91. Susie Ladnai

    Susie LadnaiYear ago

    Hey lovely People! I've just recently discovered your podcasts and I have to tell you WOW! Bec, you're such a natural, talented speaker I love the way you sum up stuff. Eamon, you're great at leading people back to the original topic when they go completely off. Currently, I am totally dissatisfied my lifestyle and career (working in an office 9-5) and I think listening to your 'how to start a small business' podcast actually gave me the final push to really start what I've always wanted to do, quit this what I am doing now and never look back. You two are so inspiring because whatever you do reflects the incredible amount of work you're putting into your projects! I am a huge fan of your lifestyle and view on life...I don't know if I can praise you anymore but for sure will do it in future comments!:) Stay blessed! x

  92. Sarah Severe

    Sarah SevereYear ago

    Song CRAIG IS A LEGEND!!!!

  93. Faiza Ali

    Faiza AliYear ago

    I wish i can live same like u guyz

  94. Mack Dickerson

    Mack DickersonYear ago

    Silly Becca... they randomly select your boy .....just so they can have more time to take in the beauty that is you!!!

  95. Kevann De Silva

    Kevann De SilvaYear ago

    Hi Eamon and Bec, i actually started to follow on your channel after watching Max&Lee + Occy. Your channel is amazing, full of information and inspiration. Definitely helped me to figure out how i wanna travel in a vehicle in future. However i have this one question and i hope you both can share how you both overcome it if you both went through it. I started to vlog recently about places i travel to but i can't help with the camera shyness and awkwardness. Any useful tips or ways to overcome it? Thanks in advance! Have a safe journey to wherever you heading to! Cheers 🥂

  96. Billy Clabough

    Billy ClaboughYear ago

    Leave van with stranger in So Cal? Bet it becomes a porn set.

  97. Mia Archer

    Mia ArcherYear ago

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  98. Mia Archer

    Mia ArcherYear ago

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  99. westredg

    westredgYear ago

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  100. Rita Margalit Gertskovich

    Rita Margalit GertskovichYear ago

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  101. Laurie

    LaurieYear ago

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  102. Wando Tales

    Wando TalesYear ago

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  103. Go Small. Live Large!

    Go Small. Live Large!Year ago

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  104. Dev SpriGGs

    Dev SpriGGsYear ago

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  105. Shirley Daras

    Shirley DarasYear ago

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