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Eamon & Bec
Eamon & Bec

We're Eamon and Bec, a Canadian couple driving around the world in our self converted Sprinter Van #vanlife!! SUBSCRIBE for wanderlust travel, behind the scenes of what it's really like to live in a van, and videos all about the yummy vegan food we make + eat!
We upload every SUNDAY!
Our goal here is to inspire you to chase after your own dreams however big (or small... tiny homes anyone?) they may be! We hope to create a community of like-minded, positive individuals who will grow to love and support one another on their own journeys.
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North York, Ontario
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  1. Pedro Nava

    Pedro Nava5 hours ago

    Lucky guy

  2. Skyringale

    Skyringale5 hours ago

    I think Tim and Lee should move in.

  3. The E.C.R.G the Realm of the Unknown!

    The E.C.R.G the Realm of the Unknown!5 hours ago

    Carpenters are tough as nails !

  4. ChicagosSinfulSwede !

    ChicagosSinfulSwede !5 hours ago

    Holy smokes.. Tim is frickn AWESOME!! I've never 'rewinded' a video as many times and laughed as much as I did when Tim was insisting on the work light 🤣 Oh and that whole tripping over the deck boards..yeah, I watched that at least 10 times over 😂 Bless his heart! #TimForTheWin

  5. Yasmin Ghani

    Yasmin Ghani5 hours ago

    Enjoy watching your video

  6. Alex Winstead

    Alex Winstead6 hours ago

    “We’re going through wooooooood😳” 😂😂😂😂

  7. Sue H

    Sue H6 hours ago

    Hey Tim I'm 55 years😁 .....but in Australia. I can wear matching yoga pants too😄

  8. Natasya Zambri

    Natasya Zambri7 hours ago

    now I gotta wait for next monday (nzt)

  9. Last First

    Last First7 hours ago

    Do you have onlyfans

  10. Rebecca Bahama

    Rebecca Bahama8 hours ago

    Hi guys... Love your videos.. But could you make the music volume the same level as your spoken audio? .. ⚠️🔊Because the music is so loud and I get a damage hearing warning⚠️🔊 when I have headphones on!...

  11. Berty Jones

    Berty Jones8 hours ago

    Have you guys considered the amount of waste you’re producing? I feel like the first time you had a reason to recreate the van but now you’re just recreating because you’ve got nothing else to do....?

  12. Sergi Souto Alcaide

    Sergi Souto Alcaide8 hours ago

    Hi guys, the flag is an independence reivindicative flag, that claims for the right of choose if the region of Catalonia in Spain want become an independent country, against the will of spanish state. Congrats for your videos

  13. Terry Hoidge

    Terry Hoidge9 hours ago

    Where are your linens from in the loft?

  14. FPV Club

    FPV Club9 hours ago

    Team Killin' it!

  15. KBro05

    KBro059 hours ago

    Tim’s gonna have to hold the ladies back. A man handy with tools & wears yoga pants...what a catch! 👏👏

  16. Pluff Mud

    Pluff Mud10 hours ago

    Where’s the hot tub?

  17. Pluff Mud

    Pluff Mud10 hours ago

    No more beer 😂

  18. Pluff Mud

    Pluff Mud10 hours ago

    Why wouldn’t you put the bed so you can SEE out of the window?

  19. Pluff Mud

    Pluff Mud10 hours ago

    Canadian song is hilarious!

  20. Cycle & Moto

    Cycle & Moto11 hours ago

    Thanks for the content crew. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.... stop the man tights!!!! ;) Cheers from OZ. ps: calling them yoga pants doesn't make it any better

  21. Wanda Figueroa

    Wanda Figueroa11 hours ago

    Happy 🎂

  22. George Manousakis

    George Manousakis11 hours ago

    Good work

  23. Jordy Snell

    Jordy Snell12 hours ago

    Catan is my favorite game

  24. Noe Flores

    Noe Flores12 hours ago


  25. Joya Chapman

    Joya Chapman12 hours ago

    What kind of heater?

  26. jcmap

    jcmap12 hours ago

    Can I just say how much I appreciate your musical choices for your videos. I watch some of your vanlife friends as well as you, and I don’t want to be negative because they are lovely but let’s just say I enjoy y’all’s selections

  27. Vibing Vegan

    Vibing Vegan13 hours ago

    Tim is amazing !

