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This week is all about looking on the bright side of a van breakdown as we are forced to slow down after our van won't start on the tiny island of Menorca. The last time our van wouldn't start we needed to replace our Sprinter Van's engine so 🤞the problem will be an easy fix and we can begin traveling in our tiny home on wheels sometime very soon! Until then, we rent a scooter to explore some of the most idyllic beaches we've seen thus far in Europe 💜.

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Today we show you around van life along the Balearic island of Menorca!
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Thanks for sharing a REAL WEEK of VAN LIFE in Spain with us!
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  1. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec11 months ago

    Happy days amigos!! Hope you learned a few good lessons from this one -- mainly... the art of slowing down ❤️. For those interested in our lentil loaf recipe you can find it in our trusty plant-based recipe book here: Sending love x

  2. Maggie Vo

    Maggie Vo11 months ago

    You should look up mercury retrograde

  3. Nairb Llebpmac

    Nairb Llebpmac11 months ago

    Love you guys oodles and stupid oodles! I am looking at my copy of your cookbook and I don't see the lentil loaf recipe.

  4. Kat Kirkwood

    Kat Kirkwood11 months ago

    I wrote my comment before I saw this! Thanks for the recipes!

  5. Marius Constantin

    Marius Constantin11 months ago

    Received love and now sending you warm wishes. 🌱🤟

  6. Raymond Driggers

    Raymond Driggers11 months ago

    Eamon & Bec there’s also a technique where you turn the ACC ignition to that position and take a somewhat long screwdriver and make contact between the power and the solenoid connections it might scare you it will spark but it will bypass and give power directly to the starter

  7. Carol Sloan

    Carol Sloan21 day ago

    You two are just so adorable and It is amazing to see how positive you remain even when your van breaks down! Life is good for you guys! Thankyou for sharing with us your journey!

  8. Deputy Smoke

    Deputy Smoke22 days ago

    Becs was looking very Ali Macgraw in that blue suit/top today. Very pretty:)

  9. Danny S

    Danny S22 days ago

    best starter is whole wheat flour, water, and a pinch of salt. Let sit overnight. Apply liberally to engine and bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. bon appetit!

  10. Daydream About Nice Things

    Daydream About Nice ThingsMonth ago

    So glad we found you guys !

  11. moorish moorish

    moorish moorishMonth ago

    please call me on WhatsApp 339-224-878. Thank you. I'm a vet interested in your Van in Morocco

  12. Amie Loria

    Amie LoriaMonth ago

    You 2 are so sweet 😘😘😘 more happiness to both of you♥️♥️😀😀👍👍

  13. Sara Howanski

    Sara Howanski2 months ago

    you two are just so adorable. I love you both.

  14. Rebecca Bahama

    Rebecca Bahama2 months ago

    When traveling it is possible to eat healthy eg go for the salads, potato, pasta etc.. Often starters are the best bet for veggie!.. A "fried breakfast" is definitely not the best choice!

  15. Mia Lindner

    Mia Lindner2 months ago

    I’ve been bingeing these vlogs. They’re so interesting and fun to watch! Great work!

  16. Thomas Studios17

    Thomas Studios172 months ago

    just started watching your channel..i'm here in california. To have a van life you almost have to have lots of money just incase something happens...but looks fun! be safe take care!

  17. Dr. Pepper Hernandez

    Dr. Pepper Hernandez2 months ago

    Was it a persimmon?

  18. david tom

    david tom2 months ago


  19. Paul J Sweeney

    Paul J Sweeney2 months ago

    You guys are definitely couple...great videos!!

  20. HeadsandTails HeadsandTails

    HeadsandTails HeadsandTails2 months ago

    You look like a younger Karen Carpenter singer x

  21. Melissa Atwood

    Melissa Atwood2 months ago

    I am definitely going to try these recipes!

  22. Shubham Bajaj

    Shubham Bajaj2 months ago

    Eamon is damn hardworking!

