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We're Eamon and Bec, a Canadian couple driving around the world in our self converted Sprinter Van #vanlife!! SUBSCRIBE for wanderlust travel, behind the scenes of what it's really like to live in a van, and videos all about the yummy vegan food we make + eat!
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Our goal here is to inspire you to chase after your own dreams however big (or small... tiny homes anyone?) they may be! We hope to create a community of like-minded, positive individuals who will grow to love and support one another on their own journeys.
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7 days ago

  1. Shalo Lyn Art

    Shalo Lyn Art23 hours ago

    Everyone has their ups and downs, keep trekking forward, you got this! P.S. tried ur Chai Walla Chai today for the first time and O.M.G. ....blown away, best chai ever!!!

  2. Kim *

    Kim *Day ago

    You should have put a hiding place as well as your toilet and shower. False wall space or floor space .

  3. Kennedy Keating

    Kennedy KeatingDay ago

    I LOVE LEE!!!! so awesome to see her on your channel

  4. Amber Prater

    Amber PraterDay ago

    Totally understand the burnout. We love you guys!! You can be real, it’s actually refreshing. We’re all human and showing the real side of life is important. It doesn’t mean your ungrateful for your life. It’s means everyone has rough times. It ain’t always sunshine and rainbows. Love to you guys!

  5. razz P

    razz PDay ago

    How far is this cottage from the GTA? You guys prefer rural living vs city?

  6. K. Moore

    K. MooreDay ago

    Bec, where did you get that so comfy sweatshirt?? ..That hat though!💂🏼‍♂️ Huge Congrats on your new home!

  7. Rex 10056

    Rex 10056Day ago

    I bet you they had bus ✨s€x✨😭

  8. Ingrid Jansson

    Ingrid JanssonDay ago

    You guys travel a lot, but rarely take a vacation... from youtube and your online presence. When the time is right, do yourself a favor and take a social media and filming vacation. Perhaps take a week to just enjoy yourself and then another to get reinspired with new ideas. No one wants you guys to leave permanently because you just get too burnt out. If you post consistently 90% of the time, a few breaks aren't going to throw you off. Congrats on the cabin, you guys will turn it into a stunner for sure!

  9. CJ Carter

    CJ CarterDay ago

    Is a home inspection not standard procedure in Canada? We always get a home inspection when buying a house in the US

  10. cristina ferreira

    cristina ferreiraDay ago

    Congratulations on your new home enjoy it.

  11. Jessica White

    Jessica WhiteDay ago

    Have you guys tried cast iron there heavy but if seasoned properly there very good and fairly non-stick and lest generations. They can be used on all stovetops but work better on fire as they are generally used for camping or gas stoves.

  12. Michael & Molly M

    Michael & Molly MDay ago

    We LOVE your channel and are so grateful for your transparency. There is nothing to be ashamed of struggling right now and taking the time you need for YOU! Thank you for bringing so much positivity to this community and thank you for sharing the parts that aren't so easy. We will always follow along! <3 Thinking of you. And congratulations on the new cabin!! You both deserve it.

  13. 4 Gratitude

    4 GratitudeDay ago

    Any fit single 34-54years old wilderness lovers to team up with Julianne Moore's twin here?

  14. Jessica Hess

    Jessica HessDay ago

    Love Lee!

  15. Sunni Ross

    Sunni RossDay ago

    Awesome, wonderful friend!

  16. Eleanor Schubert

    Eleanor SchubertDay ago

    As long as there are Human beings on earth, there will, unfortunately, be war. Causes come from an individual or group feeling inferior, so they over compensate. Wars have been over land, food, a person, a religion, money, power, etc. Men (and women) will always find a reason. No one 'wins' in a war. War is horrible...I've seen it at it's worst. Religion is NOT the cause of wars, it's people. Just like a spoon can't make a person fat, or a gun can't fire itself. People are involved. Usually, very insecure, unhappy people. So, for now, that's my 77 years of experience and observation. Take care...love your videos.

  17. Deborah OReilly-Christensen

    Deborah OReilly-ChristensenDay ago

    Why drink out of the pitcher? Are you drinking that all by yourself?