  28. Megan W

    Megan W13 hours ago

    What brand of slippers are those? They look really cozy!

  29. Jeanette Estrada

    Jeanette Estrada13 hours ago

    Yay new video!:D time for hot chocolate and an awesome video!

  30. Emily Rosic

    Emily Rosic13 hours ago

    When Tim fell I had a heart attack... my mans Tim

  31. Maggie Cabada

    Maggie Cabada14 hours ago

    I love watching your videos

  32. Binoy Vudi

    Binoy Vudi14 hours ago

    Sour Losers lol.

  33. Mike Hawkner

    Mike Hawkner14 hours ago

    Work light was hilarious 🤣 🤣

  34. Mia Ann

    Mia Ann14 hours ago

    Tim just fits in

  35. Jasmin V

    Jasmin V14 hours ago

    Soooooo, I have half a tub of mushrooms how do I make that curry? Lol but seriously.

  36. Mariliza T

    Mariliza T15 hours ago

    Casa Amistad...friendly home in Spanish!!

  37. Nai Liveira

    Nai Liveira15 hours ago

    The XS sizes are gone??? 😭

  38. wakeupandbord

    wakeupandbord15 hours ago

    Helpful TIP: Noooo, don't open the pex that way! From the INSIDE out, so you don't unravel it. Love the content!

  39. instagram edits

    instagram edits15 hours ago

    You guys always make bob look weird in your videos 😂😂 love him

  40. Michele Westover

    Michele Westover15 hours ago

    I love Tim!!

  41. James Cooke

    James Cooke16 hours ago

    Tip, When installing metal roofing , put your screws on top of the ridges NOT on the flats , that's where the water runs down, good luck

  42. iHolla

    iHolla16 hours ago

    Oops Page NOT Found??? eamonandbec.com/blog

  43. Beth Snodgrass

    Beth Snodgrass16 hours ago

    i absolutely love you guys, you both are my hero's, I'm 52 married to my husband for 15 years, we live in Tennessee USA, of course, I thinks its amazing you can set a good foundation on a piece of land and make it home, sustainable.

  44. Kathryn Blodgett

    Kathryn Blodgett16 hours ago

    I'm a 59yr old widow. Not interested in dancing, but love all the demolition and renovation going on. I've got some serious " honey-do's" that need doing, and I can make a serious pizza and/or lasagna as payment. Beers and coffee could be available as needed. Only problem is I'm in the Southern Nevada desert...

  45. BA Reeve

    BA Reeve17 hours ago

    I gotta say. That is one heck of a work light!

  46. Hugh Roney

    Hugh Roney17 hours ago

    Westport area is not what I would call "Northern" "ish" Ontario. You are further South than Ottawa and it is not North.

  47. Nature Bri

    Nature Bri17 hours ago

    Love the tights LOL

  48. garden boots

    garden boots17 hours ago

    Didya wear ear protection whilst leaf blowing ??? Trust me, it's SO worth it. (Hearing damage can happen fast! :(

  49. ilusion

    ilusion17 hours ago

    I hope to one day find a love like yalls 😭🥰 the "you're amazing" to eachother sounds better than when someone says i love you man😭❤

  50. The Wandering Bibliophile

    The Wandering Bibliophile18 hours ago

    Oh my god I love Tim! I'm officially a #BobFan and a #TimFan!! <3

  51. Jamie Azalea

    Jamie Azalea18 hours ago

    So much gumption

  52. Hugh Roney

    Hugh Roney18 hours ago

    You will use less wood if you put in some insulation! That Black Joe on the walls behind and beside the wood stove, is not holding a lot of heat.

  53. Sue Clarke White

    Sue Clarke White18 hours ago

    You guys just tickle my fancy!! 🤣. I feel like a proud mom, watching your accomplishments and positivity! Thanks for sharing your lives with us old folks - I remember having endless energy once...... now it’s nice just living vicariously through you two (oh, and yoga pants Tim, of course!). Be safe, stay healthy, and we’ll ‘see you sun day’!! ☮️

  54. Gilroy

    Gilroy18 hours ago

    Belated happy birthday Eamon from London

  55. Lynn Sands

    Lynn Sands18 hours ago

    You guys are hard workers. Happy belated Thanksgiving. All the best to you. There is a place that recycles mattresses. Goodwill will take linen.