  23. cartergirl3of3

    cartergirl3of32 months ago

    You guys should invest in a voice translator device or voice translating app so it's easier to communicate with locals while you travel

  24. Kelleena Borner

    Kelleena Borner3 months ago

    Hello , thanks for yr video today is this holiday dinner in your cookbook i purchased ?

  25. Eamon & Bec

    Eamon & Bec3 months ago

    You bet!

  26. laislovespink

    laislovespink3 months ago

    Bec where is that gorgeous blue one piece swimsuit from??

  27. Kinga Szatkowska

    Kinga Szatkowska3 months ago

    I just discovered this channel and I have been on a roll watching all day lol and I don’t think there’s been a video that Eamon haven’t made me laugh

  28. J C.G.

    J C.G.3 months ago

    One part of this video gave me some Kara and Nate dejavu haha.

  29. Image 31 Photography

    Image 31 Photography3 months ago

    @15:12 "Got a little nippy going through the pass there Harry" Reminded me of this scene in Dumb & Dumber, sorry, haha. Great video guys :)

  30. Veronica Campbell

    Veronica Campbell3 months ago

    help guys I cant find the lentil loaf recipe...:(....yes I have your cook book ;) of course lol

  31. gujju fan

    gujju fan4 months ago

    Have you ever been to India? Bcz that's an Indian dish you just made

  32. Tessa Porter

    Tessa Porter4 months ago

    The most genuine couple 💜

  33. Chuck Wolfe

    Chuck Wolfe4 months ago

    Watching these in reverse order... just cuz. Y'all make me 1) want to build out a van ASAP (for camping, not living in) 2) visit Spain ASAP and, now, actually want to try a lentil loaf (didn't sound good at first, but looked amazing)... and that view of sunset!!! Wow!

  34. Spin City

    Spin City4 months ago

    I know this is a old video guys but something to help you coming from someone who knows a fair bit about engines, if you guys aren't sure and a way to possibly save some money is to get a ODB2 code reader, someones probably said this before but the dealer will usually just plug your van in to pull any codes from the ECU, this will indicate to the problem and help you closer to diagnose it. :) xxx

  35. stefanus prasetyo

    stefanus prasetyo4 months ago

    how do you guys get the gas supply for cooking across different country? i can see that you guys using an open fire stove. thanks :)

  36. Scott Robinson

    Scott Robinson4 months ago

    Great attitude, always have a positive attitude and be thankful. Thankful for the negative experiences as well. You guys are GREAT 👍

  37. Namdol Tenzin

    Namdol Tenzin5 months ago

    loved this! also the fact that ur "not made in China" mug made an appearance once again

  38. Sozo Method

    Sozo Method5 months ago

    I got your cook book but I really want to know how to make that mushroom gravy! Do tell!

  39. Colle Trees

    Colle Trees5 months ago

    Your optimism is contagious. You guys are inspirational, and not only the van life. I love your values and how eager you pursue them. This vlog is a great example of it. The last couple of weeks, I have been watching some vlogs from earlier on, it makes me happy to see something of the world throughout these videos. Hopefully, we'll defeat this virus soon. I am looking forward to going on a little travel adventure!

  40. Jennifer Lewis

    Jennifer Lewis5 months ago

    is the fruit you're eating, Eamon, a persimmon? lol just scrolled down and saw the comments! Love your vlogs (and yep, getting caught up--just discovered you guys a few months ago and watching from the start.

  41. Sharon Codina

    Sharon Codina5 months ago

    Just wanna say that your feast is just a side dish for us..hahaha

  42. Swieden

    Swieden5 months ago

    Eamon is such a catch, he scooted up and down to sort the van, cooked, changed the gas, plus served the food! MVP

  43. Zenith Gaming

    Zenith Gaming5 months ago

    In room workout... hmmmm :-D

  44. Robin Amy Bruce

    Robin Amy Bruce5 months ago

    The fruit is a tamarillo! and they are soooooo good

  45. Adventure Traveling

    Adventure Traveling5 months ago

    You guys have such an amazing journey of sunshine ☀️ live I like it...!