  18. Anna-Lynn Renae

    Anna-Lynn RenaeDay ago

    So jealous I don't have a Lee! Lee you are fantastic and a true definition of what a real, real friend does! You are amazing and send me one of you!

  19. Brenda Glauner

    Brenda GlaunerDay ago

    Looks like a cool town

  20. Julie Jones

    Julie JonesDay ago

    I love Lee. I miss watching her vlogs with Max. I loved watching her with Max and Occy. It was sad that they split, but hey, life happens. But, They’re both lovely people and it obviously wasn’t meant to be. I wish them both well in going their own ways. She’s a great friend to you both and did an awesome thing to try and cheer you both up. That’s a great friend indeed. 👍🏻

  21. Aaron Weiser

    Aaron WeiserDay ago

    Nice to see LEE back👍👍

  22. Elijah Gilliam

    Elijah GilliamDay ago

    I know Eamon and Bec are engaged and getting married. But I have a feeling that Lee may be their third in a new found relationship. It’s a guess and a long shot, but they could be in a poly relationship. By the way they all look at each other in the vlogs and on instagram that’s what it looks like. and no i am not dissing them for it. i’m just taking a long shot guess based on observations. if it is then we all welcome Lee to the family!

  23. Bryon Bertrim Real Estate

    Bryon Bertrim Real EstateDay ago

    Hey, that's close to me!. Hello neighbor. Know that Lake and area well :0 many hidden gems and fun spots close by. Your lake is connected to about 6 other lakes actually more. . And your place is very high and will never never flood. Bob should appreciate it for special reasons :) And you are close to Kingston, Brock-Vegas, Ottawa. Hey, I need a place to park my van for the winter, know anyone with a few acres?

  24. Gladys Wilson

    Gladys WilsonDay ago

    We have all handled this crazy time in different ways. I hope you guys find a good balance, because life must go on.

  25. AmbieBambie93

    AmbieBambie93Day ago

    I’d say, Eamon starts on the cabin, Becca chilllllls ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. AmbieBambie93

    AmbieBambie93Day ago

    Take care ❤️ I was thinking to myself lately, you are always doing so much and I understand the stress and strain you are under when there is also the pressure to constantly be perky and doing stuff you know. Take care xxxxxx

  27. Justice1 Justice1

    Justice1 Justice1Day ago


  28. Kris B Broholm

    Kris B BroholmDay ago

    The idea that because you have achieved success through extreme hard work and persistence, you are no longer allowed to ever be negative or to share frustrations is really bad. It doesn't matter if you live in the street or in a castle. We're all humans and suffering in some areas to some degree will always be part of our lives. Furthermore, I believe you are also doing your audience a disservice by filtering yourself or apologising for feeling frustrated, down, burnt out - or whatever the emotion is you're feeling at the moment as it can tilt the picture a little too much to the positive side, which then in turn can have negative effects for the viewers (these guys seem superhuman!) thanks for a more raw look into your world in this video.

  29. Hallanvaara

    HallanvaaraDay ago

    This might be the best episode of Eamon and Bec I've seen. Feels like real life.

  30. Ashlin Michelle

    Ashlin MichelleDay ago

    I love bob!

  31. Adeline Embry

    Adeline EmbryDay ago

    I love y'all and everyone has been burnt out every now and then so don't feel bad!

  32. Helen Christian

    Helen ChristianDay ago

    Hi Guys I watch your videos every week and you are such an inspiration. We are currently converting our very first horse box. eeeeek!!! we are planning on traveling for at least two years around Europe with our two year old boy. We love the catches that you put on your cupboards could you tell me where i can find the link? Keep up the great work

  33. Jayelove you

    Jayelove youDay ago

    I think i have something special for yu bec...

  34. Marie-Ève Major

    Marie-Ève MajorDay ago

    Congrats on the new place!! Can’t wait to see all the new adventures during this new chapter!! 🎉❤️

  35. jacy deal

    jacy dealDay ago

    The beauty of being human is that we can feel more than one thing at a time, often gratitude goes hand in hand with frustration. You guys are great 💜

  36. vishnu madhu

    vishnu madhuDay ago

    The bed looks amazing! But a question about the induction cooktop: it's in a corner with no exhaust, and even that window doesn't open right? So how do you manage the exhaust while cooking? Is the ceiling fan around that region? Then it can help I guess. But do tell. Thanks.