  56. Daydream About Nice Things

    Daydream About Nice Things18 hours ago

    Looking good !!

  57. Sasha Ming Live

    Sasha Ming Live19 hours ago

    Love your videos! But this one is just perfect. Perfect timing, editing, humor. Very cool to watch.

  58. Melinda Pedersen

    Melinda Pedersen19 hours ago

    How about “PURA VIDA!” It means pure life. It’s also the saying I’ve adapted from Costa Rica life!! ☀️

  59. kmjsocket

    kmjsocket19 hours ago

    Dude I freaking LOVE Tim!! No Homo! THIS is the type of Builder you WANT TO HIRE!! Tim is freaking awesomeness!!!!

  60. Justice

    Justice19 hours ago

    Over a month late but still true -- I love Lee Read and her energy, she's a great replacement (and equal) to Bec, I watch this channel not only for the positivity but the 'BEING REAL' and telling it like it is when things are going rough. Do more of showing your daily life and routine, not just specific projects ~ I love being part of you guys' life no matter how boring. Also do more kitchen segments, Eamon is a fantastic cook!

  61. Ann Ski

    Ann Ski19 hours ago

    Would 55ish work? 😁

  62. Valerie O'Hara

    Valerie O'Hara19 hours ago

    Thank you

  63. MrRJBooth

    MrRJBooth19 hours ago

    Top vlog guys .....Nuff said :-D

  64. Quirky Lady

    Quirky Lady19 hours ago

    Tim is a baddassss😻

  65. kristine osborne

    kristine osborne19 hours ago

    i would die for tim

  66. Kimi Pagco

    Kimi Pagco19 hours ago

    Bec you had me cry laughing! This one was cracking me up 😂 The men are cracking me up too LOL Thanks for the Sunday laughs!

  67. Steven Cigaro

    Steven Cigaro20 hours ago

    Lol parry sound isn't the middle of nowhere . Keep going another 6 hours that's the middle of nowhere hahaha

  68. susan dibble

    susan dibble20 hours ago

    Happy BeEarth day Eamon 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎈🎂🥂✌️💕

  69. Mija Ristić

    Mija Ristić20 hours ago

    I came from the tik tok girl @eatfurbys lol

  70. Rilla G

    Rilla G20 hours ago

    Work site banter is my FAVOURITE. I need a channel with JUST work site banter. Grew up working with my dad (finish carpenter) and had some of the best laughs of my life. Tim is a keeper for sure.

  71. Marguerite Jones

    Marguerite Jones20 hours ago

    Your videos honestly just keep getting better and better! Content, edits, music! Cuts. Bloopers, hehe. Loving all of it ^^, Also quite a giggle to hear your accents thinken again ;]

  72. Abrakadeborah

    Abrakadeborah20 hours ago

    I want a Yoga man in yoga pants! LOL! Seriously thooooooough. They're adorable builders.

  73. Inès TFR

    Inès TFR21 hour ago

    Tim is how damon would say : "super sick" 😜

  74. Gena Gilder

    Gena Gilder21 hour ago

    My mom used to say, ‘Nip it in the bud’ all the time. I think I was definitely over 18 when I realized she wasn’t saying butt 😂 Can’t wait to see the results; I know I have to be patient though.

  75. Samara Nicholls

    Samara Nicholls21 hour ago

    17:34 hey just a friendly reminder. If you see someone else wearing a mask I think you should too also make sure you give them space. Kinda looked like he was backing away.

  76. Liz

    Liz21 hour ago

    I’m 22 and I’d date Tim. He rocks

  77. Bonjour Nancy

    Bonjour Nancy21 hour ago

    Tim is adorable!

  78. Rob Westley

    Rob Westley21 hour ago

    Sandra Westley you need a space to sweep the snow off the deck, so the wood needs to be in the middle, unless small people are like to visit and fall between the gaps.

  79. Marie Nicole

    Marie Nicole21 hour ago

    Love tou guys, but where Is bob, and the snow.

  80. Michael Allen

    Michael Allen21 hour ago

    Where did the Nissan car and dodge truck come from