  46. Michael Fraser

    Michael Fraser5 months ago

    Eamon and Becs I love your videos and you going all around the world and I saw you went to London but London isn't the place Manchester England is so next time you're in Manchester let me know I'll take you too around Manchester United or City and all the hot spots where all the stars come from and can I ask you about you electric one wheel skate board where did you get it from I want one anyways I'm not keep going on but keep making brilliant videos take care and be safe

  47. Youcef Benamara

    Youcef Benamara5 months ago

    That’s called Kaki

  48. Danni Blu

    Danni Blu5 months ago

    OMG.. what a dickhead guys...

  49. Lenelove 89

    Lenelove 896 months ago

    Bec girl I’m gay but I’m really digger your man! He is freaking beautiful and hardworking!

  50. Lenelove 89

    Lenelove 896 months ago

    The song that starts at 13:17 I love it

  51. Lenelove 89

    Lenelove 896 months ago

    One of the best things about traveling is trying all different foods! So that sucks well kinda that there isn’t food that y’all can eat and enjoy! I get tired of cooking some times and love to eat out

  52. Rosi Paz

    Rosi Paz6 months ago


  53. Outdrzman

    Outdrzman6 months ago

    Hi, congrats on the new van. I built an 02 Freightliner and gave it to my daughter and son in law, they are in Bend OR. It took me 7 months to do it, im not sure how you can do yours so fast. I used aluminum to build all the cabinets and bed, its a lot lighter and stronger than wood(my build is on my channel, Outdrzman). Good luck, I will be following.

  54. Ashley Brice

    Ashley Brice6 months ago

    Is this Thanksgiving recipe in the cookbook? 😍

  55. Peter Mould

    Peter Mould6 months ago

    Been looking for them for ages ! What's the oven called?!

  56. Edgar R.

    Edgar R.6 months ago

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    Edgar R.6 months ago

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    Edgar R.6 months ago

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    Edgar R.6 months ago

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    Edgar R.6 months ago

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    Italo Zavarella6 months ago

    Hey Eamon & Bec I may say you guys are a good package full of innovation, information, entertainment and, inspiration that I'm hooked watching your videos! Way to go

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    Hendri line6 months ago


  66. Marco Aurélio

    Marco Aurélio6 months ago

    Hey one question? did you exchanged your engine? as per 9:45 she was saying,. did you replaced it with one that its exactly the same? in your opinion, and from what you've heard, what are the most realiable and effient engines on this ones? 4cyl or 6cyl diesel for instance?

  67. Poppy Rose

    Poppy Rose6 months ago

    i don't know why i love your videos so much there's something that really inspires me to do what u do and feel happy so thankyou!!!!

  68. RJ Productions

    RJ Productions6 months ago

    I am dying to try this thanks giving feast!!! Looks amazing! I’m not even vegan but I am GF and DF. Can’t wait to make myself! U Guys are great love ur attitude and out look on life.

  69. Just Me

    Just Me6 months ago

    Bec you remind me of my sister Anna. like you look exactly her

  70. camilo Pichardo

    camilo Pichardo7 months ago

    Gracias chicos, you guys are helping me convince my wife to get a van started, just for traveling and camping though.

  71. Johnny appleseed

    Johnny appleseed7 months ago

    so easy to make the most of your day, especially when you take your health and youth for Granted "life is BEAUTIFUL"

  72. Darrel Eden

    Darrel Eden7 months ago

    We are grateful for you...

  73. Darrel Eden

    Darrel Eden7 months ago

    Do you folks eat meat ?

  74. Kimerson

    Kimerson7 months ago

    The place you guys stayed at looked really cute wish you would have given a room tour. Either way you guys are amazing!