  37. Nickodaboss

    NickodabossDay ago

    Let me find out Bec is pregnant, I’ll be so excited if she is.

  38. Kimberly Brown

    Kimberly BrownDay ago

    Thank you for your honesty. This year has been very trying. Congrats on the cabin Hugs from Las Vegas 💕💕.

  39. Molly Pisarcik

    Molly PisarcikDay ago

    You guys did a great job my dream is to live in a van one day I hope I be like you guys👍😁

  40. Robin Mink

    Robin MinkDay ago

    Thanks for sharing your whole selves. You guys are so full of joy and inspiration and some time tears and frustration. We love you completely and perfection is unnatural. Blessings💔

  41. B Parker

    B ParkerDay ago

    Mental health is every bit as important as physical health. The first step to rejuvenating your mind and spirit is in your acknowledgement. You're on your way and with each other and that of your family, friends and youtube audience nothing can keep you down. Many blessings upon you both.

  42. Cheryl Fraunhofer

    Cheryl FraunhoferDay ago

    I'm so happy for you that you got the cabin on the lake! Home buying is such a stressful process, but you survived it! I hope you can de-stress there and just enjoy it. Love to you from Maine.

  43. Ashley S

    Ashley SDay ago

    Congratulations!!! this is so exciting, a little scary but mostly exciting! Bec - pls don't apologize for being burnt out, or complaining! You are allowed to have these feelings while being grateful! Also know that you owe us nothing and don't need to explain, but we are here to support you two and send you all the light and love if you do want to share! <3 Take a break when needed, scale back if you can. Pause, take a deep breathe and know that it will all be okay!

  44. Karen Girl

    Karen GirlDay ago

    Thank you for being so real and honest xoxo

  45. Raevyn76

    Raevyn76Day ago

    good luck! hope you guys get it!

  46. Malc4dead

    Malc4deadDay ago

    I love the content so far at 2:38 because I want to know about your real life, ups and downs.

  47. Double C Adventures

    Double C AdventuresDay ago

    My wife and I love watching y'all! I have been binge watching for like 2 weeks now. I would love to meet you one day! Great video!

  48. The Pagemaster

    The PagemasterDay ago

    paved....trail blazed

  49. Alexander Barron

    Alexander BarronDay ago

    get cast iron skillets my friends.

  50. Annie Avelyn

    Annie AvelynDay ago

    ♥️ from 🇹🇿

  51. FiFI Lim

    FiFI LimDay ago

    thumbs up for you guys! from singapore

  52. 010camper

    010camperDay ago


  53. Cleo Lim

    Cleo LimDay ago

    Not gonna lie... I really like being the child/third wheel. Thanks for this lee!

  54. Nadine

    NadineDay ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your struggles. I think you underestimate how much you help the rest of us - who are struggeling as well - by admitting this. It’s a beautiful thing to feel inspired by your efforts and all and we sure love being part of your journey. Knowing that you struggle just like the rest of us though is kind of reassuring. You’re human. We’re all human and it’s okay to not be okay. I get the feeling that you - on top of being exhausted - carry a feeling of guilt. No need to apologize. As if being burnt out alone isn’t enough. Exhaustion and (a lack of) gratitude have nothing to do with each other. You’re not acting entitled or ungrateful for being burnt out. It’s like saying a marathon runner is so blessed to have legs that he better not feel tired and stop running, ever. And yes, you are blessed, but no matter how much better you have it than some other people, you’re allowed to feel sad, angry, exhausted or whatever other ‘ugly’ emotion you feel. Privilege is no liability (or guarantee) to feel happy all the time. Take time to recharge. If it’s being among people, be among people. If it’s alone time, be alone and enjoy it. If it’s not doing anything, then don’t do anything. You deserve it. You’re worth it 😊 …I’m writing this for you as much as for myself and anybody else who needs to hear this.