  75. ماهر تورك MAHIR TURK

    ماهر تورك MAHIR TURK7 months ago

    I am following you, I love you so much, I am from Morocco exactly in the city of Agadir, welcome to you, I hope to know you

  76. Alex Alexandre

    Alex Alexandre7 months ago

    Is there a song list for your video??

  77. Chris

    Chris7 months ago

    Just new here on your channel and right away love the travel experiences you guys are showing the world. In this episode, the most stoked part was when Bec had her coffee and the mug is boldly showing "not made in china". Love it. From Calgary here.

  78. darkstar777

    darkstar7777 months ago

    yeah hes right you just need to tighten that that's awesome

  79. darkstar777

    darkstar7777 months ago

    it's the solenoid they get messed up

  80. Art Kplus

    Art Kplus7 months ago

    i love your

  81. Blackporsche roadster

    Blackporsche roadster7 months ago

    These two exist - to make everybody else in the world, feel shit about their own lives.

  82. TriciAnn

    TriciAnn7 months ago

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  83. ZeroHour

    ZeroHour7 months ago

    Inspiring love the channel the man at garage was cool Tinto I think ,glad it was just a quick fix ☀️👍

  84. Ravmana Daparthi

    Ravmana Daparthi7 months ago

    Tata is an Indian company

  85. Kendra Fortin

    Kendra Fortin7 months ago

    Embrace the struggles and move on, I love it. ✌🏼❤️😊 truly heart warming to watch you both take on the world together!

  86. Muhammed Ozsoy

    Muhammed Ozsoy7 months ago

    How are you doing drone shots while on the motorcycle! Mad

  87. Bharat Aildasani

    Bharat Aildasani7 months ago

    Hello Guys .. I can only say .. please my blessing are with you both stay together .. an keep loving each other .. we can’t travel like this way .. but for some time by seeing the vdo i feel relaxed .. so thank you so much for all .. I pray God you guys be in good health an good wealth .. an your van never break downs z Thanks again I love you Both At the end God Bless you 😘🙏

  88. Garth Roberts

    Garth Roberts7 months ago

    It's great that you are both so positive about the places you go and the people you meet. Many who travel seem to always find something to complain about, which makes me wonder why they travel. Great Videos.

  89. Pauline Davis

    Pauline Davis7 months ago

    What are you guys using for desert sunscreen 🌞

  90. Count Basingstoke 3rd

    Count Basingstoke 3rd7 months ago

    Menorca is amazing. Really a wonderful chill out island. My girlfriend and I went to that cliff restaurant but found it a bit pricey so went to little restaurant across the way. Weirdly though I was sat in our car enjoying the trees and the shade in that parking lot where you can broke down. Funny how bad times can still be beautiful hmm :-). For me Cuitidella was my fave. And man the food was goooooood. Love your videos guys. Am saving for our first van. (( hits subscribe))

  91. rockintherae

    rockintherae8 months ago

    Tomatoes aren't sweet you CRAZY

  92. DeLora Frederickson

    DeLora Frederickson8 months ago

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  93. Melody and gianna LEGO world

    Melody and gianna LEGO world8 months ago

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    iphone best8 months ago

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    Bill Crowle8 months ago

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  101. Rajah Parks

    Rajah Parks8 months ago

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    Safety Advisor Specialist9 months ago

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  103. Vanlife Camping

    Vanlife Camping9 months ago

    Unfortunate so many Sprinter owners go through this. I have 2 of them, and both needed engine replacements after 180KM. As efficient as Diesels are on fuel, you'll never realize the savings due non-stop high maintenance bills and poor design of these OM642's. Glad you guys made it through this one though.

  104. John Fox

    John Fox9 months ago

    With just a small amount of mechanical skill, you could have repaired it yourself. There is a lot of self satisfaction that comes from making your own repairs, and you end up knowing that it was done correctly.

  105. Adventures of a Wild Heart

    Adventures of a Wild Heart9 months ago

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  106. Lorenzo Caminero

    Lorenzo Caminero9 months ago

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