  55. Sylvia Robinson

    Sylvia RobinsonDay ago

    You are human beings with feelings ❤️❤️ live your life and follow your dreams 😊😊

  56. Brittany Tuozzo

    Brittany TuozzoDay ago

    I appreciate your honesty and sharing with us! Too many times youtubers will only show the highs and it makes it seems as if there are never any lows. Thank you so much for sharing with us. We love and support you two! Keep it up! ❤️

  57. Dan Jones

    Dan JonesDay ago

    Congrats you two! You really do deserve it.

  58. Lovey Love

    Lovey LoveDay ago

    Lee is such a sweet and concerned friend. She definitely came through.

  59. Eireann Palmer

    Eireann PalmerDay ago

    Lee seems so dope! Glad you guys have a good friend

  60. JJ VW

    JJ VWDay ago

    I'm a huge fan of yal I have a 05 caravan sxt that I want to build into a stealth van have any ideas

  61. Robert Scott

    Robert ScottDay ago

    Good vid eamon, very annoying 🆗👍👍

  62. William Smith

    William SmithDay ago

    Some B12 injections might give you a boost .

  63. Jordan Hendrickson

    Jordan HendricksonDay ago

    Always good to see Lee!

  64. MissPandasia

    MissPandasiaDay ago

    "Bec is so naturally athletic" *Bec hits the ground with the club* Omg I died 😂😂😂😂 Love you guys!!! Big hugs and lots of good energy from Chile :)

  65. Sandeep kumar

    Sandeep kumarDay ago

    is there any Indian , who watching this and got shocked when hear a music (hay m tera hay m tera Jabra fan ho gya ) then like this comment 👍

  66. Jerardo Carbajal

    Jerardo CarbajalDay ago

    Lee’s back!?

  67. debra moss

    debra mossDay ago


  68. Jennifer Oderinde

    Jennifer OderindeDay ago

    Bob is such a great person, i just know it

  69. Mariah MZ

    Mariah MZDay ago

    So, so, so happy for you guys!!!!💙💚💜💛

  70. Hillsman Heath

    Hillsman Heath2 days ago

    Thanks for dealing with the reality of how things are for you. Always good. You've got the house, and you have a home already, the van. So I hope putting a big hold on doing anything to the new, foundation home is an option you can take advantage of - maybe until Spring even. Possible? Maybe just settle deeply into the land, the property, do all your self care things. You can show us nature shots, cooking demos here and there in casaB, perhaps some visuals of chai preparations/business developments...whatever, we'll still follow your posts. The main thing is health. Keep taking care of each other and yourselves, and we'll think of your business when choosing gifts to give our loved ones.

  71. Jessica Nielsen

    Jessica Nielsen2 days ago

    Congratulations! Home on solid land owners. Take a breath and refresh yourselves.

  72. TREAD the globe

    TREAD the globe2 days ago

    First of all thanks to Lee - a fab friend who made you all feel better. Eamon and Bec - it is perfectly ok and normal to get stressed, over tired, brain overloaded and burnt out. That is because you have a lot going on. They say buying a house and moving is one of the most stressful things - you have had lots of changes whilst at the same time trying to film, edit etc. Have no doubt you are rocking it. We LOVE watching you guys, you're fun and honest. You are sharing real life and that also includes down days. Just take some time, take a step back and go again !!! Sending you positive vibes and big virtual hugs - Chris & Marianne xx

  73. Austin Wyatt Petersen

    Austin Wyatt Petersen2 days ago


  74. pseudo puppy

    pseudo puppy2 days ago

    a "fan" is NOT "airconditioning".....

  75. Kimberli Maultsby

    Kimberli Maultsby2 days ago

    You guys are awesome! I love watching your channel. 2020 has not been what any of us expected and it is completely ok for you to be burnt out and to talk about it here. You don't come off as complaining or ungrateful. Keep keeping it real and rolling with the punches. Your content helps me escape and I am so grateful for that! 💗

  76. TAIT 1904

    TAIT 19042 days ago

    Aweee don't cry dry ya eyes.love u 2 keep up the good life.and thank u